Jay's Moving Co

by BlackStallion21

Copyright© 2013 by BlackStallion21

BDSM Sex Story: Jay and Courtney go to move Monica and her family and Courtney Dominates Monica!

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   MaleDom   Rough   .

So I work for Jay's Moving Company and Storage Company. I've been with this job for roughly a year now and I have to say that there couldn't be a better job for a struggling college student. Jay pays me $15 an hour with all of the back breaking, muscle bending work that I can handle. I'm Court. Well Court for short, my full name is Courtney Mitchell.

Courtney is definitely a female's name if that's what you're thinking, and what's worse, I'm a 6'2" thinner white guy. (I know ... I know! Most people think I'm black when I tell them my name is Courtney on the phone, and then when they see me, it's a whole different story! But that's for another story!) Mom named me that, and I'm accustomed to it now.

BACK to my story!

I was out on a call with Jay, who happens to be my uncle, and we were moving a family of 3 with a dog out of an apartment and into a towne house after the woman divorced her husband and took him for everything he had! (I hate the justice system!) The mother and her two rug rats, thirteen (male) and nineteen (female) were bringing all of the little boxes to the door when Jay and I pulled up. We had a whole lot of work on our hands, but we were determined to get it done in one day! There's way too much money to be made else where to take our time on any one job.

The boy was strong for his age and was carrying things with me while Jay mustered all of the bigger things that he could carry by himself. The nineteen year old was nothing but a huge pain in my ass! I'll get to her in a few minutes ... And there was the MILF of a mother that was a huge bitch too, so I can see where the nineteen year old got it.

"Don't Drop That Mirror!" chirped the stuck up little bitch. "It's worth more than you'll ever amount to!"

I had picked it up from the rest of the three pieced wardrobe.

"Did you hear me dude?" louder still...

"And if you say it again, I'm going to give you something to shove in your cock sucker!"

"Uh," she huffed, "I'm going to have your job!"

"Ha. Listen tramp, Kick Rocks! I got this shit! Unless you'd like me to shove the mirror, dresser and all up your powdered pink little ass, I'd get lost!"

Now I'm not a tough guy, I'm actually a lover, not a fighter, but she was about to have it coming to her! I guess she got upset and went to tell her mother and Jay, because she disappeared for a good half hour; in which time, I got most of the things that I needed to get onto the truck into place so we could leave.

Jay and I fully finished packing and we were headed out of the door in less time than we thought we were and we made it to the new property in less than two hours.

Now I know Jay, and I know how much he likes to be done with moving jobs as soon as possible after we get paid, so I respect his wishes normally but today, I think I was going to take a little extra time after we were done to show my little friend a thing or two on obeying and respecting her elders, and obeying authorities in her life. And little did I know things were going to unfold a little better than I thought they were!

We unloaded the truck in less time than it took to pack things and the girl walked up to me with this huge 'shit-eating grin' on her face when things were totally unpacked.

"We got off on the wrong foot. My name is Monica, and I am so sorry about the attitude and the way I treated you earlier. My parents have been at each other's throats and I've been stressing about their divorce more than they have because of the way my brother and I have been treated in the whole proceeding. On top of everything else, "Aunt Flow" is in town and it seems like she won't leave! So I've been taking things out on everyone lately, and it's not yours, or anyone's fault for that matter. Will you accept my apology?"

Monica was a great deal shorter than me and she had a body to die for. She was in a tiny black tank top and a push up bra that had her stunning C cup breasts spilling out of it. She had thick muscular meaty thighs and calves, and even in her flip flops, her little round ass was bubbled out in the short shorts that she had on. Succulent red lips, beautiful flowing chestnut hair, and emerald green eyes with freckles that littered her face, neck, and shoulders stood out as she stared into my eyes, and it was hard not to take her apology seriously.

"Well? Can you forgive me for disrespecting you?" Monica asked when I didn't answer quickly enough with her smile slowly fading.

"Well I don't normally keep grudges, as that's not how I am, but the next time you decide to "get in someone's ass" about a mirror or anything else stupid like that, think twice, would ya?" I said sarcastically as I unloaded the last little box from the truck and started down the lift ramp on the back.

Jay walked up to me and grabbed the box from my hands and with that he turned to take it into the house. "Twenty-five minutes, I need to wrap things up with this lady, and we need to get back on the road." He said as he walked away.

"Now what are you going to carry?" she asked.

I looked around and when I noticed that there was nothing else, and I was sure of it, I picked her up and carried her into the house, up both flights of steps and to the room that we were putting all of her things into. It was a dark and drab room in the attic and there was an old beat up couch still left from the previous tenants and I gently sat her down onto it.

Our eyes locked when I let go of her and set her on the couch, and butterflies fluttered between the two of us as I leaned in and kissed her glistening silky lips.

She smelled of "Sweet Pea" perfume by Victoria Secrets and her lips tasted of Tootsie Rolls. My skin flashed hot and my body temperature sky rocketed to unparallel heights. This girl didn't stand a chance from that moment on!

I ripped her shirt up and over her head exposing her C cup bra clad chest, and the black lace bra that she had on was exposing her nipples. I dug both hands behind either side of her back, yanking the clasps open and pulling her bra over her arms so her voluptuous tits spilled out into the cool air.

"Hey, take it..."

"Shh! Just enjoy the ride!" I cut her off sharply.

With that, I kissed her harshly, smashing her lips against mine and I reached down with my hand and grabbed a hand full of her left tit and squeezed. As I did that, I bit down onto her bottom lip and pinched her nipple at the same time. She gasped and moaned as her back arched from the couch to meet the abuse that was being administered.

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