Day Dreamin'

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Black History Month!. When Kylie sneaks off to Vegas with four of her best friends, the black college coed doesn't plan on meeting Elvis, getting a tattoo, or losing her virginity…But some people only get a t-shirt.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Drunk/Drugged   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .


"Kylie, time to rise and shine, honey..."

I heard a soft male voice singing softly and something hot and heavy, almost soft but very firm, was hitting me on the face. On my forehead and cheeks. On my lips.

"Open up, Kylie..."

I opened my eyes as I felt that something being pushed into my mouth and I suckled the familiar shape instinctively. I blinked at the pale body above me, a white man straddling my face, pushing his large white cock between my black lips while he smiled down at me. His hands were on my head, fingers in my hair, and he was stroking me like a favored pet. I focused slowly, on his taut belly and then higher, his broad chest and then his face. I blinked as I worked my dry tongue around the cock invading my body, feeling the strangely welcome sensation of precum moistening my mouth, the motion of that swollen cock generating saliva to ease its passage.

"Good morning," he said cheerfully and I closed my eyes because his alabaster skin was too bright in the morning sun.

He was ... I couldn't remember his name. Steve? Bobby? Kevin? I tried to remember, tried to think, but there was an annoying pounding in the back of my head. A small angry man swinging a big hammer against my brain and I recognized the second hangover of my young life for what it was. I was still sleeping, mostly, and too tired to think.

"Yeah, Kylie suck my cock, baby..." He chuckled, working his hips a little now, sliding his prick slowly back and forth.

"Mmmphhhh..." I didn't have much choice, or maybe I did, but I couldn't feel it.

I could barely move. My whole body felt sore and tired, weary all over, in my muscles and bones; even my blood seemed thick and lazy. I had to search for my arms, for my hands, cataloguing my body parts until I found them and I could lift them slowly to touch the man above me. I put my hands on his waist, around to the small of his back and then down to feel his smooth round ass, firm and muscular.

If this was a dream I almost didn't want to wake up.

If it wasn't a dream ... Oh shit! I opened my eyes again and I had to swallow because my mouth was wet now, my tongue pressed flat, wriggling beneath that turgid cock as it sank to the very back of my mouth, bringing a weak gagging sensation and the man would withdraw, letting me recover and catch my breath before trying again. I knew what he wanted, my throat was still sore from ... From the night before? I'd sucked him, deep throated him, hadn't I? Kevin or Will? Steve ... The names were there, but not the faces and that was weird because I knew them all so well. I'd sucked them all and ... Fucked ... Oh God.

My pussy hurt. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure, really, and it was difficult to figure it all out, between the pounding in my head and the cock trying to force its way into my throat, and the sight of those deep blue eyes gazing down at my ebony face impaled upon that ivory cock. I was breathing through my nose and swallowing thickly, and gripping the man's ass under my fingers, feeling his cheeks flex as his cockhead suddenly found the too small opening and pushed all the way inside. My delicate throat forced to stretch almost painfully to accommodate that thick shaft and bulbous glans. My view filled with sweaty pale skin as he pulled me close against his stomach. Wiry pubic hair pressed to my narrow up-turned nose and his balls, wrapped in their velvet soft sack, fell over my chin.

"Fuck. That's good, Kylie," he breathed, holding his cock there until I rebelled against it, desperate for air and he pulled back completely.

His cock hung above my face, wet and shiny and dripping over my full lips, parted as I drank cool air into my burning lungs. Saliva and precum pooled and ran over my cheeks and nose, some fell into my right eye and I blinked at it, seeing the clinging strands connecting my once beautiful face to the cock that seemed to dominate me completely.

I knew I wasn't beautiful right then. Not the way I was feeling and the pain in my pussy and not just there, but my ass too? Oh yeah, my ass had been fucked sometime during the night ... I closed my eyes to that. I'd been a virgin until yesterday? Or was it longer? I couldn't remember if this was the first morning I'd woke up this way. Not for any real reason, just the sense of déjà vu that haunted me then, but I pushed it out of my head. This was the first time, I was sure, this was new. I'd never woken up this way before, but I'd sucked a cock just like this, on my back and loving it with my mouth while someone else took my virginity. In my pussy first and I remembered that pain, or rather I remembered wanting to remember it, which seems odd, but true. And later in my ass, which was a pain I wanted to forget, but never would.

The man was rubbing his cock over my face, I could feel it. He held my thick black hair in his strong hands, a pleasant torture as my scalp protested that rough treatment, but he wasn't cruel, merely insistent. He worked my head around his cock, sliding it over my face, fucking my skin while he moaned his pleasure. Was this the cock that had ruined my pussy and split my tender ass? I couldn't tell, I didn't remember, but someone had. The pain was an all encompassing ache, a deep rooted cramp between my thighs and I felt a burning down there, a fire that shouldn't have been.

As if reading my mind the man reached behind him, twisting his body slightly and I felt his hand cupping my sex. That pressure felt good, making me aware of the yearning to be touched there. I was still drunk perhaps, but no, that's an excuse I can't make. I was slow and stupid, but not drunk. Horny as well, with a lust that crawled over my damp skin, flushed with obscene excitement at being roused this way. I spread my legs with a soft groan, widening my dark thighs to accommodate the fingers suddenly digging at my aching cunt.

He was chuckling and teasing me with his voice, the deep timbre soothing somehow, comforting even as I struggled to understand his words and their meaning.

"You sexy black bitch ... You like that, huh?" His cock fell over my lips, against my pouting mouth and I used my tongue to tickle the head. "Breakfast in bed, Kylie, just like I promised."

I lifted my ass off the mattress, noticing for the first time how the sheets were wet and sticky beneath me. My stomach muscles protested as I tightened them, bringing my sex to further contact with those marvelous fingers. He was massaging my, working the greasy folds of my pussy open, spreading my swollen labia and thumbing my clit so that she buzzed with an undeniable urgency. I was fucking his hand, jerking to find penetration. My cunt demanded it, needed to be filled with something long and hard. I'd been a virgin once and not so long ago, but no longer and my womb had gotten a taste of pleasure and I was hungry for more.

"Open your eyes, let me see those gorgeous brown eyes of yours, Kylie," the voice whispered, and I did as he asked, looking up at him, seeing this white man above me.

He moved his hips slightly, dragging his lightly furred sack to my mouth. My vision was obscured by the penis sliding over my eyes, the head leaving a wet trail across my forehead and into my hair. I had little choice but to take his balls into my mouth, smelling him now, sweat and acrid urine perhaps, the musk of his desire rising from his pores. His smell was added to the stench of the bed, of my own body, and my head swam beneath the weight of it. The air was heavy and tropical with our passion and I breathed deep through my nose as I suckled greedily upon the lenient skin covering those resilient orbs.

"Oh, Kylie. That's it, get the family jewels all warmed up, baby. You're so beautiful with my balls in your mouth, you know that?"

He moved slightly, so that I turned my head with a muffled moan, keeping his balls safely inside my wet sucking mouth. I washed his sack thoroughly with my tongue, rolling those full round testicles around carefully, nibbling lightly at them with my lips, and a moment later there was a flash of lightning and then another.

"There we go, more pictures for the wedding album." He laughed. "We don't want to forget our honeymoon. Do we, Kylie?"

"Ummph?" I blinked and twisted my head slightly, letting his balls pull from my mouth with a moist plopping sound.

"You're ready now?" He nodded and I licked my lips, trying to compose my own thoughts. I was coming around now and my head suddenly filled with questions.

I had little time to voice my thoughts, even if I'd been able, for the man was moving now to position himself between my legs. He took me behind my knees, bending my long black legs over his broad shoulders and I felt my heart lurch at the sight of him. A white man between my legs, straddling me, putting my knees over his shoulders as he looked down upon me. He was blonde and blue and ruggedly handsome and this new vision sparked my memory finally, awoke me from whatever sleep still possessed my languid mind.

"Kevin?" I breathed. "Kevin ... What are we doing?"

"What does it look like?" he teased me as if I were a child.

He smiled at me and pushed his body forward, rolling my ass off the bed as my knees came forward, over my heaving breasts and long hard nipples. My heart was pounding in my chest, fighting to contain the excitement coursing through my veins. Kevin was above me now, my friend, one of my best friends from college. We'd never done this, never even kissed. He was my friend, not my lover, he was someone I studied with and talked to, whose friendship I'd enjoyed and desperately wanted to keep. He was important to me, but not my lover. He couldn't be. He was white and I was black, it would never work. My parents would kill me, my other friends, my black friends, what would they think? What was I doing here?

I stared into his eyes as my arms went instinctively around his neck. I wasn't aware of what I was doing and my feelings were confused and conflicted. I wanted this so badly. I'd always wanted this, ever since my sexual awakening as a young teenage girl. I wanted to have a white man making love to me, but I couldn't. I shook my head, trying to tell Kevin no, that there were so many reasons not to do this. It would spoil everything, didn't he know that? I was engaged to a man, a black man that my parents approved of.

"Rodney," I whispered, and if Kevin heard me he gave no sign of it.

I could feel his cockhead pressing against me, prodding and poking as it searched for the entrance to my womb. I was spread wide and vulnerable, helpless even as the man pinned me to the bed like a wounded butterfly, a black moth drawn too near the flame. I'd wanted this and now I had it, but the world was ending. This couldn't be, it was wrong, we were on ... Vacation. I actually smiled then as more memories spilled from the jumbled mess that was my brain.

"Oh!" I gasped, arching my back and wincing as Kevin's cock found my slit and the moist hole within. His cock surged into me, splitting the walls of my cunt and I felt no pain, my reaction was one of unexpected pleasure. We'd done this before, I realized, many times perhaps during the night, and bits and fragments wheeled though my feverish mind like visions through a kaleidoscope. He kissed me, leaning down somewhat awkward to find my mouth and I responded, helpless to do anything else as my body spasmed with a pleasure recalled eagerly by my heart.

Oh yes, I thought, we'd made love before and it had hurt and I did remember that sharp pain when Kevin had taken my virgin asshole for his own. But someone else had taken my virginity forever. I never wanted to forget it, and I recalled telling myself those very words, even as the pain had lanced into my very soul. I'd been happy and drunk and high on desire. The pain had been welcome, a reward for all those years of secret want and denial. I hadn't been out of control, not then. Whatever had come previously, whatever had followed immediately upon that glorious act of rebellion, the moment itself was pure. I believed that with all my heart and now there was only the dull ache, the remembrance of the moment, and even that was being washed away as Kevin moved inside me.

I had his tongue in my mouth and I moaned against it, moving my own against it with a frenzy of desire. I sucked Kevin's tongue as his cock stretched my trembling sex around him. My pussy protested as a charade, a grand lie and I was clasped around him tightly. My cunt needed that cock, I was drawing him deeper and fighting to hold him there. The agony of his slow withdrawal made me shiver and I bit Kevin's lower lip, punishing him so that he thrust into me again, harder this time.

He was fucking me good, driving that hard white prick into my tight black sex over and over. Our kiss was broken as we panted for air. I was clutching at his shoulders with my fingers, scratching him in my urgency to draw the man deeper. I wanted his cock in my womb, his seed in my belly. I was begging for it breathlessly, staring into his eyes, pleading with my friend and lover to drive his manhood deeper.

The pain was gone completely, adrenalin and sweet endorphins spilled into my blood, giving my feverish mind surcease from the hammer in my head. My hangover was dissolving, replaced by something even more confusing. All of my senses were overwhelmed by the moment. I tasted Kevin's mouth lingering on my tongue. I smelled our union, pungent and strong, my juices spilling around his cock, running down my skin to pool beneath me on sheets already soaked with sweat and cum and virginal blood. My skin burned everywhere his body touched mine. My ears were filled with the sound of my heart and lungs, fighting to keep me alive beneath the weight of building ecstasy. Even my eyes seemed to see too much, drinking in the form of the man who was taking me. Kevin's glistening skin, flushed pink now from his exertions, his shoulders rippling with every movement. His eyes, beautiful and blue like a summer sky extending forever into the future.

I was cumming. I was having orgasms one after another and I shook with the violence of their passage. My cunt spasmed around him, grasping Kevin's cock like fiery fist. He was groaning, mouthing soft words of praise and love, worshipping my body even as he plundered it. I was sobbing beneath him, shaking my head from side to side, crying out with the unexpected euphoria that stole any coherence from my lips. I was lost, senseless and floating and desperately in love. My heart was too full of it, the emotions would not be contained and it poured out of me. From my eyes and lungs and cunt.

Kevin was cumming as well, somewhere in the middle of all that, he was telling me, whispering in my ear as he dropped his body low so that my legs fell from his shoulders. I wrapped myself around him at that moment, closing my legs around his waist and drawing him tightly against me. I cradled his head to mine, seeking his mouth once more as Kevin's cock erupted in the depths of my strident womb. His seed was hot and distinct and I was alive to the sensation of his sperm spilling against the pillow of my cervix. He was there, bending my sex around him and I was enveloped in a great sense of joy, a blanket of fulfillment covering me completely. It was what I'd wanted so badly, to be filled with the potent sperm of a man I could love and all my questions were forgotten then, pointless and without substance.

"Kylie ... Jesus..." Kevin breathed, his body atop mine fully, so that his weight seemed like a pleasant suffocation.

"Kevin!" I smiled weakly and laughed beneath my breath. "Oh my God."

"That was great. Oh fuck." His cock was still in me still hard and leaking sperm.

"What did we do?" I felt my senses coming back and with them memories and I closed my eyes. "Kevin, what did I do yesterday?

"Huh?" He laughed and I could detect his amused confusion. "What do you mean?"

He kept stroking my hair while I rubbed his back lightly, feeling the weight of his smooth chest against my tits, pressing down nicely on my burning nipples. He moved, just a little, working his cock back and forth slowly, just an inch, maybe two, but making love to me again and I tightened my legs around him, welcoming his gentle efforts.

"Oh God." I blinked at him. "I remember a church? Kevin? A chapel? Ohhh ... No!" I laughed, but it was a fearful sound, shaking my head, refusing to believe it. "What did we do? Kevin? No..."

"We got married, remember?" He smiled. "You and me ... Elvis was there, too. Steve and Bobby, and Will was the Best Man..."

"Don't tease me."

I wanted to move, I wanted to disbelieve him, but I knew it was true. I had to get up and get away and ... I didn't move at all. What would I do? Where would I go? I couldn't be married, I was on Spring Break with my friends. I was in Vegas having fun. I was buying t-shirts for my family, and mailing postcards to everyone I knew, and drinking and laughing and flirting with my best friends and...

"We're married," I said.

"Yeah." Kevin nodded, taking a happy breath. "We are."

"I was drunk ... I was ... Oh, I can't..." I was pleading with him, looking into Kevin's face as he moved his cock in and out of me slowly, as I lifted my hips, moving beneath him to feel more of it in my cum soaked pussy.

"You weren't that drunk, Kylie." He kissed me softly. "Come on, you knew what you were doing."

"I know, yeah ... I remember ... But, oh God, Kevin." I swallowed hard. "I'm engaged to Rodney! My parents ... I can't marry a white guy! I can't marry you ... Can I?"

I'd been drinking, yeah, all of us had been. Sitting around the hotel pool, laughing and talking, sipping margaritas and making plans for what we were going to do that night. I remembered all of it now, how I'd been teasing my four best friends, playing with them because I was so far from home and away from all my obligations and fears. I could do anything, that's what I'd thought, anything at all and I'd kissed Will, for no reason at all except he was so handsome and nice. I'd kissed him without thinking, in broad daylight in the middle of that hotel, and then I'd kissed the others.

Those four white boys who'd taken me on Spring Break with them. My parents didn't know, they thought I was in Cancun with Janisha, with my girlfriends, but I wasn't. I'd come to Vegas and I'd been determined once there to have the time of my life. I'd kissed my friends and touched them and let myself be touched until none of us could think straight.

I'd laid there in my tiny bikini, brand new and outrageous, small strips of white stretched over black skin. I'd been beautiful for them, intentionally, wearing that thong and walking around, showing off my long legs and perfect ass. The top barely covering more than my long black nipples, with mere strings to keep it in place. My large firm breasts were perfect and on eager display to all of them. I was beautiful with my hair long and loose, wavy and curly and falling around my heart-shaped face. I'd been smiling and licking my lips and flashing my doe eyes at all of them and they'd all proposed.

Oh God, I remember that so clearly now. Bobby clearing his throat and apologizing even as he asked me to marry him. He didn't have a ring, but he'd make me happy. And then Steve, cute and small and urgent in his own proposal, professing his love on one knee as I lay there giggling on my towel. Kevin had proposed as well, offering me his high school ring, which made everyone laugh and give him a hard time. And Will, my beautiful Will, asking me to be his bride and be with him forever and a day.

It was insane and wonderful and far more potent than any drink I might find in a glass. It lifted me inside to imagine I wasn't bound to promises long made. How could Rodney, handsome and black and gentle as he was, how could he compare to any of those men who surrounded me? He was my father's choice, not mine, and I'd accepted him as a good daughter will, in the hope that my parents knew best. That by pleasing them I'd please myself and find happiness there, comfort in their dreams fulfilled.

"I'll marry one of you." I'd laughed, "Sure ... But, don't make me pick, okay? I can't do it. You guys have to decide."

And that had been a wonderful joke and our glasses were filled once more as I watched them debate and argue and discuss their dilemma. I was truly in love with each of them and I knew they wouldn't decide, for all of them loved me as well. I knew that as surely as I knew the sun would set. They wouldn't give me up; they'd contend with each other until we were old and grey and married to someone else. It was a great game, that's all, a diversion filled with promise.

"I'm getting a little hungry." I held my hand over my eyes in the late afternoon sun, looking at my four friends as they sat together, leaning close and talking. "Aren't you guys hungry yet?"

"Hungry?" Bobby grinned at me, "I could eat a horse..."

"But we haven't decided yet," Steve said.

"Well, eat something, it might help." I giggled. "Or I guess I can go by myself."

I sighed theatrically, getting up from the lounge chair slowly. I adjusted my bikini carefully, for it was outrageously small for Las Vegas, even for Brazil probably. My black skin gleamed with cocoa-butter, which I needed more as a cosmetic than anything else. I liked the smell and the warm slippery feel of it, and most of all I'd liked the way my friends had put it on me. They'd gone through a whole bottle, which was pretty funny, but nice too.

I opened my bag, finding my hair brush and pulled it through my hair slowly while I stood there, posing for my four friends and about two dozen other men who were staring at me. I didn't mind. I had a nice little buzz from the margaritas and another from all the attention, which was very addictive. My nineteen year old body was a very nice one and I so rarely got to show it off.

My heavy breasts were pulled taut as I lifted my arms, stretching my white bikini cups, which were hardly those in any case, to reveal all too clearly my thick dark nipples protruding beneath. My black ass was firm and round, not overly large, but wonderfully sized in proportion to my narrow hips and tiny waist. I spread my legs slightly and tilted my hips, just to give the strangers behind me a good look, knowing they'd enjoy the way my thong disappeared between my smooth cheeks and reappeared at the top.

I was the only black girl around and that as much as my height and provocative appearance guaranteed a lot of attention, enough so that my four friends finally gave up their discussion and joined me. They were my four of my five best friends, the other being Janisha, a black girl who'd tried to talk me into coming to Cancun with her for Spring Break, but the guys were going to Vegas and I hadn't been able to refuse their invitation.

"You guys decide who I'm getting married to yet?" I grinned at them, surrounded in the elevator as we rode it up.

"Not yet." Kevin smiled, blonde and blue and ruggedly handsome, and he had his hand in the small of my back, scratching my lightly with his fingers.

"We're getting there," Steve said, and he was small, just five feet tall, but devilishly cute and so much fun to be with. He was stroking the back of my thigh, sliding his hand up and down.

"You planned this, didn't you?" Bobby grinned and he stood a foot taller than me, probably more, like a great blonde giant with an athlete's body that he pressed close to mine.

"Me?" I giggled. "You guys asked me, remember? I just said yes, that's all."

"We could go to Utah," Steve suggested.

"Yeah, become Mormons?" Will chuckled and he was the beautiful one, with his brown hair and hazel eyes. Like an angel and he reached out to touch my face. "We just want you to be happy, Kylie."

I turned my face to kiss his hand and I believed him. I believed all of them, trusted them completely, and I wished that elevator would have gone up forever. I was happy there, surrounded by my four friends, my four boyfriends now, although I was slightly afraid of that idea. It was a good fear, the secret kind, and that was part of the whole deal, the whole experience that was making me say and do things beyond any semblance of normality.

I went to my room, rather expecting the boys to go to theirs. We had three rooms on the same floor, theirs with two beds, mine with just a large single. They were following me though and I laughed, looking over my shoulder as they followed my wiggling butt.

"Where are you guys going?" I asked.

"Uhhh ... Well ... Err ... Um..." They all looked at me sheepishly and giggled like schoolboys.

"Are we ordering room service tonight?" I rolled my ass and added a little extra to my hips, wanting them to want me and I was so horny it hurt, I confess.

"That sounds good ... Yeah ... Great idea, Kylie." They were all in agreement as I found my key card and gave it to Steve so he could open the door.

"Hey, um ... Guys..." I put my bag on the little desk, turning around to see my friends and I felt nervous and excited and desperately afraid. "What we were doing downstairs, I mean the fooling around and uh, kissing..." I rolled my eyes playfully. "That stuff, I shouldn't have been doing that, teasing you guys like that."

I watched as a full range of emotions passed over their faces. Everything from happiness to disappointment to sympathy and understanding. No anger, that wasn't in them, but just the realization that we had been going to far probably. I was engaged to be married and they knew it. They all had their own girlfriends back at home. They knew I valued their friendship above anything else and they were all so good in their hearts, so compassionate in their souls. It made me weak inside, but I'd made up my mind and I knew what I was doing.

"So, um ... If we're going to have sex, I just want you guys to know that I really do love you. Okay?"

"Uh..." They all looked at each other and then at me and I was giggling because I'd gotten them good and they knew it.

My heart was hammering and my knees wobbling and I had to be crazy, but not drunk, not under any influence but the desires I had to be with them, with all of them. I wasn't sure exactly what we were going to do, or at least how we were going to do it, but I was offering myself to them. Giving four white guys my body to do with as they wished. It was a very real fantasy of mine and now it was coming true. I might have planned this from the first moment I'd heard they were going to Vegas, or maybe it had come to me just today, but either way, my mind was made up and I was waiting.

"Are you sure, Kylie?" Will asked, because he had to, being such a nice guy. "You really want to do this?"

"Yeah." I nodded, stepping close to him because he'd spoken first.

I put my arms around his neck, pressing my body against his, and I pulled his head down to my kiss. I shivered with excitement as I pushed my tongue into his mouth, proving once and for all my genuine desire to be with him, with all of them. I felt his hands go to my back, and then to my ass, holding me tight and pulling me against the obvious bulge beneath his shorts.

I kissed him hard for several minutes and then felt someone behind me, Kevin, making a sandwich of me as his chest rubbed against my back and I turned my head, gasping a quick breath of air before kissing him. Will kissed my neck and then my breasts, pulling at my bikini to free my turgid nipples and I ran my fingers through his hair, moaning into Kevin's mouth as Will sucked my nipples hard, tonguing them sweetly and then biting my flesh gently.

We were moving, the three of us awkwardly to the bed and I was laid upon it carefully. There were four men there, college boys and they all wanted me. I would kiss one and then another, while hands worked to release me from the useless bonds of my bathing suit. I was naked to them, for the first time in my life men were seeing every part of me and I burned beneath that knowledge. Four white guys playing with my black body, touching me wherever they pleased, exploring me even as I used my hands and mouth to explore them.

I shuddered as someone's mouth found my sex and I'd never been kissed there before. It was Steve, kneeling on the floor, leaning over the mattress with his face between my thighs. He was flicking his tongue over my swollen labia, so dark they were almost black and then he parted them so that the bright pink interior of my hot sex was beneath his tongue. I lifted my hips, pressing myself against that new experience. His mouth was warm and tender, taking my pussy lips between his teeth and chewing them so gently I felt nothing but pleasure.

I found Will nearby, his shorts removed now and his long cock hard under my fingers. He knelt on the bed, close to my face and I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him eagerly, washing his cockhead with my tongue and sliding my hand between his thighs, turning my palm upward so I could pull him closer, urging Will to feed me with his prick. He was smiling and nodding and whispering words too soft for me to hear, but his happiness was plain and I nursed on his cock as well as I knew how.

Bobby was naked as well by then, and he was the largest of all my friends, his white cock as thick as my wrist and impossibly long to my eyes. He straddled my stomach and pushed his cock between my chocolate breasts, still slick and oily with cocoa-butter, and he grinned at me, grabbing my tits in his big hands and pushing them together so he could fuck his cock slowly into the valley between. I kept my mouth on Will, but my eyes on that white body on top of mine. It was everything I'd imagined, the stark contrast between our skin. White on black, that's what I wanted and now it was here. He slid his cock back and forth and it was so long the swollen head would touch my jaw and cheek before Bobby pulled it back.

Kevin was in my other hand, to my left, and I stroked his penis slowly, jerking him off and rubbing my fingers over the glans to gather his precum, sliding my wet fingers back down the shaft. After a few minutes I pulled him to my mouth, giving Kevin a blowjob while I stroked Will's wet cock, and I alternated between them like that for several minutes at least, until I was having my first orgasm beneath Steve's talented tongue.

He'd found my clitoris, hard and ruddy and sensitive to the slightest touch, and Steve was flicking his tongue across it rapidly while he fingered my pussy carefully. He'd found my hymen and announced it to his friends, but I was too intent on the cock in my mouth, the hard prick fucking my tits and the one in my hand. I didn't hear their thoughts on the idea of fucking a virgin, for that's what I truly was. I was cumming hard and it drove any reasonable coherence out of my head, replacing it with selfish lust and the need to express it.

I brought Kevin and Will both to my mouth, pressing their cocks together as I worked my tongue over and around and between them, moaning with desire as I tried to fit both of them into my mouth at once. I was stroking them urgently, wanting those two white cocks to cum for me then, to join me in my orgasm and cover my face with sperm. It was an image burned into my imagination and I wanted to experience it, being bathed in the semen of a white man, being baptized by the two of them into my new role as a black slut for white cock.

"Cum on my face ... Call me a slut ... Make me your nigger whore," I breathed between wet lip smacking sucks of their cocks.

They were tentative at first and it wasn't in any of my friends to say the sort of things I wanted to hear, but this wasn't reality, it was sex, and talking dirty was part of the game I was playing. I urged them repeatedly, begging them to tell me what a nasty black slut I was for fucking four white guys at the same time.

"Yeah, okay," Kevin finally agreed. "Suck my white cock, Kylie. Get your black lips around my dick..."

"Ohhh yesssss..." I hissed, opening my mouth and sucking his cock hard, pressing it against the entrance to my throat, wanting to choke on that beautiful prick.

"You cocksucking slut," Will whispered softly as I slapped his cock against my face. "You're a nasty cunt, aren't you?"

"Ummphhh." I nodded, breathing hard through my nose and eyeing Will's face above me.

"You're going to fuck all of us tonight, Kylie," Kevin promised me. "Your nigger hole is going to bleed tonight."

"Jesus, buddy." Will looked at Kevin and I pulled the cock from my mouth.

"Yeah ... Bust my cherry ... Fuck my nigger pussy," I begged them, turning my face to get Will's penis in my cock hungry mouth.

"You want to get fucked?" I heard Steve ask, and I glanced towards him but all I could see was Bobby holding my tits together, still fucking my tits as he watched and listened.

I groaned and tried to decipher the new sensations coming from my pussy as Steve moved so he could position his cock at the entrance to my vulnerable womb. He held my legs up, pulling them to his body with one arm to hold them tight, while his other hand was rubbing his swollen cock up and down my hot pink slit.

"Are you protected, Kylie?" Will wondered, and I shook my head.

"It's okay. I don't care ... Fuck me, Steve ... Fuck me! Shove your cock inside me hard ... Please!" I practically sobbed, feeling my whole body tense with the anticipation of losing my virginity.

"Are you sure, Kylie? If you're not protected we can find some..." Kevin tried to talk some sense into me.

"I'm okay. I want to feel it," I said, breathing hard and looking between him and will, stroking their cocks and smiling. "Fuck me bareback, all you guys, I want it."

I took Kevin back into my mouth deeply, working hard to swallow his cock and grant him access to my throat. I wanted all of him inside me, every inch of his thick cock filling my mouth and throat and when it happened I felt my heart lurch as my throat was suddenly stretched wide around the pressure of Kevin's swollen cock.

"Oh fuck! You cocksucking bitch. Throat me, Kylie!" Kevin gasped and pulled my face against his soft skin. His pubic hair tickling my nose and his loose scrotum pressed against my chin.

Steve pushed into me then, his cock driving between my reluctant folds to find my hymen close to the entrance, not very deep at all. I jerked as I felt the discomfort of my flesh being stretched and then suddenly torn as his cockhead ripped through that thin membrane and gained access to my virgin womb. It was a sharp pain, hot like a knife pulled fresh from the fire, and I wanted to scream but Kevin's cock was lodged tightly in my throat and my body heaved against the pain.

Only a moment later, when Steve was fully inside me, holding himself there as far as his cock would reach, and Kevin withdrew his cock from my throat and then my mouth completely, only then was I able to voice my pain. I drank cool air into my burning lungs and let it out with a low moan. The sharpness had already fled, leaving behind the dull burning, and I focused on it, locking away the memory of that moment. It had hurt, it still hurt, but it was my pain. It was a once in a lifetime pain that could never be repeated. Steve had taken my virginity. I'd given it to him and we'd shared it and I never wanted to forget it. I loved that pain and I moved against him, heedless of the ache between my thighs now. It would hurt all night, I knew, and for several days beyond probably, but I wanted that as much as I'd ever wanted anything.

I concentrated on Kevin then, as much as I was able, because it was hard to focus on only one thing. I was cumming again, the good feelings washing away what remained of the pain, and Steve was fucking me slowly, in and out, being careful and considerate, and trying to make it last. I felt good wrapped around his cock, too good, a tight little black virgin cunt mouthing his cock like a newborn. He was fighting with the sensations of my pussy clinging to him, struggling to keep him out and then fighting to keep him in. Steve wasn't going to last long and my orgasms were only hastening the inevitable.

"You're not a virgin anymore, Kylie." Kevin said,, fucking my mouth with quick short strokes. "You're a slut for white cock now, aren't you?"

I was making muffled sounds of approval, fucking myself up to meet Steve's thrusts and jerking Will off while he waited for his turn. Kevin was close too and I was sucking him hard. I wanted to taste his sperm and swallow his hot semen. I wanted him in my belly and on my face. I was just a slut now, for that one night in that hotel room with my friends. I was their slut, their nigger whore, and they could do whatever they wanted to me and I'd love it and beg for more.

"Ohhh fuck ... Kylie!" Steve groaned, slamming his cock inside me deep and hard, so that I gasped loudly around Kevin's penis.

He was cumming, Steve's cock erupting deep inside my torn pussy, adding his potent sperm to my own juices and blood. I felt his seed flooding me and it brought me off again, shaking and shivering with delight as my pussy contracted with pleasure. I was milking him, my womb drinking Steve's ejaculate like fresh cream as it soaked into my belly. I sucked Kevin harder, my mind spinning as my heart pumped wildly beneath my heaving breasts.

Kevin was cumming as well then, my mouth suddenly overflowing with hot salty sperm. I swallowed hard and fast, ignoring the soreness in my recently fucked throat to choke down as much of Kevin's seed as I could. It was spilling out of my mouth, running thick down my face as he continued to pump his cock between my tightly stretched lips.

"Eat it, Kylie! Cum eating bitch ... Swallow it!" Kevin moaned as I did as he asked, eating the man's sperm and tonguing his cock clean after he'd finished.

Bobby was taking me next, moving his huge body to get between my wide spread legs. Steve had gotten up, standing near the bed and watching me as he caught his breath. I saw his penis, wet and shiny and stained pink with bloody semen near the head. I offered him a smile and licked my spermy lips and then gasped as Bobby found my cunt with his huge cock. He went slow, but it was a fresh pain, a sharp one as well, as if Steve hadn't broken my cherry at all. I was a virgin all over again and Bobby was being careful, fucking his huge cock into me slowly, but the discomfort was unavoidable and all I could do was stare at him, begging him wordlessly to be gentle with me.

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