Flex Appeal

by Stormbringer

Copyright© 2013 by Stormbringer

Erotica Sex Story: Black Bodybuilder takes his two friend's wives while on a trip to the Florida Keys.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Lactation   Size   Big Breasts   .

"I love this drive," said Marisa, staring out at the scenery passing by.

"Me too," added her husband, John. "Here's the big bridge. Not much longer."

Marisa turned her attention from the blue water and the palm trees towards the famous seven mile bridge in the Florida Keys. Big Pine Key was their destination. It was just on the other side of the bridge. It was quieter then some of the keys, but close enough to Key West, they'd only need a short drive for a good meal, sightseeing, or drinking in Key West's famous bars. Marisa and John preferred things quieter especially with a new baby with them and they were looking forward to seeing John's frat buddies and best friends.

The young red headed wife turned to check on the baby, peacefully sleeping in the backseat. John had a bag resting on the floor and she saw several magazines sticking out of it. She grabbed them both. One magazine was called Iron Man and the other was Flex. The same black man was on the cover of both. The man was a bulging mass of muscles. His skin was as dark as Marisa's was white and he had referred to her as the whitest white girl, he'd ever seen. He wasn't an attractive man normally and even less so when he was posing, muscles straining, veins bulging across his forehead, skin oiled and glistening. "Why did you bring these?" she asked her husband.

"I thought I'd get Flex to sign them. Joking of course," replied John.

The bodybuilder was one of John's frat buddies. His name was Shane, but everyone called him Flex after the magazine that had given him his first cover and the current issue was his third time. He had been called Token at first as he was the only black guy in the fraternity, but he hadn't cared for that nickname. He did approve of Flex and told everyone to call him that. Marisa didn't care for the black man. He was arrogant and full of himself. He had no problem flirting with her or any other of his friend's wives. He drank more then she approved of and usually had pot with him when he wasn't competing. She'd met him three times now. The first was at her and John's wedding. Shane was 26 then and dating the woman who would become his second wife. She was a lovely black girl named Lola. Lola also competed and looked great when she wasn't posing which made her look man-ish. Marisa had met her again a year later when she married Shane and then again on one of their weekend getaways. Lola was pleasant and funny, completely smitten with Flex. Her only physical flaw was her chest was as flat as John's. She was close to 0% body fat and often commented on how she wished she had Marisa's breasts. Marisa had always been buxom with heavy C-cup breasts. Wait until she sees me now, thought Marisa glancing down at the milk laden DD's she'd had since having Jack eight months ago. She was looking forward to seeing Lola again, even if that met spending a weekend with Shane. Flex was 6'2" and weighed according to the magazine 320lbs and none of it was fat. His dark black skin had been a problem for him. He was African black and when posing always had to have a light background and plenty of lighting to see his musculature. His pose on Iron Man was full frontal and everything was bulging out, it even looked like he had muscles under the tight crotch hugging dick sack he was wearing. Jesus, but that was a huge bulge. "What is that thing under his suit?" she asked staring closely at the magazine cover.

"Uh ... Um," stuttered her husband of four years. "Uh ... don't tell him I told you this, but he stuffs his suit to make it appear that he has a big bulge. You know what they say about bodybuilders."

"No, I don't."

"Steroid use makes your dick small and limp, so they stuff socks in their suits."

"Oh," she replied.

"You don't find that attractive do you?" he asked. John asked that same question every time she saw Shane. The huge black man was a manly man and though John and his other buddy Grant, were both good looking, fit men, they deferred to Shane as the alpha of the group.

"God no," said Marisa, reassuring her husband. "I don't know any woman that finds that attractive. Lola being the exception." Marisa bent her head down closer to the magazine. It didn't look like Shane stuffed his suit with socks, she could almost make out the outline of a penis under the tight material, a really big penis. As she stared, something dripped on Shane's crotch. The fluid was a milky white liquid and she watched it spread out to cover Shane's penis shaped bulge. Marisa glanced down at her breasts, nipples rock hard, milk appearing on the tips of each. "Oh god John, I'm leaking. Can you pull over?"

"We're almost there."

"I know, but my udders are screaming to be milked."

John glanced over at his wife's bosom with appreciation. Since having Jack, her nipples were hard and ultra sensitive. The two times they'd made love since Jack was born, sucking and pinching her nipples had given her a rare orgasm. Marisa would have been happy having sex more often, once a week maybe and possibly more, but John had felt weird about sex since the baby was born and truthfully even before she'd gotten pregnant his sex drive was much lower then hers. He'd even seen a doctor and was told he should start taking testosterone supplements, though he hadn't gotten around to it yet. Of course at thirty, he was well past his sexual peak and Marisa at twenty-seven had a ways to go to reach her peak.

He glanced over at her breasts again. Her bra had been driving her crazy where it rubbed her nipples and she lost it during the first hour of their five hour drive. All Marisa was wearing over her black shorts was a green blouse that looked lovely under her red hair. The blouse was loose and gaped open between buttons and she'd even undone a couple as if her breasts needed air. He could see tantalizing glimpses of flesh through the gaps and it was enough to make his penis stir. She'd be getting some this weekend. Even if he wasn't in the mood, it was their fourth anniversary in two days and he was obligated to perform his husbandly duties.

Her breasts looked like two over inflated balloons under her top with her normally rose colored nipples now swollen and angry to a brownish purple. "Hurry, I want to feed the baby before your friends see us."

John pulled over into one of the private picnic areas along the beach. Marisa quickly unbuckled and exited the car to retrieve Jack from the back seat. The baby woke as she lifted him and true to form, he was hungry. Marisa sighed with relief as he noisily sucked on her milk laden breasts. She sat back down beside her husband and let Jack nurse until he was content.

John's cell buzzed. He checked his messages. "Grant and Candace have arrived and are waiting at the beach.," he read. "Candace says the cabins are too small."

"She's always complaining," said Marisa, shaking her head. Marisa actually liked Grant better then his wife though she and Candace got along fine. Candace was never happy with anything, she liked to gossip, and she was a little too religious for Marisa's taste, though both she and John dutifully attended church every Sunday. Candace on the other hand, volunteered at her church, ran vacation bible school, Sunday school, and was there three days a week. "I don't know what Grant sees in her."

John snorted. "She looks like a fucking Victoria's Secret model!"

"John! The baby!"

"He doesn't know what I'm saying. Besides, the little bugger's busy."

Marisa looked down at her son, hungrily slurping and as he so often did while breast feeding, Jack's eyes were growing lidded, closing, and then her nipple sprang free as he fell asleep. "Stop staring," she scolded her husband, feeling his eyes on her breasts. Marisa buttoned her blouse to hide her breasts from passing traffic. She gently placed Jack back in the back seat carrier and buckled him in. She retrieved her bra from her bag and returned to the front seat, struggling to put her bra on under her top and wincing as the material rubbed her sensitive nipples. She needn't have bothered for when they arrived at their destination there was no one around the cabins and John went alone to retrieve their keys from the office.

Marisa carried Jack into their room while John unloaded their car. Traveling with a baby had doubled the amount of luggage they normally took. "For once, I agree with Candace," said Marisa surveying the small cabin more of a trailer. The three couples had rented three cabins near the beach. They weren't much larger then a small camper. The cabins were circled like wagons with a lawn between them. There were chairs and cots, plus hibachi grills in their private courtyard, a picnic table, and a fire pit.

"This explains why they are so cheap," said John. "I'll hold Jack and you can go put your swimsuit on."

The only room with a door was the bathroom and that was just too tiny for her to change in. Marisa retrieved her bikini from the luggage and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. She paused when she saw her husband staring at her with delight. Her pale skin turned pinkish as she blushed realizing that her needy pussy might actually get some servicing this weekend. She almost told him to turn around and would have before the pregnancy. Since the pregnancy, John had seen some disgusting things come out of her body and she no longer felt much shame around him. Instead, she turned to face him and boldly stripped under his appreciative stare.

John felt like taking his wife then and there, but unfortunately, Jack was wide awake and gurgling. Marisa had an odd shaped body and had trouble finding clothes that fit. In winter, when she wore bulkier clothes, she looked dumpy, but her true form was revealed the less clothes she wore and nude she looked glorious. Her waist wasn't thin, but it was shapely. She'd worked out to lose her belly fat and her stomach was sexy and mostly flat. She still carried extra weight in her ass as well as the increased cup size for her breasts. If anything, the extra weight had improved her already decent looks. Her hips were larger then her waist and nearly matched her bosom. Her crotch was smooth and as white as the rest of her, but for a small red landing strip. It looked good enough to eat and he hadn't done that for her since before they were married nor would he ever again after watching his son's head come out of there. John felt the blood leaving his penis at the memory.

"Damn! This is just what I was afraid of," said Marisa, pulling up her bikini panty. The front hugged her mound so tightly she was showing a bit of a camel toe. She turned around and John could see some extra ass flesh sticking out. "I'm a cow."

"You look great honey, better then I've ever seen you in the seven years we've known each other.

Marisa smiled gratefully. "The top's going to be worse. Maybe, I can pick up a suit that fits in Key West?'

Her fears were justified as she tried to squeeze DD cup breasts into a C cup top. Her breasts stuck out of the tops, the sides and the bottoms. Even worse, her nipples had doubled in size during her pregnancy and her areola were barely contained by the stretched out triangular cups of her bikini top. She had to stretch out and adjust the material to hide them. "Not sure why, but this material doesn't feel as bad on my nipples as my bra."

"Maybe, you'll just have to wear that bikini all weekend then."

"You wish." Marisa took Jack from her husband and watched John get dressed. John was developing a paunch, but for the most part, he looked great. He was pretty trim and fit, still as handsome today as when they'd met. She removed some rubber gloves and disinfectant from the bag. "I should clean first."

"Later honey," he replied. His wife had developed a strong nesting instinct during her pregnancy and insisted on cleaning everything. John kept his shirt off, grabbed the baby bag, and put some sun screen in it. Marisa's fair skin didn't tan, it burned and she always used a lot of sunscreen. "Lets go find Grant."

The young couple walked down towards the beach. Marisa carrying the baby. There was a boat out in the water with an older couple getting in the water to snorkel, but otherwise Grant and Candace were the only two others on the narrow little beach. "There they are," shouted Grant rising to his feet. His eyes zoomed in on Marissa's breasts and widened in amazement. Candace noticed the improvements to Marisa's figure too and her eyes narrowed in jealousy. John had just seen his wife naked and was turning his appreciative gaze on his friend's wife. Candace did look like a Victoria's secret model and she actually did model bikinis and lingerie though the company she worked for wasn't as prestigious, but neither was it sleazy in any way. Candace had an absolutely stunning face and was the best looking woman any of them had met in person. Her eyes were a bright blue and her wavy blonde hair fell down her back between her shoulder blades. She was curvy, but thin, almost too thin, but that was what modeling agencies wanted these days. Her breasts were small B cup mounds, perfect for her figure and like most models, her skimpy bikini top was tight and pushed her breasts together creating cleavage. Her bottom was a thong too and she had no problem showing off her bare ass. Despite her religiosity, she felt no shame showing off her sexy body. A silver cross hung from her neck and sunlight glistened off a diamond stud in her navel.

"Marisa you look fantastic," said Grant.

Candace wrinkled her face, not liking to hear her husband compliment another woman, but her features softened when she saw the baby. "Oh this must be Jack. Can I hold him?"

"Of course," said Marisa, passing her baby off to her friend. Jack smiled happily in Candace's arms. "You're a natural. So when are you two going to have a little one of your own?"

"Not ready to risk my figure yet with my career going so well," said Candace, looking sadly at the happy baby. Longing apparent in her eyes. Grant had married younger. His sexy model wife was only twenty-two, eight years younger then him. Candace was smart and knew she only had so many years to capitalize on her looks with a modeling career and wanted to wait to start a family. Candace passed the baby back to her.

The two couples heard a motorcycle on the road. The noise grew loud and louder. It scared Jack a little. He grew restless in Candace's arms and she gave him back to Marisa. The motorcycle grew even louder, the noise coming from their cabins up the sandy trail from the beach.

John walked halfway down the trail so that he could see the cabins. "It's the big guy," he called back. "Hey Flex, down here," he yelled. John walked back to the beach. "It looks like he's alone," he told the others.

Flex appeared, walking down the trail. He wore black leather pants and a white tank top that hugged his massive torso and showed off his muscles while leaving his arms bare. His large body took up the entire trail as he approached his frat buddies and their wives, a broad grin on his face. "Whassup my brothers," he called.

"What's up, Token," said Grant.

"What was that you called me, Minute-Man?" He turned to John. "Pencil dick, how's it going?"

"Flex it is," corrected Grant while John flushed with embarrassment.

"Hoy shit!" said Flex, his eyes falling on John's wife. "Marisa? You look fucking amazing. John take your baby so that I can give your wife a proper greeting." Marisa reluctantly handed her son over to her husband. Flex always greeted her with a hug. She hated to admit it, but she was slightly racist. She didn't believe blacks were inferior or anything, but she didn't think the races should mix and didn't like having physical contact with black men outside of a handshake. Flex grabbed her hips with his ham-like hands and pulled her forcefully against his chest. Marisa grinned and bore it. It was like hugging a brick wall, correction, a sun heated, sweaty black brick wall. Much to her embarrassment, her nipples hardened under her top and pressed against the muscles on Flex's chest.

"What about me?" asked Candace. "Don't I get a greeting too?"

"Sure thing, babe," said Flex, reluctant to take his hands off Marisa. One beefy hand was cupping her ass cheek and the other was holding her against him by the small of her back.

Marisa was relieved when the giant let her go. She quickly stepped back out of his arms. "Oh shit!" she gasped in horror, looking at his shirt.

Flex looked down and saw that she'd left two wet marks on his white tank top. Her nipples had leaked right through her bikini top and soaked quarter sized circles right on the middle abdominal of his bulging six pack.

"I'm so embarrassed," Marisa moaned in horror.

John interrupted. "Marisa suffers from a condition known as hyperlactation."

"It means my breasts overproduce milk," she added.

"Nothing to be ashamed of," said Flex magnanimously while Grant laughed. "It happens." The black bodybuilder turned to the blonde. He took Candace in a tight embrace and held her, but his eyes never left Marisa. "Dayumn Isa, I can't believe how hot you look," he said while hugging Candace.

"Thanks," replied Marisa, smiling. She didn't like Flex's intense staring at her scantily clad body, but she did feel a certain glee that she'd suddenly relegated Candace down to second best looking woman. Marisa was certainly pretty, beautiful even, in a girl next door fashion, but Candace was the gorgeous model that men stared at. The new mom didn't really like being the center of attention. Her enjoyment derived from the knowledge that it was probably driving Candace crazy being second fiddle and true to form, the lovely blonde looked unhappy when Flex released her from his embrace. "Where's Lola?" she asked.

The happy grin left Flex's face. "She left me." The black giant looked so sad everyone immediately started feeling bad for him. Marisa even willingly reached out and rubbed his back in a consoling manner. "She took the kids and moved out about five weeks ago."

"Oh Shane, I'm so sorry to hear that," said Marisa, still rubbing his back. She felt bad for the black man and had been looking forward to seeing Lola again. Shane had a three year old and a two year old with Lola. He also had a ten year old and an eight year old with his first wife and once John had let slip that there were a couple illegitimate children also.

"Thanks Isa, it's been hard," said Flex, looking sad. "And that's why I've really been looking forward to this getaway."

"And we're glad to have you, big guy," added Grant.

The baby stirred and started crying. Marisa checked the diaper. "Someone needs changing," she cooed. "I'm going to take Jack back and get out of the sun for awhile. Come get me when you're ready to go get dinner."

Marisa walked back up the beach to their cabin. She changed Jack and then put him down. She decided to get a jump on John, taking a shower and drying her long red hair. She put her bra on, wincing as the material rubbed her sensitive nipples and then pulled on a short green summer dress. Her breasts made the material hang straight down to her hips, hiding her shape, and disguising the fact that she was truly hiding a magnificent body underneath it. She pulled some heeled sandals on, that made her legs look really good. She winced as the bra hurt her nipples and finally gave up, removing the annoying support for her boobs. Braless, she didn't look too bad, but her dress did hug her breasts and the outlines of her nipples appeared from time to time. Then she played with Jack for awhile waiting for the group to get back. John got back to the cabin around an hour before sunset, took a quick shower and they were ready to go. A freshly showered Grant was waiting in their little courtyard patiently waiting for Candace who always took the longest to get ready. Flex hadn't bothered showering or even changing. He was sitting in a lounge chair, sipping a beer.

"Marisa and I are going to get going," said John. "We don't won't to miss the sunset on Mallory Square. Meet us there when you're ready. You want to ride with us, Flex?"

"No thanks, bro," replied the big black man. "I'll take the bike just in case I get some pussy tonight."

Marisa crinkled her nose in distaste. She strapped Jack into his baby seat while John started the car. Soon they were off to Key West, just a short drive from Big Pine Key. They found a parking space and John pulled out the stroller from the trunk. They walked down to Mallory Square and watched some of the street performers do their acts for about fifteen minutes before Flex found them. A short time later, Grant and Candace walked up, holding hands. Candace looked great. She wore black shorts, sandals, and a white tank top that left most of her sexy belly bare showing off the diamond stud. Marisa couldn't help noticing that for the rest of the night, most of the male eyes were once again favoring the blonde model. John had a fetish for a sexy belly and would have killed someone to get Marisa to pierce her navel or wear something to show off her stomach. She felt jealous to see him taking as many glimpses at his friend's wife's stomach as he could.

The five friends watched the sun go down and then hurried off to find a nice restaurant. They all had seafood. They walked around sightseeing for another hour before finding a nice quiet bar with an outside deck and plenty of seating so that they could enjoy a few drinks and the sights and sounds on Duval Street. The sounds suddenly grew too loud as nearly two dozen motorcycles swiftly roared up the street. Marisa watched them going by, noticing that they were all black men and wore jackets showing a black panther on the back. The noise stirred Jack and he started to cry. Marisa picked him up and started comforting him.

"I'll be right back," said Flex, jumping up. The bikers had pulled up outside Sloppy Joes. Flex crossed the street and headed towards the bikers.

"Does he know them?" asked Candace.

Grant and John laughed. John added, "Nope, he's going to try to score some pot."

"So just cause their black, Flex thinks he can buy some marijuana from them?" asked Grant. "He's such a racist." He got chuckles from his friends.

"John, Jack's not going to calm down with all this noise," said Marisa. "I should take him back."

"Oh! Alright honey. We can get going then," said John, looking disappointed.

"Nonsense, I can take Jack back to the cabin. You stay here and catch up with your friends."

"Well, let me walk you back to the car." John and Marisa stood up. "I'll be right back," he told Grant and Candace.

Flex passed them on the sidewalk. "Where are you off to?"

"Marisa's taking the baby back. I'm staying." John looked guiltily at his wife. He got to have fun while she was stuck being a mother.

"Cool bro. Things are about to heat up at the club. Stan, the leader of the Black Panthers says that the club scene gets hopping in another hour or so." Flex patted his pocket. "Plus, I scored us some dope."

"I knew it," said John laughing.

It was a short walk to their car. John helped put the stroller away while Marisa took care of Jack. He kissed her as she stood in the door of the driver's seat. Marisa broke the kiss. "John, I don't care how late you come back, wake me." Marisa wiggled her eyebrows suggestively so that he got the point. She kissed him again and soon was on her way, headed off the island.

Marisa was asleep when John got back, but she awoke when she heard Grant's car pull up. They were all drunk and loud. She saw her husband stumble as he got out of the car. Her nipples hardened at the thought that she might finally get some sex. Her hopes were dashed when Grant produced three beers out of a cooler and the three decided to sit around outside talking.

John stumbled in a half hour later. He was wasted off his ass, but then he usually got that way around his college friends. He hit something with his foot and cursed. Marisa winced, but the loud noise didn't wake Jack. She turned the light on for him and he smiled at her, his eyes going wide at finding his wife laying on the small bed wearing nothing but panties. Marisa climbed to her feet and helped her husband undress. She got his shirt off and then pushed him down on the bed. He fell on his back, lifting his hips so that she could pull his shorts down. His underwear followed and his penis sprang into view. It was floppy and limp. She took it in her hand and tugged on it, massaging his balls. John was half asleep, looking at her drunkenly. Desperate for some loving, Marisa took him in her mouth, easily fitting his entire penis inside her mouth. Finally, it started to respond. John quickly turned completely hard. She released his penis and sprang to her feet, pulling her panties down as fast as she could.

Marisa straddled her husband's legs and grabbed a hold of his penis. It was a little over six inches long, but it was thin with a small streamlined head. She'd never thought of it before, but since Flex had called John a pencil dick earlier, John's penis really did resemble a pencil. She lowered her pussy over his pencil ... penis, feeling the small head pushing at the entrance to her vagina. Marisa was just about to drop down when Jack started crying, waking with a loud, hungry wail. "NO!" she sobbed. Marisa stood up. "Don't you go nowhere," she told her husband. John just shook his head, stupidly. Marisa walked over to the baby and picked him up, his mouth immediately latching onto a nipple. She glanced over at her husband to find the erection gone and John fast asleep. She cursed silently. If it wasn't her husband's lack of interest, it was the baby that always got in the way of her getting laid.

Marisa sat down on the couch and let Jack feed. If things didn't change soon, she was going to take things into her own hands and buy a dildo or something. The sounds of lovemaking that started coming from next door did little to improve her mood. "Come on Grant," said Candace's voice. "That's it baby fuck me. Give it to me. NO! Slow down. Not yet, honey. Please? Just hold it still. Oh ... DAMN!" The sounds stopped entirely and Marisa suddenly had a good idea of why Flex called Grant, Minute Man. Well at least their sex life wasn't perfect either.

Her magic breasts did their job and put Jack back to sleep. She was laying him back down in the crib when she heard Flex's motorcycle. She walked over to the window. The large black man walked up to the courtyard and sat down in one of the chairs. She had half expected to see some bimbo on the back of his bike, but he was alone. Flex rolled a joint and leaned back in the chair, smoking it and staring up at the stars. Marisa went back to her husband and struggled to pull him higher up in the bed. She half heatedly played with his dick again, but it remained limp. Frustrated, the young wife crawled into bed beside her husband and went to sleep.

Grant and John each held one handle of the cooler as they carried it down to the beach. "I got that," yelled Flex. The black man was already shirtless and wearing long baggy shorts that nearly reached his knees. "I'll be drinking most of it anyway." He grabbed the cooler and tucked it under one muscular arm. "Wimps," he said.

John was carrying a bag filled with snorkeling equipment. He dropped it at a spot near the water. Marisa came up beside him and placed the baby carrier in the shade of a palm tree noticing some lizards scurry off. She spread a blanket out on the sand and sat down in it. Candace sat down beside her while Grant spread out a blanket beside theirs. Candace was already wearing her bikini and was perfectly content to wear that and nothing else all day until they went out at night. Grant had his shirt off and was wearing a bathing suit with flip flops. He was a good looking guy with sandy brown hair and a nice physique. John was wearing his suit too, but kept his shirt on to protect his fair skin. Candace poured some tanning lotion in her hand and started coating her lovely skin with it. Grant did the same as did John.

Marisa stood up and pulled her shapeless sundress over her head. When it cleared her head, see saw there were three pairs of male eyes on her body. John was smiling proudly while Grant seemed to be taking in her entire sexy body. Flex had just zoned in on her breasts and true to form, her nipples were semi-erect and apparent through the material. Worse, there was some leakage and little wet dots were spreading out in the center of her bikini top. They actually hardened more under all the male gazes.

Candace noticed the attention on the other woman and didn't like it. "You guys want to hear about my latest modeling gig?"

"Maybe later dear," said her husband. "John and I want to get some snorkeling in."

Candace frowned as her attempt to become the center of attention failed. "Well, I'll tell Marisa then."

Great, thought Marisa, boring stories about Candace traveling around, modeling, meeting semi-famous celebrities, and attending cocktail parties.

"I was in Bermuda last week at a cocktail party after the beach photo shoot when and you won't believe who I saw..."

"Any of you girls want to oil me up?" asked Flex.

Marisa looked at his black skin and hard bulging muscles. She didn't even like the big man's hugging her and she certainly didn't want to run her hands all over his body. She turned away from him and checked on Jack. He was awake, so she took him out to let him crawl on the blanket for awhile. "I'll do it," said Candace. The thin blonde jumped up and Flex tossed her a bottle of lotion.

Marisa tried not to watch, but she found herself staring as Candace ran her hands all over Flex's chest. He held his arms out, making those biceps that had graced a half dozen magazine covers already. His biceps might nearly be as big as Candace's waist. How could she stand touching a black guy? Candace didn't seem to mind at all. It wasn't sexual either. Candace was just one gorgeous model helping out another model. The blonde was very white, though she tanned easily and was already turning darker. She wasn't as white as Marisa's pale skin, but still Marisa stared at the contrast on Candace's white body superimposed before the hulking dark black skinned man. Other then for a few strategically placed strips of cloth, Candace was all but completely nude. Her bare ass was facing Marisa, now the blonde was behind the giant black man, her perky breasts pressing into his back as she ran her slick hands up his back. Marisa's eyes roamed down to the black man's baggy shorts. A long tubular object caused the material to bulge out as it swung between his legs. The end nearly reached the black man's knees and the bottom of his long beach shorts. That outline certainly didn't look like he stuffed his pants with socks! It appeared to get bigger under her gaze and Marisa quickly took her eyes off it. She looked up to find Shane was staring at her even as Candace finished coating his body with lotion. Marisa looked away with embarrassment, hoping he didn't think she was trying to check out his junk.

Candace sat back down while the three men went into the water. Grant and John waded far out and then started swimming with their masks on, breathing through their snorkels. Flex wasn't much of a swimmer, but he liked the water. He waded out up to his thighs and watched the two white husbands swim around.

"So, I heard you having a little fun last night," said Marisa.

Candace rolled over on her stomach and untied her top. "Damn! You heard all that? Not much privacy this weekend. Hope we didn't disturb you."

"Didn't last long enough to disturb me," replied Marisa.

"Kiss my ass, Marisa," replied Candace, sitting up. She was facing the water where Marisa was laying on her back facing the other direction. "I didn't hear anything coming from your cabin except for Jack crying."

"Sorry. Sorry. I said that without thinking. Truth is a few minutes is better then nothing at all."

"I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to snap. Grant's a horny devil and we have sex almost every night, but dear god does he lack stamina. Just as I'm starting to get into it, he grunts, fills his condom, and rolls over with a smile on his face."

"Have you tried maybe doubling up on the condoms?

"We've tried everything. Girlfriend, if it wasn't for my dildo, I'd go crazy. Why just the other night..."

"I've only had sex several times since Jack was born," interrupted Marisa, shutting Candace up. Clearly Candace was getting something off her chest and she had a tendency to make everything about herself.

"John's never had a high sex drive even before I got pregnant, but since the baby was born it's fallen to almost nothing and to make matters worse I took hormone injections to help me get pregnant and they've made me horny all the time."

"Girl, I'm gonna get you a dildo. Trust me, the thing works wonders for relieving stress. I tried everything, praying, speaking with my pastor, and a marriage councilor. The marriage councilor recommended some marital aids and increasing the amount of foreplay we do, but Grant has never been much for giving, though he enjoys receiving."

"Too much information."

"Sorry, I've been wanting a friend to talk to about this for a long time. I tried to talk to Lola, but apparently Flex is some kind of horse hung superman of sex and she couldn't empathize."

Bah! If he was so good, why'd she leave him? John told me steroids made his dick small and he stuffs his pants with socks."

"Ha ha ha," laughed Candace. "John's insecure. Both our husbands walked in on Flex having sex back in their frat house. Grant told me how hung Flex was the day I met the big black lug. Lola told me Flex's penis was like a black iron bar more then a foot long."

"BULL! But, speaking of Lola," said Marisa sitting up. "I should send her a quick message." Marisa reached out for her bag and cell phone. She flipped open the phone and briefly glanced up. Their husbands were still swimming, but Flex was standing watching the women. "No man has a foot long p..." Marisa couldn't help noticing the large tubular bulge pressing against his swimsuit. A foot must be an exaggeration, but it was definitely big. "The big guy's eyeballing us."

"I know. I've been watching him through my sunglasses." Candace arched her back, her breasts lifting off the ground.

"CANDACE! You just flashed him."

"No harm teasing him a little."

"Is that the way a good church going girl should behave?"

Candace chuckled, pretending to adjust herself and then settled down on her stomach again. "Tie my top for me."

Candace leaned over and tied Candace's bikini top. Candace then rolled over. "When you do what I do, you get used to showing skin. I'd be nude if it were legal. Besides, you're one to talk, you aren't covering up much in that skimpy thing."

Marisa blushed which tended to turn everything from her chest up red. "I kind of outgrew my bikini."

She peeked at the big black man standing down by the river. He was still staring, but it wasn't Candace he was looking at and Marisa couldn't tell if he'd even noticed her little show. He was staring at Marisa. Marisa glanced down at her bottoms. She was sitting up with her knees bent and legs spread. She could see the entire outline of her labia through the tight bikini bottom. She quickly closed her legs in horror. Marisa turned around, not wanting to look at him, but presenting her ass to the black man and giving him another good beaver shot. She lowered herself down to the blanket, front first, her ass the last to slide down. She sent a quick message off to Lola: Sorry to hear about you and Shane. Wish you were here.

It wasn't long thereafter, Jack woke up hungry. Marisa sat up and picked her son up, covering her breasts with a towel as he started feeding. "Damn it!" she complained.

Candace glanced down and saw Marisa remove her hand from under the towel. It was covered with milk.

"Jack got bad aim or something?"

"No, he's happily sucking. It's my condition. Sometimes when he starts sucking the other nipple shoots out milk."

"What exactly is hyperlactation?"

"My body produces more milk then my baby needs. It sometimes leaks or sprays a lot," explained Marisa. Candace nodded her head in understanding. "Sometimes Jack can't keep up with it and other times he gets so much, he's gassy all the time."

"How did you get it?"

"Every woman has milk producing glands called Alveoli. Each breast has around 100,000 to 300,000 glands. Larger breasts have more glands. Apparently I have 400,000 to 500,000." Candace whistled. "I know," said Marisa. "I took hormone injections to get pregnant and they appear to have my breasts working overtime producing milk in addition to making me horny all the time."

"I guess that can get pretty messy, huh?"

"Messy and embarrassing. They leak and squirt all the time. It started before Jack was born and I had to go out on maternity leave from the law firm early. The men there had a pool going on how long it would take my breasts to start leaking after I got to work. They soak through everything, pads, bras, sweaters. It doesn't matter. It's horrible."

"I'm sorry honey," said Candace, putting her arm around the breast feeding mom.

"And to top it all off, John's the one with the low sperm count and I'm the one that had to take the hormone injections. Now my nipples are ultra sensitive, I'm horny all the time and John's been acting weird since the baby was born. I never should have let him watch me give birth."

"There there honey. Everything will work out fine." Candace looked up. Here come the boys."

Grant and John came back up to dry off and eat a snack. Grant looked uncomfortable and turned his back on the breast feeding woman even though he couldn't see anything. "Where's Flex?" asked Candace.

"He saw some girls in bikinis down the beach and walked down to meet them. Looked like jailbait to me," responded Grant.

Jack was soon full and happily asleep. Marisa laid him down and then fixed her bikini top. She took the towel off and then adjusted the bikini cups to cover her nipples a little better. She stood up and started applying liberal doses of sunscreen to her fair skin again. Soon her body was slick and glistening in the sunlight. "Well Jack should be out for awhile. Candace, if you can keep an eye on him, I think I'll take a walk down the beach. John want to come with me?"

"Aww, sorry honey. We saw a baby manta ray by a group of coral and I wanted to take the underwater camera out to see if I could get a picture."

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