A Hard Day's Night

by Friskee_cpl

Copyright© 2013 by Friskee_cpl

Erotica Sex Story: Set in the early 2000's a roll of film leads to a couple being invited to a wild orgy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   .

The car was a beaten up old Daihatsu Charade and as it pulled into the parking space outside the shop the bumper smacked into our photo processing sign knocking it onto the footpath. From my position at the counter I could see that four young girls of about 22 or 23 years old were in the car giggling and carrying on.

"Who's the dickhead that knocked me sign over?" Bruce, my boss, asked.

"Just some babes mate." I said "Go get up 'em."

"Nah fuck it," he said "I'll fix it later."

I watched as the girls hopped out of the car and stood on the footpath looking into the store. One of them picked the sign up and after she put it back into position she grabbed a friend by the arm and walked into the shop.

"Hi." she said, "Sorry about the sign."

"Thanks for putting it back." I said. She was a very slim attractive brunette about 5' 8" with nice green eyes. Her friend was a shorter petite blond with close cropped hair and very, very small tits.

"What can I do for you?"

"Um," she began quietly, "Do you look at the photos that we put in for processing?"

"No," I said smiling, "They go to Sydney."

"Good, when would they be back?"

"Tomorrow arvo about 3 o'clock."

"Terrific" she said as she fished two films out of her bag.

From years of experience I knew that some nudes lived on the film and the girls were being very coy about it. My wicked mind hatched a plan. I grabbed a processing bag and a pen and began filling out the bag.

"OK," I began, "What's your last name?"


"One set of prints or two?"

"One." That was good, my plan was easy now.

"Gloss or Matte?"



"Um we are just visiting."

"That's OK I'm sure you'll be back." I said with a wink.

I tore off the strip at the top and handed it over to her. She had began to blush and with a flirty smile she grabbed her mate and walked out of the shop.

"I think we have a few nudey shots here Bruce." I said. "I think we may need to do doubles."

"How can you do that?" asked Bruce

"Piece of piss." I grabbed another workbag and filled it in exactly as per the original bag except for the one set of prints box which I changed to two.

"And in the morning when they really come back I'll swap bags, seal it up and Bob's your uncle."

"You devious cunt." Bruce laughed. "I just hope that it's worthwhile."

That night, after I'd sprayed her pussy with a huge amount of jizz, I told my wife Sharon about what had happened in the shop.

"I'll come in and have a look at lunch." she said as lay there with her legs spread rubbing the cum all over her swollen genitalia. "I just hope that it's worthwhile."

"Funny." I said "That's just what Bruce said."

"Ahh poor old Bruce hasn't had much luck since his missus took off with that other couple."

She said. "And Bruce is a bit of alright. I wish that he and Jo had come to some of our parties. It would seem by what happened that she would have been happy to come along but he wasn't"

"Maybe he isn't the sharing type."

"But ... fuck me!" she explained "He could have fucked a whole heap of other women."

"Reckon you'd fuck him?" I said as I slipped two fingers into her sopping snatch.

"I'd give him a go." she replied moaning. "I think it's only fair that he should have a revenge fuck." She rolled over onto all fours and moved down to my rapidly re-hardening cock. I slipped an extra finger into her hole and quickened the pace. She grabbed my cock and gently tongued and licked at my balls. The reflection in the mirror was excellent. I could see a profile of my wife sucking on my cock as my hand plowed into her cunt.

She moved around so her arse was closer to my face and I could really work on her clit and cunt.

"You'd rather have two cocks to play with wouldn't you?" I said as I gave her rump a quick slap. "You'd love to have a hard cock in this hot pussy now wouldn't you?"

"Fuck yeah." she said "I'd love to be fucked in my pussy and mouth."

"And we'd fucking cum all over your slutty face."

"And I'd lick it off your cocks and swallow it down."

"Then we'd fuck you some more and cum in your pussy." I then slipped two fingers into her arse. "And we'd fuck your arse."

With that she exploded. Her body went stiff and her thighs almost crushed my hands. She rolled on top of me and grabbing my cock she slid her wet, cum filled quim down on to my fully resuscitated cock. Her beautiful petite frame bounced up and down as I massaged her 36B tits. I reached over and grabbed the bottle of massage oil and poured some on her right shoulder and watched as it trickled down her chest. She smeared the oil over her chest and taking the bottle from me she poured a small amount on my chest and then leant forward and our two oily bodies joined in slippery unison. I grabbed the bottle from her and splashed a little too much on her back. When she leant up the oil ran down onto her behind and I was able to massage it into her arse. As we kissed I greased up two fingers and whoosh they slid easily into her arse.

"Ahh you'd love a nice hard cock in there wouldn't you?"

All she could say was "Mmmm"

"And another cock to suck on."


"A cock that's just been pulled out of a cum filled pussy."

"Mmmm, oh fuck, mmmm."

"And all three of us cum all over you, in your mouth, in your arse..." That did it. Her eyes rolled back and once again she shook in silent pleasure.

I was also close and when she rolled onto her back in ecstasy I mounted her and slid my cock between her oily tits. I leant forward and she sucked my cock with a gusto. She had spread her legs again and the musty aroma of sex filled the air. I was ready to blow and as she opened her mouth I gave my cock a few quick tugs and 'blam' a shot hit her left cheek and then another blasted against her nose. I fired off a few more and smeared my cock over her cum dripping face.

"Now that was good." I said as I rolled onto my back. "You look like such a tart."

"That's because I am one." she said.

"Do you think Bruce would do it?" she asked still rubbing her pussy.

"No man could resist you my dear." My wife of 6 years was one hot number. Her long dark curly hair and her petite frame matched with olive skin and a wild temperament meant that she was a very popular lady amongst the sex starved populace of the small town where we lived. We lived out of town and on occasion we would entertain the occasional overseas visitor (see the 'Rivers edge' stories.) So our dirty talk was based on reality not fantasy.

With that I did what every other man does. I fell asleep.

"What's the time Bruce?"

"Ten to twelve"

"The photos will be here soon."

"Yeah, yeah as if they'll be anything exciting, besides, I'd rather have some real flesh rather than just look at some photos."

"You never know your luck in a small town."

The buzzer went and I stepped out into the shop as the courier dropped the bag off. I pulled out the girls bag and bolted down the back with them.

"Now let's see shall we." I said as I opened the bag. At first I was disappointed. All that was on the first dozen or so pics were of about twenty people on a balcony sucking piss and on the last few one of the girls had taken her top off and two of the blokes were grabbing her tits.

"Now this is better." I said as I separated the extra set of prints. "Hopefully this roll continues on." I wasn't to be disappointed.

"Strewth Bruce look at this!" I was looking at the same girl with a cock in each hand and a bottle of beer between her naked thighs. In the background some more naked ladies were sitting on the laps of naked men and a few more just stood around watching.

"We've struck gold here mate." The rest of the film was inside the house with a few people playing pool in the nude and a few of the skinny blonde being fucked on the pool table by some bloke as another girl sucked her tits. I spread them out on the table and put the photos back in the original envelope. Bruce was adjusting his old boy as he shuffled the prints on the table. I think he was getting a bit excited by what he could see. He was holding a picture of three naked girls sitting on a lounge when the buzzer went.

"Only me." came the voice of Sharon.

She came down the stairs in a little black dress which has a halter neck and plunging neck line. I love that dress. It allows such easy access to all her bits.

"You'll love these." I said.

"Show me, show me." she had a look at one picture of a girl on her knees sucking some guys cock and she said. "Well I'll be fucked."

"Maybe later." I said as I winked at Bruce.

"Maybe now." she said turning to Bruce and running a finger down his chest towards his groin.

"Oh you naughty little tart." I said. "Poor Bruce hasn't had one for a while."

"I can see that." she said looking at the mound poking out of his jeans. "Can I relieve him of a bit of pressure?"

"You sure about this?" Bruce asked me.

"Go for it mate." I said to him. I had told Bruce of our past activities but stupidly he hadn't taken us up on any of my invites. "Your missus has been rooting around so now you can root around mine. Actually we can both root her around."

At that time two things happened. One was that Sharon sat down in front of Bruce and pulled his fly down. The second thing was that the buzzer went.

"Oh for fucks sake." I said "Look at the state of me." I went into the darkroom and stumbled about for an apron. I finally grabbed one and threw it over my swollen cock which was trying to burst through my pants. The last thing I saw as I walked up the stairs was Sharon sitting on an old vinyl chair, with her halter neck pulled down exposing her tits, her dressed pulled up around her waist, her left hand down her knickers rubbing her pussy whilst pulling on Bruce's good sized cock. She was a very versatile person.

"Lucky bastard." I said to him as I bounded up the stairs. One of the things I hate about being in customer service is serving stupid people. Especially stupid old ladies. Especially stupid old ladies that think that their cats are people. I also hate framing tapestries. Especially tapestries of cats.

"Hello Mrs McCarthy. How are you today?"

"Very well thank you." she said "I'd like to have this tapestry of my darling Mr Tommy framed please."

"I'd like to put that through the fucking shredder." Is what I wanted to say but I am a professional.

"Certainly." I said.

We went through the frame and matt selection rigmarole and after about 5 bloody minutes she was still frigging on about the matte colours and if it matched the cats coat. I could hear a rhythmic squeaking noise coming up from downstairs. It sounded like the lunch table.

"I think I might come around to your house and collect all your native bird and marsupial eating cats and throw them all in the fucking river." Again my mind was speaking not my mouth.

Thankfully she had finally decided and it was now 10 minutes since she'd entered the shop. I wrote out the details, gave her a slip and ushered her to the door. When she was around the corner I spun the latch, locking the door and put the 'back in 15 minutes' sign up.

I bolted to the back of the store and tore off the apron and undid my fly. Sharon was on her back lying on the lunch table, her dress was bunched up across her midriff and Bruce was pant less and sliding his glistening cock into her moist cunt.

"Where the fuck have you been?" she said

"Shut up woman and suck this." I laughingly said to her as I placed my hard cock against her lips.

"Mmm you love to suck cock don't you." Bruce said.

She pulled my cock as she said to Bruce. "And I love to swallow cum."

"Fuck you're good." he said.

She licked and sucked at my cock as Bruce slammed into her soggy snatch. Her right hand was pulling on my cock as her left hand squeezed her tits. I reached down and rubbed her pubic area before I gently moved down and, trying not to touch Bruce's dick, I rubbed at her clit. She was extremely wet and her pubic hair was matted with juice. Bruce pulled his cock all the way out and I slipped three fingers into her flooded pussy. After I pulled out Bruce began rubbing his cock against her swollen clit.

"Oh fuck baby, this is too good." she said.

"You want Bruce to lick your cunt?" I said knowing what sort of response this would have. "Do you want him to suck on your clit?" This was all it took. Her first orgasm of the day rolled through her body. Sharon loves dirty talk especially that based around sucking her cunt. This climax was very intense and thankfully she had released me from her mouth. Bruce was having a hard time getting his cock back into her pussy due to her contractions but eventually she relaxed and he restarted his pumping action.

"Lick her cunt." I told Bruce. "Don't leave the lady stranded." Bruce squatted down and obediently went the growl.

"Have you had any lunch yet?" I asked her.

She smiled up at me and said "No."

"Bruce and I might have to give you something."

She knew what I meant because she pushed a reluctant Bruce away from her pussy and after pulling her dress over her head and, being totally naked in front of us, she squatted down.

"Ok let me have it." she said as she grabbed a cock in each hand. Her beautiful petite frame was dwarfed by Bruce and I and I was not far from shooting my load. With her mouth wide open and her long dark hair framing her gorgeous face my cock shot a stream of cum directly into her mouth.

"Oh fuck." was all Bruce could say as he too exploded. When I say exploded he truly did explode. I had never in all my life seen such a huge amount of cum. Poor old Sharon could hardly cope with the amount being delivered from us both and it cascaded out of her mouth down onto her tits. She bravely swallowed a huge mouthful and licked my super sensitive knob. I stepped back to look at her in all her glory. Her was my beautiful slut wife with cum all over her face, on her knees in front of my workmate, rubbing his cock all over her face. A glob of cum fell off her chin and slid down over her pussy, which of course, she rubbed in.

"Can lunch always be like this?" Bruce asked.

"More often than not, maybe." Sharon said winking at me.

"Certainly dinner times could do with some liveningup." I said.

"When are these girls turning up for the photos?" Sharon asked.


"I think that Bruce here has a few more goes in him this arvo." Sharon said and then began sucking on his cock some more. "He hasn't cum in my pussy yet. Do you want to cum in my pussy Bruce?"

"I want to cum all over you you little slutlet."

I had pulled my pants up and I was ready to reopen the shop but I could see that these two had no intention of stopping.

"Just keep the fucking noise down." I said. "Don't you need to get back to work Sharon?"

"Ahh pass me the fucking phone then." She said as she stood up. As she dialled in her work number she put her right leg up on a chair and bent over the bench. She put her free hand between her legs and parted her pussy lips. Bruce was no fool and he wandered over and rubbed his now hard again cock all over her pussy. She grabbed it from underneath and pulled on it as she spoke on the phone.

"Hi Jodie, it's me love could you tell the others that something has come up and I won't be back until about four." Bruce slipped his cock easily into her wet snatch and began pumping real hard. Sharon had to use her free hand to slow him down.

"Ok love ... yeah everything's fine." she could hardly talk. "Bye."

"Oh for fucks sake Bruce." Sharon called out "Jo is really missing out on a real good fuck."

"Why don't you two go up into the studio and use the lounge?" I asked "It's far more comfortable."

"Yeah soon." Said Bruce as he pushed her face down onto the bench. Sharon spread her legs and held onto the back of the bench as Bruce pumped his cock into her slippery cunt. Her tits were rubbing on the cheap carpet on the bench and I knew it wouldn't be pleasant. She soon found it less than pleasurable and she spun around and gently pushed Bruce away. Her chest was red from the friction.

"Let's go upstairs and fuck in comfort." She said.

To go up to the studio they would have to make a quick dash behind the counter and up the stairs. I stood and played cockatoo as the two of them scampered in the nudie behind the front counter and bolted giggling up the stairs.

"Don't forget to take some pics" I called out to them.

I went back to work ... sort of. I was tempted to spin the closed sign around permanently but a few customers kept me busy. It was after about 30 minutes when I was sorting through some accounts when the buzzer went. I turned around to see someone I had rather not wanted to see. Jo. Bruce's ex-wife.

"Is Bruce here." she asked.

"Um, yeah but he's busy in the studio."

"I need to see him."

I wasn't ready for this. Jo is OK as a looker. She was a blonde with 34D breasts and a slightly round arse. But her personality really annoyed me. She had that girlie persona that doesn't suit a 30 year old. Also she was a mad Christian and took great delight in trying to talk to me about religion. This really peeved me when she took off with the other couple from the bible study group. That bible must be one horny book.

"Um he may not want to see you though Jo." I said trying to stall her.

"I'll just pop in." she said as she barged right past me.

"Ahh fuck it." I thought, "Let her see it."

She opened the door and stomped up the stairs. I stood at the bottom and waited.

"What the fucking hell is going on here!!" is all I heard before the three voices began hurling abuse at each other. I was going to go up when the buzzer went and another old lady came into the shop. I closed the door which helped silence the room a bit but you could still hear muffled yelling. Luckily this old lady was pretty deaf. I helped her choose a camera when another bloke came into the store and was checking out the digital cameras. Here I was with a major argument occurring upstairs and I was understaffed. I sorted the lady out and then helped the bloke who was nothing more than a tyre kicker. I urged him out the door as I knew fair well he had no intention of buying anything. It was about 20 minutes since they went upstairs and it was now quiet. I locked the door and spun the sign around again before I went upstairs to see what was happening. To say I was surprised by what I saw is definitely an understatement. Here was Jo on her back, totally naked, with Bruce shoving his cock into her pussy whilst Sharon was sitting on her face rubbing her pussy all over Jo's face.

"Yeah baby." She said "Lick his cum out of my pussy." Jo was certainly enjoying it, she was really getting into sucking Sharon's cunt. I pulled my cock out of my pants and when Sharon saw me pulling my pud she beckoned me over.

"Look what we have here." she said. "She loves to eat cunt."

"I'm sure she does." Jo looked up in surprise as I spoke and she was probably more surprised to see my cock slide into Sharon's mouth.

"Oh fuck Jesus, Fuuuuuccckkk." She cried as an orgasm flew through her. Her pussy had become an ocean of juice and the slurping noise was becoming comical.

"Let me suck that pussy now." Sharon said as she stood up off Jo, leaving Jo's face glistening with cum and cunt juice. "Get up Jo and sit on the chair."

Jo pushed Bruce gently off and she crawled over to the old lounge chair in the corner of the studio. I grabbed the digital SLR, swung the flash system around and turned it on and popped a memory card into the camera. Jo sat back in the chair and like a true professional she spread her legs and fingered her pussy. I snapped off a few shots and Bruce stood next to the chair and fed her his cock. Flash, pop I took a few more shots. Sharon got down on her hands and knees and I took a few pics of her fingering Jo's twat."Yeah suck that cock you horny slut" Bruce said. His cock was remarkably hard for someone who had already cum twice. "Lick that slut's pussy." He said to Sharon. I took a few more shots of the three of them and sat the camera up on the tripod and grabbed the infra red remote control. I zoomed out and with Sharon's wet snatch dripping at me I just had to plug that hole. I knelt down behind her and placed my cock at her hole and pressed the button taking a picture. I took a few more as I pumped away at her spit and cum filled pussy.

Bruce was doing a fine job fucking Jo's face and I couldn't help but think that they had never shagged like this together before. I was really enjoying fucking Sharon's pussy but I wanted to get some of Jo.

"Ok." I said "Time to change positions. Jo sit on my cock." I lay back on the floor and Jo came over and after tossing her long blonde hair back over her shoulder she squatted over my cock and let it slide easily into her pussy. Jo grabbed the camera and motioned to Bruce to go back to Jo.

"Oh yeah." She said "Let me suck that cock." She took Bruce into her mouth to almost the entire length. Sharon was taking some shots of her getting two dicks for the first time and I was close to cumming. I wanted to shoot my load over her face and have Sharon take some photos of it and then lick it off. I put my hands onto Jo's arse and slid my finger into her clack hole which really set her off and she came like a train.

After she stopped quaking I moved her off and said "Time for the money shot. Jo just rest back on your legs whilst Sharon takes some photos." Jo rested back as asked and Bruce and I stood on either side of her face and began pulling our dicks. I was the first to blow and as my cum streamed out Sharon took about five shots of it shooting into her mouth. I aimed the rest over her face so that they could clean each other off. Bruce was a bit longer in cumming but when I suggested to Sharon that they should double head him he finally sprayed his diminished load onto Jo's and her face. I took a few nice pics of the three of them sucking cum and licking cock.

After we composed ourselves I went down stairs with Sharon and reopened the store. Bruce and Jo were still all over each other as they reignited their passions.

"Well that was bizarre." I said. "I thought she'd tear strips off him."

"No apparently she'd being making hints that she wanted to explore group sex but Bruce wasn't keen." she said.

"He seems keen now." At that moment the door opened and in walked two of the girls from the orgy photo shoot.

"Hi." said Sharon with a serious flirt.

"Umm are the photos for Kelly back?" she said.

"Yes sure are." said Sharon and she grabbed the bag from the K section and to my surprise she opened the bag and showed them the contents.

"Ah shit" the girl said under her breath. Her friend the tit less blonde looked incredibly nervous and almost collapsed.

"Please don't show anyone these." she said.

"Ahh don't worry." said Sharon. "I'm not going to blackmail anyone. Just invite us next time OK?"

With that they seemed to relax.

"Do you want to come out tonight?" The blonde asked, "It's our last night here and we have a special party organised."

"I think we can manage that." Sharon said "Can we bring another couple?"

"The more the merrier. It's at the boat club and we start at 9.00."

"We'll be there." I said "You can have those for free."

"Oh for fuck's sake Bruce hurry up!!" I said as we sat in the car outside the shop.

"Maybe he's porking Jo again." Sharon replied.

"I hope not." I said. "He needs to save himself for tonight. He's already came three times today."

"I'm sure he'll handle it. I'll go give them a hurry on." Sharon hopped out of the car and dashed across the street. As she approached the house the light in the bedroom went off and the outside light came on as the two of them came out of the building. Jo was wearing a slinky little black dress with a great plunging neck line. A string of pearls highlighted her breasts and matched her hair colour. Sharon was wearing a long red dress that also had a plunging neck line. I love plunging neck lines. The girls had gone to great lengths to tart themselves up. It was futile though. They wouldn't be wearing them long. Bruce and I both simply wore jeans and a polo shirt. No messing about here.

As they came to the car Bruce hopped in the front and the two girls jumped in the back.

"Hi Marcus." Jo said "How are you?"

"Tops, thanks Jo."

"How many people will be at the party?" Jo asked.

"Dunno." I said, "About 30 or so."

"Sounds great doesn't it Bruce."

"Sure does." he said.

Jo was almost falling out of her dress and her and Sharon were very cozy in the back. It was a twenty minute drive along a dirt road to the Boat Club and my poor old Commodore had seen better days. I had been thinking about how Jo could reconcile her Christian beliefs with her wanton behaviour so I simply asked her.

"Jo." I asked "Just tell me if I'm being rude but how did you become such a root rat when you were meant to be doing bible studies?"

"Umm that kind of happened by accident." she shyly started "You probably won't want to hear."

"If I didn't want to hear I wouldn't have asked."

"Ok, I'll tell you." she sat up in the seat and leant over to Bruce. "Some of this might be a bit unsettling darling, but I know you'll handle it."

"Yeah your right mate." he said "Go for it."

"Well we used to go over to Barb and Tom's place for bible readings every Friday night and there would be about 10 of us all being very pious and we would pray and so on all night. About two months ago we were having a meeting and Tom's 20 year old son Paul and his girlfriend Kim turned up with a tray of brownies they'd baked. Now at this meeting we had myself, Barb, Tom, Mary Elliott from mothers club, Bill the postmaster, the Drury's from Sunday school and the Freemans."

"Not the bloody Freemans." I said. "They are so straight."

"Bullshit." Jo laughed. "Those two are sick. They just cover it up with a religious veneer and lots of guilt. Anyway we all had a cup of tea and some of this slice. Lo and behold I soon discovered that I was getting stoned. Paul had baked hash brownies and was getting us all ripped."

"The Freemans stoned." I laughed.

"As we all know hooch is good for relaxing the mind and body and after what seemed like 30 minutes or so I look at Mary and she is rubbing her hands all over her body and going on about being full of the Lords love. Bill was watching her and getting very excited, the Drury's had gone outside for some air and as for the Freemans, well the Freemans were talking about exorcising the evil spirits from within and June Freeman had a hand down her pants rubbing her pussy."

"Fair Dinkum?" I asked.

"Yep they were going off." She continued. "Well Barb got all cuddly with me and her blouse was open a bit so while we watched June rubbing her pussy and Mary rubbing her tits we rubbed each other through our clothes. I was getting really horny now and so I slid a hand down Barb's top and grabbed a handful of tit."

"Nice tits too." Bruce said.

"Oh yeah, well Barb lay back and I undid her top revealing her tits to all and sundry. Bill was rubbing his hard on through his pants and Mary had also begun fiddling with her pussy and still going on about miracles and the Lord's love. Tom had slipped his hand under Barb's skirt and was playing with her pussy. Bob Freeman was really stoned and still eating the brownies and soon was babbling on about punishing the evil harlot. He grabbed June and pulled her onto the floor and pushed her down on all fours. Then he pulled her pants down revealing her arse to us all."

"No way!" I said.

"Then he started reciting bits of Leviticus and Numbers before he pulled his cock out of his pants and slammed it home into her arse."

"You're fucking joking, this is bullshit." I said

"Nah it's the truth they went off." Jo said. "After that all hell broke loose. She was screaming and Mary was calling out for God's love so Bill just stood up, dropped his daks and plopped his cock into Mary's mouth. I was mega horny now so I started to have a rub through my pants. Tom lifted Barb's bum off the lounge and pulled her knickers off and then dove down into her pussy. This is when I kissed another woman for the first time. Barb and I tongue pashed for ages because when I came out of the daze and looked around Tom was naked and fucking her, Mary was bouncing on Bill's cock on the lounge, the Freemans were still semi clothed and June was lying across the table with Bob still behind her fucking her arse."

"Nah you're making this shit up."

"Shut up Marcus." Sharon said lightly. "Besides it's turning me on."

I looked around quickly and sure enough Sharon was rubbing her pussy and she had her left tit out.

"Bob Freeman insisted that June have her head covered and he had her top wrapped tightly around her head with a little hole for her to breath out of. Mary was coming as Bill squeezed her tits and then unbelievably Bob pulled June away from the table and swung her around and forced her down onto Bills cock and Mary's cunt. June couldn't see what was happening and when she protested he smacked her arse and told her that this was God's doing so get on with it."

"Yeah I could believe that." I said.

"Mary just kept cumming as June licked and sucked her pussy and Bill shot a load all over Mary's cunt and of course June licked it up." She stopped talking as Sharon pulled one of Jo's tits out and began sucking it. I was concentrating on the road as we didn't have far to go.

"Bob eventually came in her arse" Jo continued after she slid her hand up Sharon's dress and down her knickers. Then he disturbed us all by standing up above her and then pissing all over her arse."

"No fucking way." Bruce said beating me to it. I noticed the red lights of a car ahead of us and the headlights of a car behind us as we continued down the road.

"Yeah he was rabbiting on about cleansing the demons and shit. Then he made her lick his cock clean. She was really submissive. I was still without a cock and Tom and Barb were in full flight so I went looking for Paul, Tom's son. I stripped off so I was completely nude and went down the hall to his room and just walked in."

"He's pretty hot." Sharon said

"Fucking oath." Jo said. "Especially when he's stark bullocking naked with his cock fair up Kim's delicious little snatch. She was on all fours getting really pounded by his fine eight inch cock and they didn't even blink an eye when I came in. Fuck your pussies wet." she said to Sharon.

"Anyway I pulled his cock out of her cunt and began sucking it. Kim hopped off the bed and slid between my legs and began sucking at my cunt and I just exploded. I came like a train. Paul hopped off the bed and slid his cock into my pussy as Kim sucked my clit. I was continually orgasming. It was brilliant. Later on Kim and I swallowed his jizz."

"What about the Drury's?" Bruce asked.

"They fucked off home."

"Bummer" I said.

"Now Tom, Barb, Bill, Mary and I get together every so often and just screw. We left the Freeman's out. Too weird."

"Here we are." I said as the lights of the boat club came into view. The car park had about 20 cars in it and I could hear music coming from the clubhouse. Light was coming out from the front of the building and reflecting off the river. The entrance was lit by a single red light and I watched as two fine looking girls with long brunette hair and petite figures entered the building. The sky was now dark and the mozzies had descended looking for food. The car behind us pulled in and a little nude Asian girl hopped out of the back seat followed by a young hunk of a man with an enormous stiffy poking out of his shorts.

"Check this out." I said to everyone. We all stopped as the young girl squatted down and began sucking the blokes cock.

"Strewth." said Bruce. The driver, another young man, hopped out and came over to the couple and pulled his cock out of his shorts. The young girl flicked her long hair over her shoulder and began sucking on his cock as well.

"Wow those guys are nice." Jo said. "Nice cocks."

"Shall we watch or go inside?" Sharon asked.

"Let's go inside." Jo said. "I'm horny."

We strolled over to the doorway and I kept looking back at the little slut sucking cock in the car park. By the time we reached the doorway the threesome had split up and were also walking towards the door. The little Asian girl had pulled on a simple dress and she was truly beautiful.

"Here come our car park friends." I said. We opened the door and we were greeted by a lady in her late 40's with short blonde hair. She sat at a desk and beside her stood two very buff Maori bouncers. Some crappy dance music was coming from the bar. To my right a door with Ladies Entrance was just closing as the two brunettes I had seen earlier disappeared from view. On the left a sign said Men's Entrance.

"Greetings." She said. We all said hello and she looked down into a book that lay on the counter. "Who invited you here tonight?" she asked.

"Umm a young girl called Kelly." I said.

"Was that her last name or first?" she asked

"Last." She scoured the list and after a short tense time she said. "Ah yes four new guests."

At that time the Asian girl and her two beaus entered the building and stood behind us. Both Jo and Sharon were checking out the boys.

She continued. "My name is Julie and I am the host for tonight. I have been running these parties for some years now and as with everyone that comes here you will have to be introduced to the nights rules and guidelines." She pointed to the girls. "You lovely ladies can go into the Ladies change room and you four gents can go into the men's room and wait. I hope that you enjoy the night."

Bruce and I bade farewell to our maidens and walked into the change room with the other two blokes. The room was full of lockers and towels and three other fellows were waiting on some chairs. Unfortunately one of them was a fellow I despised to the core of my being. Brian was a real estate agent who had screwed me over a block of land along the river. I hated the prick. He was also fairly chubby and had just taken a Russian bride. She was a bit of alright though. We all just looked at each other without saying hello. All of a sudden we were very shy. Thankfully the silence was broken by the door to the bar opening.

"Hi boys." said the first of three lovely girls to enter the room. She was slim a blonde about 5' 6" with a lovely trimmed pussy and a gold mesh bra. Across her belly was written her name Sue. Following her was a tall skinny brunette with barely any tits and a mini skirt on. Her name, also displayed on her belly, was Kylie. The third girl was a short haired brunette with not a stitch of clothing on. Her name was Lyn.

"Welcome to the party." she said. "Now you may be wondering, if this is your first time here, just what is going on."

"We were a bit." said Brian.

"Well this is Ladies night tonight and we have a few rules that you have to abide by or you will be asked to leave." She pointed to the lockers. "First of all is that you must all now get undressed and stay that way for the rest of the night."

"You're kidding." Brian said.

"No sir." she said firmly "I'm not. Ok now everybody please get undressed."

All of us with the exception of Brian stripped very quickly. He carried on a bit and seemed to take forever. I soon found out why. In the dick department Brian was certainly lacking.

"Now." Sue continued. "Please put your clothes into a locker and after locking it remove the key and pass it to me." We all did as we were asked and as she took the keys from us she wrote the code into a book and asked for our name which she then wrote next to it.

"Ok now for the rules of engagement for the night." She pulled a black texta out of a draw and walked over to Brian. "Firstly we need to write your name on your chest." She wrote Brian in big letters across his chest. Then she did the same to all of us.

"Now we all know who we are." She sat on the table and slightly opened her legs to allow me a view of her labia. "The next rule is the one that will make or break your night here. As you can see I have my pussy fully exposed." With that she lay back and spread her legs further apart and then rubbed her fingers of her left hand over her moist snatch. "What this means is that because I have a bra on I suck cock and pussy fuck dick."

"Oh yeah." Said Dave, one of the car park boys.

"Kylie here is wearing a mini skirt and that means that she is up for blow jobs only. Any girl that is wearing a top is suck and pussy fuck only, a bottom is suck only. Got that?" she asked.

We all nodded. To make a point Kylie walked over to Dave and squatted down in front of him. She took his cock and very enthusiastically began sucking on it.

"Lyn here is totally nude. What this means is simple. Lyn will fuck anything. She will take it in the arse, cunt and mouth. She will lick out a woman whilst being fucked. She will truly do anything. Now Bruce bring your cock here and slip it into my pussy please."

I hadn't noticed but Bruce had good wood and he moved over to the table and as she lay back he slipped it into this delectable blonde.

"Nice cock." she said to him. "Now you Ian, bring your cock over here." Ian was the other bloke from the car park. He wandered over pumping his cock and she grabbed it as soon as it got close and began licking at it.

Then Lyn the naked chick took over. "As you can see Kylie and Sue are now occupied. I however have no cocks at my disposal, just yet..." she added playfully. "I can suck on Sue's beautiful tits." She pulled Sue's top down and pulled out a lovely titty and licked the nipple. "Or I can share Dave's cock with Kylie." She spun around and bent over and kissed Dave's meat.

"Now this is good." Ian said as he rubbed his cock over Sue's face.

"Now I have four horny men wanting to fuck me."

My cock was ready to burst.

"But unfortunately lads..." She waited, teasing us. "You will have to wait." She pointed to the door and five other fellows were looking in.

"Ladies." she called out to Kylie and Sue. "We have some new recruits."

The two girls reluctantly moved away from their respective partners and straightened themselves up.

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