Ban, a Sin Loos Slave Girl

by Frank Speaks

Copyright© 2013 by Frank Speaks

Science Fiction Sex Story: A story from Sin Loos before it was defeated. It is a dark tale.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Tear Jerker   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Scatology   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Caution   .

Chapter 1

This is a story that was found In Sin Loos. It appears that someone in Sin Loos wrote it before the city was defeated. No one seems to be able to verify whether or not it's true. It is known that women were mistreated violently and cruelly. Extreme caution should be exercised before reading. It is a violent, sad story and doesn't end well.

My name is Ban. I turn eighteen today. Years ago, Master had decided to terminate my service to him on this day. I will tell some of my history. I will have to skip much because there isn't time left.

I was raised in Master's house. My mother, all the other women, and I never wore clothes. We did wear collars. My mother wore a blue collar. The other young girls and I wore white collars indicating we were not to be used.

My first memory of meeting Master was when I was twelve. He nodded at me and said that he would not sell me! My mother and I left and she was in tears. She told me that he was going to sell some of the young girls. He had told her to get me but had decided to let me stay with her for now. Life was mostly without a care. We young girls saw our mothers and older sisters used for sex and all the females were whipped sometimes for any or no reason. We young girls played together until we were considered grown.

For me, that would be my fourteenth birthday. Just before that birthday, my mother came to me. She said that I would be presented to Master on my fourteenth birthday. She said I would need to be prepared for the event because I would be used then. If I pleased, any whipping would be minor. If I fought or hesitated, I would be punished painfully and might even be killed. She went over what would happen in detail and what I should do and say during my time before Master.

After a light lunch, mother prepared me and took me before Master. After being recognized, she said, "Master, I bring before you my daughter, Ban. She is fourteen today and ready for your examination."

He looked at me and nodded. My mother said, "Present yourself for your master's examination." I was naked, of course. My mother had told me to lie down on my back with my arms and legs spread and not move no matter what happened. She had warned me that being motionless was vital or we would be severely punished. I would be punished for moving and she for a failure to teach me how to act during this time.

I lay on the ground and our master stood up and walked until he was standing over me. He pulled his tunic to one side exposing his cock. He then began to pee over my body aiming at my head wetting my hair and face before turning down my body to inundate me with his hot fluid. He motioned at my mother and commanded, "Clean me." My mother took his cock into her mouth and began to lave it taking it all the way into her mouth and down her throat. Suddenly, her cheeks and eyes bulged. I could see that master was peeing in her mouth. My mother managed to swallow every drop. His cock made a popping sound when he pulled it from her mouth. He turned and left us. He sat down in his big chair.

Our master had two sons he acknowledged. One was my age and the other two years older than I. They approached me and pissed on me as their father had. The older one had my mother clean him as she had his father. The younger one said, "Kneel. You will clean me." I wasn't sure what to do but saw my mother make a lifting motion with her hand. So, I moved before him and took his cock into my mouth. He pissed into my mouth and I managed to swallow his liquid, as my mother swallowed what she received from his brother.

Thereafter, the brothers made me suck their cocks and I received loads of cum in my stomach.

My mother lifted me up and I had to lean over an ottoman with my legs spread. Master looked at my skinny body from his chair behind me. He said, "If I take her first, she may bleed badly." I was scared but held my position. He said, "She uses her mouth well though. Turn over, Girl." I did as I was told lying on my back still across the ottoman. He then said, "Bar, if you will save her, lay over her. She will watch what I do and then Mitchy will do you, too. Mikey will do her. You and she will clean us and each other."

My mother lay over me with her head at the juncture of my legs. She spread her legs on each side of my head. I could see between her legs. Master then approached with his cock in his hand stroking it. He placed it at my mother's rosebud and pushed hard. He entered her ass with a grunt and forced a moan from her. He began to move in and out forcefully and she moaned with each move. I could see his cock ramming into her ass again and again. He moved faster and faster and mother began to wail. Suddenly, Master slammed into her and held himself tight. I could see his cock pulse and his balls move. After long minutes, he began to pull his cock out and it dropped down on my face. "Lick it, Girl." I tried to suck on it like I had done with his son. It tasted differently from his son. The white fluid was thicker and saltier. He pulled away and walked around. I could feel my mother's head lift and guessed she was finishing cleaning him.

Mitchy then pushed his cock into my mother's ass and began to thrust making her grunt with each thrust. He continued to thrust until he, too, pumped his semen into her ass. He pulled out and I licked his cock. He quickly pulled away and said, "Bar sit up so she can suck your ass." My mother did as she was told. Her ass was over my face and then pushed down with her rosebud at my mouth. I opened my mouth and began to lick and suck. Soon, liquid began to fill my mouth and I swallowed. I even pushed my tongue up my mother's ass to get more. I found out later that Mitchy had pushed his cock deep into my mother's mouth for a thorough cleaning. I heard him step away.

Mikey said, "Lift her legs and bend her over. I felt my mother's hands on my legs as she pulled them up and bent them back exposing my lower parts. I heard shuffling and then felt a terrible pain in my ass as Mikey forced his cock into my ass and up my rectum. The oiling earlier probably prevented tearing but didn't stop the pain. He began to fuck me hard with deep, long, punishing strokes. He kept saying, "Take it, Bitch! Open your ass and take my cock!" I tried to relax to ease the pain. After a while, it started to feel good. He finally pushed tight into my ass and filled my bowels with his hot sauce and I could feel him throbbing inside me. I had a wonderful feeling deep inside my body. He pulled out and told my mother to clean me with her tongue. I saw his cock at my face and opened my mouth to clean him. His cock was becoming soft and I could suck him all the way inside. My mother sucked on my sore ass cleaning the cum from it. Mikey became hard again. He pulled out of my mouth and went back between my legs. He pushed his cock into my cunt tearing away my virginity. It hurt terribly and I screamed into my mother's ass. He fucked me hard until he shot a second load into my cunt. He came to the front of the ottoman and had me suck his cock clean again. My mother sucked and licked my cunt until it was clean of his load.

From that day on, Mikey and Mitchy would come to me and tell me, "Assume the position." That meant that I had to get on my hands and knees or lean over something to take their cocks into my ass or cunt. After finishing, I would then suck the cock clean. I noticed that, while all the men regularly used my mother and other women, no one else touched me during that time. I was frequently called upon to suck their cocks clean and to suck her cunt or ass clean of the load just deposited in her. If she or another woman were there when Mikey or Mitchy used me, that woman would suck me clean of cum. Mikey would find me and use me two to four times a day in either hole. His brother would sometimes have me suck his cock while Mikey was doing my ass or cunt.

Mitchy began to use me more. He was rougher and bigger but I quickly grew accustomed to him. He used me even more than Mikey. Sometimes, he would use me six or eight times in a day in addition to Mikey's use of my holes. I quickly learned to enjoy what they did and desire it.

About a year later, two big changes occurred in my life.

Master and his sons were eating one evening and Mitchy had one of the servants find me and bring me to the dining hall. I entered and was told to crawl under the table and suck cocks. I started with Mitchy. After he filled my mouth and I swallowed, I moved to Mikey and did the same for him. Master said, "Now, suck me." I crawled to his chair and began to suck his cock. I was a little surprised that I could take his cock down my throat until his balls were bumping my chin and my nose was pushed into his hair at his groin. When he came, I swallowed his entire load as I had his sons. "Girl, that was good." I was amazed and happy that he was satisfied with my efforts. Master then said, "Boys, how are her holes? Can she take you well?"

Mitchy answered, "Yes, she can take us well and has shown proper willingness." He said, "Assume the position." I came out from under the table on my hands and knees. Master came behind me and, before I knew it, was behind me forcing his erection into my anal tract. I moaned in pain as he pushed in without warning. Mitchy said, "Girl, you should always be prepared for penetration. You will be punished for that."

My mother was one of the servers that night She implored, "Please don't hurt her. I will bear her punishment."

Master looked at her from behind me and snarled, "Bring rope and the whip!" My mother turned pale and he said, "You stay right there.'

He finished in my ass and motioned my mother to suck my ass while he brought his limp cock to my mouth. He removed my white collar leaving me collarless. That meant I would be available to everyone at any time.

By the time we were finished sucking, other servants had brought the rope and whip. Master had two servants grab my mother and tie her over the table with her legs and arms each tied to a table leg. He whispered to one of the servants who paled but scurried off on his assigned errand. Master took the whip and began to lash my mother's back, ass, and upper legs. Each cut left a red mark. He continued and she began bleeding. She finally cried out in pain.

The servant had returned with another servant...

Master said, "Mitchy, Mikey, do either of you want her before I complete her punishment?" Mitchy had already entered my ass and Mikey was having me suck his cock. They both shook their heads as they continued to use me.

"Bulgar, use the tool. Either it sets a new record or she dies." A couple of the other servants gasped. Bulgar stepped forward with a very long, very thick rod. He placed an end of it at my mother's sphincter and forced it inside. Her anal ring was spread wide. The rod was much thicker than a man's cock. He continued to push more and more of the rod in her ass and up her anal tract. She was now breathing fast, panting really, as the rod pushed farther and farther into her body impaling her with its length.

Bulgar shook the rod in her and she moaned with pain. He said, "Another finger width and a new record will be set.' He pushed it in that bit further and my mother screamed with pain. She fainted. Bulgar said, "That's a new record." He began to withdraw the rod from my mother's limp body. Her ass hole gaped open and a trickle of blood came out. Her hands and legs were untied.

Mikey said, "You should be thankful to your mother. I don't think you would have survived setting a new record." I looked at him and the rod and nodded. He said, "Clean her up and take her back to your quarters. You are available to all now. You will be servicing many tonight who will want to experience a new treat."

He was right. I got my mother to our room and dressed her injuries. A man stood at the door and said, "Assume the position." I did and he entered my ass and used me hard. When he finished, there was another and then another. They used both my ass and cunt. At some point, I passed out but my fucking continued.

In the morning, one of the women came over and cleaned my holes and went over my mother's cuts and bruises again to ease her pain. Neither of us left the room that day. Mikey came by twice and had me assume the position and fucked my cunt once and my ass once. After his second time, I just lay on the floor unable to move. My insides hurt.

We both stayed in our room for another day. I felt better but my mother couldn't move without pain inside her body. She was finally able to rise and had me help her to Master's audience room. When we reached there, she went up to Master and slapped him. He laughed and then said, "You get your wish. Tomorrow will be your end. Bulgar, take her away and prepare her." He then looked at her and said, "You should have asked. Because you slapped me, your daughter will end on her eighteenth birthday in a similar manner.'

Mother was horror stricken as Bulgar took her away. Master came up to me and said, "Lay on your back on the ottoman." I did as I was told and waited with my legs spread knowing that I wouldn't like what would happen to me next. Master talked with some of the servants issuing instructions to them. His sons entered the room and he said, "Each of you take a leg and spread her before me." They grinned and went to the ottoman and each one grabbed a leg and lifted them up and spread them wide. It hurt because they spread them widely. Master stood over me and said, "We will each take you in turn."

With that, he knelt down and pulled his tunic out of his way and put his cock at the entrance to my cunt. He paused a moment. Then, he pushed violently and slammed his cock into my oiled but dry cunt. I felt my insides stretch. I screamed in pain. He began to thrust ignoring my pain and cries.

Finally, he finished. He pulled his cock from my spasming hole and had one of the servant women suck him clean as he sat down to watch each of his sons to take their pleasure in my cunt. When they finished, other male servants took their turns, some in my cunt and some in my ass. He looked at one of the serving women and said, "Bring her cleaned up to the yard tomorrow by half to noon. The woman shuddered but helped me off the ottoman and I limped back to my room. Once there, she brought towels and cleaned me of the cum that had flowed and was still flowing out of my holes and over the lower part of my body. She said, "Now, you are open to everyone. Your duties will not stop though your use will be constant and hard. Every morning, you must remember to prepare your body for penetration."

I now shuddered to realize my new fate. She then said, "You also heard Master say that you will die on your eighteenth birthday. I'm sorry for you. Your life will be hard and short." I cried that night.

Chapter 2

In the morning, she came to my room and lubricated my holes and then said, "It is time to go to the yard. Master wants you to watch. I'm sorry."

We went there and Master motioned for me to come over to him. "Mitchy, take her cunt and pull her over you. Mikey, take her ass. Don't be gentle. She needs to feel both your cocks in her body."

Mitchy lay back and pulled me toward him. I started to maneuver to receive his cock in my cunt. He didn't let me settle on him but forced his cock deep into my cunt slamming my pelvis down on his body. I groaned at the harshness of his penetration. He pulled me down on his body and then Mikey pushed his cock into my ass. They fucked me hard and I groaned with pain as I was taken in both my holes. I heard sobbing behind me and then both Mitchy and Mikey finished depositing their loads in my holes. They pulled me up and Master was there sitting in a chair. He said, "Take my cock in your cunt and watch."

I faced the front and guided his cock into my dripping cunt taking it deeply. Master looked at me and said, "If you would help your mother, you need to scream with pain as you are taken today. Her death will be painful but you can make it faster by screaming and crying as your body is used. Scream well and I will hurry her end." I was puffing as he pumped his cock in and out of my cunt. I began to scream and cry. I heard him whisper, "Don't let on that this will help your mother or it won't." I gave a louder scream of pain at that.

I then looked up and saw my mother. She was crying for me. She was tied upright and spread out on a frame. Her feet were tied off the ground by her ankles. She had to hold her body up by her arms or push against her ankles causing her much pain there.

Bulgar was there and was grinning crazily. He reached out and grabbed her nipple twisting and pulling it until she cried out with pain. He pulled her nipple further out until he had her breast stretched out fully and painfully. His knife came down and he sliced the nipple off. She screamed and fainted. They were ready and splashed water over her head. I was screaming and crying both for effect and because of mother's pain. She was moaning as Bulgar repeated the torture on her other breast. She was bleeding from both breasts now.

He took two knives with eight-inch double blades attached to a harness and brought them to her. With the help of two female servants, he pushed a blade into her ass and the other into her cunt. They buckled the harness in place keeping the knives in her holes to the hilt. Blood began to trickle out of her cunt and ass. I screamed as Master thrust into my cunt repeatedly.

At Master's nod, Bulgar then took a thin rod and pushed it into her mouth and down her throat. Her head was forced back and it protruded from her mouth but was deep in her throat. Her throat bulged and moved convulsively trying to accept the rod further or expel it. She could do neither one. I cried out in pain some more for my mother and for me.

Bulgar looked over at Master who nodded. Bulgar approached my mother with a wooden peg and a hammer. First, he pushed the rod further down her throat. Then, he put the end of the peg over the rod and hit it twice with the hammer and the rod went further down her throat and into her stomach. I heard a wheezing cry from her. It had to be far in her stomach. She coughed up blood and Master erupted in my cunt filling me with his white liquid. He pushed me off saying, "Suck!" I turned and sucked his cock clean of his cum and my juices.

Then, my arms were grabbed and I was turned around and pushed onto a cock. As it went into my cunt, I screamed. My upper body was pushed forward and my sphincter was penetrated and my rectum filled with another cock. The two began to fuck me hard and I screamed and cried and cried and screamed.

My mother was bleeding from her missing nipples, her cunt, her ass, and from her mouth. She was moaning with pain. Bulgar looked at Master who nodded. Bulgar removed a long knife from its sheath and approached my mother. I continued to scream and cry as I was roughly penetrated in both holes. Bulgar made a shallow cut into my mother's side and then drew the blade across her belly with a sawing motion until he had cut her open. She gurgled with the pain. His cut was deep enough to allow for her middle to gape open and her intestines began to fall out onto the ground. Mother passed out again but they brought her back to consciousness and pain. After a while her abdomen was empty and I could see the rod penetrating through her stomach.

I realized that Master was being merciful to her by moving forward with her tortures rather than drawing it out. It was still very painful for mother but her suffering would at least be shorter. Mother was beginning to gag on the blood coming from her throat that was going into her lungs. If no other way, she would drown on her own blood eventually.

A third pair of men were taking me and I was hoarse from screaming and could only groan as my body was taken brutally by men I didn't know and hadn't seen before. They delivered their loads into my body and another pair took their place. I heard Master say, "Bulgar, continue." I continued to groan and cry as loudly as I could knowing that my cries were moving the timetable up for my mother to die and her pain to end.

Bulgar took the same knife and cut into my mother's chest removing her right breast. The bleeding picked up dramatically. He dropped the breast in the hands of a woman slave. He went back in front of mother and, using the same knife, removed her other breast. He handed it to a slave. He went over and cleaned his knife. Mother's eyes were still open and I could hear her gurgling moans. Bulgar looked at Master who nodded at him. Bulgar shrugged and took his knife once more. He placed it on mother's ruined chest before her heart and slowly drove in through her heart and body. She convulsed and went totally limp in death.

My rape continued until the two men finished and emptied their loads into my holes. I was made to stand. Master said, "You did well. Your mother was terminated as quickly as could be managed.

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