Anger Management 2 "Doc's Story

by Huedogg

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Flash Story: If you thought Hank was bad, then Doc was a mad man

Tags: Cheating   Torture  

"Hi everyone", I'm not new to this anger management class. For you first timers, my name is Paul Jefferson. My friends call me "Doc". I've been coming to these sessions for 3 years. The court ordered them as part of my early release.

If you are wondering, yes I'm the scary doctor that Hank talked about in "Anger Management." I will regret what I did for the rest of my life. Things got out of hand and I will always wonder if there was a better way of handling my things.

Like most of you here know, I met and married Janice 20 years ago. We have to lovely daughters and had a wonderful life before I went to prison.

It was a day just like this when I came home from playing golf with a few of my fellow doctors.

Janice asked me to sit down because she wanted my input. She often asked to questions about many topics. Nothing was out of the table, from the most taboo questions to the dumbest, "I can't believe she asked me that" question. So when asked me to sit down I went along.

"Paul", we've been 13 years now, with two great kids. I wanted to know, have I been good to you asked Janice?

You've been great "Boo", why do you ask?

"Paul", I've been having an affair for the last year. I didn't want to break it to you like this but I'm pregnant and I don't know which one you it belongs to. She sat and waited for a moment before her carrying on.

"Paul", I know this is a shock to you but in all fairness you'll have to stick with me till the baby comes. Then we'll deal with this then. Till then I'll try not to get in your way. With that

Janice got up and went to the bedroom, closed and locked the door.

I sat there for another 10 minutes before I moved.

Have you ever been blindsided? I mean, she just knocked my dick into the dirt and walked away, unscaved. I started wondering if I was still a man. "Shit," she had big brass balls. Janice had thrown down the gauntlet. My wife had declared war and I had no idea there had been a battle.

"I know", I should have kicked the door in and dragged that bitch out by her hair, then dumped her whore ass on the lawn.

"Come on People", that's not very dignified for a Doctor. I'm a man of knowledge, stature and that would be too easy. She has to pay, I mean really hurt.

So, I went on as if nothing happened. Janice emerged the next morning. She was looking at me, I mean every movement. I scared her a few times with a sudden movement, but no. I didn't hit her. I didn't raise my voice or acknowledge her at all. I left for work at my regular time. I wasn't even mad; nope I was well passed that now. I wasn't angry; I was fucking "PISSED!" But as a doctor, I had to get even with class. I had to hurt her where it would hurt the most.

My revenge took time, but overall it wasn't worth it. I mean look at us. We're here in this "Anger Management" class telling each other about out down falls. Everyone here but Hank, went to prison. I missed my girl's graduations. The one good thing was, when everything went. They were still, "daddy's little girls". Just so you know

I'm not saying revenge is good but do it better that I did. It's something I will always regret.

As I said earlier, Janice and I carried on like a loving married couple. We never had sex again; even though she tried. I just could see myself ever touching her again.

Her baby was born June 25th; it was a very important day in my life. It started out with my delivering the baby by "C" section. Then I preformed a tubal. After that, a few stitches here and there. It was a text book birth. Over the next few weeks, I made sure Janice's heath was good. On Janice's baby's two month check up, I had her served with divorce papers. I made sure she was in the baby's doctor's office. I needed her to be gone for the next 2 hour.

After she was served, my phone rang off the hook for the next 4 hours straight. I had over 30 voice mails. But I was too busy trying to save a life.

Who's life you ask, why her lover's of course. I'm a doctor not a murderer.

In those months that followed, her declaration of war was clear. She wanted the house, $4,000.00 a month spousal support.

I planned, plotted and set a series of events into motion.

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