The Misogynist

by Huedogg

Copyright© 2013 by Huedogg

Flash Story: He didn't always hate women.

Tags: Cheating  

A quick flash story about timing, when telling the truth.

Calvin knew his marriage would be over. He and his wife Amanda promised each other they would never cheat but if it did happen they would fess up and tell the truth. It was a short drive to the house. Calvin couldn't for the life him understand what had just happened. He was talking to Connie one minute and "the next minute", she rode him to a climax. He didn't remember pulling his pants down. Connie called it "straight up animal lust". She admitted that she had a crush on him and would fuck him anytime he wanted her. Calvin dressed and hurried home.

Calvin sat in the car for a while thinking. He saw it no other way, Amanda had to know the truth. Calvin got out of the car and went in to face the music. He could only hope Amanda would let him see the kids before she kicked him out.

Amanda was on the phone but even from across the room, she could tell something was wrong. He asked her to come to the kitchen table. He sat down next to her and told her everything. All about how he didn't remember getting undress. One minute they were talking and the next minute they were fucking. Calvin left nothing out. Amanda listened to every word. As hard as it was she listened.

After Calvin finished, Amanda told Calvin she needed a few minutes alone. Calvin got up told her "he was sorry" and left the house. Amanda was lost in thought. How in the hell had her life fallen apart so quickly.

It was a little after 8:00 pm when Calvin returned, Amanda had fixed dinner. She told Calvin, they needed to sit down and talk. They talk about what lead up to the affair, how it happened so suddenly. It was about 8:45 when Calvin started feeling bad. Amanda, asked him what was wrong? Calvin started sweating and throwing up. Amanda took him to the emergency room.

In the emergency room, they noted a small discoloration under Calvin's chin. The swab it and sent it to the lab. Calvin's stomach had to be pumped. Connie had given him some type of drug they were trying to identify.

Amanda sat by Calvin's side. When the doctor came in he asked Calvin about his health. Calvin told him everything about himself. The doctor, asked Calvin how long had he been sterile? Calvin responded the only way he knew how, he couldn't be sterile and have two kids. The Doctor told him, he'd be right back. He needed to check something. Amanda did what any good wife would do. She held her husband's hand.

The Doctor came back after 30 minutes, he asked Amanda to leave. Amanda told the doctor "no", she needed to stay because this would affect her to. The doctor told Calvin, he was sterile. He had never been able to have kids. Calvin was confused, if he couldn't have kids why did his two come from. Amanda didn't say a word. She sat there crying, that's when it hit him. Life had just punched him in the eye and he was down for the count. Calvin wasn't their father. He had been there since day one. He had been there for every cold, flu and fever. This couldn't be. Amanda wasn't a cheating whore, she was his loving wife. Their kid's mom and his sister best friend.


here's no way she cheated on him, "NO FUCKING WAY!" But still the facts where right in his face.

Amanda asked the doctor to leave the room this time. She went on to tell him how it wasn't planned. She didn't want their marriage to end but she's been sleeping with her boss Allen for the last 6 years. She told Calvin she just couldn't tell him the truth. Regardless of the agreement, telling the truth was too hard. She had too much to lose. Calvin asked her who else knew but she wouldn't tell Him. He asked her to leave, even as she begged him not to. Calvin had her barred from returning as long as he was there. He asked for his sister Mary to come the next day.

Mary was worried. Calvin told her later the doctor had told him he had cancer. They had found it with trying to discover what Connie had given him. She was worried Calvin was dying. Calvin told her he had a pretty good chance of survival. The only thing he needed was a lawyer. He wanted Kenny to come with her the next day. Kenny was Mary's husband, and he was known for burning the earth in every case. It was then Calvin realized Mary knew. She asked Calvin to give Amanda a chance. Calvin asked her how long she known. Mary told Calvin, she and their mother had known when Amanda had gotten pregnant. That's when Calvin found out he was born sterile, Calvin had been born without testis. At birth, he was given fake testacies. Calvin's father didn't know this. Calvin asked Mary to leave. Once Mary left Calvin called Kenny on his own, then Calvin had Mary barred from his room. He also asked to have his mother barred as well. Calvin filed for divorce.

Kenny lived up to his reputation. He sued everybody.

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