Eyes Wide Open II

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: The sequel to EWO catches up with Kylie and her fiance Rodney a week before their wedding, as the young couple examine their relationship and expectations for the future.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

"Hmmm..." I tapped my index finger against my bottom lip thoughtfully, browsing the videos and grateful they were somewhat sorted by subject.

"Kylie..." Rodney tugged at the sleeve of my jacket and I knew he was getting impatient.

"Hold on, I'm looking." I said without looking at him.

"You've been looking." He said, not unhappily, but just ... impatiently.

"This one." I said, after holding my two favorite choices side by side and comparing the little pictures and vague descriptions. They really were almost identical.

"Are you sure?" Rodney teased me, because I'd been looking for a good half hour probably.

"Yeah." I gave him a warm smile and a little hug. "I'm sorry, I just like to look."

"I noticed." Rodney grinned and looked at the movie as I handed it to him and then he sighed, as I knew he would, but it was just a little one.

We walked together towards the front of the store and passed a few people, men wearing suits mostly, on their way home from the office most likely, killing time before the long bus ride into the suburbs maybe. I knew that feeling all too well, since my parents live in Eden Prairie and the university is downtown. I caught the eye of one of them, a handsome man, trim with neatly combed brown hair and soft green eyes.

He smiled at me, which was a little unusual for that place, and I smiled back feeling Rodney's arm tighten around my waist as I slowed down. Rodney glanced at me, his thick black lips curling downward in annoyance, probably. I didn't know for sure because I was busy looking at the white guy standing just a few feet away. I noticed he was holding a magazine with a black girl on the cover and perhaps that explained his smile.

"Hi." I said, licking my lips.

"Hello." He seemed surprise that I'd say something, but I suppose just seeing a young and pretty black woman in an adult bookstore was surprising enough.

I giggled as Rodney pulled me along and I wasn't resisting him too much, it was just a tease really and Rodney understood that by now. We'd been engaged almost six months and our wedding was getting close finally, just a week away and I think it was making us both a little anxious.

The guy was watching me, well all the guys were, but the man with green eyes was watching my ass close in the faded jeans I wore. They were tight and soft and I'd had them since I'd pretty much stopped growing at sixteen. I loved those jeans, not only because they were super comfortable, but because they were tight around my thighs and ass, showing off my long legs and especially my narrow, but definitely round hips. I didn't have a typical black girl butt either, it was high and tight and round. I wasn't some MTV Booty Girl, thank God. Shape is more important than size, in my opinion, and my pert black ass was perfect

I gave it a little extra wiggle just for him, glancing over my shoulder with an impish grin to see the guy smiling back.

"Do you have to do that?" Rodney asked softly.

"Maybe I should get his phone number." I giggled.

"Kylie..." Rodney shook his head, putting the video on the counter.

"Huh ... White in Black Volume Nine..." The cashier guy nodded and he was young and blonde, but kind of scruffy looking and not my type.

"It goes with the other eight." I smiled.

He looked at the video, which featured a pretty black girl taking a huge white cock in her pussy while she sucked on another one, only slightly smaller. Then he looked at us, or most pointedly at me and he lifted his eyebrows and I shrugged playfully. A few months ago I would have been dying of embarrassment just walking into a place like that, but not anymore.

" ... Okay, that'll be nineteen ninety-five, plus tax, is that gonna do it for you guys?" He asked, looking at Rodney.

"Oh, get some of those condoms, the flavored ones." I clutched Rodney's arm as he was reaching for his wallet. "The banana ... And the strawberry too." I smiled at the grinning clerk. "I like those."

"Uh, flavored condoms." Rodney said, clearing his throat and he was a little embarrassed, as always. We were regulars.

"That guy in the store was kind of cute, don't you think?" I asked Rodney as we relaxed in his apartment.

"Which one?" He was using his ball point pen to tear open the cellophane wrapper on the video.

"The guy in the suit." I sipped my Diet Pepsi out of the plastic bottle. "The one with green eyes. I love green eyes."

"Humph." Rodney smiled at me. "Maybe I should get some of those colored contacts."

"It wouldn't be the same." I giggled, curling my feet under my butt as I sat on his sofa.

"No, I suppose not." He agreed, putting the DVD into his player and I held my arms out for him, inviting him to sit close with me.

"I love you." I sighed as Rodney settled onto the couch, thumbing his remote. "You know that, right?"

"I do know that." He turned his head, smiling at me. "Was I complaining?"

"No." I kissed him softly on the lips. "You never complain. Go to the menu."

"Okay." Rodney nodded, hitting the button and a moment later pushing play so we could watch the movie.

"We should have made some popcorn." I grinned at my fiancé.

"Popcorn?" He rolled his soft brown eyes. "We haven't even had dinner yet. You should be in the kitchen, rattling those pots and pans, girl."

"Me?" I protested playfully. "God! You act like we're already married. What happened to the guy who used to cook me those romantic dinners?"

"Yeah! What did happen to him?" Rodney chuckled. "He was a pretty good cook."

"Shhh..." I laughed. "Watch the movie now."

We watched as a cute black girl in a French maid outfit pranced around the screen, bending over and reaching high as she dusted a bedroom, showing off her nubile body to the handsome white man reading a book on his bed. All these movies were pretty much the same really and it was probably a waste of money, but something about watching porn with Rodney, interracial porn with black girls having all kinds of sex with white guys, really turned me on. I had about two dozen movies in my little collection now, all bought and paid for by Rodney and it was true, he'd never once complained about either the cost or the subject matter.

"That girl kind of looks like me, don't you think?" I stoked Rodney's chest.

"Mmmm ... Maybe, you're prettier than she is." Rodney decided.

"I got bigger boobs, that's for sure." I giggled.

"A smaller ass too." Rodney nodded.

"Don't start complaining about my butt." I warned him playfully. "You black guys, what is it with big round butts?

"I didn't say anything." Rodney looked all innocent. "You're the one who..."

"Shush ... She's going to take out his cock." I lifted my eyebrows.

I think I'd shocked him a little when I'd first suggested going into the adult bookstore, but he was game for almost anything I might suggest. Rodney, true to his word, seemed able to refuse me nothing. I'll admit I tested him quite a lot, like flirting with the white guy in the bookstore, but Rodney understood that I was just teasing him. He also understood that a day would come when it went beyond teasing and I was really hoping that watching movies like this, flirting with white men in front of him, would prepare him for that. I wasn't hiding anything from him and I'd promised both of us that I never would.

We were entering our marriage with our eyes wide open, as Rodney had said once. I liked that term a lot and I really hoped it was true.

"Oh God..." I breathed, pressing my hand against the bulge in Rodney's slacks. " ... Look at the size of that guy's cock."

"Uh-huh." Rodney nodded. "It's big."

"It's huge." I giggled. "I wonder what that would feel like."

I could feel pussy growing damp already and the girl wasn't doing anything but sucking the white guy off, although she couldn't fit much more than the head of that enormous prick into her small black mouth. I licked my lips sympathetically, imagining how that beautiful white cock would feel with my hands wrapped around it. How it would taste filling my mouth, all that precum mixing with my saliva, spilling out of me as I tried to swallow it.

"Play with my tits, Rodney ... Help me..." I whispered, moving so I could unbutton my blouse. I loved having my breasts licked and kissed and especially bitten and Rodney did it nice, he'd had a lot of practice.

"Yeah, Kylie ... Here..." Rodney was more than happy to help me and perhaps that's why he didn't mind those videos so much, he knew how hot they got me.

"Ummm..." I made a little face as I reached behind me to unclasp my bra. " ... There ... Worship my tits, Rodney."

"Anything for you, Goddess." Rodney sighed, bringing his mouth to my right nipple and kissing it tenderly.

That was his pet name for me, Goddess, and I always smiled when I heard him use it. It seemed so over-the-top, you know? He was sincere though, I knew that, and he did worship me. I guess if we were into the BDSM thing I would have been his Mistress or whatever, but that wasn't us. We didn't need it. We knew who was in charge and it was me, there was no reason to play games and I didn't want to hurt the man. Neither physically nor especially emotionally, except for a little humiliation maybe, but he liked that just as much as I did, even though he wouldn't admit it.

It wasn't domination, it was independence. That was the key and the gift that getting engaged to Rodney had given me. I really was free to do what I wanted, while Rodney was bound to me as a devoted lover. Not a slave, not that, but a submissive mate, yielding to my desires and so willing and happy to do so. I still didn't understand the appeal, what it was that Rodney gained from our relationship, but I didn't have to. It was enough to see him happy and if a little public humiliation was the only penance for his selfless love, then that too was a burden he eagerly shouldered.

My Rodney.

"You want to see me fucking a big white cock, don't you?" I whispered into his ear, cradling his sucking mouth to my breast. "Tell me ... Tell me you want to see it..."

"I want to see it, yeah..." He breathed, flicking his tongue over my hard nipple, dark and thick and a full inch long.

"I'm going to do it, Rodney." I kissed his neck, stroking his back through his polo shirt. "I'm going find a man to fuck me, a white man with blonde hair and blue eyes..."

"Mmmm ... Kylie..." Rodney dragged his teeth across my soft skin, squeezing my 34C tits in his large hands.

" ... I'm going to ride him bareback..." I shivered at my words and arched my back against Rodney's hard sucking mouth. " ... Let him cum inside me ... All night ... As many times as he wants to..."

"Mmphhh..." Rodney nursed on my nipple hard, the way I liked it, pinching it with his lips and tonguing it rapidly.

"Watch the movie ... Fuck..." I was breathing hard and I had to stop him before I went too far.

I was still a virgin and it had been hard keeping my hymen intact. My nipples were my Achilles heel and too much attention to them could make me forget my promise. I was going to give my virginity to Rodney on our wedding night as his reward for loving me so patiently, so selflessly. It was hard though and several times I'd come close to giving myself to him, begging the man to take me and release me from that strange bondage, because that was very much how it felt. Until I lost my virginity I couldn't fuck anyone and once it was gone, once I'd kept my promise to Rodney, I'd keep my other promises as well. I'd find a white man to fuck me good and hard and deep.

I was just waiting, like a girl counting the days until Christmas.

"Cognitive psychology?" Will was looking at me.

"Ummm ... Don't tell me!" I giggled, but I was a little frustrated. "The scientific study of how people..."

"Keep going." Kevin grinned at me, but he was looking at his notes.

" ... acquire, process and ... and ... shoot ... and what?" I frowned, because I could never remember the last one.

"Utilize." Steve smiled.

"Yeah, acquire, process, and utilize information." I sighed. "I'm going to get killed tomorrow."

"No, you'll be okay." Bobby leaned back in his chair, rocking on the back legs.

"Easy for you to say." I grumped. "You're smart."

"Heh." Kevin chuckled. "He thinks he is. Next one?"

"Developmental Psychology..." Will said and it was Steve's turn to answer.

We had a quiz in our freshman psych course the next morning and I hated that class. It was boring and the teacher sucked and I couldn't remember half the crap in my notes ... Blah. The good thing was that I was in one of the study rooms at the university library with my four best friends, all of them men, all of them attractive, and all of them white. I was in love with those guys, with all of them, or at least lust ... But when you're nineteen it amounts to the same thing.

"Hey Will, would you mind walking me to my dorm tonight?" I asked him, and it wasn't so strange as it sounds.

I'd gotten in the habit of asking one of them after every study session, mostly because at first they'd all volunteered to walk me home and that had made me feel a little funny, walking around the university at eleven at night with four guys. So my solution had been to pick one and only one, and it was nice that way. It was a fun game because I had no schedule, I just picked the one that caught my eye that night, and they were all eager to be picked. It made them special.

"Sure Kylie." Will smiled and looked around while the other three guys moaned and complained, but not too much. It was all good natured and they knew I was engaged of course. I'd invited them all to the wedding.

"So, Saturday's the big day, huh?" Will smiled at me as we left the library. "Getting excited?"

"Gotten excited." I laughed. "I'm beyond that, I'm ... Numb."

"Numb?" Will laughed too. "Okay, sure, numb is good."

"Oh, God." I sighed; taking Will's left arm and pulling it so he'd have to hold me around my waist.

We were close to the same height and walking hip to hip with the man was nice. Will was beautiful too. The other guys were handsome in their own ways, but Will was beautiful. He had a sensitivity that just made me melt, I swear, I don't know how to describe it. But his hazel eyes and soft brown hair and pale skin ... I was in trouble being alone with him like this and I knew it.

"I guess we won't have too many more nights with you." Will took a deep breath.

"Why?" I glanced at him and we were walking very slowly.

"You'll be a married woman, Kylie." He said. "Your husband probably won't want you spending your nights around here."

"Yeah." I shrugged. "Maybe. I'll still need to study though. Being married isn't going to give me better grades."

"You'll do okay; you're smarter than you think you are." Will's fingers tightened around my narrow waist.

"Mmmm ... I like that." I leaned into him a little as we walked.

"Being smarter?" Will chuckled.

"Uh-uh ... What your hand is doing." I told him.

"I'm going to miss these walks." Will nodded and all the guys had told me the same thing.

I'd never kissed any of them, never done more than played little word games, the flirtatious innuendo that made us laugh, but on the long walk back to my dorm I always made sure their arms were around me. It was our only intimacy really, and a wonderful tease for both of us, and just feeling Will holding me like that was enough to make my nipples pop hard under my bra.

"So, how's Betsy these days?" I asked, and that was a tease too. She was Will's girlfriend and Becky didn't care for me a whole lot. None of their girlfriends did, but I didn't care for them either.

"Becky." Will shrugged. "She's probably trying to call me right now."

"Where's your phone?" I looked at him.

"I must have forgotten it." He chuckled.

"You're bad." I made a little face and giggled.

"Well, she knows when we're studying and, you know..." He sighed.

"She just wants to make sure you didn't fall into a black hole." I told him, not really meaning the dirty pun and I gasped as Will stared at me. "I mean..."

"Yeah," Will grinned, "I know what you mean, Kylie, and you're right about that."

"On the other hand..." I bit my lip. " ... Maybe a black hole is just what you need."

"Is that right?" Will gave me a look and I was off and running with my vulgar and unintended innuendo.

"Oh yeah, they're warm..." I said softly. " ... wet ... and hot..."

"Oh jeeze, you're just trying to get me in trouble."

"Have you ever been in a black hole, Will?" I asked him as innocently as I could.

"Uh ... No, I haven't." He shook his head.

"You should try it sometime." I nodded seriously. "Becky wouldn't have to know."

"Uh-huh." Will nodded. "What about your fiancé?"

"Rodney?" I laughed. "Why would he care if you found a nice tight black hole?"

"Oh, I don't know..." Will said.

"You don't have to worry about him at all." I promised.

"What do I have to worry about?" Will wondered.

"Getting back out." I giggled. "Once you go black, you'll never go back..."

"I heard that." Will was looking at me and his hand was moving up and down, just a little, rubbing my side gently.

"I think Einstein said that." I nodded.

"After his trip to Africa." Will laughed and I gave him a little bounce with my hip.

"You might forget all about Becky." I said.


"I'm sorry." I rolled my eyes. "She's nice, I know."

"She just gets a little jealous." Will shrugged.

"A little?" I laughed. "She thinks we have sex."

"Yeah." Will said slowly. "I know."

"Don't you ever want to make her right?" I asked. "Justify all that yelling she does?"

"Justify Becky's anger?" Will grinned. "You've been studying too hard, Dr. Freud."

"Hmmm..." I shrugged. "Just a thought."

We were standing outside my dorm then and I sucked my lips as Will reluctantly let me go. I wished we had a reason to walk a little farther.

"Thanks for walking me home, Will." I smiled into his eyes.

"Anytime, Kylie." He said and we were standing there a little awkwardly, like we always did, unsure of what to do or what to say.

"You're coming to my wedding, right?" I asked him, for like the tenth time.

"Yeah, Kylie." Will smiled patiently. "We're all going to be there."

"Good." I nodded. "You better be. You know you can bring Becky too, right? I invited all you guys."

"Yeah, she's coming." Will said. "I think she really wants to see you hitched."

I giggled at that. "Yeah, I bet. Okay, well ... Goodnight, Will."

"Hold on, uh..." Will stopped me and I narrowed my eyes.


"What are you doing Thursday night?" He asked.

"Thursday?" I shrugged. "Um, Wednesday is the rehearsal. Let's see ... Friday we're having the big dinner, all the in-laws, you know." I rolled my eyes. "Hmmm, Thursday I think I'm just going to panic that night."

"You're going to panic?" Will laughed.

"Why?" I asked him. "Are you asking me on a date two days before my wedding? Your timing sucks."

"What? No, uh-uh ... I'm, well, me and the guys we were thinking you should have a little party."

"A party? For me?" I smiled.

"Yeah, you know, um..." Will shrugged.

"Like a bachelorette party?" I giggled. "I don't think boys are supposed to give me one of those."

"Well, not a party maybe, just hanging out." Will shrugged. "A little get together before we lose you forever."

"Lose me forever?" I giggled. "I'm getting married, not joining the Peace Corps."

"Yeah, that's a good idea." He smiled. "We'll call it a going away party."

"So I don't get a bachelorette party?" I pouted.

"Okay, okay ... We'll call it a bachelorette party. We'll get a cake for Steve to jump out of and everything." Will laughed. "How about it?"

"Yeah, God." I smiled. "Like I'm going to say no? Of course I wanna party with you guys."

"Good." Will nodded. "I'll tell the other guys and talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

"Cool." I grinned at him. "That's seriously nice of you guys."

"Well..." Will couldn't stop smiling. " ... Yeah, but you're seriously nice too, so..."

"So, yeah, okay." I nodded and we looked at each other for a long ten seconds. "I better, um ... Get inside. Feed my fish and stuff."

"Right." Will said. "Goodnight, Kylie."


"Mmmphhh..." I moaned around Rodney's thick cock as I took it deep into my mouth.

"Ummmm ... Suck it, baby..." Rodney sighed, sitting on his sofa while I knelt on the floor.

A movie was playing behind me with some black girl getting gang-banged by four white men. We'd been at the church for our wedding dress rehearsal and I'd decided to give Rodney a little reward for stopping by the adult bookstore afterwards. He deserved a good blowjob once in awhile and I was pretty good at giving them now. It had gotten a lot easier for me to enjoy it once we started using candy flavored condoms. I was naked, but for a pair of loose white panties and all Rodney wore was the rubber on his cock.

"God, I love strawberries." I giggled breathlessly, licking my lips and sliding my hand up and down Rodney wet shaft, looking rather pinkish beneath the condom he wore.

"I love your mouth, baby ... Keep sucking..." Rodney grinned at me.

Rodney really wished he didn't have to wear a rubber, but the few times I'd given him a blowjob without one it had pretty much turned me off. Not because I don't like sucking cock, I love it, but I wanted a white cock between my lips, not a black one. I know that sounds silly and I know if I close my eyes a cock is a cock, but I just wasn't into getting my mouth full of a black man's precum or most especially a black man's sperm, not even my fiancé's. The first and only time Rodney had cum in my mouth I'd almost thrown up, in fact I had thrown up, but hopefully he didn't know that.

I tried to hide it and I felt bad about it, a little guilty because I was going to be his wife. I couldn't help it though, black sperm just seemed so nasty to me and even the idea that my dad's black sperm had helped make me ... I tried not to think about that too much. I swear, it's just something in my head and I'd change it if I could. As it was, I only sucked Rodney's cock while he wore a condom now and that was a thousand times better for me, and him too because I could really work on making it good for him. Of course Rodney just didn't see it that way, but I'd laid down the law and he'd agreed.

Rodney's cock was nice sized too and I always giggled a little when I'd talk to my girlfriends, especially the white ones. I was blessed with a lot of friends, which was nice, and most of them were white, but just because most of the students were white. We were in Minnesota, you know? That's my excuse anyway, but the white girls I liked to hang out with, they were all convinced that every black guy in the world has like a ten inch cock and I always laughed when I heard them talking.

"Do you like that movie, Rodney?" I lifted my mouth, sliding his wet cock across my cheek slowly.

"It's okay, I guess." He shrugged and then caught my eyes with his. "I mean, yeah, Kylie, it's great."

"Liar." I giggled and wiggled my eyebrows at him. "I picked it out especially for you. Four white guys and one black girl, isn't that sexy?"

"She seems to be enjoying it." Rodney cleared his throat. "So does this have anything to do with your little party tomorrow?"

"Hmmm?" I licked along the bottom of his shaft, savoring the sweet strawberry flavor. "Of course it does."

"You're not going to..."

"No, don't be silly." I dropped my mouth down so I could kiss his big black balls. I did like those, they were cute. "I told you, my cherry belongs to my husband."

"Uhhh yeah ... Umm..." Rodney grabbed my loose black hair in his hands, pulling it away so he could see me taking his heavy balls in my mouth one at a time.

I suckled each of them gently, rolling them around in the warm wet confines of my mouth, using my tongue to massage the testes beneath that soft sack of skin. I thought Rodney's balls were great and that really was my favorite part of giving him head, maybe his too. I wondered how much better it would be kissing a white man's balls, knowing they were filled with hot thick sperm. That was what was turning me on, knowing that besides giving Rodney the pleasure he deserved, I was also practicing so that when I did finally have sex with a white guy, it was going to be really good for him.

"Do you want to come to the party?" I asked Rodney, looking up and licking my lips. "The guys won't mind."

"No, it's your party, Kylie." Rodney shook his head. "You deserve to have fun with your friends."

"I know." I wrinkled my nose playfully. "I wouldn't mind though, you could meet them and have some fun ... Keep me out of trouble..."

"Keep you out of trouble?" Rodney chuckled. "I trust you."

"Yeah, I'm serious though." I squeezed his cock gently through the condom. "Come with me, okay? Please?"

"Are you sure it's okay?" He asked and I nodded.

"Of course it is." I sat up, crawling onto the sofa and leaning forward so I could kiss him. "I'm gonna marry you."

Rodney smiled, even as I pushed my tongue into his mouth, and I knew that was it for him. The real reason he could accept my strange desires. He was going to be my husband and he'd have me the rest of his life. I'd have other men, he knew that, but they wouldn't last, they wouldn't spend their lives with me. Only him, just Rodney, and for that he was willing to share me. I wish I could love someone that much, I really do, but I'm too selfish. I wasn't going to share Rodney with anyone and if that seems unfair, well ... It was, I guess.

"I'm going to call Will and tell him you're coming." I said after our kiss.

"Now?" Rodney blinked at me.

"What? Why not?"

"Well ... What about..." He looked down and I followed his gaze to see his cock straining impatiently for my mouth.

"Later." I giggled. "I promise. I'll make you feel good..." I was reaching for my purse. " ... Why don't you give me a little foot massage first, hmmm?"

"Heh ... I can do that." Rodney took a deep breath. "I can definitely do that."

I grinned as Rodney slipped down to the floor, which was what he liked best, believe me. A blowjob was nice, but it didn't compare to the pleasure Rodney found worshipping my feet. I used it like a treat for him, a reward sort of thing, because if I didn't, Rodney would be making love to my feet three times a day, I swear. It was better this way, allowing him to play with my feet just once in awhile. I'd made a little rule a long time before that he couldn't touch my feet, or any part of me for that matter, without permission. I didn't want him grabbing me. He had to respect me at all times, and when I was in the mood I'd let him know.

"Do a good job and maybe I'll let you fuck my feet." I promised. "Would you like that?"

"Oh yeah. Can I cum on your feet tonight?" Rodney asked, lifting my right foot carefully, massaging it in his wonderful hands.

"Maybe." I smiled. "But only if you do me really good, otherwise you'll just have to go to sleep wearing that condom."

"Oh, don't say that, Kylie." Rodney kissed the top of my foot. "I'll make you feel good, don't worry."

"Uh-Huh..." I stuck out my tongue, holding my phone now. " ... Just remember, I don't want you to cum until I say so, right?"

"I know." He sighed and his smile was lighting up the room as he pressed my foot against his cheek.

"Who does that cock belong to?" I asked, holding the phone to my ear.

"You, Kylie." Rodney said.

"Why?" I looked at him and that phone was ringing a long time.

"Because I gave it to you." Rodney took my big toe into his mouth, sucking it gently and then pulling off it slowly. "You really are my Goddess."

"That's ... Oh, Hi Becky, this is Kylie ... Yeah, I know what time it is..." I rolled my eyes. " ... Is Will there? Good, um, can I talk to him? Please?"

God, that girl was such a bitch!

"Hey Kylie." Will's voice filled my ear and I smiled. "What's up?"

"I'm getting a foot massage." I giggled.

"Oh, great." Will laughed. "Must be a good one if you're calling your friends to let them know."

"Were you sleeping?" I asked, cause it was pretty late.

"Uh, well, we were in bed..."

"Oh." I made a little face. "Sorry, were you like right in the middle of ... You know..."

"Pretty much." Will sighed. "I think I'll be taking a cold shower later. Sleeping on the couch again."

"I'm sorry ... Tell her I'm in jail, looking for someone to bail me out. That'll cheer her up." I laughed.

"Yeah, maybe." Will chuckled. "I'll try it."

"Anyway, um ... I just wanted to let you know that Rodney's coming with me tomorrow, to the party."

"Oh." Will didn't seem to surprised. "Cool, that'll be great."

"Yeah." I wriggled my toes as Rodney had all five of them in his mouth.

We were quiet for a minute and I just held the phone, smiling as my big black fiancé worshipped my little brown feet with his hands and mouth. It felt very nice and I could feel my sex spasm with pleasure, the muscles squeezing and rolling against each other. I played with my left nipple, feeling it like a large piece of rubber, soft and somewhat stiff and itching with a cool fire that I liked.

"Will?" I asked softly.


"Can I ask you something ... Personal?"

"What's that, Kylie?"

"When you were in bed, with Becky ... Were you thinking about me?" I whispered. "Do you think about me when you fuck her?"

"Do you want the truth?" Will asked and his voice was soft as well.

"Uh-huh." I agreed, pinching my nipple hard, pulling my breast into a large brown cone.

"I think about fucking you all the time." Will said quietly.

"I want your cock inside me." I told him, looking into Rodney's eyes, letting him hear my voice. "I want to fuck you so bad, Will."

"I should have asked you out a long time ago." Will sighed.

"You should have. "I giggled. "Now you have to wait until after I get married."

"What's that?"

"After I'm married." I repeated. "After Rodney takes my cherry, I'm going to fuck your brains out, okay?"

"Oh jeeze, Kylie." Will chuckled. "Don't tease me, I'm already frustrated tonight."

"Don't go back to her."

"Don't go back?"

"Becky." I nodded. "Don't fuck her, okay? Save yourself for me. Save all that sperm for me."

"Oh? Kylie, what are you talking about? You're getting married."

"I know." I laughed. "That's what I'm talking about. Saturday night, after the reception, we'll do it."

"You're crazy."

"You'll see." I nodded, smiling at Rodney as he licked along the back of my calf, kissing and biting at my soft brown skin.

"Have you been drinking?" Will asked.

"Noooo..." I moaned as Rodney found the sensitive place behind my knee and made me shiver. " ... I'm serious. I'm going fuck Rodney first, and then I want you, okay?"


"So save your strength, cause I want you to fuck me good."

Will just laughed and it was clear he didn't believe a word of what I was saying.

"You want to, right?" I asked him.

"Well, yeah, of course I do." Will agreed. "I don't think that's a good way to start your marriage though. Your husband might get a little mad."

"No." I leaned forward, reaching for Rodney's head and pulling him towards me. "You're not going to get mad if Will fucks me. Are you, Rodney?"

I held the phone close to Rodney's mouth as he answered.

"No, Kylie." He swallowed hard and stared into my eyes. "I'm not going to be mad if, uh, your friend fucks you."

"See?" I giggled putting the phone back to my ear. "Rodney's okay with it."

"Shit. You're both drunk, huh?"

"No." I corrected him. "We're just in love."

"If you say so." Will laughed. "I think I better go get that cold shower now."

"No jerking off." I giggled. "Promise me."

"Kylie ... Yeah, okay. I promise, I won't jerk off."

"And no fucking Betsy either."


"Whatever." I giggled. "She doesn't deserve you."

"And you do?" Will teased me.

"Of course I do!" I grinned into the phone. "You'll see."

"Goodnight Kylie."

"Sweet dreams." I made a kissy sound and thumbed my phone off.

Rodney was working my right foot across his chest, holding it in his hands and rubbing the sole of it back and forth over his skin. His cock was throbbing inside the condom he still wore, jerking slightly with every beat of his heart and I knew he wanted to cum. He wanted to touch himself, or better yet he wanted me to touch him, to play with his cock with my feet. He loved that more than anything else, fucking my feet, making love to me in that strange way.

"Did I embarrass you?" I asked Rodney, setting my phone down and lifting my left foot, bring that one to his chest as well.

"A little. Yeah." He took my right foot in his left hand, holding both of them now, rubbing my feet across his smooth warm body.

"I'm sorry." I said and I meant it.

"You don't have to apologize." Rodney sighed. "I know you like it."

"I just like knowing that you know." I told him, leaning back and letting Rodney move my feet where he wanted. "I like it when another man, a white man, knows that I'm not going behind your back."

"Why?" Rodney asked and it was a simple question, but I wasn't sure I had a simple answer.

"Because ... It proves you love me." I decided with a deep breath. "I can talk to someone, like my friend Will, and it's like I'm saying, 'See this man? See my fiancé? He's in love with me more than any other man will ever be.' I'm so proud of you, Rodney."

"Because I'm okay with you having sex with other men?" Rodney smiled weakly, but his eyes were strong and looking into mine.

"No." I shook my head. "That just makes me happy. I'm proud because you love me the way I am and you didn't tell me I had to change."

"Would you change for me if I asked you to?" Rodney asked, but we both knew the answer to that and I shook my head.

"No." I said softly. "I don't want to change for anyone."

"That's why I love you so much." Rodney told me, bringing my heels to his mouth and kissing the bottom of my feet. "You won't change and you won't lie about it. You're stronger than anyone I know."

"Me?" I laughed at him. "You're the strong one, Rodney." I said. "Being selfish isn't strength, it's a weakness and that's why I need you so much."

"I'm not sure your friends will see it that way." Rodney said, but he was smiling at my words and we'd talked a lot this way and I did love him, much more than I ever expected I would.

"Maybe not right away." I shrugged. "But I'll explain it to them. You'll see."

"I know." Rodney nodded.

"Do you want to make love to me?" I asked him. "Or do you want me to finish that blowjob I started?"

"Let me make love to you." He swallowed hard. "Please?"

"Alright." I smiled. "You deserve it, you're being so good for me tonight. Take off that rubber and fuck my feet ... Do you want me to wear some stockings tonight? Some shoes? You can dress me up, if you want."

"Ohhh..." Rodney nodded slowly. "Those red shoes, can you wear those for me?"

"The new ones?" I tilted my head. "Or the..."

"The old ones." Rodney answered immediately. "They smell like you."

"Okay, yeah." I nodded. "Go get them."

Rodney loved anything and everything that had to do with my feet, and to a lesser extent my legs. Stockings, nylons, shoes, Rodney loved all of it and it was best for him when I was completely dressed before we started. He would clean my shoes with his mouth and remove them carefully, then worship my stocking clad legs and feet, and eventually he would remove those as well. Once I was naked from the waist down, then he would work on my bare skin, adoring my flesh until I allowed him to orgasm.

That was how we made love.

"Give me one." I said, holding out my hand. "And get down on the floor."

I took one of my shoes from Rodney's fingers, a red pump with a one inch heel, closed at the toe and a little beaten up as I'd had those shoes well over a year. They were soft and broken in and the interior was stained with sweat from my feet. They did smell of me, of long hot days walking around in them. That was Rodney though, my feet were most beautiful when they were unwashed and if I allowed him, Rodney would clean my feet with his tongue as soon as I got home from school everyday.

"I'm going to jerk you off with my shoe, Rodney." I grinned at him and he smiled. We hadn't done this before.

"Okay, yeah..." He agreed and I pushed him back to lay on the carpet.

"I want you to cum inside the shoe; don't make a mess or anything." I warned him. "You know how I hate it when you get all messy."

"Kylie..." He chuckled and held the other shoe to his nose, inhaling the scent deeply.

"That's it, you kiss and suck on that one and I'm going to make you cum with this one." I purred.

He'd already removed the condom and I simply fitted my shoe over Rodney's hard cock, pressing it down so his cockhead disappeared into the dull pointed toe, his shaft riding the thinly padded length of the shoe nicely as it was backless. I straddled Rodney's stomach, facing away from him in my panties, enjoying the sensation of riding the man's warm skin as I worked that shoe up and down on his cock. I glanced over my shoulder, smiling as I watched him sucking the toe of the other shoe into his mouth.

Rodney had his eyes closed and he was lifting his hips, thrusting his cock into the shoe as I held it in both hands, cupping my palms around Rodney's penis. He had his right hand on my waist, stroking my skin and squeezing me while we fucked, because that was what we were doing. He was fucking me in his mind, driving his cock into that shoe, into that soft leather hole that I'd worn so often over the last year.

"Fuck me, Rodney..." I breathed, grinding my own sex against him. "Shoot your cum inside me ... Fuck me ... Yeah..."

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