My Aunt Heather

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2013 by Shoeslayer

Fantasy Sex Story: A twenty one yr old nephew dates his sixty two yr old aunt, taking her to the Olive Garden for dinner and a movie The green mile alot of things happen here and by the end of the week-end they are a lot closer.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Aunt   Nephew   FemaleDom   White Couple   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

I Think every guy in his teen age years has a favorite aunt, I did and my feelings for her were of a sexual nature as well as just loving her for the way she is to me and I really just like being around her.

Aunt Heather is moms brothers wife but he is no longer in the picture. Having smoked like a chimney since his teenage years he aquired a bit of lung cancer.

I had always gotten along very nicely with Heather and remembered her birthday. She is in her early sixties; has long brownish grey hair;blue eyes and a great personality and like DiNozzo on NCIS she loves to watch movies.

Aunt Heather is a bit overweight but she more than makes up for that with a great pair of boobs. I have often wanted to check them out. I had just turned twenty one and the girls in High School had some nice knockers but nothing like my aunts.

It seems my aunt must have a fetish for reading glasses as she has like over four dozen pair in silver or gold half-rounds;ovals and rectangular style and they also have beaded neck chains of fine quality as beading is also her hobby.

So, one day when the movie,"The green mile" made its way into our town I asked aunt Heather if I could take her out to the Olive Garden and to a movie.

"Of course you can take me out to eat and to a movie, what makes you think I would not want to do that on a cold windy Saturday?"

She dressed up in a nice silky dress with a low top and patent black hi-heels and I liked the way she wore her gold oval style glasses when looking at the menu. She ordered eggplant parmesian, with spaghetti, I had the four chease sauce with ziti and meatballs, starting of course with their salad and breadsticks.

"Why do you keep looking up at me when I am reading the menu?" asked aunt Heather.

"Oh, you just look so good, the half-glasses and beaded neck chain look so nice, Much better than the beads at other places and half the time you can't get the string through them."

"You mean you were interested in doing beads?"

"Yeah I was, but it is no fun spending five minutes to run a piece of string through one BEAD."

"Why would you want to do beads, Ray?"

"I guess maybe I wanted one of your neck chains and did not not want to ask you, worried about what you may think.

"I think you like my glasses and neck chain, that is different but rather sweet."

Aunts face showed she liked the idea of her nephew liking her things.

We were sitting up in back watching the green mile with my right hand draped over aunts right shoulder and my fingers slowly crept down to the top of her dress and I was making little circles on that dress around her nipple and feeling pretty nice.

Does Ray know what he is doing? I thought to myself. I doubt it but MMMmmm something is going on here. Funny how he said he'd like to have a neck chain probably with my glasses too. that is so different for a guy in his twenties,

I kept swirling my finger around and at the same time working it down to the top of her dress where it meets the edge of the bra. The warden was wondering if a spring broke when the truck came in with John Coffee in it, the big strapping black man accused of killing two little girls. My hand was on aunts skin and she moved not an inch.

MMmm his hand feels nice, does he know where his hand is going? Does he have roamin fingers? why am I getting damp down there?

I guess aunt Heather really likes this movie as I have my hand on her soft skin ad it feels so nice. By the time they got John inside the green mile, my hand was up under aunties bra.

I had no idea Ray was so bold, I should really nicely ask him to move to move his hand, I mean I am his aunt, but only because I married his moms brother. I am not his moms sister if that makes me more of an aunt, Oh hell an aunt is an aunt.

I can't believe this, she has to know I am tweaking her nipple with my thumb and forefinger, is she so meshed into this movie?

Oh but it is getting warm in here! he is so skilled with those fingers, could it be from doing beads? what does he really want a neck chain for? Am I missing a pair of glasses? is that why he wants a neck chain? is it like an amulet or good luck charm?

Damn, I think my arm fell asleep so I got my hand off aunties shoulder for a bit. Tom Hanks was talking to John Coffee.

Why did he take his hand away? I liked it where it was. Maybe he knew or realised what was happening.

How far can I go this time? my right hand started to work its way across aunties upper right leg and moving west across the death valley, what will happen here?

MMmmmmm Ray, you naughty young man. You should not get so bold with auntie, she just might freakin like it! We have to go to the movies much more often, Maybe I could get Ray to have the knowledge Anthony DiNozzo has about movies. Ooooh I am driping down there, something is going on.

Damn, what have I been messing with High School girls for? auntie Heather is much nicer to be with. Tom Hanks is not looking well, seems like taking a pee is just about killing him. My hand is feeling aunties soft silky muff and she is not moving.Maybe she died and I don't know it or I'm going to die when this movie is over.

I clamped my legs together and his hand was stuck right where I 'er I mean he wanted it. I whispered. "Play with my pussy, she likes it." and loosened up a bit on my legs.

O.K. aunt Heather, Thanks. I started to work my fingers into her loveplace and she is moving around in that chair and I am glad it is bolted to the floor.

I found myself biting my lower lip and all sorts of erotic things were going through this woman's mind, like what the "F" am I doing? But then again he is my nephew, why let some girl teach him the ropes when an experienced older lady like me can? It is obvious he likes my company, beads and half-glasses too. Could he have a fetish? Would he like a fetish, yeah auntie could help him with that. Damn, it has to be eighty degrees in here, he is of legal age, this could work.

I was working my finger into my aunties soft loving pussy and she was loving it. I wonder what could happen later. I know I am not in any trouble. I pulled out my hand gently and licked my finger saying,

"Much better than Kentuckey fried pigeon."

fried pigeon." as his chicken pieces are rather meager in size and if they get any smaller, one would need half-glasses to see them ... Speaking of half-glasses, should I tell auntie what seeing her in half-glasses does for me?"

Ray likes my pussy better than KFC! I like that. He does seem older than his years and what is the sense of a young guy having a great aunt if she does not teach teach him anything about life? I bet he would string beads with me, nice glass beads, big white smooth glass beads that could be wrapped around a fat red cock, the ends of said glass beads hooked to a pair of my half-glasses that so turn him on.

I could like having him over more often to string beads and teach him how to cook. I won't be around for ever but I could prepare him so that a nice older woman would love to get a hold of him, she'd probably wear half-glasses, maybe be a bit of kinky sex and he'd be in his glory.

By now the old french guy was playing with the mouse and the mouse had some tricks and yeah I had a few tricks too. My hand was back over my auntie's shoulder caressing her forty D bosom and rolling her nipple between my fingers. my fingers.

"FINGER ME." auntie loudly whispered and I did and was she ever loving it. Oh I was plunging her with a passion and auntie was getting all worked up breathing heavier too. She shook like a screen door in a force nine gale and stiffened up a few times then after a bit cooled off some but not towards me.

"Oh Raymond, you must visit your auntie Heather much more often, Oh I feel so good."

"Gonna show me how to string some good beads?"

"If that is what you would like, then yes. What are you thinking of?"

"Well aunt Heather, I was thinking about you being short on half-glasses and getting more of them as I make you some nice beadeed neck chains, how does that sound?"

"We could start that today as I have plenty of beads and wire with crimps.

By this time John had cured the wardens wife from whatever was making her ill and my hand was feeling aunties full bosom and it felt great.

Oh Ray's hand feels so good there, just as mine would feel around his fat red cock as I dragged my half-glasses over it and under his balls with my beads wrapped around it as I suck him to glory while touching him with my glasses Oh I am so wet. He will so want to hang out with his old auntie, the things we can do and I am tired of being lonely.

My hand went down to aunts dress again, then up and under it towards her sweet and satin like muff and I wonder what things down there taste like, watermelon;cherries; yorkshire pudding would be nice

"Aunt Heather, mind if later on I get my tongue in there?"

"What the hell kind of question is that to ask your old aunt? what makes you think I would say NO?"

"We can always string beads another day ... Raymond."

Well aunt always has a pair of glasses with her and she took out a pair in silver half-rounds and dragged them over my pants and the lump that was under them

"Let it out Raymond, I'll cover things up."

So I did and she takes the purple beads of her silver half-moon style glasses and wraps them around my cock and strokes me with her glasses, all of which goes on under her coat. She zippered up her purse and started to drag it over my cock and it was a nice feeling as it was not as smooth as patent black but had some texture to it.

"Hold my purse for me." She lifted her coat and wrapped the purse strap around my cock and covered it back up and moving the purse around, well as it turns out I blew my load all over it and yeah it was quite weird but quite nice as well. Aunt Heather looked at her purse and I knew that for whatever reason, she liked what was done to it.

I never saw Aunt heather put on those gold oval style glasses but she had them on and was smiling when she asked me,

"Did you like what just happened?"

"We have to go to the movies a lot more aunt." I said.

John coffee had a few days left before his execution in old sparky and I felt bad as I knew as well as anyone else he did not kill thse two little girls, It was the demented and twisted mind of the harmhand who did.

"Did you like what I just did Ray? can you imagine what it would feel like to have that monster cock in my hiheels and how good it would be for me to have my toes in your man sauce?"

By now Percy was held fast to prison bars as he breathed in the wretched disease from the wardens wife that John Coffee took from her and I think it was at this time Percy peed in his pants and maybe just maybe he started to get his comeuppance for not wetting the sponge and stepping on a harmless mouse. Percy ended up a patient at the very same mental institute he wanted to work at, That has to be the works of Karma

"Damn, BBBrrrrr it got cold out said aunt Heather, lets get back to my place and into a warm bed."


"I said let's get back to my place and into a warm bed, I mean if you don't have a problem with that."

"Nope, no problem at all."

"Good, hold my purse for me."

I sat in the passenger seat with the purse hanging down in front of me, and aunt Heather reached over and grabbed it and plopped it on my lap and smiled.

"I thought you would want to hold it that way, seems you like what I did with it in the movie."

"I am serious about you doing my heels so I can stick my sexy toes in the man sauce you are going to put in it as I watch ... right?

"I feel like I am about to be dommed."

"What do you know about being dommed ... Raymond?"

"That for one thing, I can't talk unless I ask for permission and I must do as I am told.

"Very good, I had actually been wondering if you could like this sort of roleplay."

"Any bondage in this roleplay, aunt Heather?"

"Could be, I could have you tied up wearing my clothes."

"That sounds good."

"Are you really into this Raymond? I thought you were more into ham radio and collecting old telegraph equipment."

"Well yeah but it does not hurt to try new things, I mean in the course of a few hours I just came a purse.

"Yes but that was my fault, Ray or I think so. Would you have done that on your own?"

"Never gave it a thought aunt Heather."

"I did not think so. Well here we are, if you still have your clothes on when mine are off, you will have to 'Eat me"

Naturally I stalled the removing of my clothes so I could eat my aunt, but she said,

"Since you deliberately kept your clothes on longer, I have to eat you. Stand in front of me Raymond.

I did so.

With her silver half-moon glasses or half-rounds at the end of her nose with the purple beads hanging from them she took me into her warm sexy mouth and in her half-glasses is the reflection of a multi wicked candle sparkling in her glasses.

From her night stand she grabbed a pair of silver granny style glasses with a pink beaded neck chain and she rubbed her glasses all over the bottom of my balls which were boiling with sex, just waiting to get up enough pressure to empty into my sexy hot aunts mouth and as Jackie Gleason once said, "How sweet it is!" but I doubt he had this experience.

Boy was auntie smiling, damn can you feel fill'er up. This'll keep me going till morning.

"So Ray, what's with my beaded neck chain? do you want a pair of aunts half-glasses to go with them? if so, why? a good luck charm?"

"I guess auntie, I just like the way they look on you and maybe I feel I like you more than I should like an aunt."

"Well after today I can understand it, I loved our time at the theatre, But I think you have a fetish or real liking for my glasses, on a level of being touched down there by an older woman, it is true ... right?"

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