by Sweet Biscuit

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Flash Sex Story: You know what geeks are like, right? What happens during conference stays in conference...

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Cream Pie   .

It started like every other developer conference I'd been to - lots of geeks, talking technology, surprises when putting faces to names, meeting the legends in the flesh after reading each other's posts on mailing lists and websites etc. Then there was Carol, and everything changed.

Carol was a web developer. She was brilliant, exceedingly smart at what she does. I knew she was a wild child based on some of the comments she made in her posts, so it didn't take long to put a face to that name. She was the only one dressed entirely in black, with the studded leather dog collar round her neck.

A few days later was the gala dinner, and during the live entertainment I slipped outside. I was feeling buzzed, but I wanted to get some fresh air and there she was, with Lisa (one of the other coders) at the conference. She was trying to get her cigarette lit, but the evening breeze made it difficult to get it started. I thought "this is it", stepped up to them both and said "here, let me help". I took the cigarette from Lisa's lips, put it in my mouth and lit the cigarette. I passed it back to Lisa, then took the one from Carol's lips and used the live end of Lisa's to light Carol's and gave it back to her. Both Carol and Lisa were a bit buzzed from the drinks that night, and we were all feeling mellow. Carol cooed "that was sexy, hmmm", and Lisa smiled. You could feel the sexual energy in the air go up a notch. Carol said "I'd like to try a bit of girl-girl action, what do you think?" and leaned over and kissed Lisa on the lips. Lisa leaned into the kiss and it soon heated up. I was standing nearby and my erection started growing in my pants at the sight of these two sexy babes french kissing in front of me.

Carol broke off the kiss, turned to me and said "what about a little three-way action?". I'd never done anything like this before, but the sight of these two looking at each other in lust was driving me crazy. My heart was racing as I said "I'm game". Carol took Lisa's hand, turned towards the stairway and said "Let's go back to my room and play". We got to the room, turned on the lights and shut the door. I was starting to get cold feet, and I stood there, unsure what to do next. Carol gathered up Lisa and I, one in each arm and held us close. She turned to Lisa and started nibbling on her ear, and at the same time started sliding her hand up and down my body, moving around to stroke my cock through my pants. Then, Carol turned to me and started kissing me and sliding her hands up and down Lisa, fondling her breasts. My hands found their way to Carol's breast, and when I looked I saw Lisa do the same on the other side. I could feel Carol's nipples harden through her dress as they stood to attention under my gentle stroking.

Carol stepped back from us, and said "Lets get more comfortable", and started stripping off her clothes. She turned to Lisa and said "You're next", and started helping her out of her evening dress. When her dress fell to the ground I noticed the lace bra and thong she was wearing and I could feel my cock growing harder still as I looked over these two beauties. I stepped out of my clothes and we held each other again. I felt Carol's breast with one hand, and Lisa's with my other hand. They felt different - Carol's larger, more rounded breasts hung lower, but Lisa's were smaller and firm, jutting out with an erect nipple at the peak. I drew circles around each nipple enjoying the feeling of pleasuring these women.

Carol started kissing Lisa again, stroking my cock at the same time. A drop of precum appeared at the tip, and she she wiped her finger across the tip and put it on Lisa's lips. Lisa sucked her finger in greedily, and started moaning. Carol turned to me and started kissing me, this time her other hand started working her way down to Lisa's slit. Lisa spread her legs to give more access, and Carol started moving her fingers up and down her pussy, tracing her lips and gathering her lubrication. She pulled out her fingers and put them on my lips. I could smell Lisa's musky scent and I sucked on Carols fingers, tasting that tangy sweetness of her arousal.

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