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Erotica Sex Story: A husband and wife team who hold dog fights for its members have escalted their cruelty to 'live' performances of sexual assults by their dogs on females and males. Unable to prosecute them, the local sheriff appeals to a secret court for justice.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/mt   NonConsensual   First   Oral Sex   Bestiality   .

01.01 The Secret Court:

The secret court had met frequently since it was formed four years ago. Their goal is to dispense justice toward those that could not be prosecuted under the legal system. This would happen when witnesses refused to testify, were afraid to testify or law enforcement official(s) looked the other way. The court has a large, silent following which donates funds to maintain a complex where some of the retributions take place.

Eric and Lena are co-owners of an underground dog fighting club and that would hold vicious dog competitions. A monthly entertainment night was held at the end of the fights for the members. Three or four women were abducted and restrained within Breeding Frames. The winning dogs sexually assaulted the women amidst the encouraging cheers from the audience. None of the women would bring charges against the club because they feared for their lives and their families safety. Any medical attention that was needed was done on the premises by the club's non-certified nurses. The local sheriff knew what was happening but could do nothing without the victims testimonies. In desperation, he contacted a friend with ties to the secret court.

The van was waiting in the darkness for the finish of the night's dog fights. When all the members had left, Eric locked the door to the barn and he and Lena walked back the house. The 'darts' hit both of them in their necks and they crumpled to the ground unconscious. The effects of the darts would last up to 12 hours, allowing sufficient time for them to be transported to the court's retribution theater.

01.02 Eric, Lena Preparation:

Six hours later, Eric and Lena arrived at the complex and their unconscious bodies were wheeled into a preparation room in of the lower levels. They were stripped of their clothes and then supported in an upright position in a large walk-in shower where they were cleaned and then all the hair below their shoulders was removed. Eric was given a thorough bowel cleansing.

Each was given an injection that would that would induce and sustain their arousal but no docility drugs were given to them. The court wanted them to experience the terror that their victims had felt. Eric would receive a suppository, 'on stage', in front of his audience, that would enhance the sexual sensitivity of his rectal sheath. When the preparations were complete, their unconscious bodies were wheeled onto the stage.

The stage was 40' wide x 30' deep. Multiple HD cameras ringed the stage, including the ceiling and floor. Two 60" monitors were lowered from the ceiling and tilted downward facing onto the stage. HD monitors were also lowered in the theater area so the audience could see graphic close-up views of what was happening in stage. The same 'views' would be relayed to the court's privileged online members.

As the attendants lifted Eric and Lena off of their gurneys, two harnesses were lowered from the ceiling. The attendants attached their wrists to the leather loops and their ankles were restrained by similar loops on the floor. Both were held in a spread eagle position facing the large audience and cameras.

Two attendants approached them and broke a vile of 'smelling salts' under their noses. Eric and Lena coughed their way to consciousness.

As awareness crept into their minds, they began struggling in a desperate attempt to break loose from the harnesses. They saw themselves in the ceiling monitors in front of them and their screams and struggles intensified. Finally, exhaustion caused them to slump onto their supports.

Eric looked with resignation at himself in the monitor. Lena sobbed fearfully. Both remembered walking toward the house and now they were in some kind of theater, being held naked in a spread eagled position. Despair filled their minds when they saw the audience starring intently at their hairless bodies.

Suddenly the monitors started showing scenes of their cruel dog fights. In few minutes, the scene changed, showing Eric and Lena dragging a screaming woman toward a frame and tying her wrists and ankles to the posts. As the woman was being raped by a large dog, her loud screams mixed in with the audience's encouraging words and whistles for the dog.

A second victim was dragged to the mounting frame. This one was a man. Again the members cheered on the dog as it ravaged his rectum. Lena was seen kneeling by the screaming man while she masturbated him.

Eric couldn't believe what he was seeing. No still or video cameras were ever allowed during his 'entertainment' sessions.

A voice hushed the shocked audience,

"Eric and Lena, you are both charged with the

forceful rape of women and men by your dogs for

the entertainment of your members.

You are also charged with gross animal cruelty

by forcing your dogs to fight resulting in death

or serious and permanent injury to them.

As punishment, both of you will experience the same

sexual acts that you forced upon your victims."

Neither could believe what they were hearing. Both began struggling within their restraints. Lena sobbed and pleaded, Eric began yelling obscenities at the audience.

01.03 Eric, Canine, Mounting Frame:

Suddenly the floor tiles in front of them were lowered and a structure similar to a Breeder's mounting frame rose up in their place. Eric gasped in fear and Lena cried out sobbing. The HD monitors replayed the videos of the men and women being tied inside a breeding frame and then being raped by the dogs.

The audience began chanting,

"Now ... Now ... Now..."

Eric turned pasty white and began begging for mercy.

He saw four muscular attendants approach him. Two held him firmly as the other two removed his restraints. Eric was half walked and half dragged toward the mounting frame. Two attendants were waiting for him and all four forced him onto his knees within the structure. One held his shoulders and outstretched arms so they rested on the front rail. Two grabbed his kneeling ankles and pushed them toward the sides of the frame and adjusted the side rails so the rear of the rails were beside his ankles, the forth attendant secured his ankles and wrists. A soft restraining collar was put around his neck forcing him to keep his head in a forward position, toward the audience.

A stunned Eric looked at HD monitor and saw his restrained body within the mounting frame, his eyes were wide open with fear and he tried to struggle up into a standing position but his restraints held him firmly on his knees.

Lena watched fearfully as her husband began screaming and pleading for help and mercy ... just like the men and women did in his barn. In a minute or so, an exhausted Eric slumped onto the frame. He stared at the HD monitor and saw the underside view of his body and his penis and balls swaying in the air etween his wide spread thighs. He looked forward and saw his audience smiling and pointing their hands at him.

Eric saw a man approaching him. He was carrying a long, tube-like package and walked behind Eric and knelt down behind his raised and spread buttocks. Eric watched as the opened package and withdrew a long 8" x 3/4" clear suppository. Eric flinched when he felt a hand begin to massage his buttocks. Not being able to move his head he looked with mounting nervousness at his monitor, as did Lena. Eric saw and felt the man's left hand spread the cheeks of his buttocks apart and then saw the right, point the end of the suppository toward his exposed anal entrance. Eric became hysterical and thrashed within his restraints.

"No ... No ... No stop it ... Ohhh..."

Eric's screams were cut off when the attendant pressed the 3/4" rounded tip of the suppository against anal lips. His eyes flew open when he felt the warm thickness trace around the tight opening, occasionally, nudging into the center of his anus. Soon tingling sensations seeped past his anal lips and spread inward. The tight sphincter loosened and the man slowly nudged the 8" x 3/4" thick glycerin suppository into his rectal sheath.

1"... 2"... 3"... 4"

A reluctant gasp escaped his mouth as the slick tube slipped over his prostate on its delicious trek inward.

5"... 6"... 7"... 8"

In a few seconds Eric felt a long, warm, fullness fill his rectal sheath. His anal opening slipped into an indented ring at the end of the suppository and the attendant stepped away. The suppository began to liquefy and Eric's rectal lining quickly absorbed the enhancing liquid. The loosened sphincter muscle swelled and formed around the indented ring at the 'end' of the suppository.

Eric was not prepared for the ecstatic sensations that gripped his rectal area and he moaned as his 'womanhood' was formed. The dissolving suppository created a thick nest of sexual nerve endings along the lining of his rectal sheath and anal lips. Both were connected to his sexual sensory system. His prostate and seminal vesicles were enhanced to produce six times more semen than a normal male. His mind was flooded with unwanted sensation and he tried to stop his penis from stirring, but the arousal inducers were overriding his sexual control. He moaned as his penis soared to full erection.

He saw and heard the audience laughing and pointing at his hardness as it jerked under his abdomen. The end of suppository now broke away and his anus closed, keeping the enhancing liquid within his enhanced rectum. They let Eric kneel there for minute or so to make sure the effects of the suppository were fully completed. Lena saw the graphic close up of Eric's erection and it strained under his body. Already a small drop of preseminal fluid was oozing from the engorged gland and a low gasp was heard as unwanted pleasures swept across his loins.

Eric flinched again when he felt the man's slick hands push between the spread cheeks and begin to apply a thick liquid onto his swelling anal opening. The scent drifted forward under his body toward his face and Eric's fears vaulted when he recognized the scent as that of a 'bitch in heat'. Eric felt nauseated and began a futile attempt to break free of the mounting frame.

"No ... No ... Don't do this to me!"

Eric was now ready to receive justice and at the same time, entertain his audience and on-line viewers.

They deliberately let Eric rest within his supports for a moments to let him think about what was going to happen to him. An intense need to touch his straining hardness flowed into his mind and his excited nipples stood out like bullets below his chest. His rectal sheath was filled with a compelling need for something, anything, to penetrate it. Eric's hips began moving his anus in a slow circular, sawing motion as if begging for attention.

Out of the corner of his wide open and fearful eyes, he saw a large dog or 'animal' walking toward him and he looked with panicky eyes at the HD monitor. The 'animal', guided by the 'scent' walked behind Eric and began licking the cheeks of his buttocks. Waves of fear rushed across his body. His erection quickly deflated and he began urinating. His audience smiled and pointed at Eric's torment.

The 'animal' saw the flowing urine and walked around to Eric's right side and poked his huge snout under his kneeling body. When his urine slowed to dribbles its long tongue shot out and began lapping at Eric's flaccid penis as if trying to coax a few more drops onto its thick tip. Soon, despite Eric's fears, the warm, squeezing tongue rejuvenated his arousal and his penis began to stir. This spurred the dog's warm, wet licks and soon it was lapping and massaging along the full length of his hard erection.

The 'animal' now walked in front of Eric. It jumped up and placed its paws on Eric's shoulders. He could see an inch of thick, dark, pinkness protruding from the dog's fur lined sheath. The collar prevented him from moving his head away and he quickly closed his eyes in fear and disgust. The 'animal' shuffled forward on its hind legs until Eric's mouth was just an inch from the dog's glistening gland. It used Eric's warm breath as a guide and its hardening penis started to extend itself outward.

Eric felt the dog's thick gland press against his parted lips and his fear caused him to open his mouth. The dog shuffled forward and a muffled scream was heard as Eric's mouth was forced open. The dog's thick gland slipped past the opening lips and into the warm wet confines of his mouth. Eric couldn't believe that the head of the dog's erection was inside his mouth and tried to pull his head away but the head band would only let him shift it a little to the right and left. The dog followed his frantic shifts keeping the head of its erection firmly within Eric's stretched mouth. He felt it as it pushed against each cheek as it slowly edged inward.

Suddenly, something strange and totally unexpected happened. Eric felt the dog's warm precum drool onto his tongue. His taste buds began to tingle and an unwanted craving for more of the dog's nectar filled his mind and the sensations quickly spread throughout his body. His nipples stiffened and tingled, his erection throbbed and a delicious ache filled his balls. He relaxed his mouth and moaned softly as the pulsing thickness slipped into his throat.

There was a slight gagging sensation which quickly subsided as the enhancing preseminal fluids spread onto the clenching muscles of his throat. The dog slowly pulled his slick appendage back to Eric's sucking mouth and cheeks and then slithered back inward. Eric's mind was filled sensations that he had never experienced before. He couldn't believe that he was enjoying this.

His tongue slithered around the tip of the dog's throbbing hardness on its outward stroke and sucked up the drooling fluid like a straw. His throat muscles began an inward rippling motion, pulling the wonderful thickness deeper and deeper into his suctioning mouth and throat.

A low guttural moan filtered its way past the lunging organ that was stretching his wide open mouth. His mouth and throat intensified its deep milking action in its quest for the ultimate liquid essence ... the dog's thick ejaculant. Below his kneeling body, his hips were now driving his throbbing erection in desperate forward thrusts toward the appreciative eyes of his audience. They smiled when they saw the strings of his precim being whipped into the air by his jerking body.

The dog's entire sex was now enflamed. Its hips thrust faster and its lunges took on a sense of urgency. Its whines became growls of intense pleasure. Eric felt the deep spasming of the dog's embedded erection and knew it was just seconds away from ejaculating and his mouth and throat increased their sucking actions. The exquisite pressure of his own ejaculation was building at the base of his wildly jumping hardness.

Suddenly the 'animal' hunched forward and froze. Eric almost fainted as the hot, thick essence gushed and spurted into his throat. The dog's gushing organ pulled all the way out, flooding Eric's mouth with its delicious, nectar and then plunged back into Eric's clenching throat. His mind was filled with a flood of ecstatic sensations as his 'hands free' ejaculation surged up his straining manhood. The liquid joy swirled around the tingling head and then exploded out past the wide open slit in his excited gland and the long stream flew toward the front of the stage.

The 'animal' slowly, almost pulled out of Eric's gasping mouth and strings of canine semen hung from his gasping lips. Reality quickly returned to Eric's mind and he almost vomited with the thought of what had just happened. A stunned Lena couldn't believe that Eric had just deep throated a dog, and the way he did it, seemed to tell her that he enjoyed it.

After placing a few licks on Eric's face, the dog slowly trotted to the side of Eric's body and began to lick and clean his softening, drooling member. The dog now padded behind Eric and sat down and waited. Eric's arousal slowly faded and his soft penis slipped down over his swaying testicles. His body trembled knowing the inevitable 'mounting' was about to happen.

The dog stood up and reacquired the scent that was emanating from his rectal area. It now looked at Eric as someone 'special'. The 'animal' moved his snout closer to Eric's buttocks. The 'Bitch in Heat' scent was pushing the 'animal' into a high state of excitement and it began sniffing around Eric's puckering anus. The long warm tongue shot out and began lapping the insides of Eric's spread buttock cheeks. The swirling tip teased and caressed the prepared entrance and Eric gasped at the ecstatic contact. He moaned as the swirling tongue teased the enhanced nerve endings of his rectal area and his penis stirred and soared to full erection.

The long, wide tongue slipped under his jerking buttocks and flowed onto his bloating balls and up the sensitive underside of his rock hard erection. When it reached the thick gland, it swept deliciously around it and Eric howled with joy. The sweeping tongue retraced its joyous path back to Eric's rectal opening and the thick tip began to kiss and caress the excited anal lips. Eric made a half hearted attempt to block out the rising waves of pleasure that were flowing into his rectal sheath.

The tip of the loving tongue curled and slipped past the clasping entrance of his 'womanhood' and nudged into the eager opening. His engorged erection jumped wildly as his rectal muscles clenched around the twisting tongue. The slithering tongue now began a series of short penetrations into his sheath causing him to gasp and pant as his arousal soared. The circling tongue slipped further inward and Eric wailed as jolts of joy raced across his loins. The dog's tongue had nestled onto the excited tissues of his prostate with an ecstatic massaging action.

Suddenly, the dog stopped and withdrew its wonderful tongue and Eric moaned in sexual frustration and disappointment. he then felt the 'animal' moving in close behind him and then felt him jump up and placed his front paws on his back, near his hips. His heart pounded and his hands fisted tightly as panic swept across his mind,

'Oh God, it was really going to happen ... The dog is going to mount me.'

He felt the desperate probing of its throbbing member between his spread buttock cheeks. Eric instinctively tried to shift his hips away from the dog's probing but its large paws held him firmly. It took the dog only a few swipes to find the excited anal opening and Eric gasped as his swollen anal lips formed themselves around the flexing head of the dog's erection. He screamed as the portal to his 'womanhood' was breached and two inches of pulsing thickness slipped and stretched its way into his receptive rectum.

The skewered Eric shifted his buttocks in a weak attempt to shake the canine off of his body, but his movements only added to the mounting excitement that was spreading deeper into his rectal sheath. The dog whined as Eric thrashed against his advancing hardness and thrust fully inward. Eric wailed as his rectal sheath was penetrated and his clasping rectal muscles began massaging the dog's long, thick organ. With one deep thrust, animal and human were sexually united. The 'animal' now had free run of the Eric's body. Its thrusts became quick and deep. Eric's engorged manhood began drooling copious amounts of preseminal fluids and his disgust slowly faded and was replaced with unwanted feelings of pure pleasure.

He detected movement off to his right and saw a naked teen walking toward him. He watched the monitor as the teen knelt down in front of him and then crawled under his kneeling body. He knew what was going to happen and a feeling of revulsion filled his mind. He shifted his hips in an evasive action but every movement caused the dog's lunges to escalate the sensations that were building within his enhanced rectal sheath. The teen's mouth glided over his excited gland and Eric howled as his straining erection became encased within the teen's deep sucking and milking throat. All the ecstatic sensations merged together and Eric began thrusting forward and lunging rearward as his mind became saturated with waves of joy.

Suddenly it gripped his mind and his body ... he couldn't stop it ... he didn't want to stop it. He squealed with joy as his rectal orgasm and ejaculation exploded across his body. It was quick, intense and feelings of disbelief filled his mind. His arousal never left him and the canine continued to stroke the fiery coals of his sexual being. The teen crawled from under his body and stood up. Eric saw his semen dripping from the teen's lips but his only thoughts were of his resurging arousal and what the dog was doing to him.

With every inward and outward stroke, Eric felt the warm throbbing hardness rippling over his swollen sweet spot. As his prostate was being massaged, delicious jolts of joy rippled across his straining manhood and aching balls. His breathing was now coming in deep pants and gasps. The dog's lunging hardness was causing his arousal to explode and he loved it ... he wanted it to last forever.

The 'animal' was now driving its flexing member deep into Eric's eager and excited rectum. Eric, in turn, was now pushing back and grinding his enflamed sex against the dog's heavenly thrusts. His face was flushed with pleasure and squeals of joy escaped his mouth. His dazed mind couldn't believe how much he was enjoying this. The dog's long thrusts were causing his swollen prostate to send ecstatic jolts of pleasure cascading across his body and his throbbing erection felt as though if it was going to explode.

The viewers smiled and watched intently at Eric's wildly jerking manhood. They knew from his deep gasps and pants that he was about to experience his second rectal orgasm. Eric felt the ecstatic contractions of his rectal muscles and the intense spasming of his prostate. The sensations raced toward his balls, up into his bullet-like nipples and saturated his rock hard erection and its highly agitated head. His head strained against the holding strap and his mouth and eyes were wide open as his dual orgasms were unleashed.

Eric felt the ecstatic contractions of his rectal muscles and the intense spasming of his prostate. The exquisite feelings pulsed up his straining member toward the excited crown. The thick stream of liquid joy seemed to stall as it swirled around the hyper-sensitive gland and then explode outward through the puckering opening toward the front of the stage splattering into pools in front of frame.

The 'animal' was whining loudly as Eric's rectal contractions milked and massaged its plunging erection. With a deep grunt, the 'animal' lunged inward and froze, unleashing massive amounts of its ejaculant deep into Eric's body. Eric felt an ecstatic pressure of warm liquid flooding his entire rectal sheath. The dog never stopped its deep thrusts and Eric squealed in joy as the dog's thick, slippery, semen was used as a massaging lubricant over his exploding prostate.

A second orgasmic wail escaped his mouth as his dual orgasms were again unleashed. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across his mind and eyes, his hands fisted and his toes curled as his 'hands free' ejaculation began jettisoning out of the spasming head of his bucking erection. Eric's body could not absorb any more sensations and he slumped unconsciously onto the frame's restraints.

He slowly recovered as wonderful aftershocks rippled across his body.

The dog's thrusts slowed to soft strokes and soon its deflating penis slipped away out of Eric's body with a loud slurping sound. Eric moaned as the wonderful thickness slipped out of his body.


The dog pushed his snout against his swollen, drooling anal lips, its nose sniffing at the scent of Eric's orgasmic juices. It slowly lapped up the delicious nectar with its loving tongue. The sigh turned into a moan when the dog pushed his lapping tongue between Eric's wide spread thighs and began an exquisite cleansing of his drooling, flaccid penis. The wonderful tongue lifted and curled around the soft tube of flesh as it deliciously licked up the remnants of his spurts and drools.

The 'animal' finally backed away and left Eric's vision as quickly as it had come. Attendants removed the collar and restraints on his head, ankles and wrists and 'escorted' a stunned and dazed Eric back to his restraining harness. His embarrassment and shame prevented him from looking a Lena. Lena knew she was next and wondered what was going to happen to her.

01.04 Lena, Dogs, Enclosure:

She had seen Eric's massive ejaculations and rectal orgasms. Her mind and body was filled with both fear and arousal. With a sigh of relief, she saw the mounting frame being lowered back down under the stage. It was short lived when she saw three glass panels rise upward in the center of the stage, forming an open ended, 20 square foot containment area, with the open end at the front of the stage. A glass doorway was in the side that was closest to Lena and Eric. A gym-like mattress rose up near the front of the stage with a support rail about 20" above the mattress.

A feeling of dread filled Lena's mind.

Two attendants walked toward Lena and they held her firmly as the restraints were removed from her wrists and ankles. The attendants 'walked' her through the glass door and into the center of the containment area and then left her standing there. Lena saw her audience staring at her and she made an attempt to cover her nakedness with her hands. All she heard were giggles and she ran to the back of the enclosure and pressed herself against rear glass panel.

A soft whirring sound was heard and Lena's stomach churned when she a platform rise up with two canines standing on it. They walked onto the stage and sat down resting on their hind legs and starred at her.

Lena sobbed loudly,

"Oh God ... not this ... Nooo..."

The male canine stayed put while the female slowly approached Lena. She tightened her hands over her sex and quickly closed her thighs. The female pushed its nose against the protecting hands that were covering her sex. Shivers of fear ran throughout her body and she started urinating. The dog waited until Lena had stopped and then sniffed at the urine and started to lick it up from her legs and feet. Its nose sniffed out the source and its tongue lapped at her glistening thighs as it moved closer and closer to her sex. The slippery tongue began making quick swipes at her wet fingers.

Lena cried out and ran from the dog.

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