Harold,ella and Betty

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2013 by Shoeslayer

Romantic Sex Story: In Chapters 1 & 2 of Caught, Harold was Ella's lover a few years go by and all is fine. Harold buys an old Harley Sportster and gives the two ladies a good ride, on the bike too. Ella and Harold have a 3-some with her friend Betty who takes a real liking to Harold, meanwhile Ella meets up with an old friend she still has lots of feelings for as does he. They marry and Harold is living with Betty

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Grand Parent   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Big Breasts   .

I won't soon forget the night with my lover Ella, no longer my granny but a mature woman in her early seventies who knows exactly what is going on in life and loved life itself.

Ella knew what was going through my mind or what was left of it as I lay in her bed wearing her skirt;blouse; black patent hiheels as I romanced her gold half-round reading glasses with the small pearls beaded neck chain wrapped around my cock, she knew that symbolicly I wanted her as I romanced her half-glasses and even though I was quite embarrassed at the time she was not mad. In fact, she took her gold half- rounds and licked the cum off them and I swear there was a twinkle in her eyes or what some might call the "Spark of life.

Ella decided that I was old enough to start enjoying what an older lady could do for me and seeing I was responsible for my actions and a damn good piano player even though I am still learning and I guess maybe she liked the idea of me wanting her as I came all over her gold half-round reading glasses, something about them and serious women had an effect on me that I either loved or craved.

Well I ended up living with her and that had to be the best thing that happened to me and I was very loving, I would cook for her, well make a good breakfast anyways and I knew how to do a pretty good angel cake which I did for her birthday.

Granny was very good about my crossdressing as well. She was pleased I liked looking like her and she knew it was at those times I found a need to romance her various pairs of glasses, gold or blue square bifocals with the half-moons for up close work or her gold half-round style and encouraged me to wear them when she bought me a bra with falsies and had me dress in clothes similar to her but in my size.

Somehow we got into bondage and I guess it was my kind of thing although I had not thought of it, I liked it. Well one night she had me up on the bed and legs tied to the footboard by means of long white straps or belts with double rows of holes. arms were bonded to the headboard the same way and there was no way I could get out of this predicament and frankly I had no desire to.

Ella started to touch me all over down there with her three different pair of bifocals, all with half-moons and I tell you what she did made me have a love for her half-moons since. She donned the gold half-round glasses I came over and spoke to me very seriously telling me to satisfy her needs and yes her patent black heels were used in this most erotic scene.

There I was in her bed donning a bra stuffed with falsies and she is on hands and knees licking my tits and looking at me through her gold square bifocals and then she got down on me. Ella had to have known about bondage as there was enough slack to allow me to move verticly, yes up and down at the hips, so convenient for her really and even tied up I was able to satisfy Ella's needs.

This went on a few nights a week and I loved it, her talking to me in a most serious way, looking at me either through or over the tops of her gold half-rounds and she would rub those sexy square gold gkasses with the half-moons all over down there telling me, "Harold, Ella wants you to cum her half-moons you so love so I can lick them after and tell you how good it made me feel."

Then one day while I was out I passed the same Harley Davidson dealer I always passed but something told me to go in and check out some bikes. Well I rode a bike not too long ago but it had its share of troubles and that was why I gave up the idea as it is no fun to push a bike for any distance.

I still had my bikers endorsement on my drivers license though and I walked in to that dealer with an exited feeling, like my mind knew what I was gonna do before I knew.

And there it was, a 1991 Sportster in black with a good with a good bit of chrome, pipes out of the right side and a large air cleaner for that S&S shorty carb, on the left was a chrome battery box and oil filter.

This was an XL1200 with more balls than the Boston Bruins locker room. I was glad I still had a bikers license as I was able to take it for a spin. They were asking three G's and I could swing that easy enough as well as pip insurance. So I gave them a c note and went to move some money around and came back a few hours later with the money; a helmet; and a pair of bikers goggles. We did the paper work, then I was given the keys. I mounted the bike and drove back to Ella's.

I doubt I will ever forget the pride I had that day as a young guy in the U.S., driving an American made motorcycle, a Harley Davidson sportster and I was quite surprised to learn Ella loved biking as Gramps or George rode years ago and she loved it.

"Oh Harold, this is a real bike, a real sweet street bike, You do have a license ... right?"

"Of course I have a license, Ella.

"I used to love riding with George, he had a road king by Harley."

"So Ella, you like it huh?"

"Harold, I love it and I hope you will take me for a spin rather soon."

"Oh Ella, I will love giving you a ride ... on the bike too."

"That is what I meant Harold, course if later on you want to give me a different kind of ride I'd like that too."

"Give me a few hundred miles Ella, that way I know how the bike rides, braking distance, acceleration, cornering."

"Harold ... You are going to get some of the Harley Davidson's clothes,.right ... like their shirts with the dealers name on them? you know the shirts that have a picture of the area's well known places on them and the name of the dealer? a good pair of denim trousers and a black leather jacket?"and bikers shoes?

"Heck yeah Ella, that is part of biking, wearing good jeans and fancy shirts that tell the world I am a biker."

Later at supper.

"So Harold, I love that you are a biker but, whatever possessed you to just go and buy a bike?"

"I guess it is the freedom I feel, the wind in my face and yeah the macho image of a guy in the U.S. riding an American made bike."

"Well I am glad you did not buy one of those rice rockets."

Ella was referring to those Yamaha's or Kawasakies with the handlebars lower than the gas tank and the riders back is paralell to the road, although Yamaha makes a good looking street bike where the rider maintains a more sane position on the bike. But some guys like those bikes and that's fine with me.

"So Harold, you want to give me a ride in the bedroom, do you?"

"Yes, and the fact you love the idea of biking makes this even better, I mean it is so nice we share piano and now two things in common? I think that is great.

"You know Harold, we could pack a lunch in those saddle bags and a blanket too, have a nice picnic and make love, what do you think of Ella's idea?"

And I am thinking, This is really great, my granny as my lover and she wants to have a romantic picnic.

We went for many a ride on my Harley and had many enjoyable meal but felt that "doing it" out in the open could cause probelms so we split to a fine hotel after we ate and talked. Oh yes, the nights of hot passion we shared was grand, I knew I would never forget those times. I would start off sucking and kising her neck and munch litely upon her ears and start kissing my way down to the valley between her boobs and she would look at me through her sexy half-moons she did foreplay with and I would give Ella the kind of screwing she not only wanted but needed so she could keep up with her womanly needs.

I did some piano practice as I had no intention on getting rusty with it and I loved working on the "Moonlight sonata" by Beethoven. by this time Ella had showered and was ready for a ride in the bedroom.

She had me laid out and tied up as in other nights, what was different this night was that we had my first three-some with her friend Betty. And I am telling you, Betty has some pretty extra-ordinary boobs that are well proportioned to her figure.

Betty has a great personality and has many different styles of half-glasses. It seems Ella told her about me romancing her gold half- rounds with the small pearls neck chain and Betty was turned on by that, also Betty wanted to ride my Harley and I was not sure if she meant the bike or my cock. Turns out she wanted a bit of both. Not at the same time, luckily.

The evening started out by being touched allover by Betty and her various pairs of glasses and she would play the role of a dominatrix as well. My hands were released from bondage but not my legs although I had no intention of splitting.

Betty had a nice pair of black rectangular style glasses which hung from a neckchain of small glass beads and I asked her for them and began running those beads past her nipples and she was getting very hot very quickly while at the same time Ella was playing with my cock with her silver oval glasses with half-moons and the evening was great as I loved getting Betty off while Ella worked on getting me off. Oh the way she touched me down there with her half-moons and high heels and when I came all over her half-moons she licked up that man sauce and her eyes sparkled. The scene was quite erotic as the room was dark, lit only by scented candles and those candles reflected in Betty's half-moons was to me very erotic.

I saw Betty's hand go for her bush and I grabbed her heel which was black patent and I stuffed the toes end up Betty's puss and gave her a good workout, the heel too. It was not long before she started to express her thoughts about what I was doing to her and she loved it.

A few mornings later at breakfast Ella asks, "So what did you think of my friend Betty?"

"Oh I thought she was very friendly, witty. I liked her a lot. So Ella how is it Betty knew about me romancing your gold half-round glasses?"

"Probably because I told her, she studied pyschiatry for a while and I wanted to know more about why a guy would find my half- glasses sexually alluring."

"So in a week or two, she is not gonna say 'Harold is twisted and /or perverted?"

"If she does tell me that, I could think of other things we could do on an even kinkier level, if it makes you feel any better."

"Harold, if she wants to do things with you, and say I am not here, it is o.k. She lost her husband due to kidney failure and it was very hard on her, so just feel free to please her and she will do all sorts of things with her various styles of half-glasses and if she prefers you to to go to her house, that is fine.

Well, one rainy day I was in the carport cleaning the rims on my Sportster and Betty pays a visit. It turns out she loved me running the beads of her half-glasses back and forth against her nipples and wondered if I would go to her house and satisfy her needs.

It had stopped raining by now and the sun was shining brightly.

"Sure, Betty, I enjoyed our time together as well. What do you plan on doing to me?"

"Well, you seem to really have a thing for my half-glasses and I thought that with my many different styles I would have you kiss and lick them as I jerked you off all over a pair so I could suck the cum off them."

Betty had no trouble saying what she wanted to do and I liked that. Betty is quite spry and whipped her leg over the bike and we were off.

I had not been to Betty's before but I could see myself there a bit more now as her home, to me resembled a british pub, stucco walls with partialy exposed wood beams at various angles, it really felt quite homey.

"So Harold, what was it like, cuming all over Ella's half-glasses as you wore her clothes?"

"Rather nice Betty, Ella says 'You studied pyschiatry, hope you're not gonna have me sent to an asylem as was Percy in the Green mile."

"You saw that movie too?

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