Daddy's Big Birthday Gift for Tonya

by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Copyright© 2013 by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Erotica Sex Story: Sweet 14 year old Tonya gets her best birthday gift every from her Daddy. His big, long, Fat cock turns her into a woman.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Tonya was one of those girls that developed quickly. Her breast started growing when she was 12. Before her 13th birthday, she had full b cup beauties. They seemed to try busting though her to tight clothing. During her 13 year, her pussy hair exploded to the point her mother taught her to trim there.

By her 14th birthday, she was a voluptuous looking vixen. Five feet tall 110 pounds, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Tits grow on her a full 32C. Well aware of her looks she used them to get special attention from teachers, boys, and even some men. Her big cow eyes would flutter at older gent in the 7-11 as her lower lip quivered and a single tear would flow down her cheek.

"I lost my money," declaring with food and drink on the counter.

"I'll get it for you little girl," he would gladly shell out the necessary money and give her the change from the 20 dollar bill he paid with. Tonya would thank him and skip off the man happy to help such a 'pretty' girl. In fact, he was happier to help such a chesty thing day dreaming of fucking her as he watched her shapely ass move from him.

Tonya's father had been out of town when she turned 14 but two weeks later, daddy was back and it was his weekend with her. Tonya knew her daddy would spend a fortune on her for her birthday. Tonya passed her room so excited about her coming weekend. As soon as she was out of school, the anticipation began to grow.

Tonya packed a few of her gifts from her mother to show her daddy, new dress though it was covered with pictures of a husband and wife mouse, new shorts and T-shirt with humanized dog (so childish) and new PJ's. Tonya was not very fond of the PJ's they were kiddy things with her favorite Childs story bear eating honey from a pot on them. The same picture was on the short bottoms. Mother treated her like such a child and Tonya felt she was a young woman now. It was demeaning to her and a little hurtful.

Daddy had treated her very adult for over six months now and she was sure his gifts would reflect that. Pacing back and forth, she would pause at the window and look down expectantly at the drive. Return to pacing. He was not supposed to be there until six o'clock but at 4:45, he pulled in the drive.

Tonya ran down the stairs suite case in hand screaming, "Daddy's here, Daddy's here." Throwing the door open she ran and dropped the bag and jumped into her daddy's arms.
Gently rocking side to side, no words were exchanged between them none were necessary.

Tonya got in the car Daddy put the suite case in the trunk then went in to talk to the mother. As they talked briefly, Sandra found it impossible not reach out and touch Tony he would push her hands from him giving her a sharp hard look as he did. Her inside screamed to bill filled with his impossibly large cock. Breathing so heavy it was hard for her to speak her words came out short and breathy. Soon he turned to leave.

"Get control of yourself Sandra you are like a fucking bitch dog in heat." He walked out her wanting him so badly she was in pain. Moving to the living room, she sat in a chair. Yanking up the short skirt she was wearing, she had hoped it would catch his attention. She spread her legs up over the arms of the chair and thrust three fingers in. Soon she exploded in an intense orgasm.

Tonya talked to her daddy as they drove. Rambling from one subject to another in her incoherent nervous manner, she talked in when she had nothing to say. Talking of school, her mother, her girl friends, then she got on boys at school.

"The Adam said I looked so sexy..." her father broke in at this point.

"I don't want you talking dirty to boys or even listening to them in such matters. You don't need to be flirting with them, trust me none of them are worthy of you. Damn few you meet will every be worthy of you, that goes for girls as well." His stern authoritative tone let her know he wanted her to conduct her self in a very proper way. Tonya got the message and talked of other things.

"How was the business trip Daddy?"

"It was good I sold lots of product so my commission will be good. I may buy you something special next month with some of the extra. In the meantime you have some gifts waiting for you," he said pulling in his drive with his finger pointing at the townhouse, "right up those stairs."

Tonya squealed with delight. Unhooking her seat belt she jumped up and down in her seat and her big tits bounced. Watching with a sly smile on his face Daddy enjoyed the view. Walking up stairs, he went straight about fixing a nice dinner. Tonya watched and rambled about this thing and that person. Tony did not even mind her incessant chatter. They ate dinner talking back and forth Tonya was very happy today and Tony decided today was a good as any to make her a woman. His woman she would never belong to anyone else.

Bringing out the birthday cake he carefully cut the cake. In big letters on the cake, there was only one word, "Sweetheart." They ate one piece of cake each with some ice cream. Moving to the living room Tonya began to open her presents. The first was a PS3, the second gift was a diamond necklace (very adult gifts she thought). The third gift was a dress very short with a plunging neckline. Running with the dress to her room she quickly changed. Returning she modeled the dress like a runway model, it was very sex.

Sitting back down she opened the next to last present, it was a nightgown with matching panties. Pink, lacey and frilly it was very much adult. Hugging her father, she told him how happy this all made her. His cock twitched.

Opening the last gift, she found a tube of flavored lubricant along with a tube of KY-Jelly. A very quizzical look moved over her face. Holding and looking at the strange gifts, she could not imagine what they were. Looking at her daddy, she held them up.

"I'll explain those later dear. I have an extra gift for you now as well. While I get it ready, why don't you try on the sexy nightgown? Then you can model it for me?" A big smile covered his face.

Running to the bedroom she quickly pulled her clothing off. Slipping in the lingerie, she admired herself in the mirror. If not for her childlike face, she would look adult. Her face was the youngest thing about her it looked as if she was still twelve. Returning to the room, she saw a bottle of Champaign in a bucket of ice. Her father was moving the bottle around in a semi circle in the bucket. Holding the bottle at the next in between his hands, he moved his palms in opposite direction reversing the directions as the bottle moved in the ice.

"You look so nice dear, so beautiful so much like a woman," he told her. Excitement filled her she moved about holding the frilly bottom she would bow a bit and move on. Daddy's big cock swelled just a small amount. Picking up the bottle, he worked the cork out a loud pop issued forth when the cork liberated from its bottle master.

"Do I get a sip," asking even more excited.

"More than a sip dear, a whole glass for now and maybe a bit more later." talking as he poured the drinks. Drinking it down, she sat the glass on the table and dabbed her lips with her cloth napkin. Smiling at her daddy, he picked up the bottle and glasses in one hand. "Get the box with flavored stuff and KY in it." she picked up the present. Placing his right hand on her elbow, he led her to her bedroom.

Sitting Tonya on the edge of the bed near the heard board, he placed the glass and bottle on the bedside table. Removing the package from her hand, he put the two tubes on the side table and tossed the box in the trashcan on the far side of the table.

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