Toilet Love

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: A young man gets seduced by his french aunt. Much Toilet piss, and arse appreciation and fucking, also pubic hair shaving and cunnilinctus

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

I left Warwick University with a first class degree in Engineering and I started a new career as a Graduate Engineer with a large oil company. It was not entirely due to my own skills that I got the position, because my uncle, my father's brother had been an Engineer at Fawley, but had been killed in an accident at the plant six months previously. My widowed Aunt had said to my father that I could go and live with her.

My father took my things down to her house by car, and I drove my own motorbike there. My aunt was called Jeanette and she was French. My father had wooed her when he had sailed over to Cherbourg in his yacht. She was twelve years younger than he had been, and was now in her mid thirties was still looking good. She was tall with long legs and still had firm breasts.

We got on well in her four bedroom house. They hadn't had any children so we were by ourselves. Nothing happened for the first two weeks and then she took me to the Spring Launch Dinner at the Yacht Club. I was wearing my uncle's dinner jacket and she wore a brilliant red dress which showed off her figure. I was lucky to get the last dance set with her and it was then that we clicked. I looked into her eyes and we knew that we were in love together.

She drove home in her Citroen, and then we went upstairs to our rooms. I was in the bathroom first and had just finished washing when she came in and sat on the toilet. I turned round and saw her in her transparent nightie. I could not resist her. I went over and kissed her and pushed my tongue into her mouth. At the same time I fondled her left breast. I could feel her hand come up and she fondled my prick through my pyjamas bottoms.

"You must come to my bed to night, cherie."

I ran to her bedroom dropped my bottoms and dived into bed. She came in and tore off her nightie and dived in after me. We kissed passionately and then I moved down and fondled her breasts and sucked on her nipples. My right hand moved by itself, down the bed and found her cunt. I manipulated it and spread her juices around, then I pressed my middle finger up her vagina. Meanwhile Jeanette moved her hand and pulled my foreskin down and up; I quickly became hard.

When she felt I was hard enough, Jeanette pushed me onto my back, straddled me, and then grabbed my prick, run it up and down her slit, then, finding her hole slid down onto me. She gave a shudder and then started to fuck me vigorously. I held her by her hips and moved with her, meeting her downward thrusts with an upward thrust. It was too fast to last and we both came quickly. She let herself down on top of me gasping for breath.

"Mon Dieu, I needed that. I have not made love to anyone for six months, not since your uncle was killed. I've had offers from men in the yacht club, but I didn't love them. Tu, je t'aime."

We slept soundly and I was woken up by a hand moving over my thigh and grasping my prick. "Wow" I thought and I reciprocated by moving my hand behind my back and finding her hairy slit which was wet. I turned over and moved between her open legs. Her hand guided me into her cunt and I moved gently at first, just getting used to the motion. Her vagina was tight but her juices were good and I moved easily in and out. We moved faster and faster then she stiffened herself under me and gave a cry as she orgasmed. I hadn't come so she pushed her finger into my arsehole and I came hard. I collapsed on top of her.

"It's nice to feel a man on top of me again"

"It's nice to be in this position", and we laughed.

We reverted to sleeping in our beds again for the working week as I had to get up early in the morning, so we didn't make love again until Friday night. Jeanette had bought into the partnership of an estate agency with the money she had received as compensation from my uncle's death. She came home on the Friday, full of excitement as she had managed to sell a big old house and had made a large sum of money as commission. As we were going to bed, I was standing in the bathroom having a piss when she came in behind me. She hugged my back and slipped her hand around my body and held my tool. She held it steady while the piss flowed and then shook it to get rid of the drips.

"Now it's my turn", and she turned around, pulled up her nightie and sat on the toilet. I dropped to the floor and said, "Can I have a look please?" She replied by opening up her thighs and giving me a good view of her hairy cunt. The stream of piss came out from the middle of her bush. I was drawn to it and I moved my head closer. My left hand moved down and I started to masturbate.

"Have a close look, Dickie" and she pulled my head right into her crotch as she pushed her hips forward. I could see the urine flow and without a second thought I opened my mouth and drank it down.

"Now lick my clitoris, s'il vous plait."

I duly pushed my tongue into her slit; I could feel the hard little button at the top and I concentrated on that. Her pubic hair got in my way and several strands got caught in my teeth, but I was in ecstasy – my left hand moving furiously up and down. Jeanette held onto my head and with a cry she came and squirted her juice into my open mouth. I ejaculated onto the bathroom floor at the same time.

The next morning she came into the bathroom while I was shaving and used the toilet noisily as women do as they can't direct their urine stream. I had a thought.

"Would you like me to shave votre chatte (pussy) after I shaved my face?"

"Yes that is a bonne idée; I haven't done it for a year and now it is summer, I will want to go on the beach."

She got up from the lavatory and sat herself on the edge of the bath with her legs open and her nightie held up. I put soap on my hands and I rubbed them over her bush. I thought it would be better to do that than using shaving foam which would hide her slit and I might cut her. I then went down to my knees and gently shaved her upper thighs first and then let her take the safety razor and she very carefully shaved either side of her cunt. After she finished I passed her a wet flannel to wipe herself and then a towel.

"That looks good. Would you like to give it a kiss now without getting hairs in your mouth?"

I moved forward and briefly gave her vulva a French kiss.

"C'est bon!"

The next week, she had her period. She was suffering badly from back pain, so I offered to massage her back. My mother had been a physiotherapist before marrying my father who was a doctor, and she had shown me what to do. Jeanette stripped off and lay face down on her bed. I took my clothes off and I straddled her upper thighs. I leant forwards and I slowly but heavily, moving my hands in two directions, one to the right one to the left from her spine outwards. Jeanette groaned as I applied the pressure.

"Oh that's the spot, just there." I stopped to put more French olive oil onto her skin before rubbing it again. After a bit, I moved my hands down and massaged her bum cheeks; as I did it, her arse crack opened up and I could see her arse hole. It was crinkly and there were a few hairs around the dark brown hole. My cock was erect as I had been rubbing it in her crack. I had a thought and I pushed my finger into her anus. She gasped and then turned to face me.

"You can put it in there if your like, your uncle often pushed himself in when we didn't have a condom handy and like now, during my period."

I moved back off her legs and she went up onto her knees.

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