She Was My First and Wettest

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: A boy leaves an English public school totaly ignorant of sex or what a nude girls looks like.He has fun finding out at the hands of an older friend on the toilet.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

I left my private boarding school – all boys - totally ignorant of a girl's physiology. I'd seen art pictures in books in the Studio, and I had read Henry Miller's Sexus, masturbating many times over its sexy passages. But the actual sexual details of a woman's body were a mystery to me. So when I met Anna, the sister of my school friend, I was excited but shy with her. I was staying in Johnny's house for a few weeks because my parents were in Nigeria where my dad was working in Shell Oil and I wouldn't be joining them till later.

Johnny lived in a large detached house which had its own Tennis Court and gardens. His parents had separated and his father came to take Johnny away on a foreign holiday, so leaving me with Anna and her mother. Anna had been in an all girls school was not terribly attractive and slightly 'butch', but we got on well, even if she did beat me at tennis.

After a few days, things had settled down to a routine of tennis, bike rides and shopping. In the evenings we watched television and read books. Her mother would have a drink or two and Anna and I would go to bed about 9.30 and mother an hour later.

On the Friday night, I had finished cleaning my teeth when Anna came in and said "Do you mind if I have a pee as I'm desperate." I replied "Not at all if you don't mind if I watch!"

I thought I was being funny but she pulled up her short nightie and sat down with her legs open.

"Here you are then, have a look"

I did not hesitate, and scooted forward onto my knees and looked up her legs. She pushed her hips forward and started to piss. The urine arched forward and fell onto the edge of the bowl, splashing my face. Her twat was covered with brown hair and her lips were open and I could see pink flesh underneath.

"Wow " I said." Fantastic".

I had dreamt about this seeing a quim and now here it was, all open to me. She finished piddling and said "Now you can lick it dry for me," and pulled my head into her crotch.

I was surprised but I blindly pushed my tongue out into her cunt. It was slightly salty from the piddle but also a fantastic sensation. I licked up and down the slit and pushed my tongue into her vagina. Anna squirmed about on the seat and pressed my head in with her hand.

"Lick my clit ... It's the bump at the top." I concentrated on it and rubbed my teeth against it. Anna began to move her hips out towards me and was making crying noises above me. Then she lapsed back against the seat cover, obviously she had come. My prick, which had been growing steadily, now touched the floor. I stood up and waved it in her face.

"Your turn now is it?" she said.

"Oh yes please" and she grasped it in her hand and started to wank the foreskin up and down.

She was looking hard at it and then pulled it forward until her mouth. It was wet and warm and the sensation was so good I came on second thrust of her head. She spluttered and spit the spunk out of her mouth.

"I've never done that before" she said,

"Neither have I!!!" I said with a smile on my face.

We cleaned ourselves up with a flannel and went quietly to bed, separately. The next day I felt all happy. I had a smile for everybody. Her mother remarked on it, and I said that I was because I was here and not in school any more. I had finished school with only one 'A' level wasn't going to university which suited me because I had had enough of being taught. I wanted to experience life with girls now and I had had enough of hostile boy's company.

On Saturday night, we shared a bottle of wine together, which was nice and made us talkative. Anna and I went off to bed a bit later but her mother stayed down and enjoyed a whisky. This time we got to the bathroom at the same time. Anna shut the door and put her arms around me and we kissed for the first time.

"Open your mouth when you kiss me" So I did and our tongues mixed and twisted with each other. Then she reached down and pulled my prick out of pyjama bottoms.

"You're nicely stiff now, sit on the toilet, I went to piss on you"

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