Hungarian Honey-Trap

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: This is probably my best story, if you like toilet, piss and anal action. It is about a young man seduced by a Hungarian woman trained by the MTR the secret Police of Hungary in the art of sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Scatology   Hairy   .

I had reached the age of 26 without the benefit of a University education. I had left home at the age of 17 and moved to work in London with some mates. I still hadn't started a career and I worked as a Temp doing various office and manual jobs. I lived in a small terraced house with three other blokes in South Wimbledon, which sounds good but was run down and grotty. My experience with girls was limited because I could not take them back to my room and so it was limited to knee-tremblers and wanking while looking at Men Only and Mayfair magazines.

One Saturday afternoon, I went to work as a barman for a barbecue party in a large house in Wimbledon village. The owner was a widow of a diplomat, called Mrs Yurizana Roberts. She opened the door to me and smiled at me. She was a honey blond, wearing a smart outfit which showed off her good figure. She lead me out to the patio where I helped set up the bar. The first guests came at about six then served the guests with whatever they wanted, lager, wine or spirits. It had started at about four, and by nine thirty, the bar work had lessened, so I took a break. The garden was that big that it had fully grown trees in it. Leaning against one was a woman dressed as a gypsy. She had a red blouse on with a low décolletage and a short leather skirt. She had a cigarette in her mouth. It looked hand rolled.

"Light me Barman" she said a bit drunkenly, so I did. She took some heavy drags on the fag and then offered it to me without saying anything. I took it and sucked the smoke into my lungs and held it there. I had realised it was a joint and smoked them before. We chatted quietly and I flirted with her, leering at her lovely breasts. Eventually she finished the toke and threw away the butt.

"Come here my man" and she pulled me towards her. We kissed with open mouths, our tongues fighting for supremacy. I held her tight against me with my hands on her bum cheeks. I wondered what her pussy felt like, so I moved my right hand round and pushed it up her short skirt. I found her cunt naked - and it was hot and wet when I slipped my fingers in. I moved them in further and began to finger fuck her.

"No, no, just lick me. Get down and lick my cunt!" At the same time she pushed my head away and downwards. She opened her thighs; I reached up with her fingers and spread her outer lips, then thrust my whole face into her wet cunt. My nose was hitting her clitoris and my tongue was in her vagina licking out the juices. I began to shake with sexual thrill. If she was making noises of excitement I couldn't hear her - I was concentrating on my work.

Gypsy moved her pelvis back and forward, wiping her juicy cunt on my face I was thrilled. Then she held my face tight to herself and I heard her crying out as she orgasmed. My tongue was on her clitty so her juices spurted out onto my chin. Then I felt her relax and I moved my face back to breathe. Suddenly I felt piss hitting my mouth. I opened it to protest and swallowed some. I tried to stand but she still held me down but I moved my face out of the yellow smelly stream, it went down the front of my clean white shirt instead. When the stream stopped, Gypsy let me stand up.

"Sorry about that, but I was bursting. Too many lagers I'm afraid" and she walked away from me, pulling her skirt down as she went. I was speechless.

I went back to the bar and helped myself to a Jameson's whiskey to take away the taste of the piss, but the smell lingered on me. The party seemed to be finishing now and we barmen went out, collected glasses and put away all half full bottles etc ... I was the last to finish and Mrs Roberts came up to me and thanked me for my effort. I was pleased to see her, but I had smelt terrible.

"Could I use your bathroom please, I have a bit of a problem."

"Certainly, but what is the matter?"

"My shirt was pissed on by the woman who dressed as a Gypsy."

""Oh my God that must have been Jeena. She's a bit of a wild card. I'm so sorry for you. You must come up stairs and change out of your smelly shirt."

She took me in to the house and we went upstairs.

"These shirts were my late husband's, you're welcome to any of them."

I stripped off my shirt in her bedroom as she watched. She appraised my young body appreciatively.

"Have you a lift home tonight?"

"No" I answered. "I was thinking of catching a bus"

"At this time of night? You might as well stay here, and I'll run you home in the morning"

"That would be great, thank you very much"

"Would you like a shower? You can use the spare bedroom tonight"

So we went down the corridor a bit and I undressed in the spare bedroom. I walked naked back to the bathroom and had a shower. I didn't hear her come in, and I was surprised to see her watching me shower. As I came out she handed me a towel. Her eyes were not on my face but on my half stiff cock. I had been thinking of my adventure and was feeling horny.

"Are you feeling better now?" she asked kindly.

"Oh yes, all that piss has been washed away." I replied as I towelled myself.

She still sat there on the only chair in the bathroom; she was dressed in a negligee. I wasn't embarrassed, but conscious that I was exhibiting myself to her. I could see the shape of her breasts and the nipples were sticking out of the material. My prick slowly became stiffer under the towel. Yurizana watched it avidly. Then she knelt in front of me and took my prick in her hands and guided it to her mouth. It was warm and wet; I instinctively pushed it forward to go deeper. She choked a bit and then took all of its seven inches. I pulled back and pushed again. I started to move faster and faster but then Yuri pulled her mouth from me but still kept hold off my stiffness. She dragged me forward and lay back onto the floor. She guided me into to her cunt and I shoved hard up against her pubic bone.

"Ahhh, keep going ... harder ... faster..." and she pulled me into her by holding onto my bum. I couldn't stop and I came so hard it was painfully. I cried out and pushed Yuri moved back on the bathroom rug. I collapsed on top of her, and rested. She held me in her arms with her legs either side of me.

"That was great" she said " It has been so long since I was fucked"

I was surprised at her saying that - so English a phrase.

"You look surprised? Is it not the right words? I was taught English by the Magyar Titok Renorseg - the Hungarian Secret Police and also how to make love".

I took this information in but I was too tired to comment. We got up slowly.

"Come and sleep with me tonight, it's too late to go home now."

She had a luxurious double bed - all silk and satin. I slipped between the sheets and watched as she followed me in.

"Sleep now and I'll wake you in the morning with a kiss"

I did sleep well and only woke up when Yurizana drew the curtains.

"Would you like a coffee?" she asked as I sat up.

"Yes but first I must dash to the loo"

When I returned she was sitting on the bed and I joined her. I was still naked. We chatted as we drank the strong black coffee. She asked all about my life - what job I did and where I lived. I told her I was doing temporary work and I lived in South Wimbledon in a small house shared with other boys.

"Would you like to come and live with me? I have been on my own since my English diplomat husband was murdered in Russia."

"That would be fantastic. How did you get to marry him?"

"As I said, I was trained by the MTR from the age of 18 to be a seducer of diplomats. I was trained in English, American, and French and in all the arts of love. Then I was pushed into a job as secretary in the British Embassy in Buda Pest. I seduced John Roberts and tried to find out secrets from him but he was only a social director and had no access to intelligence, but I loved him and we married. My actions annoyed the MTR and thus the Russian KGB and they arranged his murder. It was meant to look like an 'accident' but it was not. I have been on my own for a year now. This is his family's house and I work as a HR Director in the family business of mattress making."

"How appropriate for a Hungarian Honey" I said.

"Yes - that's what I thought. Now let's make love again."

She took off her negligee exposing her beautiful pink breasts. They were a good size and had beautiful large aureoles, between her legs was a dark bush of hair, not shaved. I took all this in as she walked towards me. She moved in along side and kissed my mouth, her tongue sliding into my mouth. My hands moved up to her breasts and they felt fantastic, smooth and round. I caressed the nipples until they hardened. Then I put my mouth down to them and sucked them gently in turn. Yuri was pushing them forward into my mouth.

"That's lovely ... oh ... my nips are feeling so good..."

My right hand snaked down the bed and I pushed it into her cunt. I moved it around and massaged her vagina until I felt it slippery, then I moved her to lie on top. She moved her hand down until she could grasp my prick and she moved it up and down her own slit, and slid down until I was fully inside her. She started to fuck me slowly; she then speeded up - she came quickly and stopped. I hadn't come so I grabbed hold of her and twisted her so that she was underneath me and I quickly fucked her until I came.

We rested side by side gasping for breath. Then we heard a voice.

"Are you there Mrs Roberts?"

"Yes, alright, ... I'll be down in a few minutes" Yuri shouted, then turned to me and said "That's Mrs Jones my daily help. She comes in every day normally in the week to clean and cook supper for me, but today she's come in to help clean up after my Party. Would you like to give a hand?"

So we both scrambled up and dressed and all together we cleaned up the place. The next Saturday, she came to South Wimbledon and collected me and my small amount of clothes. She installed me in a small bedroom on the same floor as hers but the other side of the bathroom.

For that first night, she took me out to the Angus Steak House in the Village. We shared a Chateaubriand and had excellent Bordeaux to drink with it. Afterwards we walked home, hand in hand as lovers do, stopping in the Rose and Crown pub, (established 1650 by Cromwell's Lieutenant) for a beer.

At her home, we changed quickly into our nightclothes. I had bought a new pair of poplin pyjamas. I went to the bathroom and began to pee into the bowl when I felt Yuri come up behind me and press her nipples into my back. Her hand came round my body and grasped my prick.

"Let me give you a hand here," she laughed. She shook it when I finished and then started wank the foreskin back and forward. I turned to kiss her and our tongues managed to meet. I became stiff but she didn't finish me but let go.

"My turn now" and she sat down on the toilet with her naked legs apart. She was wearing a shorty nightie pulled up to around her waist. I quickly knelt on he floor between her knees and watched as she let go a stream of piss from her cunt. As the stream lessened I moved my head forward. I felt Yuri's hand on my head and she pulled me into her crotch until I could take the piss directly into my mouth. I sucked and licked and moved my tongue up and down.

"Stop, stop, stop", she cried, "I'll come too soon". And she pushed me away.

"Come on let's get into bed and fuck".

We scampered into her bedroom and dived into bed. We immediately started to French kiss with our tongues fighting for supremacy. Her hand went down my body and she began to stroke me. I pushed my hand underneath her and stroked her slit until it was wet. She groaned in my face and then pushed me onto my back, and holding my prick she slid down onto it. She moved up and down quite quickly. I held onto to her bum cheeks, and slid my fingers round until I could stab my forefinger into her bum hole. She immediately cried out loud and spasmed as she came. I was still stiff so I flipped her onto her back and drove mercilessly into her cunt, my pubic bone hitting hers - hard. Then I felt her finger pushing into my arsehole and I came with a cry.

I flopped back onto the bed and pulled the light duvet over us and we fell asleep.

Yuri decided that we should sleep apart in the week so she could both direct her sexual energy to her career. So the next sexual connection we had, was on the Saturday morning. I waltzed into her bedroom, all raring to go but she wasn't in her bed. I took off my jammies and slid under the duvet.

Then Yurizana came in and said "I'm sorry but I have just started my period, but don't look so unhappy, there are other ways to have sex" and she held out a tube with the letters KY on it. "We'll use this to help you penetrate my 'derriere'! My late husband always enjoyed using my bottom" She took off her nightie and moved into bed alongside me.

"First we must kiss and cuddle to get going" and she kissed me on my mouth and slid her tongue into my mouth. I responded and also moved my hands to her beautiful soft breasts.

"Carefully - they are very tender now". So I gently manipulated them and played gently with her pink nipples. I was getting excited now and I felt her hand go down and stroke my cock.

"Put some jelly on me now before we get carried away with passion".

She opened the tube of KY and squeezed some out onto my fingers.

"Put it on my slit first and then in my arsehole"

I threw back the duvet and carefully stroked my fingers through her pubic hair onto her clitty and then she gave me some more jelly and turned over so I could put into her bum. It was a lovely sight - twin round bum cheeks with a dark crease down the middle. I pushed my fingers down the middle and around her crinkled hole, then slowly pushed it inwards.

"Oh - it's cold" Yuri said and I laughed.

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