During the 2013 Blizzard a Sequel

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: A continuation of the Story of Duncan Wright and Grayce Williams. A love story!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   .


The women from accounting were positively giggly with the prospect both of being taken out to lunch by the big boss, Duncan, and at the news that Duncan Wright was indeed engaged, and not only engaged, but engaged to their own pal Grayce Williams.

Before they left the room, they all lined up for a special hug. She was, after all, their 'bud', and they were that pleased for her.

(It's certainly a tribute both to Grayce's ability to get along with people and the very atmosphere of DW Industries that the relationship among the workers was so special!)

Then they were off. Duncan said that they should meet at the entrance to the office tower and he'd pick them up there.

He was waiting for them in his snazzy Lexus, which they entered, three of them positively giggly about all of this, still.

"Ladies," Duncan said, "Do you have a special place to go to or do you trust me to provide a nice lunch for you, and the beautiful Grayce?"

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, after he'd made the comment.

Karen spoke up for the three of them in the back: "Wherever you want to go for lunch is great with us."

"Good!" he said. "It'll be 'Marcel's'."

They were happy about his choice. It was an upscale and fairly exclusive French place in town.

They were also pleased and impressed, when the owner, Marcel, met the, once they were in the door, and greeted Duncan by name.

"Duncan, my friend," Marcel said. "Wonderful to see you again."

"Marcel!" Duncan said and exchanged kisses on both cheeks with him.

"But let me present the lovely ladies of our accounting department," Duncan said. "I'm taking them out for lunch as a bribe to keep our accounting inaccuracies quiet."

The women giggled at what he said but he went right on presenting them to Marcel.

"Marcel, this is Karen Whooten, Susie Bennett, and Andrea Wayne, and this lovely lady is my fiancé Grayce Williams."

Marcel said: "Charmed," to each introduction and kissed the hand of each of the ladies. His eyes lit up totally, when Grayce was introduced.

"Oh, Duncan," he said, gazing at Grayce, "You have picked the loveliest flower of the garden!"

Grayce beamed and gave Marcel a hug and then exchanged kisses on both cheeks with him also.

"Okay, ladies," Duncan said, once they were seated, "What'll it be? This is a celebration."

It was a work day but they did share one bottle of wine for a toast. It was Andrea who proposed a toast to Duncan and Grayce's happiness.

"We're so pleased for our pal," she said, raising her glass.

It was Susie Bennett who finally got around to asking the question that was on all of their minds:

"If it's not too much of an imposition," she began, "How did the two of you, uh, get together?"

Grayce looked at Duncan and just giggled.

Then Duncan held up his hand and said: "Okay, let me tell you the story. It's about the Blizzard of 2013."

He proceeded to talk to them about his using 'the beast' to clean the lot during the blizzard, and Grayce and Suzanne arriving, when he was almost done with the plowing. Then he gave them the outline of the story about his offering them the use of one of the wings of his house for their accommodations.

The three women, at that point, were giggling, with Karen putting her hand over her mouth to hide her mirth.

"Just like Blue Beard!" Grayce said and the chorus of giggles increased but Duncan continued to smile at them.

"Well," he went on, "From that point on it just seemed to work out for us. Though I have to admit that it was never my intention from the beginning to seduce this lovely woman or anything like that."

He thought a moment and said: "You want to know what it was initially, apart from, I mean, the fact that Grayce is just beautiful?"

"Yes," the three of them agreed.

"It was her Suziebell!" he said.

Grayce grinned then and put her hand on top of his and said: "My 8 year old daughter, Suzanne! They became fast friends right away."

"Yes," Duncan said, "Despite the fact that Suziebell cheats at board games."

Grayce broke into a laugh at that, and told her office mates about the uproar following the Parcheesi game and the charges and counter charges that were made at the top of Duncan and Suzanne's voices at the time.

It left the women laughing and Duncan smiling.

"And, of course, there was this," Grayce said, opening her purse and showing the photo, from her wallet, of Duncan and Suzanne and the snow man.

"These two are as thick as thieves!" Grayce said with great affection.

As the luncheon wound down, the three gals from accounting thanked Duncan for inviting them for lunch.

"Much work this afternoon?" he asked.

"No, not too much," Karen answered.

"Well," he said then, "I'll drop you off and then I need to take Ms Williams shopping."

They giggled at that information, and were off then back to the office.

"I promise that I'll have her back in working order after we go shopping," he said, getting more giggles from the women, who waved, as they went into the building.

"Shopping, big boy?" Grayce said.

"Yes," he said, "We live in my house that I've decorated, I realize, in a very 'man-like' fashion and I'd like to give you a free hand to start changing that. I was thinking, hoping that we might look at bedroom furniture for our room."

"Oh, what an exciting idea that is," Grayce said, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.

They went to a furniture store to do their shopping. The furniture there was extremely well made, though expensive.

Duncan and Grayce slowly looked over the large selection of bedroom furniture that was offered, and gradually narrowed down the selections to about two or three.

The set that Grayce favored, and Duncan liked also, featured a dark wood king sized canopy bed, a wide, three sectioned bureau and a tall armoire, high boy kind of piece.

"Oh, I like these," Grayce said.

"Okay," Duncan said, "Let's try it out!"

He lay down on the bed, after slipping his shoes off, with Grayce laughing into her hand, and then she joined him.

"Hmmm," she said comfortable.

"Yes," he said grinning at her.

"What are you thinking?" she asked, smirking.

"Maybe we should screw to try it out!" he said.

It left her laughing! She moved her head forward and planted a kiss on his lips.

"But what a great idea!" she said. "Well," she went on, "If not here, how 'bout if we stop at home on the way to the office and we can practice our screwing there?"

"Wanton woman!" he said.

"Exactly," she said, "I'm trying to get into your pants!"

He laughed and said: "I promise that I'll cooperate!"

"You'd better!" she said.

"But do you like the furniture?" he asked.

"Oh, Duncan," she said, "I do!"

"Want to think about it?" he asked.

"Why don't we do that, and make our decision at dinner tonight?" she suggested.

They agreed to do that, and were still holding hands, as they left the store, promising the sales woman that they'd be back to talk to her.


On the way home, Duncan thought and asked: "What about your Mom?"

"Today's the day that she has her church afternoon circle group," Grayce said, giggling.

"Humorous?" he asked.

"We're like a couple randy teenagers looking for a safe place to screw!" she said laughing.

He joined the laughter and said: "Well, I don't know about the teenager part but the rest of it seems to fit pretty well!"

(Once she moved in with Grayce and Duncan, Enid made it her business to get around a bit. She joined a local Methodist Church, the branch of Christianity in which she'd been raised and was a member back 'home'. She quickly became involved in the activities of the congregation and became a member of a 'circle' group for women that met weekly in the afternoon. This happened to be Enid's afternoon circle day.)

"We're clear then?" he said at last.

"Yes, hot pants, we are!" she said.

He looked over at her and said: "And I suppose that you're not anxious too?"

She simply smiled at him and grinned, as she took her skirt off and deposited it in the back seat.

"Oh, shit!" he said.

"Hey," she quipped, "Language, there's a lady present!"

"Sorry!" he said.

"Now don't you get us in an accident!" she said, "Especially since I've taken off my skirt and slip."

"Slip?" he said and turned toward her again and began another 'Oh, shit!' but caught himself in time. He just watched as she took her half-slip down and off, putting it in the back seat with the skirt.

"Anymore?" he asked.

"Just trying to keep you interested!" she said.

"Oh, you're succeeding at that, for sure!" he said, laying a hand on her thigh and squeezing a bit.

She opened her legs, when he squeezed, and pushed his hand down between her own legs, until he came into contact with the heat of her pussy.

"My, my!" he said.

"Being polite here!" she quipped.

"Very!" he said then and continued to stroke her crotch area over the silkiness of her rose colored panties.

Finally, they were back home.

"See, no accident!" he said, "Except almost in my pants!"

She began to giggle at that and, once they were in the garage, she got out and didn't wait for him to catch up with her. He got out of the driver's side of the car and right away found the skirt lying on the floor. He grabbed it and walked on toward the house, through the connecting hallway. As soon as he got to that hallway, he found the half-slip lying on the floor. He picked this up next and kept it with the skirt that he already had.

He next discovered, lying on the floor of the passageway, her blouse. He chuckled and collected it also, only to find, next to the door to the kitchen, her bra.

"Wild woman!" he called out.

"Just didn't want you to get lost, big boy!" she called from the family room.

In the kitchen, on the floor he now found her rose colored, bikini panties.

"Can't be wearing much!" he called out.

"Shoes and a smile!" she called back to him.

Then he found her. She was in the family room, standing in the middle of the room with her legs spread wide and her hands on her hips. Her gaze was one of pure sex.

"Come and get me, Duncan, my Duncan! I'll do anything that you want!" she said.

"No," he countered, "I want to know what you want!"

"You're so nice, Duncan!" she said, blowing him an air kiss, and giggling as she watched him struggle out of his clothes.

"I have to get back to work," she answered, "The boss will get bitchy if I don't! But I want you here on top of me. Capturing me, covering me, making me totally yours all the way."

She turned to the stereo in one end of the room then and put on music. The sounds of 'Afternoon Delight' began to fill the room, and she held out her arms and invited him to come to her.

He was naked now and ready.

"After all that," he said, "I'm not going to last long!"

"Don't then!" she said, "Just come here and screw me!"

They met in the middle of the family room and he did as she wished. He covered her, and made love to her. In the middle of their love making he whispered to her urgently: "Grayce, you are going to marry me?"

"Oh, yes, Duncan! I am! You're such a keeper!" she said in return.

They made love to the strains of 'Afternoon Delight', which was never after that only a song to listen to. It always set them both to smirking. It never failed.

They lay on the carpet and talked a bit afterwards.

"Really have to go back?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "There are a few more things to be done this afternoon. I'll have time for them."

"Hate to see you dress," he said, "You are just my beauty!"

"Thank you for saying that, and for everything nice that you do for me, Duncan!" she said earnestly. "You are the light of my life."

"Okay," he said, "If we must, we must."

On the way back to work, they discussed the furniture and decided to go and see it one more time.

There was a whole lot of giggling that went on in the accounting office, once Grayce was back at work. The other women there also wanted to see the ring, to make a closer inspection.

They all indicated their approval of the ring and of Grayce marrying Duncan Wright.

"When will the wedding be?" Karen asked.

"Not sure," Grayce said, "We need to set a date."

"Don't let him get away!" Susie said.

"Won't!" Grayce said next with a smile.


One of the activities that Suzanne herself was interested in was Girl Scouts. Grayce decided that she'd become involved also. It was an interest that the two of them shared. Their Girl Scout night was Thursdays.

They were talking about the schedule that morning at breakfast, before everyone was up and gone for their day's activities.

"We have Scouts tonight," Grayce mentioned.

Suzanne smiled and said: "Yes, they're gonna talk tonight about the up-coming Girl Scout Cookie campaign."

"Oh, no!" Duncan wailed, with a smile, "The Girl Scout Cookie Maven!"

Suzanne grinned: "And guess who my first target will be?"

"I'm going into hiding!" he said laughing.

"I'll find you wherever you go!" Suzanne said then.

Grayce was laughing by then: "You two are better than a vaudeville show!"

Suzanne winked at Duncan, who winked back again and held up his hand for a 'high five'.

It was that Thursday, very quickly after Enid came to live with them that Duncan saw the 'girls' off to Scouts and then went to find Enid. She was in her sitting room, in her part of the house. He knocked on the door, and she called for him to come in.

"You don't need to knock, you know," Enid said. "It's you're house!"

"Well, yes," he said, "But this is your space and it's polite to remember that!"

She smiled and said: "Of course! Thank you, Duncan."

"They're gone," he said, "How about if you and I go out to dinner? My treat!"

Enid smiled and said: "Mr Wright, uh ... Duncan, that would be a treat. Give me a few minutes to get ready. Dress code?"

"I'll wear a sport coat and an open collared shirt," he said.

"Grand! I'll dress up a bit." was her answer.

"I'll be in kitchen," he said, going off to give her a chance to get ready.

Enid was all smiles, when she came into the kitchen and found Duncan ready to take her to dinner.

"My," he said, "Don't you just look lovely!"

She gave him a grin and said a soft 'thank you'.

"Any particular kind of food you'd like?" he asked.

"This is such a treat for me," Enid said, "You just pick where you want to go and that'll be fine with me."

Duncan took her to his friend Marcel's for dinner. He pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant, and immediately a valet was there to help. Duncan gave him the keys and a tip and went around to open the door and help Enid out of the car. She rewarded him with a large smile.

"Thank you!" Enid said.

"Got to take good care of you or I'll be in trouble with Suziebell and Grayce!" he said, grinning at her.

She laughed at that.

As usual, Marcel met them at the door and took the opportunity to kiss Enid's hand, when he was introduced.

"I've met your lovely daughter," Marcel said, after the hand kissing. "She's absolutely a beauty!"

"Thank you for saying so," Enid said.

"But her beauty in no way surpasses your own!" Marcel said next.

Enid smiled at Duncan and said: "Duncan, I really, really like your friend!"

Marcel, grinning, showed them to a private table.

Once they were seated and they ordered drinks, white wine for Enid and a glass of Stout for Duncan, he spoke up:

"Enid, I've been wanting to have the opportunity to get to know you better."

"Want to get to know the future mother in law?" she said smiling.

"Well, yes," he said. "Your daughter and granddaughter are so special that I just wanted to find out more about you. You must be super special yourself."

She smiled and gave a kind of a sigh: "Well, let me tell you that this is so nice! I mean certainly that you are taking such lovely care of those two women, my daughter and granddaughter, but that you've opened your home to me and invited me to live with you and have made it so special for me there."

He smiled at her.

"Our life down home," she continued, "Was difficult, sparse kind of, but it was for all that a very happy one. I'm afraid that there wasn't a father figure that waited around a long time, not certainly long enough to benefit Grayce but she turned out to be such a beauty and so sensible, and it pleases me eternally that you're being such a good influence with Suzanne!"

"Thank you for saying so," he said.

"It just seems that all of this has turned out so well; I mean for everyone!" she said next.

He grinned at her. "I agree!" he said.

"Have you made plans, you and Grayce, I mean," she asked then.

"Well, we've been kind of waiting, you see. I think that she wants to talk to you about it a little," he answered.

"Good, well, I'll wait for her to bring that up," she answered.

They settled down then to a lovely dinner. He talked about his own background and how his Dad started him in the business and the way that he'd been successful with it. She, for her part, talked about the family still back home in Mississippi; she mentioned her sister and a grandniece who was just coming out of high school. She smiled then a rueful smile:

"No better off than any of the rest of us. It's not the land of opportunity down there! That's for sure!" she said.

"But for all that," he answered, "You are such wonderful people!"

They both declined dessert and, after their special night out, went companionably home. Enid before she went to her part of the house, gave him a hug and kiss:

"You are such a special man, Duncan, to take care of us this way, especially an old gal like me!"

"Hush that," he said, kissing her cheek. "You are beauty itself."


As they had anticipated, Suzanne was beside herself with joy at the thought of the trip to Florida. They sat one evening after dinner, and Duncan regaled Grayce and Suzanne with pictures of the Florida beach house. He described for them the ambience of the place and they checked a map to see exactly where it was located.

"So," he said, "Bathing suit shopping?"

"I guess!" Grayce said.

Suzanne interjected a thought then: "But, Momma, I never learned to swim well!"

Duncan brightened right away. He turned to the two of them and said: "I spent some time as a swimming instructor. We have the pool in the pool house and half of the pool is indoor. I can begin to teach you this week."

They liked the idea and it was all set. Duncan and Suzanne started to work on a schedule of lessons and Suzanne took to swimming in grand fashion. He soon enough had her doing laps in the pool. She found that she was really quite at home in the water. They talked about the possibility of snorkeling in Florida and all were excited.

The big bathing suit shopping trip was held and that evening there was a fashion show for Duncan. Grayce and Suzanne each bought two new bathing suits; one was a one piece and the other a bikini.

Duncan sat in the Family room with Enid and they clapped at each appearance of either Grayce or Suzanne in their new bathing suits. Grayce bout a beige one piece and a brilliant blue bikini; Suzanne's new suits were a red one piece and a blue and white polka dot bikini. The 'show' was a certified hit!

It was a Wednesday evening and Suzanne and Duncan were set to have their last swim lesson. She was doing extremely well. They were gathered there, Grayce, Suzanne and Duncan. Duncan and Suzanne had suits on and Grayce was wearing a tee shirt and white shorts.

Duncan, in a very conversational tone, asked Suzanne: "Suziebell, do you know what 'Sic Semper Tyrannis' means?"

"Um no," she said. "What does it mean?"

"It means 'thus always to tyrants'," he said, "It's a kind of threat for paying a tyrant back."

"Oh," she said.

He moved a bit and was standing next to her and said: "Now, do you know what 'sic semper fraudatoris' means?"

"No," she said.

He grabbed her up in his arms and shouted: "Thus always to cheaters!"

"Momma!" Suzanne yelled at the top of her lungs but both Grayce and Enid were laughing."

"You have to deal with him yourself!" Grayce said and laughed louder as Duncan, now with Suzanne in his arms, jumped into the pool yelling: "Sic semper fraudatoris!"

"Eeeeeeeeeee!" Suzanne yelled as they hit the water, and came up spluttering and laughing, hanging on to Duncan.

Then he whispered to her and she giggled and got out of the pool. He took a towel, as soon as he was out of the pool and walked generally in Grayce's direction. He was smiling. She sensed that some kind of conspiracy was about to happen.

She got up, but had moved too late.

"Suziebell," he said, "Just lock the door, honey."

"Done and done, Duncan," she said, grinning now at her Mother.

"Don't you dare, Duncan Wright!" Grayce said, but he already had her by the arm.

She looked to the side and, in her own turn now said: "Momma?!"

Enid was laughing and said: "You have to deal with him yourself!"

"No, Duncan," she began but he already had her in his arms and was jumping off the edge into the pool.

"Love me forever!" he shouted and his shout was matched by Grayce's shout of "Duuuuuuuunnnnnnccccccaaaaaannnnnn!"

They hit the water in a huge splash and then their heads bobbed up to the surface. Grayce was holding on to him and simply kissed him!

"Terrible man!" she said, and kissed him again.

She got out of the pool then and accepted a towel from Suzanne, who was grinning from ear to ear. Her white tee shirt and white shorts were now rendered completely transparent.

"Look what you've done, terrible man!" she said.

He went to her and pulled her into his arms. "I'll make up by taking us all to dinner!" he said.

"You'd better!" she said, "And you leave my Momma alone; don't want you throwing her into the pool."

Enid just giggled and Duncan said: "No, she's immune; she told me to do it!"

Enid just snorted at that: "Young man!" she said and then just broke into laugher with the rest of them

When they all got cleaned up, they did go out to dinner, for Italian and had a lovely evening.


They went out to dinner a night not long after that. It was to be a planning night. Enid declined the invitation to go, saying that she had some shows on tv that she wanted to watch and that Kelly would keep her company.

It was pizza for the three of them that evening.

"So," Duncan said, after they'd ordered, "Shall we plan our Florida trip?"

Suzanne was really excited and had been ever since they'd told her about the beach house and the possibility of Florida and Disney World.

"Are we really going to go?" Suzanne asked.

"Yes, Suziebell!" he said, "There's a school vacation coming and we'll take advantage of that to go. What do you think, Mom?"

The latter was directed at a smiling Grayce.

"Yes," she said, "What plans do we need to make to do it?"

"Well, the company has an apartment in Atlanta that we keep for sales persons and all; I guess that we can use it as a kind of half-way point. The beach house is on a key south of Sarasota. Staying at Atlanta will make it an easier trip for us. We'll use the SUV and take Kelly with us. Is that okay?"

"Grand!" Grayce said, smiling and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

They made their plans excitedly, as they shared the pizza.

They spent the last three or four days, before the trip, getting all the stuff ready, and finally the time arrived. They said a fond 'farewell' to Enid, who promised to take care of the place. Duncan had asked one of the heads of his security, an older man who'd been with Duncan for years and was simply called 'Mr Jack', to look in on Enid so that she was okay. Enid knew that he'd be looking in on her also.

The trip down to Florida was exciting. It was a totally new kind of experience for Grayce and Suzanne. They proved to be very good traveling companions.

They simply fell in love with the Florida beach house, and set up a schedule for themselves that was just a treat. They planned to eat lunch out every day, with an occasional dinner out for Grayce and Duncan. It was also agreed that for those occasions, when Duncan and Grayce were out to dinner, Suzanne and Kelly would stay home. Duncan was a little skeptical about the idea at first but Suzanne had pleaded for the privilege and Grayce was inclined to put her confidence in Suzanne.

On those occasions, Suzanne promised to call Duncan and Grayce at set times and kept her word in doing that.

During their days, they did some beach combing and shell collecting, since it was a private beach area and the shells were mainly not picked over. Suzanne was also thrilled to find fossilized shark's teeth. They spent some afternoon time snorkeling and swimming in the Gulf. Suzanne's 'lessons' from Duncan had indeed made her much more at home in the water.

It was a lovely, an ideal time for them.

There was a balcony outside of Duncan and Grayce's room. It looked over the Gulf beach and was totally private.

About half way through the vacation time, Duncan entered the bedroom, wearing his normal pj bottoms. Grayce was standing out on the balcony. She was standing and staring at him. She fairly shimmered in the moon light. She was wearing a floor length, off white nylon night gown and looked like an apparition of the moon standing there.

He stopped in the middle of the room and said: "Don't you look like a moon maiden, a gift of the moon itself."

She held out her arms and said: "Then come to me and make love to this moon maiden."

He went out onto the balcony and the fragrance of the night breeze just seemed to wrap itself around them both, as the met, their arms entwined and they kissed.

"Moon maiden, marry me, marry me soon!" he said, "Please, please!"

"Yes," she said, "Yes, my Duncan! We can make plans tomorrow! Yes, marry soon!"

"Excuse me for a second," she said then and, as he watched, she took the spaghetti straps down off her shoulders and, wiggling around, let the gown cascade to the floor.

"Here's the moon maiden!" she said.

"My god you are beautiful!" he said, "Beautiful of beautiful! I can hardly even begin to understand the beauty of you! I don't think there are enough words or languages for me to tell you this!"

"Sure there is," she said, kissing him, "And you're telling me now!"

He took his own pj bottoms off then and they were quickly entwined, with the balcony railing as a back prop for them. She put her legs up and around his hips, as he entered her and they made love on the balcony.

Afterward, he brought out a glass of wine for her and one for him. They sat on the balcony for a long time, talking softly and enjoying the evening and each other.

They told Suzanne the next day about the prospect of the wedding. Grayce was suggesting that they have the wedding a month and a half from the time that they return from their Florida trip. Duncan agreed.

They also planned to have the ceremony at the house. Grayce asked for this and Duncan was pleased with the idea.

During the day, they called Enid and told her about their decision to be married in a few months. She was excited. She spoke to someone standing near her and told that person about the up-coming wedding.

"Momma, who's there?" Grayce asked.

Enid laughed and said: "That rascal Mr Jack is here for some of my fresh baked biscuits."

Grayce laughed and said: "Well, you two have a good time!"

"Thanks, honey," Enid said, "We will. You just enjoy yourselves there."

When the phone call ended, Grayce turned to Duncan with a huge smile on her face: "You know, I think that my Momma has a boyfriend!"

"You mean Mr Jack?" Duncan asked with a world class smile.

"Yes," Grayce answered, "She just mentioned that 'that rascal Mr Jack' was there for some of her fresh baked biscuits'."

Duncan laughed: "Well, she can't possibly find a better guy that Mr Jack; I've known him for a donkey's age."

"What exactly does he do?" Grayce asked.

To answer, Duncan gave a kind of history of Mr Jack working for him in various capacities: head of security for a while and various other capacities, as he got older and set down the job of security.

"He wanted to keep on working and we were always able to find work for him in the organization. He's just a colossally good guy!" Duncan said.

"Well, he seems to be in the process of becoming my Momma's boyfriend!" Grayce said with an equal smile.

"Who has a boyfriend?" Suzanne asked, coming onto the deck at the end of the previous conversation.

"It looks like your Grandma Enid has a boyfriend; he's a friend of Duncan's; he works there." Grayce explained.

"You mean Mr Jack is gonna be Grandma's boyfriend?" Suzanne asked wide eyed.

"Seems that way!" Grayce said

"Wow!" Suzanne said, shaking her head a bit to get her mind around the concept of her grandma having a boyfriend, and especially that it was Mr Jack, one of her favorites.

Then she smiled up at her Mother and Duncan and said: "Yeah, that's cool!"

"Yes, it is," Grayce laughed, with Duncan joining the laugh.

There were more idyllic days then for them, with walks on the beach with a very excited Kelly, shells, shark's teeth, snorkeling and swimming. They took a sailboat ride one afternoon that Duncan had arranged.

The time came, however, when, with the prospect of school for Suzanne coming again, they needed to head home. They did promise themselves that they'd make a Florida trip again soon.

Enid was there to greet them, when they got home. They talked about what a good time they'd had and Suzanne was pleased, excited to show her Grandma her shell and shark's teeth collection.


Duncan was in his office about a week after they'd gotten back from the Florida trip, when his secretary buzzed him to say that 'Mr Jack' was here to see him.

"Send him in," Duncan said and the door opened and the tall Afro-American man entered Duncan's office.

"Jack!" Duncan said, his hand out and a smile on his face.

"Just thought that I needed to come and see you," Mr Jack said.

"Sit down," Duncan said, "Coffee?"

"Never say 'no' to a good cup of coffee," Mr Jack responded.

Duncan buzzed the secretary and asked her to bring them each a cup of coffee.

"Sorry that I don't have any of Enid's biscuits to offer," Duncan said with a smile.

"So, you kinda know what this is about," Mr Jack said softly.

"I've guessed it," Duncan said. Then he added, with a smile: "That family has produced some really good looking women!"

"Sure has!" Mr Jack said.

"But Mr Wright," Mr Jack began and Duncan said: "It's Duncan, Jack!"

"No, for this it's Mr Wright," Mr Jack said.

"Fine," Duncan answered, "I understand."

"Mr Wright," Mr Jack started again, "I need to know if I'm poaching out of bounds with Enid. You've been that good to me always and I don't want to be offending."

"You know, Jack," Duncan said, "Those were my very thoughts, when I first became interested in Grayce. Needed to know if I was out of bounds for even considering her. Had no one to ask either; so, I just blundered ahead with it."

"Seems like a good outcome," Mr Jack said.

"Got that right!" Duncan said.

Duncan thought for a few minutes and said: "Jack, I know how good a man you are; we've been together a long time. I know that you lost your Sylvie a number of years ago and a man can learn to live with that but if the chance presents itself to not have to live that way, then a man needs to be free to grab the happiness that is offered him. That's the way I see it."

"Thought you might say something like that, Mr Wright, and I truly appreciate it, I do!" Mr Jack said.

Mr Jack stood at that point and they shook hands, and then, with no word spoken, the two man shared an embrace.

"Beautiful mother and beautiful daughter!" Duncan said.

"Right as rain!" Mr Jack answered, "And Suzanne is going to be a stunner!"

"Think so," Duncan said, "And, Jack, you just let me know if there's any way that I can help out."

Jack smiled: "Appreciate that but for now I think that I have it under control."

"Not surprised about that at all," Duncan said and they both laughed as Mr Jack left.

Duncan had lunch that day with Grayce and told her about his talk with Mr Jack. Grayce could hardly hold in her enthusiasm.

"What a lovely thing for Momma," she said.

"Well, for both of them," Duncan added.

"Yes, that's true," Grayce said, "And you were so nice about it!"

"Well, I'm hoping to get into Enid's daughter's pants!" Duncan said with a laugh.

"Stay tuned, big boy!" Grayce said with a grin. "I'd let you right here but that might cause a stir in the company cafeteria!"

"Might at that but might just be fun!" Duncan said.

"But how do you even know that I'm wearing any?" Grayce asked with a mischievous look on her face.

Duncan's response was to simply break into laughter.

The coming weeks were filled, totally filled with the plans that were being made for the wedding. They hired a kind of wedding manager who would see to all the details: catering, equipment etc. She seemed to be very good at her job, and dealt mainly with Grayce, with Enid adding her own brand of help in the background.

The place, on that Saturday, was totally filled with people: people from work, friends, acquaintances. One of the treats for both Grayce and Enid was that Enid's sister Shasta was able to be there with her granddaughter Romane. It had indeed been a while since Grayce had seen Romane. They had enough guest room in the house to be able to put up Shasta and Romane.

Seeing Romane proved to be a true treat for both Grayce and the girl, who always referred to Grayce, her very favorite, as 'Auntie Grayce'. They had a chance, despite the business of getting the wedding ready, to spend some time with each other and sincerely enjoyed that time.

The house was decorated in a totally festive fashion. Grayce entered on the arm of her Momma, led by her daughter Suzanne. Duncan had Mr Jack standing up with him for the wedding.

The wedding was marvelous. Duncan's friend, an Episcopal Bishop, presided. The ceremony was relatively short but meaningful. Duncan and Grayce had both helped make selections for parts of the service.

For the reception afterwards, tables were spread throughout the considerable room of the first floor of the house and ranged out onto the deck area beyond. The food was served buffet style from two different locations. It was a grand, grand affair for all who were involved.

Duncan and Grayce spent the time enjoying themselves and talking with the guests. They had decided on a small jazz kind of trio to provide music. The wedding began in the early afternoon and it was about 10 o'clock that evening that the last of the guests were gone and the cleanup crew, that Duncan had hired, came in to put it all back in order. He helped them with directions about what to do, to get furniture back in place. By the time he was all finished with them, the only other people left awake were Enid, Mr Jack and Grayce.

Duncan and Grayce had decided on a trip to the Florida house for about a week for themselves, promising Suzanne that she'd go with them the next time that they travelled.

Mr Jack and Enid were going to take care of Suzanne for that time period.

Duncan and Grayce slept easily that night, tired from the hugeness of the wedding and all that went into the planning and carry through. They were up the next morning fairly early and were driven to the airport. Duncan had arranged for one of the company planes to fly them to Sarasota-Bradenton airport, where they'd have a car waiting for them to use.

The trip was pleasant for both of them. They were fairly refreshed, when they arrived at the beach house.

As they approached the drive side door of the sprawling, white beach house, Duncan set down the cases that he was carrying and swooped down, gathering Grayce in his arms and carried her into the house, with her giggling and kissing his neck.

They were in the hallway arm in arm, with their luggage cases sitting next to them. Grayce whispered to him:

"I haven't even been properly screwed as your wife yet! Are you losing your touch?"

"Who me?" he asked with a grin, reaching out and unbuttoning her beige, silk blouse. She just stood there and let him do it.

"Getting fresh, big boy?" she asked with a grin.

"No," he responded, "Just taking my own!"

She hooted at that and grabbed him around the neck and kissed him.

"I am that," she whispered fiercely into his ear, "I am your own! I give thanks for that damn snow storm every single day!"

"I would have found you anyway!" he said, "You're too beautiful for me to ever have missed; just too beautiful!"

She kissed him then, as his hands snaked around her to her back, where he unhooked her beige lacy bra.

"Progress!" she declared to him, speaking it into his lips.

"Progress!" he agreed, as he knelt in front of her.

"What you gonna do there?" she asked, smiling down at him.

"Huge things!" he said, and unbuttoned the waistband of her slacks, and slowly pushed them down. She held onto his shoulder as she stepped out of her slacks.

This left her with a pair of beige panties, nude thigh highs on and her heels.

"More like it!" he said.

"What does Duncan want first?" she asked. "Duncan gets anything that he wants! This time and every time! So, what does he want?"

"Hmm," he mused, "What does Duncan want, when he has this outrageously beautiful woman here naked?"

"Not naked, Duncan, sweetie," she said, "Panties still on!"

"Oh, yes!" he said. "Duncan wants you to walk!"

"Walk?" she said.

"Yes," he answered, "Walk through the house! Claim it! Make it your own! And let me watch you walk!"

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