An Air Force Wife

by Dafafu

Copyright© 2013 by Dafafu

Erotica Sex Story: A sex loving family.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   .

Julie was an air force wife. Although she was 35 years' old, she was still a stunner. She had a lovely face with rosy cheeks, lush lips and wavy blonde long hair. Her shapely figure with narrow waist, shapely full thighs and magnificent big breasts made her an extremely beautiful woman, looking like a sexy young woman in her early 20's. She was just a little more plumb than when she married at the age of 18, but this only made her look more voluptuous.

She was the mother of 2 teenagers. A son, Travis, aged 14 and a daughter Trisha, aged 15. They are well grown, the son well-built and handsome and the daughter budding into a sexy young girl, sexy and beautiful like her mother with big boobs.

Julie was very happy that she had a good family, a loving husband and two wonderful children. Since marriage they have had a good life. All this suddenly changed when Valentine's day approached.

Her husband, Jim and she had been invited to a Valentine's Day dance party by her husband's boss Jack who was the commander of the air force base.

Julie and her husband went to town to get her a dress for the party. As they passed by one boutique Jim saw in the window a black dress on display on a mannequin.

Jim stopped the walk and asked Julie, "Would you like to buy that dress for the party?"

Julie was shocked because it wasn't like any of the modest dresses she had worn all these years since her marriage.

The short clinging black dress had a plunging neckline and the mannequin's breasts, not as big as Julies, nearly spilled out of the dress.

"Oh, Jim! Look at the neckline. So low and so wide. My large tits would..."

"Oh, Julie darling! Don't worry about the neckline. You have a superb figure and there's nothing wrong in showing it off on Valentine's Day."

"Surely you are not serious, Jim."

"Yes, I am, darling. Please say yes. You'll make me very happy."

"Oh, Jim! I don't know. I've never worn a dress like this!"

"Please, darling."

"Well, if you really like me to wear it..."

"Well, that's my girl. I'm sure all the men at the party are going to admire you."

Julie smiled coyly and pinched her husband playfully.

So they went in and bought the dress. At Jim's insistence they also bought some tiny panties.

When the day arrived for the Valentine's Day dance at Jim's boss' house, Julie was all excited and worried. Excited, because she would be attending a dance party at her husband's boss' house for the first time. Worried about wearing that new dress that would reveal so much of her tits.

Jim and Julie had been posted to this base only months ago, and they would be meeting senior officers and their commander Jack.

That evening she bathed and put on the dress. It clung to her body like a second skin. The deep lunging neckline revealed almost all of her bra...

"No, darling, you can't wear a bra. You have to go bra-less," said her husband smiling.

"But, without a bra most of boobs will be revealed, Jim."

"I know, but you can't help it. The dress is cut for wearing without bras."

"Oh Jim! Do you really want me to go braless?"

"Yes, dear. I don't mind it. So don't worry, darling."

"But Jim, what would people say? At the dance?"

"Why, the women would envy you, darling, for having such a sexy figure to be able to wear this dress. Most women either have small breasts or sagging ones. You have magnificent big boobs that stand up so firmly."

"Oh Jim! What about the men? What would they say?"

"The men will adore you. Who doesn't like to see a sexy woman dressed revealingly?"

"But your commander, your boss might not like me to be dressed this way."

"You are wrong, darling. He will be attracted to you, and he is an important man here. As a young pilot I need him and the senior officers to like us. It may help us in the long run."

Julie realized that her husband had arguments for all she could say. The bottom line was that he wanted her to wear that dress without any bra.

So, she started to remove her bra. He husband suggested, "Remove your panty also, darling. It makes an unwelcome outline. Wear one of the string thongs that we bought that day."

Julie decided not to argue anymore. She took the tiny black thong that her husband gave her and got into it. It had a tiny narrow thin patch in front. The rest were strings, going under her bare buttocks and around the waist. Because the thong was very narrow, she had her private area shaved.

Then she got into the dress. It clung to her figure like a second skin and most of her big boobs were out of the plunging neckline. Somehow the edges of the neckline covered the nipples which made clear protuberances in the thin dress.

Her full round bare buttocks pressed against the thin fabric and giggled delightfully when she walked. The dress came to end just above her mid-thigh, exposing below her shapely smooth thighs and legs.

"My god! You are a sex goddess!" exclaimed her husband. He dressed in a decent suit.

As they left the house, their children, Travis and Trihsa looked with open mouth at the way their mother was dressed.

"Wow mom! You look great," exclaimed Trisha. Travis looked shyly at his sexy mother, but Julie noticed that her son was stealing glances at her exposed portions of her tits and thighs. She smiled to herself because she took it as a compliment of her attractiveness.

Julie smiled a thank you and they left the house. They got into the car and drove to Jack's house. Sitting next to her husband she found her short dress had crept higher up her thighs, exposing so much of lovely smooth thighs.

"Jim, look how the dress creeps up when I sit down. How am I going to cope sitting down at the party?"

"Don't worry about it, darling. Act naturally, and you will only have the folks admiring you."

When they arrived at the party they were welcomed warmly, especially by her husband's boss, Jack. Julie was relieved to notice that about five other women were also dressed in revealing clothes. They were about her age and were friendly her. Over all the folks at the party were a friendly lot.

When Julie sat down, her short dress crept up high revealing most of her gorgeous shapely thighs. Of course, Julie could not help but notice that the eyes of the men drifted often to her thighs and the deep cleavage of her dress, where they could see her gorgeous big firm upstanding breasts swelling out of the dress. But, as advised by her husband, she pretended as if nothing was amiss. She was comforted that a few other women with short dresses also revealed a good deal of their thighs.

Julie found that some of the men, who must be senior officers, and the commander Jack were particularly nice to her. They served her with the eatables and spoke kindly to her. There was plenty of friendly banter and jokes that everyone, including Julie, felt very relaxed.

Eventually it was time for them to dance. They moved the furniture against the wall so that there was ample space for them to dance. The music was provided by a DVD player. And it was announced that after each dance there would be a short break for the folks to rest and take drinks or ease themselves.

When the music started, several men moved towards Julie, hoping to ask her for a dance. But the man who quickly held her hand and asked her for the dance was her husband's boss, Jack. She smiled and followed him to the floor. Several other couples followed.

The music was slow and sensuous, and the couples held each other tightly and swayed their bodies against each other. So, when her husband's boss held her tight, Julie couldn't refuse to comply. She was held closely against his body and his hands slowly caressed her back as her half exposed boobs pressed against his chest. Julie couldn't help the sensation that coursed through her body.

"You are a very lovely girl, Julie," breathed Jack, her husband's boss.

"Thank you, sir." She found her big boobs rubbed against his chest and her husband's boss kept caressing her back.

Although Julie felt the caress thrilling, she was worried what her husband would say. She turned and looked at her husband, but he gave the thumps up with a smile, implying that it was okay with him. She smiled back a thank you and moved her body against Jack as they moved sensuously, rubbing their bodies against each other's. It was arousing her more and more.

Then the music ended and they parted. Julie adjusted her neckline to make sure the cleave didn't expose her nipples. She went and sat beside her husband while Jack went out of the hall, heading for the rest room.

"You danced beautifully with my boss, Julie."

"Oh Jim1 He held me so tight against his body. And he kept caressing my back. I hope you don't mind it."

"Of course not, my dear. I'm glad Jack likes to dance with you like that. He's my boss and if he likes you then he will like me also."

"You mean it's okay if he wants to dance some more with me like that?"

"Yes, darling. Let him dance the way he likes with you. Enjoy yourself also."

When the music started again, one senior officer named Brad asked Julie for the dance. She agreed and they took to the floor along with some others. But they hadn't danced for long before Jack came back and cut in, telling Brad that he wanted to dance with Julie.

So, once again Julie was in the arms of her boss' husband, dancing intimately. "Sorry I was late, Julie," he said smiling.

His hands caressed her back as before as they danced. "It's okay, sir," replied Julie, feeling Jack's caresses. Again her boobs pressed and rubbed against his chest.

Julie began to feel Jack's cock press against her lower body through his trousers. She knew that he had removed his underwear. That was why he had gone to the gents. She couldn't help but look quizzically at Jack. He knew that she had noticed.

Smiling, he asked, "I hope you don't mind it, Julie?"

What could she say? She just smiled and shook her head. She knew that she had virtually said that she didn't mind him dancing without his brief.

"Thank you, Julie," he said and moved his hands to cup her supple buttocks.

Oh my god, thought Julie. Without proper panty her buttocks were bare under the thin dress and Jacks palms and fingers felt her flesh easily through the thin dress.

"I hope you don't mind this also, Julie," he asked smiling.

What could she say? Again she had to smile and mean that she didn't mind it. Now Jack caressed her buttocks and rubbed his body as intimately as he could against her. She felt one her boobs slip out of the dress and rub against his chest. Oh god! But what thrill!

Julie was worried. She looked at her husband. Again he gave his thumbs up and smiled to mean that it was okay with him. He also gestured that she should wrap her hands around his back to rest on his shoulders. And she did that, hugging Jack to her as they rubbed their bodies intimately. She could feel Jack's hard aroused cock poking her and stirring her desires.

Jack was a handsome rugged looking man and this excited Julie. Inwardly she liked the excitement she was feeling but she had never done this sort of thing with any man. While her body got aroused she looked around. Most couples were not watching her, but she noticed that Brad and Chuck were looking at her and observing the way she danced with Jack, their commander.

Jack was caressing and squeezing lovingly Julie's full supple buttocks, sending sexual thrill through her body. His mouth was at her neck, his lips and tongue softly kissing and licking her throat flesh, adding to her stimulation.

"Julie, thank you for dancing with me," Jack hissed, hugging her some more.

All she could say was to hiss back, "Hmmm..."

Finally the music ended and as they parted Julie adjusted her cleavage to cover up the exposed nipples. The dancers got to sit down. Julie sat between her husband and his boss, with her husband on her left side and Jack on her right side. Julie noticed that Jacks crotch area was tented as his aroused cock pushed up his pants.

One of the men came around with drinks and they helped themselves. Someone asked whether anyone objected if the lights were dimmed. No one said anything. So, the lights were dimmed. The music started again and the dancers took to the floor.

Chuck, another senior officer, approached Julie and asked for a dance but Jack said, "No, Chuck, she will sit out the next few dances. She needs a rest. How about asking somebody else?" Chuck walked away without any fuss.

Jack took Julie's right hand and placed it into his lap, the palm and fingers directly on his bulge!

Julie quickly withdrew her hand, looking at her husband with worry. But her husband urged, "Let the commander hold your hand, darling. He just wants to show that he likes you."

Julie was surprised by what her husband had said. She kept her hands on her lap. Her husband took her right hand and gave it to his boss, saying, "Here sir, you can hold her hand. She didn't mean to offend you."

Julie was thankful that the lights had been dimmed. But it really wasn't that dim that people couldn't notice things. A worried look around showed that no one was actually paying attention to what she was made to do. They were busy with their own partners.

Her husband's boss leaned close to her and whispered, "Caress me, Julie ... please."

She didn't do anything. Jack placed his left hand on hers and gently pressed her palm and fingers against the bulge, guiding her to wrap her fingers around the cock stem through the trousers. She could feel his hard thick cock!

She looked at her husband. He smiled and used his right hand to caress her partially exposed left thigh. At the same time her husband's boss used his right hand to caress her right thigh. They caressed her full bare thighs simultaneously, pushing her already short dress higher up still, almost exposing her loins.

Her husband's boss leaned close and whispered, "Stroke me, Julie ... please." When she didn't do it, he used his left hand to guide her right hand fingers, which were already wrapped around his cock over his pants, to stroke him slowly. Oh God! She could feel it hard, thick and big. She was wetting herself with excitement.

She was also worried. She looked at her husband. He smiled and nodded to mean it was okay with him.

Julie was shocked by what her husband did next. He took his boss' right hand from her thigh and guided it to her loins.

Jack whispered, "thank you," and started to caress her cunt lips through the tiny thong. Julie's hips shook and shook and her thighs parted as her stimulation intensified as her husband's boss used his fingers to feel her cunt lips through the thong.

"Hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm..." she moaned unable to control the thrill.

The dance ended and the dancers took their seats but Jack continued to caress her pussy and his left hand continued to guide her right hand to stroke his covered cock.

When the next dance started, the couples took to the floor. Her husband's boss urged, "Continue to stroke me, Julie."

Well, she had been stroking him for a while anyway. So, she didn't stop. On her own she stroked the hard cock. Jack now put his left hand around her back and cupped her partially exposed left boob and caressed it. His mouth sought hers and he kissed her moaning mouth fully and wetly

Julie lost control for the moment. There she was, her cunt being fingered, her boobs being fondled and her cunt being fingered by her husband's boss while she stroked his big hard cock, in a dance hall full of people with her husband watching and apparently.

"HMMM..." Julie groaned when her husband's boss slipped one of his fingers inside her warm wet cunt.

What if people saw this? "Please, no! Not here!" Julie pleaded.

Jack respected her wish. He pulled out his finger.

"Not here?" Shall we go to the bedroom then?" her husband's boss asked smiling.

"No, I didn't mean that," whispered Julie.

Her husband said, "Don't be like that, darling. Jack likes you, you know. Why don't you go with him?"

Julie was surprised by her husband's encouragement. Still she said, "No, I don't thing..."

Her husband didn't allow her to finish the sentence. He pulled her up and said to his boss, "Here, sir. Take her with you. She is just shy, that's all."

Jack stood up, took Julie by the hand and saying, "Thank you, Jim," led her upstairs to his bed room.

"It's private here, Julie."

"No, sir. It is not right."

"But you said not here, remember? That means it is okay in private."

"But my husband..."

"No, Julie don't worry about him. He wants you to have a good Valentine's Day, that's all."


"Don't worry, dear. You have a good understanding husband. He obviously doesn't mind if you have a little fun. Not all wives are as lucky as you."

"But..." Julie didn't really know what to say.

"Relax, Julie. I promise you, I'll do what I can to help you, and your husband in his career."

Her husband's boss was still holding her with his left arm around her. She looked around the bedroom. It was a lush bedroom with a King-sized bed. On the stand next to it there were two framed photos. One was Jack with his wife and the other was of a boy.

Jack explained, "That's my late wife and me. She died of cancer a couple of years ago. That one is my young son."

"Oh, I'm sorry about your wife."

"It's okay. I'm used to her death now. My son is all my concern these days."

"What's his name?"

"His name is Rod, and is at a boarding school. He is 14."

"He is a handsome boy."

"Yes, you should meet him. I think he will like you, since you are so beautiful."

"Oh Jack!" Julie blushed.

Jack sat on the edge of the bed, drew her between his thighs and wrapped his arms around her waist. He drew her near and kissed her full on the mouth. Julie knew that she couldn't refuse. So, she kissed back, her arousal rising again.

Jack tried to push her dress off the shoulder and she gave token resistance but allowed him to eventually push her dress completely off her shoulders. She took out her hands, so that the dress now hung around her waist. Her upper body was bare, her firm big boobs staring at his face.

"Gorgeous boobs, Julie. So big, so round and so firm!"

She just smiled.

Jack caressed tenderly both her big boobs. Licking his lips, Jack asked, "May I?"

She knew what he wanted. But she didn't do anything. Jack gently pulled her closer so that her boobs came close to his face. She pretended to pull back but not strong enough. Jack took the right nipple into his mouth and started sucking lovingly. Julie couldn't help but put her hands behind his head and caressed it while her arousal made her moan softly, "Hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm..."

Just then the door opened and her husband walked in smiling. Embarrassed and panicking, Julie pulled her breast of Jack's mouth and adjusted her dress but she could tell that her husband had seen it all, how she had caressed the back of Jack's head as he sucked her bare nipple and how she had moaned in thrill.

"Sorry for interrupting. Just came to see whether my wise is friendly enough," said her husband to his boss.

"Oh yes! Julie is friendly and cooperative," said Jack smiling back.

Julie asked Jack, "May I speak to my husband in private?"

"Why? Of course."

Julie took her husband to the doorway and they spoke in whispers. Julie said, "Let's go home, dear."

"Oh Julie! How can we now? You'll disappoint my boss."

"Jim, it's getting out of control."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you see? It's becoming too sexual!"

"Is that hurting you, dear? Is my boss hurting you?"

"Not hurting, but ... but..."

"But, what, dear?"

"Don't you see? He's getting me sexually aroused!"

"Is that hurting you?"

"No, but..."

"Well, if it's not hurting you, don't worry about it, dear."

"You mean, you don't mind if your boss gets me sexually worked up?"

"Well, if you enjoy it, then I don't mind it, Julie."

"Are you sure, Jim? What if things go too far?"

"Well, stop it if you really don't like it. But if you enjoy it, then go ahead."


"Yes, dear. You have been a good wife and a good mother for so many years. So, it's only fair I let you have a little excitement in you life."

"Oh Jim, I'm not sure whether this is right."

"Yes, darling it is right. You deserve some fun, and may be my boss will also help me in my career. You know that I like to be a squadron leader."

Then her husband brought her back into the room and stood her in front of his boss. Jim stood behind her and caressed her arms, slowly pushing her dress off her shoulders.

"She is a good wife, sir. Please take care of her."

Jack answered smiling, "I'll take good care of her, Jim. Don't worry."

Then her husband spoke to Julie, "Bye Julie. I'll wait for you downstairs. Please don't offend my boss." Then he left the room.

What a husband, thought Julie.

"You have a wonderful husband, Julie. You are a very lucky wife."

"Thank you, sir." What else could she say?

He welcomed her into his arms, pulled down her dress to the waist and started to suck her nipples again, switching his mouth eagerly from one boob to the other.

More and more of her tits slipped into his sucking mouth. Julie decided to enjoy herself. After all her husband didn't seem to mind what she did with his boss. Moreover her body was crazy with arousal and desire.

Julie caressed the back of his head and moaned out her thrill.

"Oh Jack ... ohhh ... ohhh ... Jackkkk..."

Jack stopped sucking for a while to ask, "Like it, Julie?"

"Yes jack, yes ... it's nice ... ohhhh ... ohhhh..."

After about five minutes he stopped and lowered Julie to kneel on the floor between his thighs. "Stroke me, Julie ... like the way you did downstairs ... please."

After coming this far she couldn't, could she? Using both her hands she caressed and gripped the cock that stood up pushing his pants into a tent.

"Thank you, Julie. It likes your touch." Julie just smiled.

After a couple of minutes, he suggested, "Unzip me, Julie. And slip your hands inside ... please."

She knew there was no point in refusing. Smiling she unzipped Jack's pants and slipped both hands inside the pants. Immediately they came in contact with the might hard, long throbbing cock.

"Caress it, dear ... please." Smiling she ran her fingers and palms all over the cock, cupping and squeezing the cock head a moment, then stroking the stiff stem for a moment, cupping and squeezing his balls for a moment and repeating her fondling again and again.

It was Jack's turn to moan, "Yes, yes ... oh Julie ... thank you dear ... thank you..."

Jack started to fondle her bare boobs and kiss her on the mouth. Julie started to fondle his cock, getting it stiffer.

After a while Jack suggested, "Take it out into the open, Julie."

While she pulled his huge cock out of the opening, Jack removed his shirt and singlet, becoming bare above the waist like her. He was a hairy strong looking man.

When the cock was out in the open, Jack asked, "Like it, Julie? Is it big enough?"

"Oh, sir!" Julie blushed.

"Tell me, please. Is it big enough?"

Julie asked herself, big enough for what? She didn't ask him. Instead she just said, "Yes, sir. It's big."

"Like it?"

She just nodded.

"Good. Then kiss it, dear."

Julie looked at the cockhead. It was like a big plum, glistening with its skin stretched. It was moving in her hands, throbbing and jerking.

"Kiss it, Julie ... please."

Julie lowered her mouth to the cockhead and gently licked and kissed it all over.

"Good, Julie. You have an exciting mouth. I like it very much. I'm glad Jim has you for a wife."

She didn't say anything. She opened her mouth and took in the bulbous cockhead inside and sucked slowly, making Jack moan with thrill. "Ahhh ... ahhh ... yes ... yes ... good, Julie ... goooood..." Jack placed his hands behind her head and caressed her there, encouraging her to suck his cock.

Julie sucked and sucked, looking at his face mirror the pleasure he was feeling. She licked and sucked, now bobbing her head up and down as her husband's boss' cock slipped inwards and outwards in her warm wet sucking mouth.

"Oh god! Ohhh yesss ... yesss ... oh Julie ... you are wonderful ... yes, suck me some more ... Suck harder, dear..." His hands behind her head kept guiding her.

Suddenly he groaned and shot a few globs of sperm into the back of her mouth. She swallowed his sperm but also knew that he didn't shoot all his cum. He was holding back his ejaculation as he withdrew his swollen hard cock out of her mouth.

"Thanks Julie, for the moment." He smiled happily at her and she smiled back, her mouth around the edges smeared with saliva and his cum.

He stood up and stood naked, his erect cock swaying gently. As Julie got up he pushed her dress down to the floor. Both stepped out of their dresses and got rid of their shoes as well. Julie was naked except for the tiny moist thong.

"Come let me pleasure you, Julie." So saying Jack placed her on the bed to lie on her back with her legs hanging over the edge. He stood between her thighs which he opened out with hands.

"Oh gosh! You are fabulous, Julie. Very sexy and desirable!"

She just smiled back a thank you.

Jack bent her legs at the knees. Then, wrapping his hands around her shapely thighs lowered his mouth to her thong. He saw the narrow juice soaked thong, outlining her cunt lips.

"Oh, so nice, Julie. You have shaved yourself. Thank you. And you are wet. Are you excited?"

"Oh sir!" Julie blushed.

"May I?"

Julie knew what he wanted to do. Smilingly she nodded.

Jack licked along the juice soaked thong, his tongue pressing against her cunt lips which quivered with delight. Her thighs shook and her muscles quivered. Oh god! This was so nice! "Hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm..."

After a while, Jack untied the thong and removed it. Julies hot wet cunt was totally exposed to her husband's boss. His fingers gently opened out the cunt lips and he admired the wet pink inside.

"Oh Julie! You look so sweet. Pink and wet and tender. You have a hot cunt, Julie."

"Oh sir!"

Without further ado, Jack lowered his head and his tongue started to lick along the inside of her cunt. Julie shivered and her hips quivered. "Hmmm ... hmmm ... hmmm..."

Jack licked and licked. Julie moaned and moaned with delight, as her stimulation increased.

Then Jack slipped his tongue inside her warm wet cunt, as deep as he could. Julie's hips rose up to welcome the thrill. "OH Jack! Ohh ... ohhhh ... ahhh ... ahhh..."

The tongue started to move rapidly in and outwards in her boiling cunt. Her hips rose up again and again, in rhythm with the tongue thrusts. The pleasure was intense and wonderful. Julie didn't want it to end. Inwardly she thanked her husband for this pleasurable opportunity with his boss. Her hands caressed the back of his head and she moaned endlessly with delight.

"Ha ha ha ooo ooo yess yess yess ... ahhhh goooood ... yesssss..." Her body shook and shuddered with thrill.

Suddenly Jack pulled out his tongue and smiled at Julie. Thrill was still etched on her face.

Jack neared her and adjusted his cock to insert it into her aroused pussy. "May I?" he asked smiling.

Coyly Julie smiled back.

Jack held her by the waist and inserted the tip of his bulbous cockhead inside the entrance of her juice soaked opening and pressed forward. As his mighty cockhead slipped inside, Julie lifted her hip to welcome the cock.

Jack smiled at her and asked, "Do you like fucking?"

She nodded shyly.

"Have you fucked many men?"

Julie shook her head vigorously and said, "Oh NO! You are the first man ... other than my husband."

"You mean you have been that faithful to your husband?" He seemed to push his cock deeper into her.

"Yes, I have been a good wife and a good mother." Her hips rose up to receive the cock deeper.

"Oh god! It's time then for you to have some fun."

"I'm afraid what my husband might say."

"Don't worry about your husband. I think he wants you to fuck around."

"Oh no. I don't think he means that. He just wants me to be nice to you because you are his boss."

"Then don't worry, Julie." He was slowly thrusting his cock inwards and outwards, eliciting intermittent moans of pleasure from Julie.

"I'm also worried about my children."

"They are grown up. Teenagers will have their own interests. Don't worry."

By now jack was fucking her with some vigour and Julie was responding by thrusting up her hips for deeper thrusts. Her moans delighted Jack. She was definitely enjoying being fucked.

Julie found the fucking pleasurable. Jack's cock was long and thick and he moved in exciting plunges that drove her to unimaginable heights of pleasure.

Julie yelped ak at each thrust. "Ak ... ak ... ak ... ak ... ak ... ak ... ak ... ak..."

Julie's body shook and shuddered as they fucked more and more rapidly. Her big boobs bounced and rolled in rhythm with their wild fucking. She didn't want this wonderful thrill to end but...

After several minutes their sexual stimulation became uncontrollable. They hit their climaxes together. Julie screamed like a wild cat, pouring out her juices in profusion as she felt her husband's boss shoot streams of hot lava into her wild convulsing cunt.

It took them some time to calm down from their climaxes. Jack leaned over Julie's body and kissed her wetly and moaning into her mouth, "Fan ... tastic fu ... ck, Julie. Tha ... nk you ... so much."

Julie just kissed back with passion to say that she too enjoyed the fuck. They hugged, caressed and kissed for a while before separating and lying ob their backs, mildly panting.

Jack asked, "Was I good? Good enough for you, Julie?"

Julie smiled coyly and nodded, "Hmm."

"Better than your husband?"

She couldn't let her husband down, especially after his encouragement for her to have this fun. So she said smiling, "Both of you good."

"Wise reply, Julie." Then after a pause he asked, "Want more?"

Yes, she wanted to fuck some more, but she decided not to, not immediately anyway. She must keep Jack interested in her to want her again next time. She must also get him to help her husband's promotion first.

"Next time, sir. May be we should go down. Your guests might miss you."

They started to dress up. Jack said, "Julie, you should never ever wear a bra. You have gorgeous breasts and should go braless always.

"Surely I can't, sir. Not possible always."

"Why not?"

"What about at home?"

"Well, I think you should also discard bras even at home."

"What about my children?"

"Well, let them know that their mother is a gorgeous beauty with fantastic boobs. They will admire you more and feel proud to have a mother who is sexy and voluptuous."

"Do you really think so?"

"Yes, Julie. Try and see whether I'm right."

"Well, I'll have to think about it," Julie said smiling.

"Is your husband ambitious, Julie?"

"Yes, he hopes to be a squadron leader. Hope you can help him, sir."

"Well I'll do what I can. But in the promotion committee there are two others. It will help if you can get them to be your friends also."

"Who are they, sir?"

"Brad and Chuck. Remember them? They wanted to dance with you earlier?"

"Oh yes, I remember."

"You see, they must give good reports about you husband as they are senior officers. Only then I can help your husband's promotion."

"You mean I must be nice to them? Like the way I have been with you?"

"Only if you agree and only if your husband agrees. I don't want your marriage to break up."

Julie started thinking about what Jack had said while they completed dressing up.

Well, if she had come this far, why not help her husband all the way?

Jack took her hands and as they descended the steps to go downstairs, Julie said softly, "Okay, sir. I'll take up your advice and get to know Brad and Chuck."

"Good, Julie. But not now or soon. I need you get to know you more for a few weeks. Do you think you can come here again on Saturday?"

She nodded and squeezed his hand. She would love another session of fun. But she couldn't say that, could she?

"Remember, please come dressed sexily. No bras, ok?"

Julie smiled and nodded.

When Julie and Jack reached downstairs they saw her husband Jim in conversation with Brad and Chuck. They looked very friendly. When they saw Julie, Brad and Chuck looked admiringly at her partially exposed boobs and smiled at her. She smiled back.

Eventually the party ended. Jim and Julie left for home. On the way her husband asked, "Did you have a good time, dear?"

She just smiled and said, "Yes."

"Was my boss good to you?"

"Yes." Another smile.

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

"What do you think?" They both giggled and laughed.

That night Julie and her husband fucked, both satisfied that things were getting exciting. While they did so, her husband said, "You know, dear, you were a knockout tonight at the party."

"Think so?"

"Yes, even Brad and Chuck have invited us to their houses."


"Yes, they would like to get to know us more, they had said."

"You know something, Bill? Your boss had said that Brad and Chuck would have to give good reports about you before he could help you with promotions."

"Did he say that?"


"Then we should get to know Brad and Chuck more closely."

"Would you like that?" Julie asked smiling.

"Yes, dear, if you don't mind it. Probably they are more interested in getting to know you than me."

Julie and her husband giggled and getting excited fucked more vigorously until they climaxed together.

The next couple of days, Julie tried going braless in the house while the children were away at school. She felt nice to feel her boobs jiggle gently. The nipples rubbed against the blouse and hardened. She felt excited several times. When she told this to her husband he too encouraged her to go braless.

"That's what your boss advised me," Julie said.

"That's good advice, dear. I would even advice you to wear sexily all the time."

"All the time? What about the children?"

"Don't worry about the children, dear. What is important is that you spice up your life. The children will get used to it. They are grown up anyway."

So, that evening Julie went braless when the children were at home. But surprisingly the children didn't notice very much except for an occasional glance at her chest. That night, in the bedroom, her husband said, "It's no use going braless if you wear opaque blouses, dear. You should wear thin T-shirts or tops with wide openings."

"Oh Jim! What are you saying?"

"Well, if you want to look beautiful and be noticed, you must wear revealing tops."

"But I don't have such tops, Jim."

"That's not a problem. Tomorrow I'll come back from work early and take you shopping. We'll buy something sexy for you to wear."

So, the next day her husband and she went shopping. He had received advice from a friend at work that there was a shop named EROTIC DRESSES that sold cute attire. Julie was shocked by the variety of sexy attire sold there. Her husband bought many items, some so revealing and skimpy that she wondered whether she would ever wear them.

That night itself, before dinner, her husband insisted that she put on the thin white T-shirt and mini skirt before dinner. Without any bra, her big boobs were clearly outlined and the nipples semi-visible as they poked against the thin fabric. And the short skirt exposed her gorgeous smooth shapely thighs.

"Are you sure this is okay, Jim? Especially in front of our children?"

"Of course it's okay. This time let's see whether they notice you or not."

When the children came down from their rooms for dinner, they did notice their mother's sexy attire. Their eyes roamed all over her fabulous figure, resting furtively on her superb thighs and boobs revealed by the thin fabric of her T-shirt.

Jim spoke to the children as they sat down at the dinning table. "Trisha, Travis, don't you think mom looks great tonight?"

Trisha said, "Yes." Travis just nodded his head.

"Do you like mom to wear like this every day?"

The boy said, "Yes." Trisha just gave a gentle smile.

Throughout the meal Julie noticed that her son's eyes furtively kept staring at her boobs, much revealed by the thin T-shirt. Julie liked it because it showed that her son admired her lovely boobs.

After dinner the whole family helped to wash up the dishes as usual. And as usual Julie didn't put on her apron. This meant that some water had splashed on to her chest, wetting her boobs and revealing more clearly her nipples.

Julie noticed that her son kept staring furtively at her lovely boobs until he and his sister went up to their rooms.

In the bedroom her husband suggested, "Julie, why don't you encourage Trisha also to go braless and wear thin blouses like you?"

"Jim, what are you saying?"

"Yes, dear. Then you will have company and it won't be strange."

"But she's only 15, Jim."

"Yes, but she has a fabulous figure, Julie. And her breasts especially are as big as yours if not bigger. So, she should look lovely with revealing blouses."

"Jim, don't tell me that you want to look at your daughter's breasts," Julie said smiling cheekily.

"What if I do, Julie. She is beautiful and what father wouldn't like to see his beautiful daughter's assets?"

"No, Jim it is not right I think."

"Well, I have encouraged you with my boss, and even agreed that you meet Brad and Chuck. Can't I have a little concession from you? Don't I deserve it?"

Julie thought over her husband's request. Well, he had really given her a lot of freedom with his boss, even allowing her to fuck with him. He had also agreed for her to have fun with Brad and Chuck.

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