The Vacation

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2013 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Let's have a wild time on vacation. 2 strangers meet on a plane and have lots of interesting adventures together and with the people they meet.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Swinging   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   .

Life has been so hectic recently and I decide to go on vacation. I am traveling to an inclusive type hotel where everything is included in the price. I am traveling alone, as I just got out of a bad relationship. I am so excited and need to just relax and let my hair down.

Everything is packed and read to go. Doorbell rings it's the car transportation ready to take me to the airport. He helps me with my bags and I sit in the back and relax. Make some calls, play some games and soon enough we are at the airport.

Once in I get all checked in and go through the necessary security checks and go to my gate and wait. I have about an hour to just waste time. I go and get myself a drink and a magazine and just get myself comfortable and wait.

I am sitting at the gate waiting, I notice this very attractive man sitting alone and reading a book. He is sitting across from me. He is very well dressed and well groomed and very sexy looking. I just continue to read my book and then I decide that I must talk to him. I get up and start talking on my cell phone and I drop my bracelet and make sure it falls on his lap. I walk away and then you say "Miss I think You Dropped Your Bracelet." I look on my arm and I say "Your Right" thank you so much.

I then introduce myself and say that my name is Kate and you say that your name is Rob. We sit down and start talking. We are passing time and then they call us to board the plane. Well Rob it has been a pleasure talking to you, nice meeting you, and you tell me the same and we board the plane. I get myself comfortable I am sitting by the window, on an aisle and all of a sudden you sit next to me. Well hello again, how strange I can't believe you are sitting next to me. What are the chances of that. We both laugh and you get settled in.

After awhile, the stewards and stewardesses are starting to bring the drink carts out and taking care of the passengers. It is a 8:00 AM flight, we both just have coffee and tea, and a sweet danish. The destination is Martinique. We are talking and we seem to be getting along.

There is definitely some sexual tension. I definitely find you attractive and I am getting very frisky. I put my hand on your lap and SURPRISE you are hard. Your erection is growing up your leg. I smile at you and you give me a smile back. I just rest my hand there. You then grab my face and begin to kiss me. We French kiss and our tongues are dancing in each others mouths. Such a wet and passionate kiss.

I am wearing a dress and I open my legs up a little wider. You then move your hand up my thigh and move my panties to the side and begin to play with my pussy. I am so aroused and so wet as your fingers are playing me. I feel myself getting wetter and wetter. We just keep smiling at each other we are not talking but the energy is now picking up a bit.

I whisper in your ear that I must have you and ask you to follow me into the bathroom. So I get up first and then you follow me. Once inside we are all over each other. I immediately unzip your pants and take out your cock and busily get to work. I start to massage your balls in my hands and then your cum is glistening on the top of your head. I then begin to suck your cock. Your cum tastes sweet and salty like candy. I begin to suck and tongue your hole. Your cum tastes amazing.

I then grab your cock and begin to slap it across my face and massage it and then I bring you inch by inch into my hungry mouth. My lips hold your cock very loosely so I can glide you deeper and deeper into my mouth. I am sucking you very fast. My cheeks are bulging and the spit is oozing from the corners of my mouth. I am making all those sucking noises as I am working you so hard in my mouth. You are moaning as this is incredible. You can't hold back and spray your cum down my throat. Your cum is amazing it tastes so good.

Unfortunately, somebody needs to go to the bathroom we get ourselves together and go back to our seat. Once back to the seat, we kiss each other so passionately your cum is in my mouth but you still kiss me. I open my legs so you can play with my pussy. Your hand moves away my panties and your fingers just play with my cunt. It feels amazing and I am so wet and ache for your mouth to eat me. We already decided we will hook up once we get to the hotel.

The pilot makes and announcement that we will be landing in like 10 minutes. We land and we go to baggage claim and get our luggage and then wait for transportation to get us and bring us to the hotel. Finally, a bus comes and we get on it and sit next to each other. We really have not talked much, but we are holding hands and the sexual tension is so strong.

The bus then drops us all out and we all go and get checked in. There is a long line and we just start to talk and we decide once we get settled we will hook-up. It is finally my turn and I check in and I am given my key and you get your key and are checked in too. We walk up to our respective rooms. It's so weird as your room is right across from mine. It seems we were just destined to meet.

I tell you to come over to my room in like an hour and we will check out the hotel and see what it has to offer. In the meantime, I unpack get myself organized. After that, I take a shower and get myself ready. I do my make up, hair and put on something cute. A mini dress, sandals.

An hour passes and your at my door and we decide to check things out. The ambiance to this inclusive resort is just breathtaking. Exotic flowers in big vases and beautiful pictures hung on the walls. The pools are just stupendous with waterfalls and bars within the pools. The water is a very dark blue and then just a short walk the ocean is magnificent. The water is calm and blue, the sand is so white and it is the most peaceful place on earth.

We check out the dining room most of the food is in a buffet style fare but so many choices. There are bars everywhere. We decide to have a drink and talk some more. You order a beer and I have a long island ice tea. We just seem to hit it off and the sexual tension is building. You put your hand on my lap and I just feel electricity when you are near me and I get so aroused. We take our drinks and take a walk outside and go to the beach. There are chase lounges there and we decide to sit there and talk.

You lean in and we french kiss. Our tongues are dancing within our mouths. We embrace each other and the tension is just so high. Our hands are all over each other. We just can't stand it and remove our clothes. Your hands begin to explore my body, kissing my neck, ears and then your mouth is sucking on my nipples and your fingers begin to twist and pull on them.

I moan as I am so aroused. Your hands travel down to my pussy which is very moist. I lay down on the chair and your fingers and tongue begin to explore my clit and pussy. Your fingers massage my pussy and it feels so amazing. Your thumb begins to rub on my clit and your tongue is licking me all over. I whimper and squirm as your tongue feels amazing. You begin to slowly penetrate my pussy with your tongue going very slow and then very fast it feels like a small dick is fucking me.

I am so aroused and I moan and squirm but continue to press your head further into my cunt. When I am aroused, I squirt and your tongue is taking me places I have never been. My body tenses and goes into a convulsion state as I start to release my pussy juices and my body is cumming. You eat my pussy so fast and lap up all the amazing juices I have let out.

I then drop to my knees and begin to massage your balls with my hands. Your flesh feels so warm, I begin to lick your balls and your pre-cum is glistening on the top of your head. It looks like snow and I slowly begin to suck your head. It tastes like a salty candy so delicious and tasty. I then tease the head of your cock. Kissing, licking, tickling, biting, loving, worshipping. Your cock is so beautiful it is so long and thick and it is perfect. I slowly begin to glide you into my hungry mouth. I am looking into your eyes as I am taking you deeper and deeper into my throat. You are moaning and are very happy as I am sucking you.

As good as it feels we decide to lay in the sand and make love. You get on top of me and I wrap my legs around you as you slowly begin to enter my pussy. I am so wet and you glide your hot cock right inside of me. It feels amazing as the first thrust I feel your whole length in me. You continue to thrust and I work my body back into yours and we are fucking so nicely. I start to moan and whimper as the penetration is so deep. Our bodies are in perfect rhythm with each other. We both begin to climax and we cum together. Feels so good as our cum mixes with each others. We then french kiss and just roll around in the sand.

We get dressed and decide to get ready for dinner. We each go to our respective rooms. I then take a shower and then get dressed. I put on my bra, and lacy thong and a very tight tan dress. It really accentuates my figure and flats. I put my make up on and dry my hair and apply some perfume, put my jewelry on and go to your room. You are dressed nice in a polo shirt and dress pants. We go to dinner. Its buffet style, so many interesting choices. All types of fishes, chicken, beef you name it they have it. We sit at a table with a few different couples and we have wine and drinks and begin to eat our dinner. We meet this nice couple Layla and Jim and they are so nice and we begin to talk with them. We are all pretty drunk and having a good time. We move to a lounge and begin to talk.

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