It Started in the Rain

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: It was raining and Sissy had a damn flat tire! She didn't really know what to do but Ray appeared and he did know what to do. Then, being flustered, she really insulted him. But when she went to make her apology, the world turned upside down.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


The day, the work day, that is, was about finished. Sissy was one of the last in the plant, but that was not unusual for her. She was 30 years old, but she was also the company's COO. It was a matter of pride for her. She'd come up with the company, so to speak.

She was out on her own by the time she was in her late teens. The only alternative that she could see, at that time, was the alternative that too many of her girl friends had chosen: a boy friend, and a baby, babies, by the time she would have been 18. She didn't want that for herself, to remain in the pressure cooker of the poverty neighborhood and give in to its ways.

The company had been her first step out for herself. He Momma was already gone and the only 'home' that was left was with the latest step father, no great prize by any means. There was never a father for her, it had always been her Momma and a parade of boy friends, friends and step fathers.

She left. So that at 17, Cicily, Sissy, Truman was on her own. She got a job with the company, one that allowed her to take care of herself. It wasn't a great life for a while. Her money was always rationed but she was making it for herself.

She began the process of night school education not long after she started with the company. Her determination made her a first class, straight A student. With her education, her abilities at the company increased. She got better positions. She kept her studying and ended in her current position: COO of Crain-Weber Industries.

She lived in a lovely apartment; she took good care of herself, exercising to keep fit and was fairly brilliant at her job. Crain-Weber was doing well, very well, and Sissy Truman was doing well along with the company.

But now the work day was finished for her.

It was raining. As a matter of fact, it was raining exceedingly hard, pouring in fact.

She had her trench coat. She had her umbrella. Her car was not too far out in the lot. But, in addition to those things, she also had a flat tire!

Sissy stood in the rain and just looked at it.

She was a first class COO! She was great at her job! She was the 'go to' person at work for all sorts of people and tasks. But she knew crap-all about changing a tire.

"Oh damn!" she said in a soft voice, knowing that she was stuck.

She stood. She stared. She thought but got no closer to thinking about how she was going to get it taken care of.

She was just beginning the process of thinking whom she might call to come and get her out of the situation, when someone approached from the side, from the building.

"Ms Truman," a voice said, startling her just a bit.

She turned and saw Ray Windham, one of the workers in the packing and shipping department. Ray was about 5 years younger than Sissy, she estimated.

"Oh, Ray!" she said.

"You go over there by the overhang of the building," he said. "Let me take care of this."

"Oh, that's so nice, Ray!" she said, "I have no clue about what to do here or how to proceed."

"In good hands!" he said, getting her keys and going to the trunk to start taking care of the tire.

He had on a rain slicker with a hood and went right to work on the tire. She retreated to the shelter of the overhang on the building and watched. He was quick. He knew what he was doing and he got the new tire, a full sized one that came with her car, on in what seemed to her to be a relatively short period of time.

He also, despite his slicker and hood, got completely soaked in the process. He walked back to where she was waiting for him in the shelter of the building and he handed her the keys.

"All done!" he said smiling at her.

"Ohhh!" she said, and without a further thought, launched herself at him for a hug.

"Now you're getting wet!" he said, to cover both his embarrassment at liking the hug so much and his pleasure at her show of affectionate gratefulness.

Sissy giggled and said: "Not nearly as wet as you are!"

He laughed. "Might make me grow!" he said, and they both laughed.

"Do you have clothes here that you can change into? I don't want you getting sick from this!" she asked, quite concern.

"I don't know how to thank you properly," she said, softly and, almost instinctively went for her wallet. "Here, let me give you something for your trouble."

He was silent and she stopped the gesture. He said softly: "That's okay, Ms Truman. I have to go now and get some dry clothes."

She stood there watching him leave and the more she thought about it, the angrier with herself she got for offering to pay him, 'tip' him for fixing her tire. She was upset about it enough that, without a thought, she went into the building, where he'd gone a little before. She never thought that it was the men's locker of the plant or anything like it. She was only intent on making up to him what she then perceived as a gross gaff, an insult.

She entered and looked to the left and saw him. Then she was rooted to the spot. He was naked! He had a towel that he'd just used to dry himself with and looking up, saw her staring at him.

Her first and most immediate thought was: "He's gorgeous!"

When she first saw him, and her hand sprang to her mouth to hold back a kind of outcry, his back was turned to her. His naked butt was nothing less than amazing. When he turned around, still drying himself, he saw her.

The look that he gave her, realizing at once how disconcerted she was, was one of barely suppressed humor. There was a kind of grin on his face.

"Oh dear!" she said. "I ... I, uh, wanted to come and apologize for insulting you by offering you money, and now ... now I've, uh, made it worse by walking in on you!"

He chuckled then obviously enjoying the situation.

"I have to warn you, Ms Truman..." he began.

"Sissy please!' she said almost automatically.

"Sissy," he said with pleasure, "I'm going to drop the towel now and dress."

She was staring; she knew it, and was having a hard time breaking her eyes away. He had broad shoulders, wonderful chest muscles, what is called a 'six pack', and thigh muscles that she could see. She could also see, from the way that the towel was being held, one hip that was naked. It all had her very uncharacteristically rattled.

"I'm, uh, sorry!"she said, "I mean about being so insensitive and insulting you but also for, uh, breaking in on you."

"No problem at all, Ms Truman ... Sissy," he said then, and with a kind of a noise in her throat, she turned on her heel and left, almost at a run.

"Ray Windham," he said to himself, after she was gone, "That was marvelous! Might just cost you your job, young son, but it might also be worth it just to see the look on her face!" It left him chuckling.

For Sissy it was a struggle, a real struggle to try to get out of her mind the vision of his naked ass, and then his torso. She sat in her car, after she'd fled from the building and said to herself:

"Magnificent! Just magnificent."


The next day at work both Sissy and Ray had a hard time getting their encounter of the previous day out of their minds. Finally, she gave in, having decided that she did indeed owe Ray a true apology and rang for shipping on the intercom.

The message was simply given to him that he was wanted in Ms Truman's office. He knew immediately that he might be in trouble over yesterday's encounter, she was, he reasoned, after all, the boss, and his 'connections' might not help him in a spat with her.

But as soon as he went into her office, passed in by her secretary without waiting at all, he was at ease. He was at ease because he saw clearly that she wasn't. It was all that he could do to keep from letting a huge smile broaden his face.

"Ray," she said, trying to get her emotions under control. "I think that I owe you an apology for yesterday."

She paused and he said softly: "No, not really."

But she held up a hand and said: "Please, I need to say this, while I have the courage. It was wrong of me to offer you money. It was a stupid, shallow thinking thing to do. For that I apologize!"

She took a deep breath; he didn't interrupt her this time. Then she went on: "And I don't know what was on my mind, when I followed you into the locker room. I did want to say that I was sorry, of course, but whatever I was thinking, I have no idea.

He couldn't help himself then. He grinned.

She only stared at him for a few seconds and broke into a grin herself. "Don't you dare!" she said, through a giggle, which surprised Ray that she, the big boss giggled!

"I'll remember that!" he said to himself.

"What?" she almost shot back at him then.

"You giggle!" he said, "I like that."

She giggled again. "You're not making this easy!" she said.

"Didn't know that I was supposed to!" he said with a grin.

She put her head in her hands and simply said to him: "Out!"

He laughed and said: "Yes, Ma'am, and thank you for the apology. It's accepted."

She watched him go and said to herself, once he was gone: "Way to go, girl! You just melted in front of one of your workers! Giggling! Get a grip, is what I say."

She ended giggling again, and giving herself a solemn promise to think about this.

It happened that it was a bit slower in the afternoon and she did take time to think about it. She had a snack, later on, at her desk, since the later afternoon reports on shipping and acquisitions arrived. It was dusk, when she finally went out to the lot. It all, of course, flashed back in her mind, but especially the vision of his nakedness.

"Damn towel!" she said and she giggled to herself.

"Still giggling!" a voice said.

She looked up and saw Ray standing there. She simply smiled.

"Wanted to see if you were okay tonight," he said.

"Yes," she said, "Thank you, Ray."

"Get the tire fixed?" he asked.

"No," she said, "I forgot to."

"Why don't you give it to me and I'll have it taken care of," he said.

They went to the trunk and she opened it, giving him the tire.

"Late day again," he said.

"Yes," she replied, "Reports and acquisitions to look over."

"Hmmm," he said.

"It's out for a drink now though! Thank you for the tire," she remarked softly.

He grinned, and she knew that he was going to say something.

"Go ahead!" she said, "Or you'll burst!"

"Just that I'm going in to shower and change. Give me a minute before you come in!" he said, laughing by the time that he got to the end of the sentence.

She put her hand over her mouth and giggled into her hand, as he simply smiled and walked away.

Then she was in her car and even started it, after watching him disappear into the building. She sat for a while and remembered the grin on his face and said to herself:

"Well, Sissy girl, a challenge is, after all, still a challenge!"

She sat for just another minute and said to herself: "Yep!"

She got out of the car and walked resolutely to the building. She went in the men's locker room door and found him right away. He really wasn't expecting her. He looked up in surprise, when he heard her intake of breath.

She found him wearing only a pair of royal purple, satiny briefs.

Then he grinned at seeing her. She moved with resolution, having made up her mind to up the challenge, saying to him:

"I want these!"

"What?" he asked.

"These!" she said, "Hostages until I get my tire back!"

She went to him, with him only staring at her and smiling and, reaching out, hooked her hands inside the waist band of his wonderful looking briefs and began to pull them down and off.

She stopped in the middle of her task, as his semi-erect member showed.

"Ohhhh!" she said.

"What did you expect?" he asked softly, "With you here stealing my underwear?"

Her loudly expressed 'ohh' was because, even soft it was large and wonderful looking. She stared at it for a few seconds and said to him, again resolutely:

"Not stealing at all! Taking a hostage! Might wear them tomorrow!"

He laughed and she giggled.

She was hunkered down to get the briefs off of him. It left her staring at his now hardening erection. She looked up at him and said in a strangled voice:

"Not here!"

"No," he agreed immediately, "Not here!"

She stood then and pulled his nakedness against herself: "Damn you for looking so wonderful!" she said into his ear, licking his ear at the same time.

She held onto him and her delight at the feel of his nakedness against her was only matched by his own delight at the feel of her, snuggled against him.

She ran her hands down his back and grabbed him by the butt cheeks for a few seconds before moving away from him. She shook her head, as though to clear it and said: "I'm going to stop for a drink and some perspective at 'Walt's'. That's what I'm going to do."

"Perspective," he said, "Good idea!"

"Don't forget my tire!" she said.

"Won't!" he replied, "You've got my undies!"

"Yep!" she said, turning to grin at him and just looking. He made no movement to hide himself from her. His erection was hard and riding up against his belly.

"Oh dear!" she said, and hurried out of the building.

"You keep on running away like that," he said to himself softly, smiling and then, in a soft voice said one word: "Walt's!"


When Ray got to 'Walt's', the watering hole for many of the office crew from the plant, there was a group already there. He knew most of them pretty well and was pleased to see that Sissy was sitting with them and sipping a beer.

"Hey!" he said generally, and took a seat that was near where she was sitting, joining the group in a spirited discussion about the day at work.

After a bit, a few of them drifted away and one couple, who were in fact dating, got up to dance. Walt's had a small dance floor and a piano player providing music.

Ray only waited a minute or so, when he asked Sissy if she wanted to dance. She agreed. The others were agog that he had the courage to ask 'the Boss' to dance and only watched as they went to the dance floor.

She went into his arms and they began to move to the beat of the music.

"I bet you're not wearing any underwear!" she said into his ear.

"Not going to tell you those kinds of things!" he said with resolution.

She giggled.

"Bet I find out!" she said next.

Then she sighed and said to him: "This isn't fair!"

"What?" he asked.

"You're gorgeous with or without your clothes and you dance like a dream."

"All part of the package!" he said.

"But no undies, I bet!" she said, ending the statement with a giggle.

"Not telling!" he said.

"Wish I could move my hands," she said softly and then added: "And wish that you could too!"

"Don't want to rile up the workers!" he said into her ear.

"No, I guess not!" she said, though there were actually only a few of them still at the table, when Ray and Sissy returned.

They talked a bit and the others then left.

"One more dance?" Ray asked.

"One more dance!" she said.

They went to the floor and this time, during the dance, Sissy slipped her hands down and framed his butt cheeks with them. He did the same to her, following her lead. It left both of them sighing.

"Can't feel any undies!" she whispered into his ear.

"You stole them!" he said equally softly to her.

She giggled.

Back at the table, as they prepared to go, he said:

"Have you eaten?"

"No," she said, "Late afternoon snack at my desk."

"I make a great omelet!" he said.

"Are you inviting me?" she asked, her hand sliding over his.

"Yep!" he said.

"Good," she answered, "Let's go. I'll follow you in my car."

"Fine," he said, "I'll introduce you to my pal Roonie."

"Roonie?" she asked, not too sure now.

"Yes," he said, laughing, "The world's best dog!"

"Oh!" she said, smiling, "Roonie! For a moment I thought you were inviting me for something kinky!"

"I might!" he said to her, grinning.

"Don't you dare!" she said with a giggle, and then: "Until I tell you to!" He smiled at her and they both left.


Sissy was totally overwhelmed by Roonie! She was in love with him from first sight. Roonie was a shaggy, black and white kind of 'Heinz 57' dog with a totally loving personality and a long snout that he liked to have scratched.

"He's wonderful!" Sissy said. "Always have lived in apartments and they don't allow pets; he is so great!"

"And what a lovely house," she went on, still scratching Roonie, who was leaning into her to get the maximum benefit from her scratching efforts.

"Gift from my parents and aunt and uncle," he said, "After I came out of the service."

"It's lovely," she reiterated.

"Hungry?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "Famished really!"

"Good!" was his reply, "My omelets are worth waiting for."

"Hmm, we need to see about that," she said grinning.

They went to the kitchen, where he put on an apron and was about to get the ingredients for the omelets all together.

"Wait!" she said in a loud voice, sounding right then totally like the boss at work.

He picked up on her tone and said: "Yes, Boss?"

"Glad you realized that," she said with a giggle.

"Yes, ma'am," he answered very politely.

"I don't need to be the boss every time but I am today," she said.

"What does the boss want today?" he asked.

"First of all, before anything else, before eating, or cooking, or requests, and I do have those, I want a kiss!"

"Roonie, hide your eyes," he said, speaking to the dog, who, hearing his name, was thumping his tail on the floor, "She's getting forward. The boss wants to play with her employees!"

"She does!" Sissy remarked, "And I have Roonie's approval for this."

She went to him then and into his arms. They were about equal in height. She heaved a huge sigh, when he pulled her against him.

"I've thought of this all the time, ever since seeing you in the locker room," she said in a whispery voice.

"I've thought of this ever since I came to work for the company!" he said.

"Ohhhh!" she sighed, as he passed his lips quickly over hers, and ran his tongue along her lips.

"Ohhhh," she sighed again, now being kissed properly by him.

She met his efforts with a slightly open mouth, allowing his tongue to enter her mouth, after just a few seconds of lip exploration. As she clung to him and they continued the kiss, she became bold and let her hands wander down to his waist and further, until she possessed with her hands both of his butt cheeks.

"Love your ass!" she said.

"Thanks!" he answered breathlessly. "Are we going to do this?"

"We certainly are!' she said, "Roonie assured me that it was an excellent idea!"

"Eat first?" he asked.

"Is that a dirty suggestion?" she asked, giggling.

"Well, it wasn't really, but maybe it's a good one! But you said you had a request," he said, leaning back from their hug. Before she had a chance to make her request, however, he said:

"Sissy, you are so elegantly beautiful that you fill every part of me, whenever I see you! The loveliness of you! The grace of you! The sheer physical beauty of you!"

She was smiling as he said this.

"And you're built like the proverbial brick outhouse!" he concluded.

That last statement had her giggling, by the time it was finished.

"By you have a request!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she began. "What nice things to say!"

"Sincerely meant!" he said. "Never, thought of a relationship with an afro-american woman, until I saw, met you!"

"Oh, yes," she said, "A relationship; that's good. That's what I want too!"

"I keep getting us sidetracked," he said.

"But for the very best reasons!" she answered softly.

"Request?" he said softly then.

"Yes, the boss does have a request," she said.

"And you don't need to be the boss every time?" he asked.

"No, and now you are stalling!" she said, giggling.

"Okay, lay it on me!" he said.

"I want you cooking wearing an apron, and nothing, absolutely nothing more!" she said decisively.

"You dirty minded woman!" he said, "What do you think I am?"

"Well, unless I miss my guess," she said, "You're going to be the naked cook."

She got a little serious then and said: "Ray, I understand what you said before; I can make the same statement. I want to have this 'eye candy', call it; that's what I want. I want to be the voyeur here, watching your naked movements, looking at your ass, seeing your cock sway beneath the apron! That's what I want!"

"Done and done!" he said. "You wait here and the cook will be here in a minute. Take care of her, Roonie!" He left the room then, taking the apron with him.

When he came back in a few minutes, he was totally naked and wearing the apron. She immediately put her hands to her mouth and began to giggle.

"Wonderful!" she said. "Muscles! Wonderful!"

He grinned at her and turned to begin the omelets. His naked ass was toward her now. She giggled and said: "Never seen such a nice ass on a man before!"

"Touching later," he said, "Right now the cook is busy!"

"Fine," she said, "Let me just take a photo of this for posterity!"

Before he could object, she had her phone out and had taken a picture of him with the apron on and his naked ass showing. She giggled with pleasure, when she was done taking the picture.

Then she sat back and simply watched him. It was, for her, an ocular feast! She watched the play of his muscles, ass, back, shoulders, and legs, as he went about the task of cooking, knowing all the while what he was doing. She smiled and made small noises periodically.

"Sound pleased!" he said, looking over his shoulder.

"Am pleased!" she said, moving in his direction. "One little feel for the boss! One little one!"

She ran her hands up and down and around his butt cheeks, after saying this.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she said, "How nice does that feel!"

"Almost ready here!" he said.

"Gee," she said, "And I was hardly playing with you at all!" She was giggling again, when she said this.

"I meant the omelets!" he said.

"So did I!" she said with a wide eyed grin.

He put the omelets on plates but went to her and pulled her into a kiss before they ate. The kiss lasted a few minutes and became more and more passionate. She had her hands on his butt cheeks again and his hands were busy playing with the heft and weight of her butt cheeks through her skirt.

"Omelets!" he said into her ear.

"Hungry! Goodie!" she said.

"May I dress?" he asked next.

"Don't think so," she said, smiling, "The apron becomes you!"

"Thank you!" he said.

They sat to eat. Once they'd finished, with her complimenting him on his cooking ability. She asked: "Did you shower before you came home from work?"

"Yes," he said, "Don't always but today I did."

"Good," she said, "Then I want to shower next. Please show me where it's at. You may leave the apron in the kitchen but no clothes for you, while I'm boss."

"Okay," he said, "No clothes for me."

She grinned at him, when he took off his apron, his erection sticking straight out in front of him. She reached out and grabbed him by the erection and pulled him into a hug and kissed him, never taking her hand off of his erection, in the process. Then, grabbing his erection again, she led him, with his directions, to the master suite. She sat him down on the bed then, his erection still stiff and pointing directly up in the air.

She looked at it and giggled: "At attention!" she said.

"Of course," was his comment, "Saluting the boss!'

That made her giggle also. She went to him and grabbed his erection, as she bent down to kiss him.

"Shower time for me," she declared, and he watched with rapt attention as she went through the process of taking off her clothes. "And you get to watch!" she said, once she was almost totally naked.

"Good for me and Roonie!" he said. By then, Roonie was on the bed, his head on his front paws and simply staring at the two of them, his tail periodically beating a tattoo on the bed covers.

She finally was finished with the shower and came out of the bathroom wearing now his purple, satin briefs.

"Grandest tiger in the jungle time!" she said, coming to him and pulling his smiling face against her stomach. "Not finished being the boss here though!" she said.

"Didn't think you were," was his comment.

"You lie down on your stomach," she said, and I want to see if you have the things that I need.

"If I don't?" he asked, his face resting against his arm.

"Might have to go to the store!" she said.

"Gonna dress first?" he asked politely.

"No!" she said, and giggled.

"Wanna watch that!" he said.

"You can but you don't get to dress either!" she said, laughing.

"What a treat we'll be!" he said laughing.

"Oh, here's the stuff that I need," she said, from the bathroom, where she had been looking in his medicine chest and cabinets.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"Sure am!" she answered, coming back into the room with him.

"Now you just lie here and let me work!" she ordered him.

"What if I fall asleep?" he asked.

"I'll bite your ass!" she said, giggling.

"Oh," he said.

"But I might any way!" she remarked, "It just looks so 'bitable'!"

"Hmm, never been called 'bitable' before!" he commented.

"Have now!" she said and then he could feel the weight of her as she moved to the bed, standing at the foot, where his feet were just about coming off of the bed.

"This is first!" she said, opening a bottle of scented body cream.

She began then by rubbing some of the scented cream onto his feet.

"My, my!" he said, "Didn't expect this!"

"It's the way that your beauty needs to be handled!" she said.

"Oh, yes!" was his comment.

She continued her process then, rubbing his calves and shins with the fragrant oil, and moving her way up his torso as she went. She pressed on his thighs to get him to spread them a little. He accommodated her and spread his thighs a bit for her. It allowed her to rub some of the oil on the inner surface of his thighs. She moved her hands so that now and again they brushed against his balls and also the crack of his ass.

Ray was constantly sighing now.

Then she reached his ass. She stopped the process of putting the cream on him for a few moments to allow herself to begin to run her tongue along the crack of his ass.

"Ohhhh!" he moaned.

"Liking this?" she asked.

"Never thought the boss would be this way!" he remarked.

"Now you know!" she answered.

"I do indeed!" he said. "This is going to make me explode!" he said.

"You mean this?" she asked, pushing her tongue deeper into the cleft of his ass cheeks.

"Yessss!" he hissed.

"Or do you mean this?" she asked, dragging his balls into her mouth, as she pushed his thighs further apart.

"Yessss!" he hissed again.

"Or maybe even this?" she asked, in a polite voice, as she now pushed a long finger between his cheeks and, seeking her goal, finally got her finger lodged inside his butt hole.

"Ohhhhhhhh! He said, almost explosively.

She knew from his new noises that he was close to an orgasm, and she heaved him by the hip onto his side. She continued her invasion of his butt hole with her finger and now had his large erection in her hand and was pumping it, with him moaning away.

Her timing was good and correct. She shoved her finger a little farther into his butt hole and he gave a strangled cry. She moved quickly and covered the head of his cock with her mouth, clasping it tight and receiving his seed, as he spasmed and began to cum in her mouth.

"Oh fuck, woman!!!!!!!!!" he wailed, unable to say anything else right then.

When he was finished cumming, she pushed him over onto his back and spread herself down on top of him. She clasped his lips with her own and his mouth was open immediately to receive what he knew was coming. She passed the semen into his mouth and then took some back from him, when he passed it back to her.

They lay back then and he sighed: "I'm almost exhausted and I haven't even done anything to you yet!"

She laughed and said: "This was boss' prerogative!"

"I guess!" he answered.

She raised herself up on one elbow and spoke to him: "Ray, I'm not going to hide the truth here. You are a gorgeous man. You have the nicest man's ass that I've ever seen and playing with it, and with you was right there at the very top of my agenda! And I had a great time doing it!"

He laughed and said: "I was just being polite!"

She bit him then! She grabbed a hunk of his chest with her teeth and just stared up at him.

"Not!" he said.

"You'd better!" she said and licked the place where she had him in her teeth and then kissed it.

"I am being controlled by a wicked, wicked, wild woman!"

"Oh," she said, "I like your alliteration!"

He chuckled. "You are a constant surprise! All that I intended, when I saw that you're tire was flat, was to help you out. Of course, your beauty has been a legend around the place. Won't I be unpopular, if the word ever gets around that I'm the boss lady's toy!"

"Is that what you are? My toy?" she asked, kissing his shoulder.

"I guess I am! The way you treated me!" he said. "And what does the boss want next?" he asked then.

"Oh, goodie," she said, "There are 'nexts' to be had!"

"Your servant!" he said.

"Oh, I like that!" she said, "And since I'm still in charge here, this is what I want!"

She shoved him onto his back. He moved very easily for her and then she whisked his underwear down her legs and off and scuttled around on the bed so that she now was able to put one knee on each side of his head and grabbed him by the hips with her hands, lowering her head.

"Your inginuity knows no limits!" he commented.

"Glad you're discovering that so early in our relationship," she said, "Now eat me!"

"Yes, man!" he said, "May I ask you to do the same?"

"You may!" she said, already licking the crown of his newly formed erection with her tongue, giving him a momentary spasm. Then she lowered her head and this time didn't only take the head into her mouth. She began the process of running her lips down the outside length of his erection.

He moaned but by this time it was a moan that was delivered directly into her pussy mound.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned as he began to lick at her vaginal lips, rasping the way with his tongue into and through her curly, almost kinky pussy hair.

The sounds of their passion were the only sounds for almost the next ten minutes to be heard. Now and again, he grasped her hips and lifted his head to be able to run his tongue along her butt crack. She, for her part, began the process of bobbing her head up and down on his erection, frequently taking all of it into her mouth, so that she was able to kiss his stomach on a number of occasions.

This time again their cumming, mutual this time, was fairly frantic, and involved them clasping each other, as the time of climax arrived, first for her and then for him. She rolled then and they kissed again, sharing and she nestled then, with her head against his shoulder.

"Wonderful!" she said.

"Mmmm!" he agreed.

"I want you at least as my lover!" she said, looking up at him.

"My pleasure!" he said.

"Other women in your life?" she asked.

"Only my Aunt! Parents are both gone now but I've lived with my uncle and aunt for a while. She's my biggest supporter."

"Was!" she said.

"What?" he asked.

"Was your biggest supporter!" she said, kissing his shoulder again.

"I might want you to meet them," he said, "We'll need to talk about that but not just now. I think that the boss might not be done!"

"Very clever of you to notice that!" she said. "Will he come out to play one more time?" As she asked the question, she moved her hand and took his penis in her hand. It began to grow immediately and she giggled.

"Yep!" she said, "He's going to come out and play again!"

"What does the boss want?" he asked.

"I want it rough and dirty this time!" she said with determination. "Me hanging over a chair and you plugging me from behind! Use me this time! That's what I want!"

His quick movement, which began as soon as she was finished talking, startled her and she gave a yelp, as he grabbed her and, holding her by the waist, took her to the bedroom chair, that was at a side desk, and told her to grab the chair. She did.

Then he went into her from behind. She was ready and wiggling for him, as she looked around and grinned at him.

He was a bit rough this time, holding her by the hips and simply fucking her.

"Yes, yes!" she wailed, "Fuck me this time! Get some black pussy this time, Ray! Black pussy!"

"Yes," he said, his voice strained, "Beautiful black pussy!"

He collapsed against her at last, and she said, in a voice that showed her tiredness: "Roonie must think we're crazy!"

"Or that we're lovers!" he said.

"Yes, yes, we are, aren't we?" she mused, "Lovers."

He straightened her up then and took her to the bed again. As they lay there, he said to her softly: "Sissy, I will never let this interfere with our proper work relationship! I promise you that! This isn't once and done! Not by a long shot!"

"No," she said, "I agree, not once and done! We need at least to give you a chance to be boss one day!" She giggled as she said it. Then she said seriously: "Ray, I appreciate what you said. We'll just make sure that at work we're fine."

"Yes, fine!" he said.

"Can you stay?"he asked.

"Yes, thank you," she said.

"In the morning I'll take you early enough home to get ready for work, and I can give you some running pants and all to wear home, and, of course, my underwear!"

"Sexy underwear!" she said.

"Would you like a bath or to shower before bed?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," she said, "Sweaty now! Lots of work! Shower with me?"

They showered and slept that night in a cuddle, with Roonie at the foot of the bed with them.

In the morning, he was up first and woke her with a cup of coffee and a glass of juice. She opened her eyes, once she smelled the coffee and smiled at him. He was sitting there and gazing at her.

"Hey there!" she said.

"Sissy," he said, his voice completely serious now, "You are beauty and grace! I have honestly, before meeting you, never ever thought of a black woman! You are the biggest and most wonderful surprise imaginable!"

"Welcome to the black experience!" she said, with her arms open wide and her fingers wiggling for him to come to her.

Roonie was sitting by him and jumped up on the bed also, taking the opportunity to give Sissy kisses on her cheek.

"See, I'm being loved by both of you guys!" she said with satisfaction.

"You've surely made a friend in Roonie!" he said.

"Coffee and then we get moving?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "May I take you to dinner tonight? I'd like to talk to you about a few things!"

"Lovely," she said, "We might have a short day. Looks that way at least."

"Good I'll pick you up at your place?" he asked.

"I'd like that!" she said, "What'll the dress code be?"

"I'll wear a sport coat and tie!" he said.

"I can deal with that!" she said.

They were up then and got ready for him to drop her off at her place, before he went, himself to work.


It was early afternoon, Sissy was having a short coffee break, and stood talking to one of her associates.

"I've got news!" she said to Sissy.

"News?" Sissy asked.

"Yes, there's a spy!" she went on.

"Spy? What do you mean?" Sissy asked.

"I mean that Mr Crain's nephew is working in the shipping department. A spy!"

"Really?" Sissy asked, trying not to smirk at the thought of a 'spy' at Crain and Weber.

"Yes," the woman said, "I'm just passing this on for what it's worth. It's that Ray Windham down in packing and shipping. He's Crain's nephew."

Sissy smiled and asked: "How'd you find this out?"

"The grapevine, you know," the woman said.

"Good, thanks for the information," Sissy said, "I'll look into this."

"Just thought that you might want to know," the woman said, and wandered away.

Sissy had a laugh with herself about it. She was vaguely tickled to find out who Ray Windham actually was, in terms of the business. She spent some time thinking about it in the office later in the afternoon, and decided, since they had a dinner date that evening, on an early afternoon for herself.

"We're okay here," she said to her secretary.

"You off then?" the secretary asked.

"Yeah," Sissy said, "Have a dinner engagement tonight."

"Well, enjoy it!" the secretary said. "Not much left here but the usual. If anything comes up, I'll make sure it's on your desk."

"Thanks, Susie!" Sissy said and left.

She went home and gave herself the joy of a long, hot bath, before getting ready for their dinner date. She wore a clingy cocktail dress, a white one that showed some cleavage, and simply clung to her hips. She also wore thigh highs and four inch heels. Her 'do' was usual, hair curly and worn close to her scalp. After some perfume and lipstick, she was ready by 5:45 PM.

Ray was exactly on time to pick her up. She opened the door of the apartment, when he rang for her, after she'd buzzed him into the building initially, and stood there.

"Spectacular is a paltry word!" he said, smiling at her.

She hugged and kissed him. "For that I'll even mess up my lipstick on you!"

"Goodie for me!" he said.

"Maybe do it more later, in more intimate places!" she said, taking him by the arm, as they walked toward the elevator.

"Goodie for me again!" he said.

They were settled at a table at a favorite Italian place, with salads in front of them, and sharing a bottle of wine.

"I hear that there is a spy at Crain Weber!" she said with a smile on her face.

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