Mental Leap - Carlos

by Perdition

Copyright© 2013 by Perdition

Science Fiction Sex Story: Fifth installment of the series.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Interracial   White Female   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sci-fi sex story.

A sigh fell out of my mouth. I knew it, I'd leaped and I couldn't bare to look around me and see who might have heard something.

When I didn't hear anything, I opened one eye and glanced around. I was alone. Another sigh left my lips, then I saw why I was alone. I was a boy again, but I was naked, sitting in a chair in front of a computer looking at porn.

"Finally, something I understand! Oh boy!"

The hand holding my cock was bronzed, but not from sun tan. I browsed through the memories of my new body and discovered it was named Carlos. He was from a large family, but was the first to go to college. His parents had emigrated from Venezuela a couple of years before he was born, and had fought and struggled for their small slice of the American Dream. He had an aunt and two uncles on his mother's side who lived with them, as well as three younger sisters and a handful of younger cousins.

Carlos' dorm room was a single occupancy, and he had personalized it extensively. There were posters on the walls, most of a science-nerd bent: Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who and Firefly. I could guess before I checked, this guy was a virgin, and decidedly so. He didn't even appear to have any close female friends. His group had a few girls at the periphery, but Carlos seemed to be too shy to even get to know them, let alone anyone who didn't know what a sonic screwdriver was.

Well, first things first, I thought, turning my attention back to the PC screen. There was a picture of a very well-endowed young lady being plowed by a black cock in her ass and a white one in her pussy. Her face was contorted into a grimace that was equal parts pain and ecstasy. He had the Stumbleupon app loaded on his browser an had set the filter to 'porn' so all I needed to do was click the "Stumble" button to see new pictures appear. I hadn't ever used the app myself, but I was certainly going to get it ... if I ever got back to my body. For a second, I imagined my body lying in some hospital bed, tubes and wires hooked up to it to keep it alive. But there was nothing I could do about it now. All I could hope to do was keep leaping and see if it ever got me home.

"Well, let's see what he has saved," I mumbled, and found a huge repository of porn on his computer. "Boy, we've got to get you a girl."

Most of his stash seemed to be interracial of one type or another. Carlos seemed to be trying very hard to break out of his ethnicity, rather than embracing it. He even spoke without an accent.

"Lusty Latinas?" That didn't seem to match his particular kink, but I was intrigued. I double clicked on the file and opened the video player. It played through some cheesy opening scenes, with the actors' and actresses' names. Then it opened on a school in an obviously Latino neighborhood.

"Maria! Wait up!" A heavily tattooed man, clearly in his thirties ran up to the twenty-something woman, both heading into school with backpacks.

"Oh Manuel, you know I can't be late again! Mr. Iglesias will have me in detention until graduation!"

"But isn't it worth it?" Manuel asked. He ran his hand over her hip and pulled her in for a kiss. She resisted for a token second, then melted against him.

"You know I can't resist you," she sighed. He pulled her around the corner, and in plain view of pretty much anyone who happened to be walking past the school, she dropped to her knees and began to pull down his pants. "But we have to be quick!"

"I will be, just start sucking."

My hand found it's way to my cock. It was nice sized, meaning it was about average in length but slightly thicker than average. Carlos had evidently been pretty far into his jerk session, as his cock was pretty sensitive.

"Ah Dios!" Manuel groaned on the screen as Maria slobbered all over his knob.

"My turn," she said, standing up and pulling up her skirt. Manuel dropped to his knees, pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and started sucking on her pussy. He licked over her clit, sucking her lips into his mouth, then sucked on his middle finger and slid it inside her. "Manuel! Suck my tight, young pussy!"

Manuel made some indecipherable comment, considering his mouth was full of pussy-flesh, I couldn't blame him.

"Ooh, now fuck me!" Manuel sprang to his feet and she lifted her leg, giving the camera a nice view of her glistening pussy, right before his cock speared its way between her lips and began sliding in and out. "Shit! That's so deep. So deep in my tight pussy!"

"Yeah, Maria. Take it all!"

The cheesy dialogue and contrived situation aside, the sex looked pretty hot, and my hand was flying up and down on my cock. I could feel the pressure build up, and just as Maria, with some sort of sixth sense, dropped to her knees to receive Manuel's cum all over her face, I exploded, too.

"Whew." I exhaled, then turned off the video. A roll of paper towels was nearby, evidently just for this occurrence. I cleaned myself up, threw on some sweat pants and a T-Shirt. The front had a Stormtrooper at a bar, head held in his hand while the caption under it said, "Those WERE the droids I was looking for."

I lay on Carlos' bed and tried to figure out what he needed to do. Tomorrow was a Monday, so there was a pretty good chance he had classes to attend, and that meant I needed to attend them for him. I just needed to figure out what classes and see if there was anything I needed to do, any homework or reading I needed to do.

"Just my luck!" I muttered to the ceiling. British Lit, Philosophy, and then Electrical Engineering. The third one was in my wheelhouse, but the first two ... Carlos was evidently going for the well-rounded college education. I respected him, but at the moment, I wished he'd been a bit more focused.

At least his memories were pretty strong regarding the novel they were reading in Brit Lit; Middlemarch by George Eliot. George Eliot, but apparently this was a female author. I scanned through his memories of the book and nearly fell asleep. How could he stand it? And then I saw: the TA was a girl named Amber, and she was in Carlos' wheelhouse. She had red hair, freckles, a very nice figure that was usually kept hidden under a college hoodie and loose pants.

I'd had my fair share of crushes on TAs in college, but I'd never been able to get anywhere with them. Perhaps the fact that I was too scared to try anything contributed to that? Perhaps.

And Philosophy? Well, Carlos seemed to genuinely enjoy this, he was quite far along the Philosophy class tree. In fact, he was damn close to being able to double major in Philosophy and Electrical Engineering. That was an accomplishment that would get him noticed! The class tomorrow was Moral Philosophy, and they seemed to be focused on Utilitarianism. I had no idea what that meant, but Carlos had pretty strong feelings about it. Oh well, I could tell he had nothing more he needed to do, and I was going to have to rely on his memories of the topics to get me through. So I went to bed.

The next morning, I struggled into the dorm cafeteria, ate a breakfast that I hardly remembered, and just made it onto the campus bus that would take me to the Humanities building, where I'd - shudder - spend the first two thirds of my day.

The Brit Lit lecture was dry as hell. The professor kept trying to explain how interesting the novel was, and most of the class seemed unable to see it that way. I could see a few kids sleeping in the back. It was way too early in the morning to be listening to a boring lecture about a boring book. Somehow I soldiered through, and I was able to get a pretty good look at Amber, the TA, who was sitting in the front row, taking notes and seemingly very energized by the material. I guess it takes all sorts.

When the class ended, I delayed a bit, putting my notebook - scribbled on but no notes taken - and novel away ion my backpack. I timed my exit just right and walked out right next to Amber.

"Carlos! So nice to see you!" Amber said, smiling. She really was quite cute.

"Hi, Amber," I replied, "I'm looking forward to you helping explain what the professor was trying to tell us." I laughed, and she did, too.

"Don't worry, I'll spoon feed you every little bit."

"Ooh, sounds fun," I winked and turned down a side corridor, but not before I saw a blush creep up her neck. I smiled to myself, god I missed college.

I walked through the halls, seeing all the coeds walking around, a veritable treasure trove of young nubile, and unlike previous leaps, legal young women. I smiled at a few, and they smiled back. It was quite easy to be confident when I was in someone else's body, I knew there were few consequences for me, and Carlos was a pretty attractive guy. Here he was, swimming through a sea of girls and he was too scared to even take a sip. Well, I wasn't.

In the Moral Philosophy class, I deliberately sat next to the most attractive girl in the class. She had raven hair, tanned skin and pouty lips.

"Hi," I said nonchalantly.

"Hi," she replied, smiling absently. I got my notebook and pen out and looked at the blackboard. There were already things written on it, like the pages we had to read before the next class, and a warning about a test the following week. I dutifully jotted down the information and glanced through Carlos' notes, paying little attention to the girl next to me.

This had the effect I was hoping for.

"So, what's your major?" She leaned over to speak to me.

"Electrical Engineering, but I'm really close to being able to double major in Philosophy, too." I looked into her eyes as I spoke. "What about you?"

"Well, I'm planning on a double major in Philosophy and English/Creative Writing, but I'm only two credits away from the Philosophy major and still a whole year and a half away from getting all the English credits. I might just graduate with the one major."

"Ahh, that might not be the best idea. What do y plan on doing with a Philosophy degree?"

"I don't know," she said, looking slightly annoyed that I'd criticized her choice.

"I'm not trying to be mean, or anything, but I'd hate to see you put all the work in to graduate with a degree and wind up working at a job that only requires a high school diploma."

"Well, I might stay around and go to grad school, then I could continue working on the English degree."

"That's a better idea," I said with a big smile. "I'm sticking around for grad school, too. Then, who knows, maybe I'll try to get in at NASA or something."

"That sounds cool," she said, "My name's Lisa."

"Carlos." I shook her hand, noticing how dainty it was and that it seemed just a bit chilled.

Then the professor walked in and class began. Despite myself, I found it interesting, and when the prof asked for comments, I found my hand in the air.

"The issue I see with Utilitarianism is two-fold. One: it says that the moral choice is to do that which increases happiness in the world the most, rather than simply saying that any decision that increases happiness is a good and moral decision, and two: it seems to equate 'not good' with 'bad' when it seems to me, it is possible to do something that would be considered neutral, morally speaking. AN action that neither increases nor decreases happiness would seem to be not a good action, but I'd hardly call it a bad action."

Lisa's hand shot into the air. "Yes?" The prof asked, looking at her.

"Well, if a person could have done something better, shouldn't they do it? I mean, if you save one person from a burning building, but leave three more to die, are you really that good?"

I didn't even raise my hand. "But firemen make that decision all the time. They save the one they can safely get to, maybe even the one that is pretty dangerous to get to, but the others who are too far away, they have to leave. These people are considered heroes. And that's another point. We have the word 'hero' reserved for people who go above and beyond the call. Strict Utilitarianism would say that there is no such thing, that we should all be heroes, thereby rendering that word meaningless. You can be a good person without being a hero. That's why we have gradations of 'good', like 'great' or 'better.'"

Lisa was obviously going to reply, but the professor cut her off. "That's a very interesting theory, young man."


"Carlos. How would you change Utilitarianism to bring it closer to the way we actually see morality?"

"Well, it's simple. I would take the same calculation it uses. Regard happiness of everyone as a number. Regard that as the baseline for any current decision. If you have multiple options, and one raises the amount of happiness in the world, one raises it more, a third lowers it, and a fourth leaves it the same, as an overall number, perhaps raising the happiness of one person and lowering it for another. Then the first two options are morally good, though the second one is morally better, the fourth option is morally neutral, and the third is morally bad or wrong, You can be considered a good person for choosing either one or two, but you may be considered a better person for choosing two. Utilitarianism just makes too high a demand, when no one requires or expects that high of a standard to be a good person. In fact, to decide whether a person is 'good' or 'bad' you need to total up all of his choices, so that even if he makes morally wrong choices, other decisions could override those and still end up with a net positive, or morally good person."

"Very good, Carlos. I'd like all of you to think about what he's said and see if you can counter it, or if you think he's onto something. Remember to read the assigned text on John Stuart Mill, and we have a test coming up next week."

I turned to Lisa and she was looking at me with a small smile. "What are you doing for lunch?" I asked.

"Didn't have any plans."

"Wanna go to the Union and grab something and eat out on the terrace?"

"Sounds great," she said with a bigger smile.

We got burgers and fries at the Union, went outside and ate in the warm sun.

"I love sitting out here. It feels great," she sighed, stretching. Her stretch made interesting things happen to her shirt.

"The view's pretty good, too," I said.

She dropped her hands and laughed. "What's gotten into you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You've never been this talkative before. I've seen you every week in this class and you've probably said ten words all semester."

"Well, I was pretty shy, but I realized that if I wanted anything good to happen, I had to work at it. Sort of my own Utilitarian decision." I smiled and took a bite of the burger.

"I think you made a very good point in class," she said, "I was nearly into the Utilitarian camp, but you've got my mind changed now I'm a ... what do you call your theory?"

"Well, call it Modified Utilitarianism. I can't take much credit, considering I just made an established theory less stringent."

"Oh, is that all?" She laughed.

"Hey, did you take Brit Lit 235?"

"Yeah. Middlemarch and all." She made a face.

"Well, I'm stuck in the middle of it. Do you think you could help me with it tonight, or later this week?"

"I'd love to. Tonight works for me."

"Great. Where would you like to meet?"

"Well, how about we meet here, and then we see where it goes."

"Perfect. I've got my discussion class for that coming up in about half an hour."

"Oh yeah? Who's your TA?"


"Amber?! She's great! She'd be a good help for you, too! Maybe she'd be available for tonight, too!"


"Yeah, we sort of became close last semester and still hang out ... and stuff." She smiled a secretive smile that certainly got my head spinning. Both of them. "Just tell her that you're meeting Lisa Nelson tonight to help you with her class, and she'd like to know if you want to come, too."

"I'll do that."

We talked and laughed for another ten minutes, while we ate our burgers, then it was time for me to head back into the bowels of the building to fin the small discussion rooms.

I got there first. Amber came in a minute after me and I relayed my message. Her eyes sparkled and she agreed to meet us. Then the rest of the class filtered in and we started our "discussion" which consisted mostly of Amber trying to translate what the professor had been explaining to us. She certainly helped make the novel seem more interesting and made it make a lot more sense, but it was still very dry. I caught her glancing my way quite a bit, and obviously trying to hide a smile.

When we were done, I packed away my notebook - this time with actual notes - and waited for the stragglers to leave.

"So, how well do you know Lisa?" I asked after the last person had left.

"Pretty well," she replied. "She was in your position last semester, not quite getting the point of the book. I helped her understand it a bit, and she helped me loosen up a bit."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I was pretty much stuck in 1800s Britain, and she showed me just how much there was to enjoy right here and now."

"Like what?" I asked with a smile.

She leaned over and put her mouth near my ear. "You'll find out this evening." It was almost a purr, and then I felt her tongue gently slide along the edge of my ear. I was certainly aroused, Little Carlos was doing his best to get near my ear and the mouth that was next to it.

Electrical Engineering, the class I was most looking forward to just that morning was the longest class of my life. Including Brit Lit that morning. After lecture was the lab. The class was three hours in total, but it felt more like three years, three decades even.

I couldn't concentrate, my lab partner had to fix more than one mistake on my part.

"Hey, Carlos, what's up, man?"

"Oh, nothing, Sam. I'm just tired, I guess."

"Well, get some sleep, this week, we've got a test on Friday."

If all went as planned, I'd be long gone by Friday, and I'd be having one hell of a time before I left.

The Union was pretty empty by the time I made it to the terrace. I could see Lisa sitting at the table we'd shared, and just before I opened the doors to go out and take my seat, I saw Amber walk up to her from the other direction. I stopped to see just what sort of relationship their greeting might imply. I wasn't disappointed. Lisa stood up and they hugged, which I sort of expected from girls, but then I definitely saw Amber's hand slide down and cup Lisa's ass cheek. Bingo!

I walked out and said hi. They turned toward me, and suddenly I felt like a fieldmouse with an owl in the sky and cat in the grass, both looking for their next meal.

"Um, where would you like to go?"

"You have a dorm room, right?"

"Yeah, it's across campus on the 75 bus."

"I say we go there," Lisa said.

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