House Sitting, Sara and the Golden

by chinookwind

Copyright© 2013 by chinookwind

Erotica Sex Story: Sara agrees to housesit for her friend Nichole. Unknown to Sara, Nichole has arranged for a specially trained 'friend' to keep her company.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Zoophilia   First   Bestiality   .

Sara was in the second week of her 'house sitting'.

Her friend Nichole had asked Sara to look after the house while she was away on a business trip. When the taxi arrived to pick Nichole up, they hugged and as she left the house she thought to herself,

'Sara honey, you are really going to enjoy the surprise that I have arranged for you. If only I could be there when it arrives.'

Sara was having lunch when the door bell rang. She opened the door was greeted by man wearing a uniform with the label, 'Custom Breeder Kennels'.

She smiled when she saw a beautiful Golden looking up her. The man explained that Nichole had ordered this 'special' dog back in April and his name is Prince.

Sara didn't know exactly what to say or do. She liked dogs but wasn't sure she could look after it. The man handed Sara a booklet on the care and feeding of their 'specialized' dogs. She smiled at Prince as she signed for the delivery.

The man left and Prince stayed in front of Sara. It was if it knew that this is where it now lived and it finally dawned on Sara, why there was a stock of dog food and other things in one of the kitchen cabinets.

'Why hadn't Nichole told her about the dog?'

Sara loved the huge golden immediately. She knelt down and lovingly rubbed her hands on his ears. Prince's whole body and tail wagged excitedly. His smiling face reached up and began kissing Sara all over her face and neck.

Sara stood up and said,

"Well Prince, why don't you come in and see your new home."

The dog immediately went on an exploring mission throughout the house, Sara happily followed it. She kept remembering what the man had said ... it was a 'special' dog and wondered what he meant by that.

They ended up sitting on the sectional and the dog laid his head on her lap. Sara again rubbed her hands on his neck and ears. It was then that Sara noticed that the dog's penis sheath was huge. She remembered the video that her EX had hidden in a basement cabinet in her old house and the erotic images flashed back into mind. Sara immediately shook the thoughts away.

She had spent the morning cleaning the house and doing some garden work and decided it was time for a shower.

Sara loved the multiple heads of the shower. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm cascading water as it flowed over body. Soon she turned it off and dried herself with the thick, soft towel. She left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. Prince was laying beside the bed. When he saw her nakedness he stood up quickly and Sara smiled when she saw his classic Golden smile and wagging tail.

Sara smiled and thought to herself.

'Nichole is just going to love this dog.'

She kneeled down beside the bed and petted his head and ears.

Prince dipped his head toward Sara's slightly spread thighs. His extra long tongue shot outward and the thick tip pushed between the folds of her labia and slipped upward onto the hood of her clitoris. Sara didn't expect nor was she prepared for what the dog did and gasped with surprise and shock. Her mind froze, she didn't know whether to scream or get up and run.

She also didn't expect the reaction of her body. As the tongue slipped over her folds and onto her clitoral hood, an intense jolt of pleasure raced across her loins. She was about to reach down when Prince's soft, warm tongue slipped back down and teased her surprised vaginal entrance, the tip pushed the folds further apart and slithered back up to her hardening clitoris.

Sara's stunned mind was trying to cope with the unwanted sensations that were now flooding her sex. She now knew what 'special' meant and didn't know if she wanted this to continue or not. Prince's lapping tongue was making up her mind for her. Sara's treasured opening began spasming as the dog's tongue nestled into her excited inner lips. The thick tip then glided upward between her flared folds and curled around her hardening clitoris with ecstatic squeezes and caresses. Sara gasped loudly as her clitoris leaped out of its protective hood. Her knees almost crumbled as the incredible sensations exploded across her loins. In a daze she managed to crawl to the bed and turned around, sitting on the floor with her back resting against the bed.

Sara saw Prince move beside her and he begin to lick her face and neck. She put her hands on the dog's head and lovingly petted its ears and she kissed him on the forehead.

She softly spoke to him.

"That's enough Prince, You are Nichole's dog, not mine, besides..."

Prince's tail wagged and he pushed his head into Sara's shoulder. Sara began to run her hands along the dog's neck and upper body. She closed her eyes and sighed as her erect clitoris and excited vaginal opening was telling her things she didn't want to know.

Prince lifted his head away from Sara's shoulder and she tried to stop its downward movement. His nose sniffed around her aroused nipples. A loud hiss escaped her lips when she felt the dog's warm, wet, smooth tongue wrap around her right breast and slip deliciously up and over it, where it found her erect nipple. It swirled around it, pushing the tingling, rubbery tip in exciting circles and then begin to suckle on it.

The dog switched to Sara's left breast and did the same to it. The long wide, slick tongue tantalizingly switched from breast to breast, nipple to nipple. As it slipped over each nipple the smooth tongue pressed and swirled the engorged tips making them feel as though they were going to explode. Sara's whimpers turned into gasps and moans. Never in her life had she ever experienced such exquisite and arousing sensations. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the bed, letting the waves of pleasure flow throughout her body.

The dog's tongue started a slow, sensuous slide downward over abdomen toward the junction of her closed thighs. The hot wet tip slid along the hood of her engorged clitoris and again begin an ecstatic caressing of her hard, pink organ. With a reflexive action, Sara quickly bent her legs and brought them back toward her body, spreading them wide apart. Her swollen folds flared apart, begging for attention. The dog's tongue slipped down the parted furrow into her clasping inner lips and Sara wailed joy.

Prince now started doing something strange. He focused his attention on licking the bottom part of Sara's thighs and hips. Through the haze of her aroused mind, it finally dawned on her that Prince wanted Sara on her knees. She quickly turned over and rested the upper portion of shoulders and head on the bed and her hands grasped the sheet. She pushed back on her lower legs and spread her thighs wide apart. The dog saw the swollen folds spread apart and caught the scent of Sara's arousal.

The dog edged further toward Sara's upraised and open sex. He slipped his flat tongue forward along the swollen lips of her labia and then back toward his mouth. Prince repeated this fantastic sweep again and again, causing Sara to squeal with joy. Her hands gripped the sheet tighter as she thrust her hips rearward as ecstatic sensation flooded her body. The dog's exploring tip found Sara's clenching entrance and deliciously pushed inward. Sara wailed as the smooth slippery intruder, coiled itself into a thick tube and slithered its way deep into her vagina. The portal to her womb opened like the spreading wings of a butterfly as her lover approached.

The dog withdrew his tongue part way and lunged back in, withdrew and slithered back in, again and again. The loving tongue never wavered, never faltered. Her vagina clenched and spasmed, her clitoris and nipples felt as they were going to explode. She opened her eyes wide and saw nothing but bright, white flashes of orgasmic light. Her mouth opened to scream but no sound came out. Suddenly her body and sex convulsed in unison and an orgasmic wail echoed around the room.

Sara's body exploded in a shower of orgasmic ecstasy. Her mind couldn't cope with the intense orgasmic sensations and Sara lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she recovered, the dog was still stroking his loving tongue deep into her vagina and cervix. It was licking up her thick orgasmic juices like a straw. Sara's clenching vaginal muscles were trying to draw the loving tongue deeper and deeper into her seething passage.

Slowly her lover withdrew and Sara slumped down onto her knees, her tight grip on the sheet supported her still convulsing body. She closed her eyes, savoring the sensations as her body was racked with delicious aftershocks.

She loved it, she wanted more of it.

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