Pagan Spring: Chloe at Easter

by Bondi Beach

Copyright© 2013 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: The third and probably final "Holidays with Chloe" story. (Although maybe a Midsummer Chloe? Who knows?) Chloe and her family and friends celebrate Easter in the best way. Once again, pay attention to the codes! MM plays a relatively small but important part in this, although it's only oral, but if that isn't your thing this is a good story to skip. Otherwise, dive in and enjoy yourself. Oh, and don't take the story too seriously, either.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Chloe and I flipped a coin to see who would tell you all about Easter. I lost--or won, depending on how you look at it--so it's my turn again but don't worry, Chloe will have plenty to say.

"Chloe! What... ?"

She cut me off that Saturday morning by launching herself into my arms laughing and giggling and squeezing. She hung onto me until she heard Kathleen's voice from the kitchen.

"John, who ... Chloe?"

Chloe released me and stepped into Kathleen's arms and plastered herself against Kathleen and burrowed and nuzzled into Kathleen's neck.

I moved behind Chloe and put my arms around her and Kathleen. Chloe wriggled her bottom against me for a moment before she spun around to hug me again and nuzzle me, too. She pulled her head back and kissed me on the lips.

"Hi, Dad! Hi, Mom!"

She laughed at our faces.

"Surprise, huh?

"I was thinking about Christmas and wanted to see you guys again."

We must have looked a little puzzled, maybe even more apprehensive than puzzled. I knew what I was thinking: Lake Tahoe. Christmas. Other than a quick "I'm back on campus, everything's OK," we hadn't heard anything from her since she'd returned to school three weeks ago.

"Mom, Dad, it's fine. Really. I loved all of it."

Bright sun on Christmas morning. Icy outside, warm and humid and smooth and soft and wet in our bed. Thrusting into Chloe again and again, Kathleen beside me kissing Chloe and tweaking Chloe's nipples as Chloe writhed and spasmed and whimpered beneath me until she convulsed right before I finished inside her.

Late that afternoon, taking Chloe a second time in front of the fire while beside us Ryan fucked Kathleen's mouth and Sylvia watched and played with herself. Afterwards, Chloe on her tummy on the rug, her bare bottom inviting our continued attention.

I shook my head to clear my memories.

"We did too, sweetie."

Kathleen stroked Chloe's hair as she spoke.



In front of the gas fire our girl stretched out her legs, her back against the big easy chair, coffee on the carpet beside her. She smiled.

"I know we haven't talked very much about Lake Tahoe."

Another smile. Looked at her mother, then at me.

"I wanted you to know I loved it. All of it. I love you. I love you both."

"Oh, Chloe!"

Kathleen was out of her chair in a flash and hugged Chloe.

"Sylvia and Ryan did, too, Mom."

Chloe gave a little giggle then, and I swear I saw Kathleen blush. Thinking about Ryan coming all over her face, I was sure. I adjusted myself on the sofa. Chloe noticed.

"Yeah, Dad. Like that."

"So, Chloe, what's the deal? How're you? How are Ryan and Sylvia doing?"

"Dad, you too, Mom. Everything's OK with me. I'm fine. Ryan and Sylvia are fine. Everybody's good. Really."

She paused. Looked down for a moment. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'd swear she was caught between a frown and a grin and I think the grin was winning.

"I'm not sure what happens next, you know?"

My turn to look away, out at our garden, the sky leaden on this January morning.

"What do you mean, Chloe?"

"Mom, I don't know exactly. Really, I don't. I'm starting to see this guy, Robert, and I like him a lot, you know?"

Kathleen brushed a lock of Chloe's hair back behind her ear. Touched her lips to Chloe's cheek.

"Sweetie, and?"

Chloe fiddled with her coffee. Took a sip. Put the mug back on the carpet. Looked out the window. Her grin appeared again, but only for a second.

"Mom, I liked what we did, really."

She went back to fiddling with her coffee. Maybe it had the answer, but I didn't think so.

Kathleen stroked Chloe's hair again and kissed her cheek once more.

"Chloe, are you worrying about what your dad and I are thinking? That we'll be angry or disappointed or something?"

Chloe looked up.

"No, Mom!"

Kathleen glanced at me. Turned to Chloe and hugged her awkwardly from the side, pulling Chloe halfway into her lap. Kathleen continued to stroke Chloe's hair, gentling her.

"Sweetie, no. You don't ever have to worry about us. Not ever."

She kissed Chloe's cheek again.


Petting Chloe.

"Chloe, your dad and I loved what happened at Thanksgiving and then at Christmas at Lake Tahoe. Loved it. Loved you, loved Ryan, and we loved having Sylvia, too."

Kathleen glanced at me. I smiled and nodded.

"Your mom's right, Chloe. Loved it."

"Sweetie, we love you. You're all grown up and almost on your own. You'll make your own choices."

Another kiss.

"Whatever you choose now or in the future is fine by us. We love you."

One more kiss.

"What I'm trying to say, Chloe, is that we'll follow your lead, whatever that is."

Kathleen giggled. Kissed Chloe again, this time on her lips but not too hard.

"Whatever that is, sweetie."

I cleared my throat.

"That's it, Chloe. What your mom said. Don't worry about us."

Chloe had her eyes closed, but her face was clearer and I was pretty sure she was listening to everything Kathleen said. When she spoke, it was almost a whisper.

"It's not what you think. Not at all."

Chloe opened her eyes and looked at each of us. Her grin was back, albeit maybe a little uncertain of its welcome.

"He likes to watch."

Kathleen and I looked at each other. Once more Kathleen spoke first.

"Who does, Chloe? Watch what?"

I saw a smile replace the grin. The smile got broader.

"Robert. Rob."

"Watch what?"

"Me. Sylvia. Ryan."

The light dawned.

"He takes pictures, too."

I had to adjust myself again. As I did so, Chloe pulled Kathleen down and kissed her on the lips. Pushed herself up and shook her head as if to clear her thoughts.

"Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. Back in a sec."

With that Chloe got to her feet and left the room. We heard water running in the bathroom. Kathleen turned to me.


I shrugged.

"I don't know. We'll find out soon enough, I guess."

I rose and went over to Kathleen. Knelt and kissed her once, twice. A third time, thoroughly.

"You nailed it, Kathleen."

I hugged her for a second before I went back to the sofa.

"OK, guys, let's try again."

A freshly-washed Chloe stood in the hall entryway. This time she came over and sat beside me on the couch and took my hands in hers.

"Thank you."

She brushed her lips against mine.

"I'd like to bring Rob to meet you. Maybe over the long weekend in February?"

I glanced at Kathleen. We spoke together.

"Sure, Chloe."

"Maybe tonight you'd like to see some of his pictures?"

"You bet, sweetie."

I hugged Chloe as I spoke.

"OK. Gotta go. I told Diana I'd meet her at the mall for lunch. See you tonight!"

With that, she was out of the house and gone, leaving me, at least, with a mixture of uncertainty and excitement. Uncertainty about this Rob, or Robert, guy, excitement at what Chloe might show us tonight. When I looked over at Kathleen, I thought I saw the same feelings. Kathleen spoke first.

"So, John, where are we?"

"Honestly? I don't know. Really, I don't."

"Are you sorry about it?"

I knew what she meant.


I moved over beside Kathleen and kissed her. Tweaked a handy nipple under her t-shirt. Palmed her breast.

"How about you?"

Kathleen smiled. Extended her hand to rub me for a moment.

"No, I'm not sorry. I'm satisfied, I guess, if that makes any sense. I don't think Chloe is sorry, either."

She looked out the window at our soggy and bedraggled garden.

"I don't know whether it'll ever happen again. Doesn't matter. It's what Chloe wants, not us."

Another pause. Another long look out the window. When Kathleen turned back she was smiling.

"I dunno. I really don't. But I'm betting our daughter has something up her sleeve. And I think I'm going to like it."

Another pause. She grinned.

"If I'm right, you're going to like it, too."

I stood and pulled Kathleen to me. I kissed her, thoroughly, rubbing my hands up and down her back as she molded herself against me and purred into my mouth...

Afterwards, I gently disengaged from Kathleen and got the throw we keep on the back of the sofa. The gas fire was warm but with the rain and cold outside it was still too cool without a coverup.

Kathleen smiled.

"Mmm. That was nice."

I hugged her and kissed her.

"I think we'd better get dressed before Chloe comes back, no?"

Her breasts lifted as Kathleen shoved the throw away and rolled onto her back and stretched her arms above her head, her parted thighs an invitation I forced myself to ignore.


I grilled steaks that night. We keep the Weber right outside on the covered patio and I never let a little rain discourage me. Chloe was back by the time I had the fire started. I seasoned the steaks while Chloe and her mother worked up a green salad.

I'd be kidding if I said I wasn't a little on edge. Pictures? I'm a voyeur at heart, I admit it, and it hadn't escaped my memory that what set off things in our household last fall was an image of Chloe in her dusky rose underwear.

By the time we'd finished dinner and washed up I was more than on edge, I was flat-out horny. I didn't know what Chloe had in mind, beyond the pictures, that is, but I had my hopes. Even if they didn't work out exactly that way, I thought to myself, Kathleen was here.

"OK, guys, here we go."

Chloe, seated between us, opened her laptop on the coffee table.

"It's a slideshow. I'm going to start it and let it run, OK?"

Kathleen and I nodded. I put my arm around Chloe's shoulders and she snuggled against me.

The first image set the tone. It was Chloe in her bikini, smiling at the camera, the hillside behind her as green as California hills get as soon as the rains start, the sunlight slanting late in the afternoon and outlining the red tiles on the buildings seen in the distance behind her.

The next few images showed Chloe posing, cheesecake-style, hips canted, mugging and pouting for the camera. In one or two Robert appeared, bare-chested in what looked like board shorts, his swimmer's, we learned later, form showing to advantage as he matched Chloe's poses.

Chloe's bare breasts changed the mood fast. Gone were the smirks and funny faces. Her curves were golden in the afternoon light. There was warmth in her eyes, and love, too, in the way she looked straight into the lens.

I stirred, shifted in my seat, and tightened my arm around Chloe's shoulders. She turned and kissed my cheek. She followed up with Kathleen a moment later. I thought I saw them kiss on the lips, but I'm not sure.

On the screen, Chloe was stretched on the grass, nude now, relaxed and open. Inviting. What or whom was she inviting?

I wondered how far these images would go, and got my answer when the show ended with Chloe on her tummy, her firm bottom the centered in the screen, the camera following the curves of her back, smooth top to bottom, her head turned enough for us to see her smile.

Beside me, Chloe stirred. Turned slightly, her breast pressing my side, smiling but with a question in her eyes.

I had to stop a moment to catch my breath. Kissed her on the lips, lightly.

"Lovely, sweetie."

Chloe smiled.

"There's more, but maybe I should stop here?"

"OK, Chloe."

I heard Kathleen's disappointment. I cleared my throat and hoped I didn't sound the same.

"Chloe, tell us about Rob, OK?"

Chloe smiled.

"I like him. I guess that's obvious, huh?"

She paused.

"We were in the same Western Civ section last quarter. That's where we met. Kind of funny. I knew who he was, of course. It's a small section. One day we ended up sitting beside each other. Until that day, we'd done nothing more than nod to each other, and his voice startled me a little.

"'So, what did you think of Hollister?'

"I turned to look at this tall guy beside me. Kind of cute, I already knew that. Half-smile.


"He laughed.

"'You got that right.'

"He stuck out his hand.



"We shook. Very formal, huh? Every couple of weeks we get a lecture from some big shot expert. Hollister was supposed to know everything about 'Church and State in the Middle Ages.' Yeah, right. There was no way to tell what he knew. Maybe if he used an outline it would help. I'm an ace notetaker, but I couldn't follow Hollister's logic to save my life.

"'How about Jameson's lecture a couple of weeks ago?'

"Dreamy. I wasn't listening. There's no other word for it. Rob was dreamy. Is dreamy. My tummy did a little flutter."

Chloe turned to Kathleen and began to stroke her cheek and neck with the tips of her fingers. I could almost hear Kathleen's purr behind her smile.

"Anyway, it took me a second to come back to earth.


"'Renaissance Art. Two weeks ago, remember?'

"'Oh, yeah. Good. It was really good.'

"I guess it was good. I was too lost in Rob's brown eyes to know what I was saying. Or care.

"'Want to go for coffee?'

"Yes, I did. I felt a tingle and squished it. Stop it, you fool, I thought to myself. It's just coffee. Get a grip. Keep your pants on."

Chloe interrupted her stroking of Kathleen and leaned over to kiss Kathleen's cheek, her neck.

"Trouble was, I was having trouble with that. Getting a grip, I mean. I jumped when I felt Rob's hand on my arm.

"'You OK?'

"I covered his hand with my own.

"'Yeah! Let's go.'"

Chloe kissed Kathleen again. Giggled.

"Anyway, that's how we met!"

I shifted and began to stroke the back of Chloe's neck. Moved a little to run my fingers under her ear and down the side and back again. Chloe's turn to purr.

Chloe stood up, stretched like a cat. A curvy cat. She had our attention, but I was kind of frustrated when she leaned down to kiss Kathleen, then me, lightly on the lips and announced she was off to bed.

"Maybe I'll tell you more tomorrow morning, OK?"

I forced a smile. Jesus, was this kid ever playing me. Us.

"Sure, Chloe."

Chloe was on hands and knees, her rump in the air, smooth, inviting. Someone behind her, his face obscured, his hips jackhammering Chloe, her breasts swaying with every thrust.

Chloe couldn't speak because she had her lips wrapped around someone else's thick cock, the thrusts of her lover behind her forcing the cock in front deeper and deeper into her throat. The movements behind her grew more frantic, even as the cock in front increased its thrusts, hands holding her head steady, her tongue briefly glimpsed under said cock.

It was all over in a moment. The cock in front spurted and she swallowed again and again. Behind her, the guy never let go of her hips while he released and delivered.

I opened my eyes when I felt soft paws on my chest. Large cat, yellow eyes two inches from mine. George, of course, reminding me he was ready for his morning treat.

This morning, though, my treat came first. Kathleen stirred as I dislodged George and rolled over on top of Kathleen, fitting myself between her butt cheeks. Paused for a moment to pull my boxers down and free my cock. Stroked and thrust along the outside of her panties, her soft warmth yielding as a I ground against her. She groaned as I pulled her t-shirt up and reached under her to cup and press her tits, her nipples hard and welcoming my touch. I was already more than halfway there after my Chloe dream, and I erupted after only a half-dozen strokes and covered her smooth back.

Kathleen lay quiet for a few moments, then wriggled her bottom to signal it was time. Her smile belied the sleepiness in her eyes.

"My turn."

She turned onto her back. I skinned her panties down and off and dove into her warm humid muskiness and let my tongue do the talking.

"Love you."

"Love you."

My cheeks were wet with her juices as I moved up her torso and kissed her, morning breath and all.

"Hi guys!"

Chloe joined us for coffee at the kitchen table.

"So, what did you think?"

I looked at Kathleen.

"Chloe, you both looked great."

Kathleen paused. Grinned.

"Hot, too. Both of you."

Chloe laughed and jumped up to hug Kathleen first, then me.

"Thanks, Mom, thanks, Dad.

"There's more to show you, but they get pretty, um, personal, you know?"

I hoped she couldn't see my erection under the table. I reached over to take her hand.

"Can't wait, Chloe."

She laughed again.

"Great! Tonight, OK? Gotta go. Bye Mom, bye Dad."

Kathleen and I were left looking at each other. I jumped up to grab Kathleen, going for a repeat of our earlier romp, but she stopped me with her hand out.

"Easy, tiger. Why don't we see what happens tonight?"

She leaned her face up for a kiss.

"No matter what happens, you and I are going to get lucky. That's a promise."

Her lips confirmed the promise.

Kathleen made her famous minestrone for dinner. That and a bottle of middling red, plus a sweet bâtard from our favorite bakery, which is staffed by Spanish-speakers to a person but boy can they ever bake French, hit the spot on this cold evening with the rain a never-ending drizzle and a ground fog rising outside.

Chloe did the dishes while Kathleen and I showered and put on comfy fireside sweats and t-shirts. After she finished in the kitchen Chloe did the same, and we reconvened in the living room with the rest of the wine and hot coffee in a vacuum container for later. I was hoping there would be a "later," at any rate.

"So, I found out Rob's a swimmer, too. Not team-level like I am, but good enough that we started doing laps together after I ran into him at the Aquatic Center one afternoon. He looks good in a Speedo, really good."

Chloe stroked Kathleen's hair as she spoke.

"Anyway, we got into the habit of getting a coffee after swimming. Later on we started studying together."

Chloe giggled.

"And, well, one thing led to another, as you saw last night."

She paused.

"Are you guys sure you want to see this? Some of the images are really strong, you know?"

Kathleen and I sandwiched Chloe with a hug. I stroked her cheek.

"Sweetie, whatever you want to show us, we'd like to see.

Kathleen echoed me.

Chloe gave us each a kiss.

"OK. Don't say I didn't warn you."

We settled in, Chloe snuggled between us, as her images began to display. The scene shifted to what I recognized as Ryan's family cabin, easily identified by those moose heads we'd seen first at Thanksgiving last year. A fire in the fireplace, Chloe and Sylvia stretched out in front on their tummies to start. I'm not sure I can remember all of the images, much less describe them, but it was quite clear the two girls and Ryan enjoyed themselves as Rob documented every wriggle and spasm and throb.

The last sequence ended with Sylvia sandwiched between Chloe and Ryan, her delightful satisfied smile telling the whole story.

After the last image I stretched, and scratched Chloe lightly on the back of her neck. Kathleen spoke first.

"Well, Chloe."

Kathleen stopped.


"I think your mother means, 'Wow, ' sweetie."

Chloe squeezed Kathleen, kissed her. She turned to me and repeated her squeeze and kiss.

"Mom, Dad, there's more."


"Yeah. Ryan did a little film with Rob's camera, too."

"Let's see."

Double wow.

I don't know that Rob was the biggest guy I'd ever seen, but he sure as hell knew how to use what he had. Not just what he was packing between his legs, but his tongue and his mouth and his hands as well. He had Chloe up, down and sideways and if her grimaces and cries and laughs were any indication she enjoyed every second of it. I'll even give him extra points for something else: instead of the usual flashy finish he remained solidly implanted in Chloe, her legs tight around his butt, as he spasmed and squirmed against her.

The scene ended when Sylvia, who had been stroking Chloe whenever and wherever she could, got to her feet and sashayed up to the camera, her boobs filling the screen until the view shifted and the camera came to rest on its side on the sofa and Sylvia had her way with Ryan.

"Um, Mom, Dad?"

We looked at Chloe.

"There's something else."

Kathleen stroked Chloe's hair.

"What, sweetie?"

"It's about Rob."

Christ, I was thinking, what else could there be?

"He likes to experiment."

Kathleen glanced at me as she continued to stroke Chloe's hair.

"Like what, Chloe?"

Chloe twisted to kiss her mother, and back to kiss me, this time on the lips, and she lingered.

"Like with guys."

I felt my cock twitch. I was thinking about our last conversation a few weeks ago with our friend Greg and his new love, a guy.

"There's another film, but I promised I wouldn't show it to you unless they said it was OK."

"Who, Chloe?"

"Rob. And, um, Ryan."

Now I was seriously hard. I hadn't even met Rob yet but there were some possibilities here.

Chloe smiled.

"I just thought you guys should know."

Kathleen beat me to it.

"Sweetie, if they say it's OK, we'd like to see that film, too."


That's about all I could manage.

Chloe's smile got broader.

"I think you guys will like it."

She paused. Turned to me and kissed my mouth, a little harder this time.

"Especially you, Dad."

We were quiet for a couple of moments until Chloe rose from the couch and extended her arms over her head in a luxurious stretch. That ended with a yelp as Kathleen and I attacked from opposite sides. Her laughter and giggles turned to groans and murmurs as Kathleen lifted Chloe's t-shirt off and we each began to nuzzle and nip at Chloe's breasts. Chloe turned to Kathleen to hold her head and kiss Kathleen full on the lips. I followed Chloe's twist and in a moment I was cupping and palming Chloe's breasts from behind. I turned a little more and pulled Chloe down on top of me, Kathleen following, and we ended up in a squirming pile on the couch.

Sure, we attacked her, no warning, but I knew we'd been set up and Chloe's struggles seemed to be mostly aimed at getting herself out of her clothes as fast as she could. Kathleen and I took care of our own, and in a moment we were on the rug in front of the fire and we had Chloe sandwiched nicely between us and we were kissing every inch of her we could reach.

Our sandwich fell apart as Chloe shifted to part Kathleen's thighs and move to her center where Chloe's tongue found warm and wet places to conquer. That was fine with me. I moved on my knees closer to Chloe's bottom, held her by the hips and sank into her. Chloe stopped what she was doing with Kathleen for a second and looked back at me, her smoky expression saying, "Yes!"

I jackhammered Chloe and lasted all of 90 seconds, if that. No matter, after a bit of a rest we switched around and before the evening was over I'd come again, this time on Kathleen's boobs, and I'd tasted both women to loud happy climaxes.

Chloe returned to school a couple of days later, and in a week or so she sent us a link to her Cloud storage site.

The clip was a short one, but it didn't need to be any longer than it was, considering that it ended with Rob coming all over Ryan's face while Chloe rubbed Rob's butt and Sylvia held Ryan from behind and stroked his erect cock and both girls laughed their fool heads off. I think Ryan's cum-covered smile was genuine, and Rob looked pretty pleased with himself.

It left me with a hard-on, to Kathleen's amusement.

"OK, pal, is this what I think it is?"

She kept stroking.

"He's pretty good-looking, you know?"

"Yeah, buddy, I know. You apparently like more than his looks, right?"

I was close.

"Oh, man."

"Come on me, John."

I did.

Later, after I returned the favor, we rested in each other's arms.

"John, are you thinking about Greg?"

I stirred.

"And his new love. And the weekend with Susan and Claudia."

"Me, too."

As it turned out, the weekend several years ago we spent at the clothing-optional resort with Greg and Susan and their younger daughter, Claudia, was the last time we saw Susan. A month later, Greg told us she'd been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Six months later she was dead.

Last year we'd gone hiking with Greg. At lunch afterwards, he told us he had something he wanted to share. You could have knocked us over with a feather when he said he'd developed a relationship with a man, someone he'd met through a music class he was taking. When I asked him what kind of relationship, his answer was, "A full one."

Pressed about what this new relationship meant for his marriage to Susan, he laughed and said that was exactly the question Claudia and Frances, his older girl, had asked. It resulted in several very awkward conversations with his daughters, he said, the upshot of which was that he'd loved Susan completely, no regrets, no hesitations or conditions, and this new relationship had simply happened on its own. No labels, only that at least right now he was in a full relationship with a man.

I asked him what it was like when he and I had coffee a couple of weeks later. I confess I was interested in the details. I'd done the fooling around when I was a teenager that a lot of guys do, even if they don't talk about it, and what Greg told me increased my interest. Christ, that's a stupid way to put it. It turned me on, some of it. I'm afraid the full penetration part didn't interest me, but the stroking and the rubbing and the mouth work sure did.

It reminded me of the fooling around with others Kathleen and I had done ourselves, in college and later, including that Caribbean holiday Kathleen told Chloe about at Christmas. We'd sure done more than skinnydipping with Jill and Ed James. There was one warm evening when, after an extended session, each with the other's wife, Jill and I were lying together when I felt someone lightly stroking my back from my neck all the way down to my rear end. It was relaxing and exciting at the same time. The breeze through our open windows was cool on my skin, and after a few minutes the stroking was starting to arouse me once more. When I felt myself stiffening I kissed Jill and turned onto my back, expecting to see Kathleen. It was Ed. For a second, only a second, I was about to object, until I heard a stifled giggle behind me, and at the same time saw Kathleen grinning behind and to the side of Ed.


"Relax, buddy. You're going to like this."

I was getting seriously hard after Ed dropped his hand to my cock and began stroking in ernest. Kathleen nodded when I looked her way, she knew me, she knew this wasn't the first time a guy had had his hands on me, so I followed Ed's advice and relaxed. Ed dropped his head to my lap and took me inside, his lips and tongue as warm and wet as any other I'd experienced. He sucked, he cradled my balls, he kissed me and licked me and that was it. I came pretty hard considering I'd been with Jill only a little while earlier.

It took me a few minutes to get my breath back, Ed sitting there, big smile on his face. I knew I'd been set up when the women clapped and high-fived each other. Ed and I looked at each other. I'd been wondering whether Ed wanted me to return the favor and I was very interested in doing that if only to get back at him, but the women congratulating each other could not be let to stand without retaliation. I grabbed Kathleen, Ed did the same with Jill, and as they squirmed frantically we first kissed and sucked and then ate them into submission. Ed had pinned Jill to the floor with his cock, her legs back against her boobs, and he did his best to fuck her silly. By some miracle after a few more minutes I was hard enough, so I emulated Ed's efforts and screwed Kathleen to within an inch of her life. That sounds terrible, except that it was what Jill and Kathleen wanted and we knew it. Afterwards, the two lay there totally flattened and it was our turn to high-five each other.

So, I was interested in playing with Rob or at least seeing what might happen, and Kathleen knew it. I sent Chloe a little note, "Sweetie, you were right. We're going to enjoy meeting Rob, me especially." I laughed when I showed Chloe's reply to Kathleen. "Me, too!"

Later that night, after I'd eaten Kathleen to within an inch of her life and she'd returned the favor and we were lying side-by-side, I heard Kathleen giggle.


She laughed.

"You going to tell Chloe about that afternoon in the meadow?"

Christ. Not that I'd forgotten that. It was B.C., Before Chloe, and A.C., After College, but we were all still in our twenties, all starting out in our careers, and we were palling around with a mixed bunch, a little wild, not everyone paired off but all of us pretty good buddies.

"Think I should?"

She poked me.

"Why not?"

Remembering that afternoon, I felt my cock stirring, not that anything was really going to happen right now.

"We were high, right?"

"You don't remember?"

Oh no, I remembered everything. The warm afternoon, the soft grass under us, not to mention the grass we were smoking. There was a beer or five, too. We were high and wired. There'd been other afternoons, maybe not quite the same combination of people, where things had gotten loose, really loose.

Kathleen started to stroke me.

"Remember who stripped first?"

I did.

"Oh, yeah. Emily, of course."

Kathleen's friend Emily. Emily was always the first. Anyway, one thing led to another, and before long we were all nude. There was some dancing, I remember, and some kissing. Lots of kissing. Lots. People seemed to coalesce in pairs, in threesomes. I remember Clive on top of me, rubbing his erection along mine, Kathleen beside us. And, well, things went on from there. I think we all got off, and mine wasn't the only cock in another guy's mouth that afternoon. Don't get the wrong idea, it wasn't all guy-on-guy. Clive helped me sandwich Emily a little later, and I had Kathleen as well all by myself before the afternoon was over.

Kathleen hugged me and stroked me and that was all I remembered that night.

Unfortunately, a winter flu meant we had to scrap our plans for a February weekend with Chloe and Rob, to our mutual disappointment. Mine, especially, considering what I'd seen in Chloe's last movie. So, we didn't see either of them except for an extended Skype session after they recovered. Rob seemed to be very interested in what we thought of the movie.

Kathleen answered, looking first at me, then at the screen.

"It was totally hot, and you should have seen him!"

I think Kathleen's laughter and her poke in my ribs reassured Rob. I saw Chloe relax at that, too, and she and Rob exchanged a quick look.

Chloe waved at the screen.

"You're on! Bye!"

Kathleen turned to me after we signed off.

"John, I'd like to see Chloe and Rob at Easter. What do you think?"

A no-brainer.

"You bet. What about Ryan and Sylvia?"

"Sure, if Chloe wants to invite them."

I was thinking about fun with Ryan, too.

Spring came early with a string of warm days and very cool nights, so two weeks before Easter we took the cover off and cleaned the pool. After we launched our pool season privately in our usual fashion, Kathleen and I stretched out on the grass, still nude and a little sweaty, our fingers lightly linked.

"So, John, plans for Rob?"

Yes, I was thinking.



I didn't have to ask. I knew she had plans for Rob, too.

The kids, minus Ryan, arrived in a happy laughing bunch around noon on Good Friday, in the middle of what the weather twits said was going to be a week-long spell of unseasonably warm days.

"Where's Ryan, Chloe?"

Sylvia broke in.


We must have looked blank.

"His uncle is ill, and his folks wanted everyone to visit now rather than later."

Sylvia turned to Kathleen, grinned.

"He's really going to miss this visit."

Her grin got wider.


Kathleen blushed. I knew she was thinking about Christmas at Lake Tahoe.

"Which means," Sylvia added, looking at me, "you and Rob are going to be busy."

I glanced at Rob, who shrugged and smiled. Kathleen stepped into the pause.

"The guest room is made up."

She looked from one to the other.

"Or you can camp out in the living room, if you like."

"OK, Mom. No worries. We'll figure it out."

With that, Chloe led them off to dump their stuff and change into swimsuits.

I looked at Kathleen.

"Join them?"

Kathleen shrugged.

"In a little while. Let them have some time by themselves."


We made it out to the pool about a half-hour later, to discover that they'd all dispensed with bathing suits and were lined up in a row sunning, Rob in the middle on his back. Chloe gave us a little wave. Sylvia looked to be dozing, her bottom as inviting as ever. To judge by his lazy erection and half-embarrassed smile and Chloe's grin, Rob had been enjoying a little mild dalliance with Chloe.

Kathleen stripped off her suit, smiling at Chloe and Rob.

"Don't let us interrupt, kids."

I tried to look nonchalant and harmless, but probably my own semi-hardness gave the game away when I stepped out of my own trunks. As a distraction I grabbed Kathleen and shoved her into the pool and jumped in behind her. She sputtered for a moment but I silenced her by kissing her lips, her cheeks, her neck, everywhere I could reach. Her sputters changed to grunts of approval as she wrapped her legs around me and rubbed herself against my now totally erect cock. I let her go on for a moment before I released her and swam to the deep end of the pool. Kathleen followed, and a moment later I felt her hand on my erection.

"Is this for me, or someone else?"

"Always for you, sweetie, but at the moment, well, um..."

She giggled.

"It's Rob, isn't it?"

I think I blushed.

"Well, only if he's interested."

We heard splashes.

Kathleen looked to the shallow end, where Rob and Chloe were entwined, Chloe imitating her mother's movements from earlier.

"Why don't we find out?"

By the time we got to the shallow end Rob had boosted Chloe onto the deck and buried himself between her thighs, her legs on his shoulders. All to Chloe's delight, it was obvious, her eyes closed, her tummy undulating, and a big grin plastered across her face.

Feeling bold, I moved up behind Rob and rubbed his rear end. His wriggle said that was OK with him. Kathleen's hand replaced mine, and I levered myself out of the shallow end and headed for the grass where Sylvia, her hand between her legs, obviously needed assistance. I assisted her.

When I caught my breath, and after a long set of post-coital "Hi, how are you" kisses, I sat up to see how the other three were doing. Just fine, apparently. Kathleen and Chloe were seated side-by-side, their hands all over each other as Rob's tongue alternated between them, and I wondered which one he was going to have first. I got my answer when instead of taking one or both of them Rob came up the steps and over to Sylvia and slipped his cock into her waiting mouth. I guess they had practiced this. After a couple of minutes he withdrew and turned to me, and I wondered whose mouth he was going to put that thing in next. But Rob only smiled, jacked himself twice, and spurted on Sylvia's pretty face.

I was fiddling with the grill later that afternoon when I heard Rob behind me.

"Mr. Davidson?"

I turned around. I wondered for a second whether to insist on the formality or let him off the hook.

"Hey, Rob. It's John. What's up?"

Rob looked a little uncertain for a moment.

"Well, I wanted you to know, I mean to ask, um, about Chloe?"

I waited. Figured the kid needed to speak for himself.

"I mean, are you and Mrs. Davidson OK with me and Chloe?"

I considered playing with him a little, but I'm not really that mean.

"Rob, Chloe's told us how she feels about you, which means it's OK with us."

I grinned.

"Besides, we've seen the movie, remember?"

That relieved Rob, I could see that. I put him to work making burger patties while we talked. Every dad worries about his daughter, and no matter what the relationship is there's always a little bit of possessiveness with another male, even with me. Might sound odd, considering our family relationship, but there it was.

On the other hand, the more I listened to Rob talk about school, swimming, and the other stuff he and Chloe and their gang were up to this quarter, the more impressed I was. The kid was articulate, funny, and warm without trying to grease me up. Or if he was greasing me up he was so good at it I didn't notice.

Later that evening, stuffed on burgers, we were all in the living room, Kathleen and me on the sofa, Rob in the corner easy chair, and the girls in front of the fire. Kathleen asked the question I was wondering about.

"Rob, Chloe says your family is in New Mexico?"

"Yeah. Mom, Dad, and my little sister. She's in high school still. Dad's an architect and my mom's a psychologist. She has a little home office that's private and her clients come to her. Casey's a swimmer, like me."

Kathleen looked at me, raised her eyebrows. I nodded. I was about to ask the thing on my mind when Chloe sat up and turned around.

"I know what you're going to ask, Dad."

She turned to Rob.

"Go ahead and tell them, sweetie. It's OK."

Rob looked a little uncertain. Chloe smiled.

"Really, Rob, it's OK."

"My family is really close."

Well, this was interesting. Rob paused for a moment, I guess to decide what to say next.

"I mean, maybe not as close as you all are, but close."

Chloe moved over to sit in front of him between his knees. Rob started massaging her shoulders.

"We also spend a lot of time nude."


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