Francesca's Loves

by V Trellis

Copyright© 2013 by V Trellis

Erotica Sex Story: This is a revision and expansion of Francesca's New Life. A middle-aged woman rediscovers the lusts of her youth.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   mt/mt   Mult   Consensual   Gay   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Public Sex   .

My name is Francesca, and I love to fuck.

I had a very successful graphics design business, and I sold it for a sum large enough that I could comfortably retire. The next morning I looked at myself naked in the mirror and considered what I wanted to do with myself, and my life. I was forty-two, married but childless, and my husband Edward and I led separate lives. My looks were undiminished, and though I had never been conventionally beautiful, I knew I was sexually attractive, with high cheekbones and an aquiline, regal profile. In my stocking feet I stand nearly six feet, with long light-brown hair I usually pull back into a patrician ponytail or a chignon. My 34C breasts and my ass have sagged a little, but only a little, and my exercise regimen keeps them in shape.

In my youth I might have been considered a little on the scrawny side, but I was now merely slim. Oh, my youth, I thought. My wild, lusty youth.

I raised my arms above my head lazily, and admired my smooth, sleek body. After years of shaving and waxing, I had indulged in laser treatments that gave me a form utterly free of body hair: not under my arms, nor on my legs, nor on or around my delectable pussy and ass.

I liked what I saw. And I was determined that many others would see it, and like it, and enjoy it also. It was time.

When I was a teenager, and later in college, I had discovered that I had an enormous appetite for sex. It was an appetite that no one boy could satisfy, and though I was a bright and very successful student, I turned into the wild child after the books were closed. In junior high I discovered how much boys loved hand jobs, and then how much more they loved blow jobs. My virginity was lost at fifteen to a cousin at a church camp. I fucked half the boys in my high school class, and many of my teachers. It was delicious, illicit joy. When there was no cock available to give my eager pussy an orgasm, my fingers did the job, or the fingers or lips of another girl. I was a slut and I loved it.

I also loved to show myself, almost more than fucking itself, and I sunbathed naked whenever I got the chance, especially if there was the possibility that others could watch me.

But then, in the latter half of college, came Edward, and I fell in love.

Edward was smart, ambitious, and good-looking. Our sex life was satisfying if unadventurous. But our relationship was based in the mind and spirit, and a mutual drive for achievement. Both of us knew we could become a power couple, and so we did. After graduation Edward pursued an MBA while I began my design business, and we married. We worked hard, we succeeded, we owned an expensive house and beautiful things. Still ... I began to wonder if it had been worthwhile to sacrifice my carnal ways for the stability of marriage and the material world.

Edward's business often took him away, and his physical interest in me dropped off to nearly nothing. I wanted to have children, but discovered that I could not. That was the first great blow. The second was when I realized Edward was gay, and though he loved me, his sex life was with men and boys.

So I dedicated myself to my career, and thought about taking lovers on the side. Many men of my own social station were intimidated by my success, however, and others by my height. Still, I had enough sex to get by. But only enough to get by.

Out of the blue had come an offer to buy my business for more than I thought it was worth, a small fortune. And I hesitated only briefly before saying yes.

I bought myself a vacation home in a resort town on the coast, on the beach, where many young people gathered, and decided to find my own youth again. I now devoted myself to my own pleasure.

I wanted all the sex I could get. In particular, I wanted young cocks, the kind I had enjoyed so very much in my school days.

My wardrobe and closets were filled with beautiful clothes, but I found myself wearing little but beachwear, the skimpiest and most revealing I could acquire. I loved to go out wearing nothing but one of my colorful, nearly transparent pareos, which I could tie around me in various interesting ways, with a slim gold chain around my hips and sandals on my feet.

On a walk on the beach one day early in my new residency, I came upon a young man who seemed to find me worth watching. He was well-built, sandy-haired, and about five-foot-eight. I found a beach recliner and lay down to watch the waves. My pareo was tied so that I was bare on one side from above my hip, making it obvious I had nothing on under it, and the breeze blew it up to reveal my nudity further.

The boy took a brief swim, then lay down on the sand near me. His eyes scarcely left me. After a while, I rose and stood over him, crooking a finger. "Follow me," I said, and he did.

I led him behind some trees back from the beach, and fixed him with my eyes. "What's your name?" I asked.


"And how old are you, Jasper?"


I smiled. "You like looking at me, don't you, Jasper?" He seemed a little uncertain of what he should say, but nodded. I drew back my pareo so that I was quite naked in front. I played with my nipples as he watched. "I like looking at you, too. You're a very handsome young man. But you can see more of me than I can of you. It's a little unfair." He looked questioningly at me.

"So why don't you take off your shorts for me, Jasper? I'd love to see your cock." He realized I was serious, and he nodded again, and pushed his board shorts down to his ankles. "That's a lovely cock, Jasper. Very long and thick. Do you know what I'd really like?

"I want you to play with yourself for me. I'd like you to jack yourself off. For me. Right here. Please."

He looked directly into my blue eyes, and his hand went to his cock. It was already becoming erect, and he started to stroke it. I drew a deep breath as I leaned a hand on one hip, and slowly caressed my own pussy with the other. "No touching me right now, Jasper. Just masturbate. I bet you love to play with yourself, don't you, and you do it all the time, looking at porn." He jacked his cock faster, looking intently at me, less than two feet away.

"Stroke it for me, baby. I want to see you cum." I loved hearing the sound of the words as they came from my lips. He moved closer and reached toward me. "No," I said, "not yet, not this time. Just fucking jack your cock for me. Show me how hard you can cum."

Jasper's fingers were a blur as he jacked himself, and he started to breathe quickly and heavily. Then he came. It was a fast, thick, spurt of semen, then another, and then another, landing on my belly. In a minute he had stopped, and the cum began to drip down me.

I stifled a gasp of pleasure. I reached down with my fingers and scooped it up, and licked my fingers clean. "Mmm," I said. I dabbed the rest away with my pareo.

"Oh, my. I'll have to go home and change now," I said, and quickly turned to walk away. I looked back over my shoulder at Jasper, still with his trunks around his feet.

"By the way, my name is Francesca. I live in that house over there. Please come and visit me, and ... bring your friends."

Later that same day, I was preparing to sunbathe on a lounge next to my small in-deck pool. My pareo was loosely knotted at my waist, and I was barefoot. A movement caught my eye, and I spotted a boy I did not know peeping over the fence. He was handsome, rather short, tanned and tow-headed. He looked no more than fifteen. "Come here, boy," I called, feigning indignation.

He came around the fence looking worried. I gestured him to come to me, then dropped the pretense of irritation. I smiled down at him with my wide mouth and dark blue eyes. I leaned over and kissed his lips, caressing his neck. "Don't worry," I said. "Don't worry about anything. Don't think about anything. I don't even want to know your name right now.

"All I want from you ... is your sex." I breathed that last word close to his face. I kissed his lips, then his neck, as I drew my fingers down his bare chest to the top of his shorts, and undid the top string. I pushed them down, and he moved slightly so that I could push them all the way, and I stooped for a second to pull them off over his bare feet. I rose again, pausing to examine his cock, growing stiff and fat despite his anxiety. What a beauty it was! I took its tip in my mouth and stroked it gently. "My, my, you're quite a grown-up young man. I'm definitely a grown-up woman. And I want that hard, thick young cock. In my sweet cunt."

The boy was breathing heavily, dry-mouthed, unable to speak, but quite aroused, as shown by his steel-hard erection. I pushed him onto the lounge chair. He lay back as my soft fingers massaged his cock, and caressed his balls, then bent over to kiss the cockhead. I sucked it lovingly, and ran my tongue down the shaft. It was already standing up straight from the boy's groin, rising from its pubic thatch. It was about six-and-a-half inches in length, very fat, and tapering toward a circumcised glans. I gently, firmly, lovingly masturbated him. My face came close to his cock, and I rubbed it on my face. I sighed, taking in its masculine scent. My lips moved over the head, and I slowly took it in my mouth again, kissing and sucking, making sure it was well wetted; and I licked his balls, taking each into my mouth, before returning to suck the beautiful pole of his manhood.

Then I rose, staring lustfully in his eyes. I untied the loose knot that held my pareo in place, and it fell off as I moved my leg over to straddle him.

My pussy was already very wet. I watched him stare at the smooth, hairless nakedness of my cunt, and I teased him a bit, lasciviously caressing my nether folds. Then I parted my labia and skillfully inserted him into me, and I sank, and he penetrated me deeply.

"Ooohh," I moaned. His thickness filled me, and it was heavenly. "Your cock feels so fucking good. So fucking good inside me." I reveled in the sensation, feeling wonderfully alive, and I rocked, fucking the boy's cock slowly.

I felt the warmth of the afternoon sunlight on my back as I leaned forward to caress his arms and his chest, covered with a sprinkling of hair, and played with his nipples. It was so thrilling to be doing this in the open air, where my fence gave scant protection from any eyes that might be watching them. My heart exulted in the possibility that I could be seen, wantonly screwing a boy young enough to be my son, indulging my wicked lust. I wanted the whole world to see me.

The boy was moving underneath me, thrusting his hips, breathing heavily. I guessed that this was his first real intercourse, and his excitement built quickly. I saw this, and masturbated my clit to increase my own arousal. "Mmm," I said. "Oh God, I love this so, I don't want to ever stop. But I'll bet you're getting close." He nodded.

I moved faster, and so did the boy. Sweat trickled down between my breasts. The boy suddenly looked directly at me, his eyes widening, as he started to ejaculate. His cock shot a powerful blast of semen deep in my vagina, and then another. I felt it, and it triggered my own orgasm. I uttered a guttural moan, and quivered as I gave myself over to the wonderful sensation inside my body.

When my breathing quieted, I leaned down to kiss the boy's mouth, and his cock slipped out of me. The cum ran out of my pussy and down my inner thigh, and I slowly stepped away.

"Thank you, my young lover," I said. "What's your name?"


"It was so nice to make love with you, Kevin. You can go now, but come back whenever you like." I stepped to my pool and went in to wash myself.

As the days went on, I amused myself by taking walks through the resort town, occasionally wearing a bikini top in addition to my sarong, but often with nothing but the pareo tied so that my breasts and pussy were at least technically covered—unless I moved a bit, or a breeze blew. I attracted a great deal of attention, and some muttered complaints from women, but none from men. I was struck by the large number of teenagers there, either partying in groups or vacationing with parents. I always gave them a smile, both boys and girls, and got to know many of them. They began to visit me at my home, and I made sure to give loving instruction in the ways of carnality.

There was Philip, who came with his girlfriend Jen, both of them college students. Philip was a tall, strongly built boy, with brown skin and thick, wavy dark hair. I found him very attractive, but at the moment he seemed to be bound to Jen. She, in contrast, appeared to be a lively free spirit, and she liked to show herself. She was a petite brunette of about five-foot-two, with short hair and a neatly trimmed brown pubic patch that she readily displayed when I invited the couple to disrobe along with me on my deck. Jen lounged along the railing that faced the beach, casting her eyes out in hopes that passersby were watching her. I found her a woman after my own heart.

It took little coaxing to get Philip and Jen to make love while I looked on, and I especially enjoyed seeing Philip's buttocks clenching and unclenching as he thrust inside Jen's pussy.

Then there were Nicholas and Evan, both still in high school, a gay couple who were still discovering how to relate sexually with each other. I loved their beautiful young male bodies, and after plying them with wine I got them to strip naked for me so I could at least stroke their fine forms. They both had nice cocks, and I was happy to assist them in carefully shaving off all their pubic hair. Nicholas also decided to shave his armpits and what little hair he had on his chest, but he left his budding moustache. I thought they looked adorable, and in the end I induced them to stand over me while I licked and sucked them alternately. I glanced above me to see them embracing and kissing sweetly, as I played with their cocks and rubbed them against each other, caressing their balls, until first Nicholas shot off, and then Evan, leaving me delighted as my mouth and face were covered with the combined flow of their cum. I licked as much off as I could, as the boys looked into each other's eyes and kissed again.

It was inevitable that some in my new neighborhood would begin to take notice of how I was conducting myself and raise objections. One afternoon I answered the door to find Diane, who introduced herself as a reporter for the local paper. I invited her in and offered her a glass of wine.

Diane was middle-aged, blonde, and quite attractive, with hair that fell to just above her shoulders. She was about five-foot six and wore a wedding ring; slim, with a comfortably padded ass, wearing a button-front sleeveless blouse and shorts. We sat in the living room, the French doors of which were opened onto the deck. She asked about my exhibitionistic style of dress, and my obvious flirtations with teenage boys.

"I hope you don't take offense at my questions," Diane said, "but as a wife and mother and a concerned citizen, I think they're fair."

"Oh, they are," I told her. "And I hope you aren't offended by my honesty. I like enjoying my body and wearing as little as possible, as you no doubt know. I enjoy young people, especially young men, and I love taking pleasure with them."

"So does that mean you..."

"Yes, it does, and I intend to go on doing it."

I saw that, although Diane had opened a notebook, she had taken no notes. "I see," Diane responded, but her mind seemed to be elsewhere, and her eyes were focused inward.

"You're a woman of a certain age, like me," I said. "Surely you find handsome young men still attractive, and you still desire them. But society's mores tell you such desires must be hidden away, not thought of, not acted upon. I have walked away from such mores."

"I, I, I'm a mother, I..." Diane stammered.

At that moment I heard a noise, and saw that my young friend Kevin had entered the house, as he was free to do. He had started toward us, then hesitated and fell back.

"Come here, love," I said. "Diane, do you know Kevin? He and I have become great friends."

Diane was startled and her face reddened. "Yes, yes, I do, uh ... He's a neighbor of ours. He sometimes mows our lawn." She looked at him. Kevin smiled.

"Hi, Mrs. Atkins," Kevin said. "Yeah, I sure do. It's especially great when you sunbathe while I do it."

I smiled. "Why, Diane, I'll bet Kevin really likes seeing you sunbathing, and that you don't mind being seen, either. Do you do it in the nude?

"Of course not!"

"That's too bad. It's always better to be sexily nude when lying out in the sun." I considered a second. "Diane, do you know what a wonderful cock young Kevin has? Have you seen it?"

Diane turned very red, and took a deep breath. She shook her head no.

"Oh, but you should. Kevin, please show Mrs. Atkins your cock."

Kevin smiled shyly, then pulled his t-shirt off, pushed down his shorts, and stepped out of them. His thick young cock was partially erect. Diane was still flushed, but she did not avert her eyes. Kevin obviously relished displaying himself to her.

"Isn't it a beautiful cock, Diane? I can see you find it so, too. And you know what Kevin can do with his cock?" Diane shook her head meekly, still transfixed by Kevin's nude maleness. "He can cum like a fucking fire hose. He shoots a huge wad, and then he can do it again. Youth is so amazing." Diane opened her mouth as if to say something, but nothing came out.

I looked at them both. "Kevin, I bet you've jacked yourself off many times thinking about Mrs. Atkins, haven't you? Maybe even close by, when you thought she couldn't see you?"

"Oh, yeah, I have," he admitted. "I think she's hot. Sometimes she lets her bra straps down to tan her back, and I love that. I go in a corner of the yard where she can't see, but I can still see her, and I jack off into the bushes."

"Oh, Diane," I said. "I bet you know exactly what he's doing. That's why you let him see your naked back. You lust for him, but can't admit it, maybe not even to yourself." I turned to Kevin. "Why don't you show her how much she arouses you, and how much you can cum for her?"

Kevin's hand went to his stiffening cock, and began to masturbate while watching Diane. She breathed heavily, shaking her head slightly, but her eyes never left him. Kevin's thick cock thrust out toward her as he stroked it faster, and his breathing quickened.

"Uh, oh yeah," he said. "Fuck, yeah. Here it comes." And he continued to stroke while he ejaculated a heavy stream of cum toward Diane, which flew across the few feet between them and spattered on the deck at her feet. He shot off another big spurt, and then dribbled a bit more.

I could smell the scent of Diane's arousal. I had been right about her. "How long has it been since your pussy has been eaten, Diane? Quite a while, probably. Well, Kevin is also very good at that, and I think he'd love to do it." I stepped over to Diane, who just looked up at me helplessly, as I undid her shorts and pulled them off along with her panties. She did not resist at all. I was pleased to see that Diane's pussy hair was trimmed to a short vee, and that she was a natural blonde. "Slide forward in your chair, Diane, and spread your legs for Kevin."

Kevin needed no prompting, and he knelt in front of Diane's opened thighs, as he expertly leant forward and used his tongue to please his neighbor lady's labia. Diane sighed, and Kevin kissed and nibbled her clitoris. He inserted a finger, then two, into her vagina, pleasuring her internal channel, then again used his tongue to make love to Diane's pussy. Diane was murmuring, "Yes ... yes..." as she gripped the edge of her seat. Then she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse, and the front closure of her bra, and she shrugged them off. Now totally naked, she played with her own pink nipples as Kevin kissed her nether lips and rubbed her clit.

"Oh ... oh ... oh my God," Diane shuddered as she came. She looked at Kevin's face, and tried to say something. "I don't—I mean—I can't say what—oh God."

I had removed my own clothing, and had caressed my slit while watching. I leaned my head close to Diane, and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Diane," I whispered, "Kevin is hard again. He needs to fuck you. And you need to fuck him." I stepped back, and Kevin raised himself up in front of Diane's splayed cunt. He positioned his hefty cockhead at her entrance, playing with her folds as they oozed her nectar.

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