Fantasy Stranger

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2013 by NymphWriter

Fiction Sex Story: After the month from hell, a stranger breaks into Zeela's home and attacks her, promising to fulfill her darkest fantasies.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

It was definitely a time of extreme trial for me, and if I had known how it would end, I might have not bitched as much as I did during it all. To begin with, my boyfriend, Jimmy, broke up with me because when I shared my fantasies with him, per his request, he said I was too much of a sexual freak for him. Let me explain a bit further so you better understand. I had been reading stories on those sites that specialize in erotic literature after doing some research on a paper for a class on human sexuality on how some people engage in different sexual acts for pleasure. Now, some of the stories were so bizarre that I couldn't finish reading them, but some were so well written and erotic that I found myself fantasizing about being the female as she was fucked by the men or creatures in the story. Many even sparked a level of curiosity within me that I didn't even know existed until recently.

Jimmy and I had been dating about six months when he caught me one night reading a story and masturbating in front of my computer, he became quite upset. Really, I don't get the big deal since I'd caught him many a time jerking off to assorted porno videos he has watched, but all the same, he was quite upset. Now, Jimmy's a handsome guy, standing just under 6' tall, with shaggy brownish-blonde hair, brown eyes, and a fairly muscular build. Many girls found him attractive, and physically, he is. Everyone said we made a good couple; I'm petite, with strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and plenty of curves that Jimmy never complained about. So, after days of arguing, I shared with him the stories that really turned me on and the ones I wanted to try out for real (like being tied up to the bed and gagged while the man has his way with me or being fucked by a mysterious stranger in the shower.) He found these fantasies depraved and sick; even though many were very similar to the porno videos he liked watching. But it was my non-human fantasies that freaked him out the worst. I guess the idea of me being fucked by an alien, a demon, or other non-human creature, was what finally ended our relationship. Again, this was weird, especially since he loved those Japanese porno cartoons with the tentacled creatures violating the young women, and his favorite was one where a vampire used mind control to seduce and fuck a woman orally, vaginally, and anally (I'll admit, I liked it too.)

Our break-up was bad enough, but things at my work really started to pick up as well, and I was busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. I came home exhausted and sweaty thanks to the 10-12 hours of non-stop madness. Even though I'd shower in the morning, I found it necessary to shower again at night to clean off the filth of the day and get my body to relax. At least the long days helped me keep my mind of my love life, or lack thereof. I was too tired to even tend to my personal sexual needs. The only real difficulty I had was that Jimmy and I both work at the same company, but in different departments in the factory. We'd see each other at breaks and such, and I'd see him and his friend Eric Keller carpool into work, so I could only imagine what Eric thought of me. Eric was taller and more muscular than Jimmy from what I could tell and I always thought he was a good-looking guy. His hazel eyes would change color depending on what he wore, and he wore his straight brown hair a bit shorter than Jimmy's.

Now, my story really started the last day of the month, a very bizarre Friday by all accounts. I reported to work as normal and began to do my job. I found that burying myself into work kept my mind occupied and it seemed I got more done than I had in the past. This level of dedication apparently didn't go unnoticed by my boss, he praised me several times for my recent increase in output. After another ten-hour shift, I was ready for a hot shower and a hard sleep when my boss called my co-workers and me in for a staff meeting. None of us knew why this meeting was called, but we headed into the staff lounge and discovered that everyone in the company was there, and it was pretty much standing room only. I saw Jimmy and Eric sitting at a table with an empty chair, and I was more than a bit shocked when Eric waved me over to join them. Since I worked on my feet, the idea of sitting sounded wonderful so I stepped away from the girls in my department and sat down with the guys.

"Thanks," I said.

"Sure thing Zeela," said Eric with a big smile.

I rolled my eyes at him. "I've told you before to call me Zee," I said.

I have always hated my name and even though I go by Zee, Eric always called me Zeela since the day we first met. "I know, but I like your full name, it's so pretty, just like you."

"What? Are you hitting on my ex-girlfriend now?" snapped Jimmy.

"So what if I am?" said Eric. "You're the idiot who broke up with her."

Jimmy rolled his eyes and I said, "Come on guys, we're all tired from the long day and the longer week, so let's not fight, okay."

"Fine," grunted Jimmy.

"Anything for you Zeela," said Eric, smiling.

The head of our company, Mr. Andrews, stepped out and the room quickly quieted down. He was a tall, gray-haired man who had worked with Mr. Dougherty, the founder the company, and invested a few hundred dollars in the belief Mr. Dougherty could create a quality product. Now Dougherty's Furniture employs hundreds of us, and even during this nasty recession, they were able maintain the staff levels without cutting our pay, benefits, or hours too much. Even though he hadn't hired any new staff members in almost two years, we still had a job unlike so many others at other companies. I didn't love my job, it was hard and somewhat back-breaking work, but there wasn't much else out there so I just bide my time until I could finish my degree and move on to something better.

"Good evening everyone," began Mr. Andrews. "I know you're all tired and it's been a long and rough couple of months, but I have some good news to share. To begin with, we will be going back to normal schedules starting on Monday."

There were cheers all over the room. Mr. Andrews raised his hands and the room quickly quieted down. "Now, as some of you may or may not have known, we have an opening that came available shortly after all this overtime started for an office position."

"Yeah," I whispered, "I put in for that job. Not that I had a chance to get it."

"Several of you submitted requests for this position, and I'm sure you're wondering why none of you were interviewed for it."

"Um, yeah," I whispered.

"Probably because the girl banging the boss got it," whispered Eric.

Eric's comment made me giggle and Jimmy just rolled his eyes. "I want to say that we decided to try something different this time," continued Mr. Andrews. "We asked the managers and division heads of the applicants to monitor the individual or individuals for this period of mandatory overtime to see how this unexpected rush in work affected them. I must say I was a bit disappointed that some didn't demonstrate a good work ethic as I had hoped."

There was some mumbling in the crowd, but I sat quiet. "And there were several who really demonstrated an excellent work ethic," resumed Mr. Andrews as the room quieted down. "Now, I still believe you are all excellent workers and these are tough times. Some of you have families and these extra hours have been extra tough on you, so don't worry no one is getting fired. But after several reviews of personnel files and reports from supervisors from not only your departments, but others as well, we've come to a decision. Please join me in congratulating Miss Zeela Peterson."

The girls in my department cheered the loudest, seconded only by Eric who threw his arms around me and said, "Congrats Zeela! Or should I say, Miss Peterson."

"Stand up Zeela!" called out Mr. Andrews.

Jimmy looked pissed as if I had betrayed him. Eric released me and I slowly stood up. Mr. Andrews motioned me to step forward and once the others knew who I was, since most only knew me as either Zee, or Jimmy's girlfriend, started to cheer and clap. Mr. Andrews shook my hand first and said, "Congratulations Miss Peterson. I understand you've done a hell of a job and I look forward to working with you in the future."

I smiled and mumbled, "Thanks," as other managers and supervisors shook my hand. Mr. Andrews informed us all that we'd be seeing a more practical sign of his appreciation in our next paychecks by way of a small bonus for our dedication. Then they sent everyone home, except me. I needed to complete some paperwork after everyone left. An hour later, I finally left. Mine was one of the few cars left in the lot, and it bugged me because I hated walking out to my car alone. It's not that our factory is in a bad neighborhood, but still, why tempt fate and trouble? Happily though, when I stepped out, the old night security guard saw me and ran over to escort me to my car. He congratulated me on my new position and reminded me that if I were ever to work late, to just ring him up and he'd escort me to my car. I thanked him, went to a local fast food place for a quick dinner, then drove home.

I rent in a small house from a family who lives in a mansion on the same property. They rented the house to me because I was a friend of their daughter from college. I needed a place after my roommate took off with her latest boyfriend and without her income, I couldn't afford the rent and was going to be evicted. The house is much nicer than my old apartment, more spacious and has a bathroom that's unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The shower could easily handle four people comfortably; there was a Jacuzzi bathtub for up to four people, a large master bedroom, and the whole place was fully furnished. The family allowed me to store my furniture in a shed on the property so I didn't have to sell off my things or rent a storage unit, and they charged me less than my half of the rent from my apartment. Since I didn't live very extravagantly, I was able to save the extra money to eventually move out on my own, though I didn't really have any intention of moving any time soon. I mean really, would you if you were me?

I parked my car and noticed the main house was dark, which meant the family was left on some trip and probably wouldn't be back for three or four days at the earliest. I went into my house, dropped my things in their normal place, and debated about the shower. I wandered into my room and saw that the housekeeper had changed my sheets, a service the family provided me without me ever asking, but they knew how grateful I was for this. Since there were clean sheets on my bed, I decide to shower before bed. I wandered into my bathroom, turned on the water, and stripped while it heated up. I tossed my dirty clothes into my laundry bin, which was also empty. I knew that all my dirty clothes from the week were cleaned, folded, pressed, and put away. Thus, another reason I wasn't considering moving from here anytime soon.

Once the water was at the right temperature, I climbed in, stood under the stream and let it beat down on my tired, dirty, and achy body. I could see the dust and dirt run down into the drain while I processed all that has occurred to me. I got my hair wet and poured some shampoo into my hand. I massage it in as I thought about how much this new position is going to help me clear my school debt. With my mind lost in my thoughts, the lights went out and soap leaked into my eyes.

"SHIT!" I screamed.

I put my face under the water to rinse out the soap, my eyes burning. I figured there must be a power failure in the neighborhood. I just rinsed the last of the soap rinsed out when a man's hand covered my mouth and my body was pressed against the shower wall, pinning my arms underneath me. I felt a naked man's body press against my back, his cock hard and pressing into my ass and lower back. I screamed into his hand, then heard him whisper, "Do as I say, and you won't get hurt."

There was something familiar about his voice, but I was so frightened that all I could think was I was about to be raped, or worse. The man whispered, "We both know no one will hear you scream, and I'm just here to fulfill your darkest fantasies."

I knew it was futile to scream anymore so when he moved his hand away from my mouth slowly, I asked "Who ... who are you?"

"If you do as I say, I may tell you ... later."

"Wha-what do you want?" I asked, my body trembled and I prayed he was serious about not hurting me.

"I told you Zeela Peterson, I'm here to fulfill your darkest fantasies."

One of his hands began to caress my arm gently as I asked, "How ... how do ... do you ... how do you know..."

"I have my ways," he said, his hand brushed my hip and his foot pushed my legs apart. "But if you'd rather I stopped, then wait until the lights come back on and promise you won't call the cops and you'll never see or hear from me again."

Now, I was scared to the point of paralyzing terror, but I was also a bit curious, and aroused. Plus, there was that familiar tone in his voice, like I knew him, but I didn't know how. "I ... I'm scared."

"I swear I won't hurt you Zeela Peterson, I only wish fulfill your wildest and somewhat darkest fantasies."

His hand began to caress my ass and I gasped. "Why ... why me?"

"Now, that is a good question Zeela Peterson," he said. I felt his fingers push between my legs and brush my sex. "Let's just say I really want to, and from what I can tell, you want me to. You're already so wet, and not just from the shower."

He was right; I was turned on, though I trembled under his touch, a mixture of arousal and fear. His fingers pinched my clit and I jumped and gasped. "I see you like what I'm doing to you Zeela Peterson."

"Why do ... oh ... do you ... oh ... keep calling ... oh ... calling me that?" I asked.

"Because Zeela Peterson, your name is beautiful, just as you are," he said.

Okay, I now had this 'stranger' narrowed down to less than a handful of men. Part of me thought maybe it was Jimmy trying to make-up with me, but part of me thought it might be someone else. He moved his hand from my ass and brought it around my hip and to the front of my body. I felt his fingers brush my stomach, past my pubic hair, and down to my sex. He slipped two fingers into my pussy and began to work them within me while his thumb worked my clit. I squirmed and moaned, my breasts still pressed against the cold tile of my shower wall. I felt him wrap his other arm around my waist, securing my arms under his, and pulled me away from the wall. He fondled my nipples, tugging at them gently, flicking them with his fingers, and I was nearing an orgasm. The water beat down on my naked body and I felt his breath on my neck, and what I thought was a mask. I could smell the faint aroma of my arousal, and the distinct scent of quality leather. Part of me wanted to turn and look at him, but fear kept my head in its position and my eyes watching the water rain out of my showerhead. His cock pressed into my ass and lower back, and I squirmed under his touch and panted.

"Cum for me Zeela Peterson. Cum hard and I'll fuck you like you've always wanted."

Why his words affected me like they did, I may never know or care. I just know that my orgasm hit me so hard I screamed and shook. He called out, "YES ZEELA! CUM FOR ME!"

I felt the stranger's mask on my cheek as my body shook. He never stopped working my pussy or my nipples until I felt my orgasm pass. He removed his fingers slowly, then I felt his cock enter my pussy, and I was now almost sure, this wasn't Jimmy. I mean, Jimmy has a good size cock, but I was sure this man's cock felt so much thicker. Plus, until now, I hadn't realized he was wearing a condom which made me breathe a sigh of relief as I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant or an STD just to fulfill my dark fantasy. He slowly filled me, forcing me to feel every inch, until I felt his balls hit my clit. His cock felt longer, confirming what I suspected, he wasn't Jimmy. He grabbed my wrists, pulled my arms behind me, pushed me down under the water and began to pump within me. One hand held my wrists while the other began to fondle my clit.

"Oh fuck Zeela, your pussy is so fucking tight."

"Your cock is so big!" I cried.

With every thrust, I squirmed and moaned. I had never enjoyed sex more, and this stranger was doing exactly what he said, fulfilling one of my darkest fantasies. Here I was, in my shower being fucked by a strange man and loving it.

"Harder!" I cried. "Fuck me harder!"

"Gladly!" he said and slammed his cock into my pussy.

With each thrust, my body responded just as he seemed to want it to and I screamed. I could hear him growl with each thrust until he announced, "I'm going to cum!"

I could feel his cock pulse; with one last thrust, he slammed his cock deep within me. The sensation brought on yet another orgasm. I could feel my pussy squeeze his cock, trying to milk every drop of cum from his dick. We were both panting hard. He reached under my waist and pulled me into his chest, still pinning my arms into his body.

"Thank you," I said breathlessly.

"Oh, my pleasure," he growled in my ear.

"Tell me who you are. Please."

"Not now my dear Zeela Peterson, you need your rest. But soon, I promise. For now, I have a simple request."

"Anything," I said.

He could have asked me to walk across hot coals and I would have done it. He pressed his chest against my back, his cock still somewhat hard and in my pussy. "Stay in the shower until the lights come on."

"Anything else?" I asked, thinking this was a strange request.

"Promise this will forever stay our little secret."

"Of course," I said. "Besides, no one would believe me anyway."

"I want to see you again."

"How will I know it's you?"

"Trust me, you'll know. Now, close your eyes please."

I shut my eyes and with that, he pulled back, his cock slid out of my recovering sex, and he slipped out of my shower. Part of me wanted to call him back as I opened my eyes, but I didn't. After a few minutes, the lights came back on and I was shocked how bright it was. I finished showering, carefully washing my sex, as I didn't want to wash away the sensation of my stranger lover, or how erotic and sexy the whole experience made me feel. I finished, dried off, and padded to my bedroom. I opened the drawer with my pajamas, there were my normal tank top and shorts sets. Next to them was my sexy, lacy baby-doll with matching panties that I bought for Jimmy, only to have him tell me I looked slutty and cheap, so I never wore it again, until now. I pulled it out and slipped it on. It added to my feelings of being sexy and sultry, and after my shower encounter, it really made me feel incredible. I climbed into my bed and almost immediately fell asleep.

I woke in darkness to find my arms tied above my head and my legs tied spread eagle. I began to panic until I heard, "Have a nice nap Zeela Peterson?"

It was the same voice from the shower. I looked around until I saw his outline in the dark. I realized the power must be off again because there were no lights. "What are you doing here?"

"The same thing I did earlier, to fulfill your darkest fantasies."

I moved again and realized I really was restrained, but still dressed. "Why am I bound?"

"Because you wanted to be tied and gagged. Though, I'm not ready to gag you just yet. Well, not with my gag, but I would love to gag you with my cock."

Now I was really freaked out. How did he know I wanted this? "But I'm still dressed."

I saw a flash of silver as he said, "That is easily fixed."

I gasped and I realized he was holding a small knife in his hand. I pulled on my restraints; tears welled up in my eyes, and cried, "You said you wouldn't hurt me!"

"And I won't. Though, I can't make the same promise for your incredibly sexy nighty and panties. I sure hope you're not fond of this outfit."

"Not as fond as I am of living."

He chuckled. "I'm not into necrophilia, Zeela Peterson. Just relax."

That was when I knew whom it wasn't standing in my room. Jimmy never laughed like that, he hated this outfit, and I'm sure he didn't even know what necrophilia even was. He stepped up and I saw the hood over his head, covering everything but his eyes and his mouth. My body trembled and I watched while he took the knife and cut my nighty without ever letting it touch my skin so that I was now fully naked. He set the knife on the end table and climbed onto my bed. Except for the hood, he was completely naked and his cock was hard again. He crawled his way to my head, and my eyes confirmed what my pussy told me earlier, he was bigger than Jimmy. I could see the veins bulging from the shaft and the mushroom top head glistened with precum.

"Now, open your mouth and I'll feed you my cock."

My heart was racing, but it was more from arousal than fear this time. There was the faint scent of leather and a man's cologne in the air that I knew wasn't Jimmy's, so my curiosity was quite high. I smiled up at him and opened my mouth wide, and he fed me his amazing cock. Now, if I hadn't already figured out who he wasn't, tasting his precum confirmed this. He was definitely not Jimmy. This guy's cock tasted nothing like Jimmy's ever did. His precum was much sweeter, with an almost peppermint flavor to it. I licked the head then sucked his cock into my mouth.

"Mmmmm," I moaned.

"Oh yes Zeela Peterson, suck my cock."

I licked the sides and head while he fucked my mouth with his cock. A few times he thrust deep into my mouth to where I choked a couple of times, but never forced me to fully deep throat him. Then he spun around, never removing his cock from my mouth, and leaned down. I felt his bare chest against my body as his head went between my legs and I felt the smoothness of the leather hood on my thighs as his tongue licked my pussy and clit. I moaned on his cock as he began to lick my pussy from my clit to my anus. I felt his finger slip inside me, followed by a second and then a third. I arched my hips into his face while he continued to fuck my mouth with his cock and my pussy with his fingers. Then I felt something change with his fingers and I thought he was just adjusting things until I felt his finger enter my ass. I squealed with shock and pleasure as he began to fuck my pussy and my ass with his amazing fingers. He sucked and nibbled my clit, his fingers fucked me and before long, I could feel the sensation though my entire body and another orgasm raged through me. I screamed with his cock still deep in my mouth.

He pulled off me, taking his cock from my mouth and said, "Damn you tasted good. But now, I need to make sure you don't make too much noise."

He slipped a ball gag into my mouth and hooked it behind my head. My teeth bit into the ball, and I found I could only grunt and squeak. "Now my dear, I'm going to fuck you hard and make you cum multiple times until you literally pass out."

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