Revenge Is Ooooh So Sweet

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2013 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: A true short story about a naked sunbathing Katie and the next door neighbor,

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Wife Watching   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Over years Katie and I had made so very major updates to the fixer-upper house that we had bought. We had updated the inside, new roof, and new siding on the outside and lastly, we had added a deck, this was the one part that we enjoyed more than any other part of the house. In the summer we lived on the deck, whether it was cookouts or just sitting and watching the kids play in the yard.

When I came home from work one evening early in the spring, Katie asked, "Would it be possible to put a privacy fence around the yard. I would love to sun bath topless on the deck this summer but we have too many nosey neighbors."

After taking some measurements we came up with a list of materials and figured if we stretched things a little we would be able to afford this project. So it was off to the local lumber store to order all of the items that we would need. In a couple of days the yard was piled full of miscellaneous pieces of treated lumber and hardware. Each evening was dedicated to installing the fence, everyone in the family chipped in, the smaller children would drag boards to where they were needed, Katie helped dig the holes and put the needed posts in place and I carefully nailed each board in place.

Soon our dream fence was completed, sure enough when we were on the deck all the rest of the houses in the neighborhood were shut off, all except the house next door, it was a story and a half and had a high deck attached to top story. If someone was on that deck and walked to the end of the deck closest to the fence they would be able to see onto our deck. We decided that would be ok, because our neighbors never used their deck anyway.

Katie started making good use of the deck in the daytime when the kids were at school. She started laying out on the deck every day, first in a one piece bathing suit, but soon switched to a bikini because she didn't like all the white skin that was a result of the sun being blocked by the fabric.

Katie was short, less than five foot, but had the perfect hourglass figure, great boobs with eraser size nipples and a mound that she kept shaved except a small heart shaped patch of pubic hair just above her pussy lips. She had perfectly smooth skin and her whole body was soft, yet firm to the touch. It didn't matter if she was walking toward or away from you; her body made many a man grow stiff just watching her. If she were wearing clothes, they would be undressing her and if she were nude they would be dreaming about holding that great body.

She had been a virgin when we married but over the years I had shared that wonderful woman with many men. Each sharing would charge her up for a wild love making session when she came back home.

On a Friday evening after work, Katie seemed upset with I came in the door. "I think we have a problem."

"What makes you say that and what kind of a problem?"

"Steve, our next door neighbor, discovered me sunbathing on the deck today and he would not stop watching."

"Since when do you care if a man sees your body?"

"This is different, I enjoy it if I invite them but I didn't invite this, he just started watching on his own. He came out on his deck today to do something and saw me lying out on our deck and he would not stop watching, he even brought a chair and sat on the end of his deck and watched. He is the reason I wanted the fence, every time I would be outside in the yard he would be watching and if we were close enough for me to hear, he would be making all kinds of lewd comments, he gives me the creeps."

"I don't know what, if anything we can do about it, he is on his deck."

Katie looked as if she were in deep thought, "I'll think of something."

Steve and Darlene had been our neighbors for several years; they were about ten years older than we were. Both of them were well built, Steve worked out all the time and had the hard body to prove it; Darlene was just naturally slim and trim, with long flowing natural blond hair. Steve had a job that allowed him to work from the house and Darlene owned an insurance office and had to work six days a week but was home in the evenings and on Sundays. We had all of our insurance through her company. They seemed like nice enough neighbors, a little stuck up, but quiet and they kept to themselves. One thing that came to light really early on, was that Darlene was extremely jealous of Steve. If another woman would do as little as speak to him she would manage to get between them.

On Saturday I did notice that Steve had moved not only a chair but also a small table to the end of deck, thus reinforcing what Katie has said. I decided to go over and talk to him about the situation.

After the conversation all that was settled was the fact that it was his deck and he would sit wherever and whenever he wanted to.

As I came in the front door of our house, I said to Katie, "I spoke to Steve but he is going to do whatever he wants to, sorry I couldn't be of more help."

"That's OK, I'll handle it myself."

Over the next couple of weeks every time Katie would catch Steve watching she would start putting on a show. At first all she would do was to untie the top to her bikini and just lay on her stomach. That soon evolved, she would untie her bikini top lay down on her stomach then take off the top and lay it to one side. Still not showing anything, Steve took an even bigger interest. He would start checking early in the morning to see if Katie was out yet or not, if Katie was out on the deck he would move to his chair for the daily show, if she wasn't he would go back in the house and check again later.

Before long Katie started waving at him when he was on his deck and she would remove her top while still sitting up and even lay down on her back with her breasts exposed to him. A few more days passed and she went back to lying on her stomach but this time she would remove not only the top but also the bottoms. We also noticed that the police helicopter started making many trips over the house each day, but that is another story.

As the summer passed she began to even come out of the house without any clothes walk out on the deck, wave at Steve and lay down in full view, not bothering to cover up in any way.

On a Friday evening we had taken the kids to my mothers and Katie said that this weekend would be the time of her revenge.

Saturday morning dawned bright and with a cloudless sky. It was going to be a perfect day for sunbathing. Following her normal routine Katie walked out on the deck and strolled around watering the hanging baskets, in her normal attire, nothing. As expected Steve was already sitting at his normal spot. Katie was putting on a real show for him. As she watered the plants she would stop, reach down between her legs and spend a couple of minutes playing with her pussy. She made sure that every time she stopped, she was in plain view of Steve.

After finishing with the plant watering, Katie walked out into the yard and as close to Steve as she could while remaining in full view. She yelled up to him, "Hi Steve, are you busy?"

"Not at this moment."

"Could you help me for a minute?"

"Sure what do you need?"

"I need someone to put suntan oil on my back and Bill is busy right now, I don't want to burn."

In Katie's mind she said to herself, the only thing I want to see burn is you.

Then she continued talking to Steve, "Just come through the side gate, I don't want to disturb Bill, he is up to his ears in paper work."

Following directions Steve descended the stairs into his yard, walked across its width, opened our side gate and came into the side yard.

Katie made no attempt to cover up, but stood in full glory waiting for him to approach. "Thanks a lot, Steve, I don't want to burn, I'm just getting my tan to the point where I want it and I don't want to peel any of it away. How do you think it looks so far?"

Steve looked on with his mouth open, he couldn't believe his fortune, that standing in front of him was a Greek goddess. "I think it looks great, an even all over tan."

"Steve, I've noticed you watching me, I don't mind, but you don't have to be shy about it. This way you will have a better view and can even touch if you would like. Follow me up to the deck and I'll lay down in the lounge and you can put oil on my back."

Steve followed Katie like a little puppy, greatly admiring her beautiful ass that was just a few feet in front of him.

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