Meeting the Family

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I meet my girlfriend's family, her mom and dad and younger sister. Oh, wow.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   InLaws   Group Sex   White Couple   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

College is where lots of couples pair-up and that's exactly what happened to me.

My freshman year I did hook up with several girls though much of my time was adjusting to the level of commitment and study that university life required. It was my second year that I met Clara and my life began to change more than I'd ever dreamed possible.

When I first met her, it was coming out of a class that we had together, an elective for me, but a required one for her major. She introduced herself and asked me the basics: what was my major, where I was from, did I have a girlfriend. It was the last question that surprised me a bit. But I didn't really know Clara at that point or I wouldn't have been surprised.

I took that as a hint to ask her out and I found out that she lived at home, only about three miles from the campus.

We went to a movie, one that was so banal that I have no recollection of it or anyone in it. We got back to her house about ten-fifteen and she let us in and led me down to the basement which was furnished as a family room.

She sat on the sofa and pulled me down to her as we began making out. She turned and moved over me, her first kisses included her tongue and in only a minute or two her hand was down on my crotch rubbing over my erection.

"Take it out, Richard, get your cock out," she said as she went back to kissing me. Well, I did what any red-blooded guy would do, I got my fly lowered and reached in and twisted my cock out and it was immediately in her hand being rubbed.

Her other hand was unbuttoning her blouse and as soon as she had it open, she pulled her bra up from her breasts, took my hand and put it on her boobs.

Wow, I thought, this girl is really horny and I'm sure loving this. We had a hot make-out for a few more minutes, then she pulled away and said, "Get naked, Richard, you're gonna fuck me," and we were both out of our clothes and she was quickly prone on the sofa with me pushing up into her as she pulled my hips tight.

"Mmm, yes, oh, fuck me, yes," she panted as I began pushing back and forth. We fucked, we sucked, we hardly got any sleep, she was just insatiable.

Clara was a small girl, just five-one, petite but solid. Naked she was beautiful, just perfect. Her figure was curvy and her boobs were perfect for her size with nipples all puffy-like each with a hard, erect center that I loved sucking. They were very firm and stood right off her chest quite proudly. She was very at ease with her body and she certainly knew how to use it.

I stayed with her that night until the sun came up, then got dressed and drove back to my apartment with my head spinning and my cock limp. When I checked my phone there was a pic of Clara with her legs wide open and a message, "Loved the fucking, Clara." Wow, what a girl.

We started dating though mostly we just went to my apartment and fucked the night away. After about three weeks after a particularly energetic fuck with her over me riding me cowgirl-style, one of her favorites, she said to me, "I want you to come over on Saturday and meet my parents and my little sister. You can spend the weekend, okay?"

I figured that was a pretty natural progression and quickly agreed though I didn't like the idea that our sex would probably be limited under the circumstances.

She had told me they had an in-ground pool out back and that it was still warm enough to use so I brought a pair of swim trunks in my gym bag.

I drove into their driveway, stopped, grabbed my bag and trotted up the steps as the door opened and there stood Clara, beautiful in a tiny string bikini, smiling as she let me in.

"Wow, you look good. Can we go right to your room?" I asked hornily. It had been nearly fifteen hours since we'd fucked and what I was seeing was making me so hard.

"Down boy. First change into your bathing suit and come meet Mom and Dad and my little sister," she said. "Just change right here, they're all out back by the pool." I took my clothes off in her entry hall, feeling a bit weird doing it but was able to get my trunks on over my hard cock, then she took my hand and pulled me down the hall toward the back of the house.

We went out and I quickly looked around and spotted her father, bare chested, dressed in shorts, off to the left of the pool at a grill with wisps of smoke rising into the air.

Then I saw her mother getting up from a chaise lounge looking our way, smiling. She was taller than Clara and very statuesque, a real bombshell of a figure, all contained in a bikini that looked even smaller than the one Clara had on.

"Richaaad, how nice you could come, call me Vivian, please," she announced in her somewhat Southern, but cultured, drawl as she strode up, extending her hand which I took. She was, I knew from Clara, forty-three but what I didn't know until I saw her was her figure. She was the definition of 'MILF' and didn't hide the fact one bit. Her boobs were huge, like DD-sized, and stood out proudly and she introduced me to her husband who was shorter.

About then, a younger version of Clara came out the back and walked up to us with her hand out.

"You're Richard. Clara has told me so much about you. I've really wanted to meet you," she said with a grin, shaking my hand firmly. She, too, was in a skimpy thong suit that barely covered her nipples or pussy lips. She was very tanned and the suit was brilliant white, contrasting and drawing the eye to her breasts and crotch.

We were soon served up hamburgers for lunch and had spread out around the pool. Clara and I were on one of the lounge chairs, stretched out side by side as she put her hand down on the bulge in my trunks and began to rub. I looked around and didn't see her sister but her parents were still out by the pool.

"Somebody might see, Clara," I whispered and she looked up at me, still rubbing, "your Dad is right over there."

"Oh, he's not looking and so what if he did?"

"Are you kidding? He's your father, you're his daughter."

"Um, true, but we're a little different, maybe, from most families," she said as she kept rubbing me while we lay together in the warm afternoon sun.

She lifted her hand onto my stomach, then pushed it under the waistband into my trunks to rub directly on my hard cock.

"I'm sure you've heard of naturism, nudism, people who don't wear clothes except in public?"

"Yes, sure. Are you telling me... ?"

"Yes, normally we would all be naked, we only put what we have on because you were coming over. I told them I'd break it to you today. You don't have to do it yourself but that's the way we are."

"So you're all nudists?" I asked rather blown away by the revelation.

"Yes, that's the way Anita and I have grown up."

"Geez, I've never known anybody like that ... that were nudists. I guess that's why it's pretty private back here by the pool, huh?"

"Yes ... and, well, there's more," she said as her hand slid inside my trunks. "We're also somewhat different in other ways, too. My dad was raised on a farm that was pretty far out in the country and, well, they were pretty close as a family. A lot closer than most. They were nudists and, well, they took it a little further than some families might."

I was getting an idea where this was going as she continued, "They were very open sexually as well, so my dad had sex with his mother and aunts and sisters as well. Even the two cousins of his aunts."

"Wow, I guess I've heard of that kind of thing, um, are you telling me that, well, your family, your mom and dad and sister, well, that you and your sister ... with your dad, um, have sex?"

"Would you be horribly shocked, Richard? A family has a lot of love to share, more than most realize."

"I guess that's true. Did this start pretty young?" I asked not sure if I wanted to hear the answer.

"My parents have never really hidden their sex together particularly, the door at night was usually open and I sometimes saw them. They were also pretty touchy-feely around us, after all, we were all naked."

"But you've had sex with your dad?"

"Yes, but not until my fourteenth birthday. It was his special present to me."

"And your mom knew?"

"She watched for a little, then left us to be alone. My little sister was already asleep in bed. Mom slept in my room that night as I took her place with Dad."

"And now Anita is part of it, too?" I asked.

"Ever since her fourteenth birthday."

"She knew you were having sex with your dad?"

"Yes, I told her the next day, after my first time with my dad. I told her that her time would come when she turned fourteen."

"And your mom isn't jealous?"

"Nope, she even teases us girls to do things to our dad."

"Like what?"

"Like suck him off while we watch TV, stuff like that."

"No kidding. You just have sex like that in the open, in front of others ... your mom, your sister?"

"Yep, wanna see?" she asked as she squeezed my cock.

"You're not putting me on, are you? This is all real, everything you've told me."

"Just watch," she said and went over to her father who was on a chaise lounge under the shade of a large tree reading a book. She whispered in his ear and they both looked over at me. He smiled and she stood up reached down and pulled his shorts off as he raised his hips up and she dropped them on the grass. His cock rested on his abdomen, long and thick, shaven all around his pubic area as she pulled off her bikini then knelt next to him, lifting up his cock and sliding her lips down over the crown as her eyes looked over the pool at me.

Her mother sat across watching her daughter give her husband a blow job, smiling at them, then turning her head toward me, giving me a smile and a wink.

Incredible. Simply incredible.

Then her mother got up and came over to sit where Clara had been minutes before.

"Clara told you, I see. Welcome to the Reynolds family, Richaaad," she drawled as she reached back and undid her top, draping it over the back of my lounge chair. Then she leaned over me, her large breasts dropping onto my chest as she lips pressed against mine, then her tongue slipping inside my mouth as I felt her hand rest on my cock.

Well, well. I had been thinking about how the dad was getting sex from these three women but now realized that, being a male myself, I would, perhaps, be getting the same privileges. Clara hadn't said that but her mom's hand feeling my erection sure felt like I was being fully welcomed into the family.

Then she stood up and began pulling my trunks off, telling me, "You need a propaah welcome, Richaaad," as she dropped my trunks on the concrete and knelt down next to me.

Chapter 2

I watched as her wet lips slipped over the head, then felt her first soft suck as my heart raced madly. She sucked the crown, rubbing her tongue in circles around and around, giving me the most luscious blow job, even better than her daughter.

I reached down under her to hold her left breast, it easily filling my hand, her nipple hardening as my fingers rubbed and tweaked it as she sucked me.

Her eyes looked at me knowing how good she was making me feel. I was hearing groans from across the pool and looked over as Clara knelt there, her butt now aimed at me with her pretty pussy framed between her thighs as her head moved rhythmically up and down over her father's middle.

Then I heard the slider open and looked around to see Clara's sister, Anita, coming outside, seeing the scene before her as a grin broke out across her face. She walked over to us and said, "I guess Clara told you about us, huh?" as she reached back and untied her top and put it on the table, quickly followed by the tiny bottom.

Anita was sixteen and was perfect. Five-three, trim but curvy, her breasts were round and separate, each a perfect globe tipped with a swollen-looking nipple in soft pink. Below, her legs came together in a plump split that I was hoping to get to know.

"Mom's good, huh?" she asked rather nonchalantly which gave me an idea of how this family really was. About then, I heard some groans from Clara's father.

"Umm, UUH, UUH, mmm, oh, Clara, you are go good, Clara, so good," he moaned as she lifted up, bent over and kissed him, then said, "All for you, Daddy, you know I love you so much. Look, Mom's making my boyfriend happy. Cool, huh?"

Her father called over, "Richard, you've got the best right there. She taught both girls and she's the best. Enjoy."

The word 'incredible' wouldn't even begin to describe my afternoon so far. I didn't have a word for it.

Chapter 2

Anita stood there watching her mother suck me just like it was a usual, everyday occurrence, then added, "You're nice, Richard. I like your cock. Looks like Mommy likes it, too. Clara said I would. She said you like having it sucked."

"Yeah, well, she's right about that. This is wonderful," I panted as the girl's mother brought me so near. "Oh, yeah, oh. OH, UUH, UUH, umm," I grunted as I felt my whole body melt and spurt into her wonderful mouth as she sucked and sucked.

"I hope you like our family, Richard, we sure have a lot of fun," Anita added and I was seeing exactly what she meant.

Her mother lifted up off me, leaned in and kissed me running her tongue inside my mouth along with some of my cum as my hands ranged over her boobs.

As she was kissing me, I felt a warm, wet mouth slide over my cock again and knew it had to be my girlfriend's sister. Her mother pulled away and whispered in my ear, "That youngest girl of mine just loves to suck a man's cock. You're in for a lot from the three of us. Our girls and I will keep you happy, Richaaard."

Clara and her father, Kenneth, walked over to our side of the pool hand in hand and stood there watching her younger sister sucking me while I played with her mother's generous boobs.

"Looks like your boyfriend is adapting to our family pretty well, Clara. Think you could let your nice young man sleep with your mother tonight? I'm sure she'd love a nice hard cock like his. She deserves a new one, after all, you're her daughter, you should share," Clara's father asked her while she slowly played with his flaccid cock.

"Sure, Daddy, I haven't had my Daddy in over a month," she said as her fingers wrapped around his cock. "I've got plans for this tonight."

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