My Aunt Gert's Half-glasses

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2013 by Shoeslayer

Fantasy Sex Story: Aunt Gert's nephew has a bit of a crush on her, lasting eleven yrs. When she asks him to do some wiring in her piano room she notices something about his anatomy and is quite pleased with it. Aunt Gert also finds Larry has a thing for her half-glasses and beaded neck chain.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Big Breasts   .

Hi there, my name is Larry and I have this aunt I think I may be in love with. Her name is Gertrude but likes to be called 'Gert' She is my moms sister and I have felt close to her for quite some time.

I have fond memories of visiting my aunt when the last class of H.S. was over. Yup that was Mr. G Briggs electrical theorey and I really liked that class as anyone can work a screwdriver but to know what happens when one foolishly uses a ground wire as a neutral, yes you don't want to do that.

That was eleven years ago and even now I still drop in to se my Aunt Gert, she is a very warm woman and an excellent pianist, her favorite music is classical Chopin and Beethoven being the composers she loves the best.

Thanks to Gert, I too am a damn good pianist, I do like the classics, Chopins etude opus ten number three and his nocturne opus nine number two are well known as is Beethovens 'Moonlight sonata' and Path'etique which is a very somber piece of music. Bob Dylans Ramona and "Steams' Hey ey ey Goodbye from 69 are pretty good to and The Eagles are still pretty hot.

Well, one day Aunt Gert gave me a holler and wanted to know if I could do some wiring for her. She had a room she wanted to fix up as a music room for her piano and some recording equipment and needed a few receptacles and lites installed. So I told her when I could come over and check out the job for her.

I was at her place at ten on Saturday, she made me a cup of coffee and had a dozen of Mother Parkers doughnuts. I enjoyed visiting Aunt Gert. She is five foot seven with curves in the right places, bountiful bosoms; dark brown shoulder length hair; and lips that you'd beg to kiss. Aunt Gert quite often had one of her many styles of reading glasses hanging across her sumptuous boobs by a glass beaded neck chain. I think she may have had a respectable collection of beaded neck chains and half-glasses as every time I looked around her house I saw a pair. Many of her styles of glasses were of the half-round or half-moon type in silver of gold and some were larger silver ovals, but they all had a well made neck chain as beading was Aunt Gerts other hobby.

Gert's style of dressing is great, a skirt and blouse with low pumps in black patent, some with bows or sometimes a pair of 'Spectators' which are patent black at the toes and heels and white leather between, rather dressy.

It was quite nice for me to watch Gert move around and I suppose I looked at her just long enough for her to notice I was watching her.

"Like what you see ... Larry?" asked Gert in her usual pleasant voice.

"Hell yeah, Aunt Gert, been liking what I see for a while now."

"So what is it going to cost for this wiring job?"

"How much do you have?" I asked, just being the typical wise-ass.

Aunt Gert had been reading the paper and when I asked her how much she had, she looked at me over the tops of those gold half-moon style glasses and the way the sun caught the tiny diamonds in her beaded neck chain somehow turned me on, like maybe I loved Aunt Gert's femininity.

Gert looked at me and said,

"I suppose if I had five grand stashed away, that is the exact amount of the job or if I said 'I could swing three hundred, that too would be fine?"

This was our little thing, Aunt Gert knew I was a wise-ass, that my Dad was probably the original wise-ass ever. Not in a mean way at all though, just funny at times and rather dry.

One week later I was at Aunt Gerts place wiring up her music room. I saw she was working on that Chopin etude I like so much and thought I would give it a shot. I was having trouble reading the music and I was not at all sur- prised to see a pair of Aunt Gerts half-glasses on top of the piano, beaded neck chain too of course. So I threw the chain of small pearls over my neck and her halfs where the print was quite legible and played the etude I like so much. I was almost done when Aunt Gert walked in but she said not a word until I finished the piece and did a very nice job with it.

I could see Aunt Gert was very impressed with my playing.

"Larry ... That was a wonderfull rendition of Chopin's etude and you have trouble seeing close up, at your age?"

I had become quite hard wearing my Aunt Gerts half-glasses so I could see better. Was it the half-glasses or the beads? whatever it was caused me to have a hell of a sausage in my pants and Aunt Gert noticed it. In a cheery voice she asked,

"And what is this Larry?"

"I think you know what it is Aunt Gert."

"Oh I do and I have not seen one quite this big in a while. Now why do you think this popped up? could it be from wearing my half-glasses? or my beads?"

"I really don't know Aunt Gert."

"Oh I think I do, I have wondered at times why a guy would want to wear a pair of womens half-glasses. I have seen you try my glasses at times when you were not reading anything and I think this might be a fetish you have. Maybe some lady helped you out, say a Librarian and she wore half-glasses and the look stayed with you.

"Let that beast out before it strangles its self."

Well of course I had to listen to my Aunt Gert and I did let it out. Gert had a pair of silver ovals hanging across the bosoms I still have fantasies about. She was now sitting next to me on the bench and took the glasses I was wearing and she wrapped the purple glass beaded chain around my cock and stroked my balls with her half-glasses.

"MMmmmm Larry, why don't you stand up in front of me? it will make it so much easier for me to suck some cock."

And I am wondering when the hell did Aunt Gert get so crusty?

So I stood up and walked over to her with her sexy gold half- glasses hanging by the beaded neck chain and Aunt Gert started to suck my cock as she rubbed those gold half-moon style glasses under my balls and looking at me through those sweet sexy silver ovals of hers with the beads hanging.

I liked the looks of Aunt Gerts head bobbing up and down as she took my manhood between her sexy lips and as she did that, her silver ovals caught the light from a ceiling lamp and I found that to be quite erotic, there was also something very feminine about her glass beaded neck chain with the tuny glass diamonds softly swaying as my Aunt Gert did things I thought could only happen in a dream.

By now my balls were boiling with hot raw sex and I so wanted to blow my cum down my lovely Aunt Gert's throat and just when I thought I was going to, she let my cock out and held her sexy half-glasses in such a way that I came all over them as she milked my cock, to get every last drop. She then licked the cum off them as if cum would be outlawed any day now.

Now that I knew what my Aunt Gerts half-glasses could do, I was planning all sorts of things and one of them was to get sexy Gerty in bed and run the beads of her fancy neck chains across her lovely tits and up against her fat red nipples and to really be frank about it, I want to touch her down there, what her sexy half-glasses did for me I want to rub them and her beads against her major labia and I have a sneaking suspicion my Aunt Gert and I could become an awfull lot closer.

Aunt Gerts eyes were sparkling and Gert knew that things would never be the same between us, Oh yes Gert had ideas and so did I.

So Larry, what was that you said about wanting to stay here a bit longer? You do know I have a guest bedroom right?

"Yes but I don't believe it will be used." I said with a grin.

"So Aunt Gert, as much as I love what you just did, what ever made you want to do that?"

"Well Larry, a few reasons really. One being that you always helped me out with whatever I needed help with and I knew you would not want to be paid for helping your aunt because you are secretly in love with her."

"Well let me just say I think a lot about you quite often.

"I also know you had no use for girls back in High School, that you would rather hang out with your aunt instead, and I always loved that you loved my company and I think we can have a great time with your fetish. You do have just one fetish, right?"

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