St.Trinians' Groundsman's Sex Education

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: This story follows on from the 1967 film `The Great St Trinian’s Train Robbery`, the fourth film in the series. I have tried to portray how the preteen girls were asexual and anarchical and the sixth form girls flaunted their sexuality with miniskirts showing their thighs, drinking gin and smoking. I tell how a sexually innocent young man is taught all about sex by young girls and their teachers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Water Sports   Size   Hairy   Teacher/Student   Big Breasts   .

I was lucky to get the job really. I had been brought up in an orphanage and I was not very self reliant. I left school when I was 14 and was employed as a trainee with the Council Parks Department. I also left the orphanage and was put with foster parents until I was 17. I had graduated from the Parks department when I was 18 and went to Guildford's Job centre who had sent me to work in a large Nursery garden centre. I did this job for four years and then I wanted to do something different I left and looked for something new. The Job Centre sent me out to this School saying that they had a job for a groundsman there, I was well pleased. It was not far out of town where I had been living in a bed-sit.

I soon found the entrance, as there was this large old sign which said First Aid Nursing Yeomanry School and below it Territorial Women's Army Training School. On the other side of the entrance, was the sign saying St.Trinians School for Young Girls. I cycled up to the front door of a large mansion with large grounds. I knocked on the door and waited. I heard lots of noise inside but no one answered the door, so I pushed it and went in. Inside, it was a large hall with a staircase in front of me and lots of doors leading off it. I could see nobody so I called out. "Hello?

There was silence, so I sat down in the hall and waited. After about ten minutes all the doors opened and a crowd of girls came running out going in all directions -- ignoring me. Then at last I was seen and a middle aged woman saw me and asked who I was and want did I want. I explained and showed her my job slip. "I am the Headmistress Miss Frinton. Have you been a Groundsman before?"

"No ma'am, but I worked four years with the Council Parks, and then with a Nursery"

"Good. When can you start?"

"I could start today. Will I be able to live here?"

"Oh Yes. There is a flat for you in the old Chapel, where we also keep all the mowers etc."

We went round the back of the mansion and there was this old chapel with stone walls and a steep roof and stained glass windows in it. She told me the history of the old building. There had been a convent on the site but the nuns had been thrown out in Henry VIII's time. The whole estate had been bought by a rich Tudor merchant and rebuilt. He died before it had been finished but his wife lived in it for many years. Then, in Victorian times, the mansion was bought by a Lady Broughton. She had the chapel adapted to be a coach house with a flat upstairs for the coachmen, and the rest of the mansion was also rebuilt and expanded.

"So this estate has always belonged to, and been used by women alone?"

"Oh yes, during the First World War, it was leased to the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry - the Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps, the first all female independent unit of nursing. It reverted back to Lady Broughton who modernised it a bit and built a swimming pool and also laid down a tennis court for use when she entertained guests on weekends. Then in the Second World War, it was sold to the War Department for use by another all female army unit, the Territorial Women's Army for Training purposes. The mansion was doubled in size for accommodation, dining rooms and kitchen etc. for the women. The stable block was demolished and a separate house built for the instructors. The domestic staff came in from the nearby village."

I asked what happened to the old groundsman.

"Oh he died of a heart attack when he tried to run from some of the girls. It's no surprise, he smoked too much, and had a terrible cough."

"Why was he running away?"

"He was dirty old man and they had caught him leering at the young girls in the swimming pool." I was suitably warned and I resolved not to do that. She took me then to meet the School's Bursar. He was a very effeminate man and shook my strong brown hands with his soft white ones. "We will pay you twenty pounds a week before tax and insurance with full board and longing. I hope you do well here. You will live in the old Chapel which is above the garden shed. I live in the school lodge by the entrance. I returned to my bed-sit, collected my things and told the landlord I was going. I strapped my suitcase on the back of my bike and pedalled back to the school. I went in, and went into my new home. It was a loft, a floor had been put into the old Chapel and I could see the roof rafters above me. On the ground floor was a sit-on mowing machine with a gang mower, plus all the necessary equipment for my job.

There was toilet, a hand basin and a small shower in a separate room. I looked around and found a collection of photographs. They were of the girls, some were exercising in their blue knickers, others were sitting down and one could see up their skirts to view their pants, and some were of girls pissing behind a wooden hut. These last few excited me. I had never seen a girl's quim and this one was also pissing!

The room was dirty and the bed linen soiled. I went to the kitchen into the back entrance and mentioned this to the staff. They were horrified that no one had cleaned it up after the dirty old man had died.

"We'll come over right away."

Four of them came over and tore out all the old man's stuff and burnt it all. They could hardly bring themselves to touch the sheets. They burned all of his clothes, and his girly magazines and photos. Then they gave me a tin of white emulsion and I painted the whole area. In the small bathroom, they used bleach on all surfaces.

"I don't know how we tolerated having this man on our premises."

"He came with the house," said one woman. "The old Miss Frinton died after her old school was blown up and burnt when the Fourth Form girl's spirit Still exploded. Her niece, Annie Frinton inherited it and sold it to a developer. She used the money, together with the reward money for finding the Train Robbery loot, to buy this place. It used to be used by the FANYS in First World War and then by the TWATS that is the Training of Women's Auxiliaries in the Second one. She oversaw the modernisation and adaptation of the place to be a school for girls. It is said that some of the bags of old bank notes were never found by the police, but Annie Frinton did before it was sold, and she paid most of the builders in cash."

I slept well and started my first day's work after a breakfast which was served in the kitchen with the other staff. I mowed the playing fields and put up the lacrosse nets and the hockey goal boards. I watched them play from a distance. I thought that they played very roughly and there seemed to be a lot of fouls. Another thing I noticed was that the young girls watching the games had on long skirts to their ankles and the older girls had short skirts well above their knees. I asked the staff at supper why was that.

"It's a matter of pride with them that they wear the same skirt all through their career here, so it starts off long and ends looking short!"

Apparently I was also expected to carry out all the maintenance work as well. One job I had was to look after, was the coal fired boiler, for heating the water and for the central heating. In the winter it would require constant stoking but in the summer it was only used to heat water for baths and washing water. There was also a Still which I know was illegal, but I was told it was a tradition of St. Trinians to make their own gin and vodka for their own use.

The old house used to have all their vegetables supplied from their walled garden. There was a large building at the entrance to the old walled area which was converted into a changing rooms, showers and lavatories for the girls to use. It also housed the pump and chlorination mechanism.

I settled in nicely and worked hard to put right what my predecessor had left not done. It was the start of the summer term in May, and the old gardener had died in the second week of the term. He had not started on cutting the grass for instance. At the end of my first week on Friday, the bursar paid me eighteen pounds five shillings in cash. "Would you like to come out to dinner with me tomorrow night?" I accept and put a clean shirt and wore my only jacket and tie. The bursar, called Simon drove me to Guildford where we went to a Berni Inn and I had a steak, my first ever, with a glass of red wine, then drove me back. "Come in and have a drink with me." We went into his small cottage and he gave me a drink. "Have a drink of this, it is gin which the teachers have made last term. "I thought it was illegal to make your own gin. "Well ... yes, but they have this small still in the school's chemical laboratory, and that is licensed, but the bigger one in the cellar is not!!" He laughed. I had never had spirits before, not being able to afford them, this one took my breath away and I spluttered and felt a burning sensation down my throat, but I also felt my cheeks glow and my eyes opened wide. "Wow that's some drink!" We carried on drinking for a bit and then he leaned over and rubbed my crotch. I could feel my cock grow as he did it. "Do you play with your cock?" "No never." "Well let me show you what you have been missing." He opened my flies and pulled out my limp prick. He played with it a bit and it slowly became erect as he stroked it; then he put it in his mouth, it felt good and I became fully erect. He then pushed his mouth down on to it moved it up and down. It was very pleasant and I suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling and I came in his mouth. "Wow that was something I have never experienced before." "Would you like to do that to me now?" "Ok well only use my hand." So I frigged him quickly. He tried to push my head down but I didn't fancy putting his prick in my mouth so I pushed back on his hand. He cried out and came all over my hand, sticky and white sperm. "Yuck" I said and wiped my hand on his trousers. I got up then and left hurriedly "Thanks for the drink" I said as I went out. I worked hard for the next week as there was a lot of grass cutting and other jobs to do. I also explored the place. On the other side of the school, there was a building which had been a house for the head gardener. It had two floors and had a large green house on one side which had been now furnished as a conservatory. This was heated by a large boiler which served for the house's central heating as well. It was used by the sixth form girls as a club to spend their spare time in. I came into their house and asked where the boiler was, as I was expected to get it to work. In the conservatory there were several girls lounging about the area. I didn't want to chat to them but they started to take an interest in me first. 'What's your name? Have you a girlfriend?' and other such questions. Then a girl called Wendy asked if I had ever been kissed. "No, I've never had the chance."

"Well then we will have to do something about that!"

She came over to me to where I was sitting on a wicker chair and sat on my lap and kissed me on the lips.

"Relax your lips and open your mouth a bit." Then she kissed me again and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

"There you are, was thay nice?"

"Oh yes, it was terrific. Can we do it again?"

Wendy kissed me again and for longer. She put her arms around me and smiled back at the other girls.

"I think I've found myself a new boy friend."

The next day I had to see to a delivery of coal for the boilers and I got terribly dirty. I went into the kitchen to wash my hands and face. The house keeper insisted I had a bath and took me into her room.

"Now strip off and I'll wash those clothes and you can put on clean ones."

"These are the only trousers and shirt I've got!"

"Well strip off and brush them down, we'll have to go to town and buy you some new ones."

I took off my clothes and stood there waiting to be told what to do next. The woman, Joan, looked at me nude and said "You're so thin! Didn't your mum feed you?"

"I'm an orphan, I have no mum," and I burst into tears.

The nice woman came and gave me a hug as I cried my heart out. This was the first show of affection I had ever had. This was 1969 and kisses and hugs were not usual between people who were not married.

I went in the School's car into town with the house keeper and I was bought everything I could need. Underpants, shirts, shoes, boots, a donkey jacket, and a pair of tough trousers called denim jeans. Joan paid for it all with cheques.

I was so happy, I put on my best outfit and went to the girl's club and showed them. There were three girls sitting in the downstairs room.

"Look at my new clothes -- even underpants, they're called Y-fronts!"

"Well, let's see them then".

I dropped my trousers in front of the four girls and they all wowed. Then Wendy came over and started to run her hands over my body.

"My, you're thin." Then she ran her hands over my underpants.

"What have you in here?" She pulled down my pants and saw my prick.

"Oh that's not small. I wonder what it would be like when it's stiff?"

She dropped to her knees and started to play with it. Then as it grew bigger she put her mouth down on to it.

"That feels nice." I said.

Wendy looked up at me and smiled with her eyes; her mouth being full at the time. I looked over at the other girls and they looked interested and one of them had put her hands up her short skirt and down her knickers. Gradually and quickly I could feel this tremendous emotion.

"Oh God that's wonderful ... Oh yes."

Wendy pulled her mouth off my prick and stood up.

"Now it's your turn to please me. Get down on your knees and kiss my fanny."

I did as I was told and pushed my head up her skirt. Then I reached up and pulled her white knickers off. I eased them over her feet and she opened up her legs, I moved in and pushed my head up to her crotch so I could kiss her fanny. It was lightly covered in hair and I could see her dark crack easily. I put my mouth onto it and tentatively licked upwards. The more I licked it, the more juice flowed out. I was really beginning to like the taste and smell.

"Suck and lick my clitoris." Wendy said. "That's it Dickie, munch your first muff. I'm teaching you how to pleasure a girl."

I licked her for about five minutes. She had me alternating between licking and sucking her cunt, stabbing my tongue in and out, sucking and licking her clit. Sometimes she took control and roughly mashed my face into her pussy.

She squealed as she started squirting stuff into my mouth. At first I thought she was pissing in my mouth and tried to back away but she had a firm grip on the back of my head which kept me in place. Then I realised it was more of her pussy juice. Could women cum too? Instinct made me open my mouth and accept the warm tasty liquid. Her sexy lithe body shook and shuddered.

I moved out from under her skirt and stood up. She held my face between her hands again and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. My prick was standing outwards so I pushed it between her thighs. Wendy broke off our kiss and pushed my body back a bit. I looked down as my prick flicked upwards and spunk flew out the end. The other girls clapped and laughed.

"Well done Wendy, that was at least three feet."

I had a big smile on my face and my knees felt weak. I pulled up my pants and trousers. The girls were very nice to me and gave me a cup of tea. I looked at their boiler another day when they were in classes -- I was too knackered.

I didn't have an opportunity to go back to their club till a week after, when I had been told to go and 'sort out' their lavatory. I knocked on the door and went in. There were only two girls in the room -- Wendy and one called Maria. She was dark skinned and had a lovely soft voice with a trace of a Spanish accent.

"Come in Dickie, I'll show you the problem." Wendy said.

We went up stairs to the bathroom.

"This is a new lavatory. It was installed in place of an old one which had a cistern right up near the ceiling, and it should work but it's not working properly."

I walked in and took the lid off the cistern. I had never seen the inside of one before but I soon worked out how it worked and I could see that the valve screw needed turning a bit more. When I pressed the handle it worked perfectly.

"Oh thank you. We couldn't use it."

Wendy threw her arms around me and kissed me hard and then she slipped her tongue in and kept on pressing her lips on mine.

"I think it's time for you to have your second lesson in sex. Take your clothes off."

So I took my clothes off and put them in a neat pile, then I sat on a bed. Then Wendy took off her short gym slip and blouse, revealing her bra, white knickers and black stockings. I goggled. Then she slowly started to take off her bra and pants. She began make music.

"Di da da daa, did a da daa, did dad a daa..." I recognised the tune of the 'Stripper'. She revealed a lovely pair of breasts, and a hairy twat. I could feel my penis grow to full erection. I kissed her lovely brown nipples and raised my hands and fondled her tits. They weren't very large and she didn't have to wear a bra, but they were firm and I loved them!

"Now kiss the other one ... suck on my nipples ... oh yes that's great."

"On your knees Dickie and worship at my temple of love!"

I kneeled in front of her and looked at her narrow slit partially covered by hair. She pulled my head into her crotch and said "Now lick me, Dickie boy."

I grabbed her two bum cheeks and pushed my tongue inside what I could reach. She opened her legs and pushed her hips forward. I could now get right inside of her. Her cunt tasted delicious if a bit salty from her last piss, she held my head tightly and gave a big shudder and pushed me away.

"Lie down on the bed now and I will fuck you."

So I laid down on the nearest bed with my penis standing straight up. She threw her leg over mine and grasped my prick in her right hand and then looking down, rubbed it against herself and then sank down on it. She gave a groan and shuddered as I went all the way up her cunt. She stayed still for a moment, and leant forward with her hands on my chest, breathing heavily. Then she lifted herself up and started to fuck me. Up and down she slid on my prick. I had my hands on her neat round arse, helping her move. I could feel my sperm moving up and I was in ecstasy. I gripped her bum and one of my fingers popped into her arse hole. Wendy gave a scream of joy as she orgasmed. She then slumped down onto my chest.

Maria had been watching all this and came close to us and hugged us both and shuddered against us.

"That was fantastic, I want to do it too, Now!"

Wendy climbed off and said "he's all yours" and she went off to the bathroom.

Maria then jumped off the bed and pulled her dark blue knickers off, and jumped back onto the bed. She walked on her knees up the bed and straddled my head.

"Now kiss my pussy!"

I licked, I slurped, I enjoyed myself and got my face all wet. Maria moved her cunt back and forward on my nose rubbing it against herself. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my prick moving my foreskin up and down; then a mouth enveloped it. Oh it was so good. I could feel my erection returning as I was gobbled.

I heard Wendy's voice say "He's stiff now, you can fuck him."

Maria moved down my body with my hands still on her bum cheeks. Then she grabbed hold of my prick, rubbed it up and down her slit and then bore down on to it; she waited a moment as she shuddered with a small orgasm, then she began to fuck me. It was wonderful. She was so wet and I was so hard. I had fired off once, so this time I was lasting longer. Maria suddenly went stiff and then stopped moving and collapsed on top of me.

"Don't stop now!"

I was still holding her hips so I moved her around so I was on top and fucked her hard and fast. Then I came and I stiffened and fell onto her. I felt my prick shrink and slip out and I slid sideways on to the bed. We hugged each other gently and she kissed me tenderly.

"You're my first man!"

"You're my second girl!"

Afterwards I felt full of smiles. It was noticed when I sat down for supper in the school kitchen.

"You're looking happy today! Who's tickled your fancy?" said the cook as she put down my supper in front of me.

"I'm just happy to be here amongst friendly people" I replied.

"That's nice; you're turning out to be just the person we were hoping for. The last groundsman was such miserable old letch."

Those first sexual experiences altered my whole outlook on life. It was like looking at life with rose tinted glasses. I also looked at girls differently, now I would now look at their breasts, their legs and their face and pick out the good ones from the bad. I felt a tremendous pull towards Maria. I felt as though she had captured my heart if and not just my tool. We had made love not had sex.

I took to hanging about near the Sixth Form house hoping for a chance to see her and hopeful to repeat my performance. I got my chance when I saw Wendy sitting outside having a coffee. I approached and asked if Maria was about.

"Yes she's upstairs, go up and see her."

I went quickly into the house; it seemed empty -- the other girls must be in a class. I climbed the stairs and looked around the dormitory, no sight of her. I heard moans coming from the bathroom. I rushed in thinking that she must be in pain but instead I saw Maria sitting on the loo furiously rubbing her cunt. Her short skirt was up round her waist and her dark blue knickers were down and hanging off her left foot. She saw me and moaned.

"Lick me lick me fuck me ... oh yes do it to me..."

I hesitated, what should I do. I decided to act and I dropped to my knees in front of her and put my face between her knees. She looked down at me.

"Ahhhhh do it do it to me now..."

I put my mouth onto her hairy twat and pushed my tongue inside her cunt. I wiggled it about as she put both hands on my head holding me tightly against herself. I was suffocating but I carried on having my face used. Then suddenly I was pushed away.

"Quickly change places ... I want to fuck you."

I tore down my trousers to my ankles and turned around to sit on the seat. Maria straddled my thighs grabbed hold of my prick and dropped herself down on to me. Her cunt was tight around it but wet, slippery and felt beautiful. I held her with two hands and thrust upwards into her; once, twice, adjusting my movements to hers, to build up a rhythm.

"Come now, come inside me I want to feel you shoot your spunk!"

My hands were gripping her bum cheeks. I accidentally slid round and my fore-finger slipped into her arse hole. I felt her cunt tighten as she pushed herself down onto my thighs. I could feel my cock spurt out its sperm right into her womb. We held each other in a hug, as we descended from the heights of ecstasy. Then we put our clothes back on and went downstairs. Wendy got up and made us a cup of tea in the kitchen.

"You look like you need a bit of refreshment!"

We sat around then and chatted. It occurred to me that we hadn't used any French letters when we fucked.

"Have I made you pregnant now? Will I have to marry you?"

"No, you're safe. We've been instructed in the Marie Stopes birth control."

"What's that?"

"Well, Marie Stopes published a book called 'Married Love' in 1918 and gave the details of how to avoid pregnancy by only making love when a woman is infertile. A women's periods, are every 28 days; she bleeds for four to seven days, then is fertile for twelve days, then infertile for seven days. We are now in the infertile time and we can fuck safely!"

"Wow I never heard of that before."

"If you want to fuck us again, you had better buy some condoms."

So on the next Saturday I cycled into town and bought two packets of three. I called into the girl's club house on the next Wednesday in the afternoon. There were three girls this time, the third one was called Joan. She had glasses on and was slightly plump.

I sat down and had a cup of tea with them and talked. I managed to get the talk around to sex as that was the reason for my coming here.

Wendy spoke. "There's no chance of you fucking us this week. We all have our periods now."

"What, all of you?"

"Yes, because we sleep in the same room, all our periods start at the same time."

"Oh." I said deeply disappointed. Having tasted of the apple, I wanted more. Everyone was silent in thought for a few minutes, then Joan spoke. "I have read that Portuguese women allow their bum holes to be used for sex instead of their vaginas so that they don't get pregnant. We could try that way, couldn't we?"

Wendy answered, "Yes I sure Dickie could do that to you. Come on let's go upstairs and try."

We all ran upstairs with Joan squealing with excitement. I sat on one bed and removed my boots, trousers and Y-fronts. Joan sat on another and undid her skirt and pulled down her white knickers with her back to me and then jumped up on to the bed and wiggled her bum at me. It was a lovely white arse which contrasted nicely with the black stockings she was still wearing. I could see her twat, with black hair covering the dark slit of her cunt. There was a white string of her tampon coming out from her cunt. Her arse hole also had a few hairs around it; I felt drawn towards it so I bent down and pulled her cheeks open and pushed my face inwards. My tongue flicked out and I licked her wrinkled hole. I felt Joan shiver with excitement or anticipation.

"That's right Dickie, lubricate her hole while I look for something better in the bathroom." I pushed my tongue in as far as I could, then I pushed my finger in -- there was nothing stopping it.

"Here, I have found a tub of Vaseline, put this on her hole."

I scooped up a blob of the jelly and pushed it into her rosebud. Then I rubbed some on the purple head of my prick, and I gave it a bit of a wank to stiffen it. I climbed onto the bed and put my legs either side of Joan's so as to have access to her bum hole. I held my prick and moved my hips forward until I was touching her arsehole then I pushed it inwards. The head went in and then I could not push any further.

"You're too tight! Relax it a bit"

Maria spoke up, "I'll frig your clitty to excite you."

She put her hand underneath Joan's belly and found her cunt and started to rub her clitoris. I felt Joan's sphincter muscle relax, so I pushed it in further and then pulled out and pushed it in again, even further.

"This is nice; it feels good. What do you feel?"

"It feels queer, but nice in a funny sort of way. Keep rubbing my nub, Maria I'm getting there."

I started to move in and out quicker, the pressure on my penis was great but wonderful. I felt I was in ecstasy. Suddenly I couldn't stop; the explosion of sperm was about to happen. I pulled back and my cock head came right out. I thrust forwards, missed her now gaping hole, but caught it in her plump bum cheeks crack, and it exploded spunk onto her back and blouse. I fell back onto my thighs and looked down at the mess.

Maria ran off to the bathroom and came back with a flannel and wiped Joan's back and then offered it to me. I used it and then dressed. We all went downstairs and had another nice cup of tea.

Hot summer sunshine came to St Trinians. I had to fill the pool and chlorinate the water. The pump room was on one side of the pool so I was in the room when the pool was invaded by hoards of little girls all dressed in blue costumes. Why do little girls always scream when they're in the water? It's perfectly safe and two mistresses are looking after them but they scream like they are being raped when in fact they are having fun. I couldn't help but look at the girls little figures – most were flat chested but some had mounds and some had full breasts with sharp nipples. I also looked at the crotches of some of the older ones, who had pubic hair protruding from their costumes. I became embarrassed and quickly left.

I went for a walk around the perimeter wall which went behind the back of the sports pavilion that stood overlooking the playing fields. It was an old wooden bungalow and was used to watch cricket matches, but it didn't have any toilets, so the girls went around the corner and pissed, out of sight by some bushes.

I had forgotten the photos I had seen and I came upon the sight of two sixth form girls with their pants down, pissing, as I walked up from a copse of trees by the back wall. The sight of their bare bums and the flow of urine was exciting. I could feel my cock get stiff in my trousers. I stood still and just watched until the flow had stopped and they pulled up their knickers.

I walked around the other side of the hut and went into it nonchalantly. Inside were three girls from the Finishing School who I didn't know, but they knew me.

"Hi there! I have never been here before. Is it ever used now?"

"Hi Dickie, come on in. Oh yes the place is used to change in and to sit in when the other side is fielding at cricket."

The three girls were smoking cigarettes. One was big and blond, called Sonia, one who had copper red hair was Pamela and the third one, a mousy brunette, was Jean.

All three girls were sitting in a big sofa with their feet up on a table. Their skirts were minis as was the style of that year, and I could see their white thighs and knickers. Each girl wore pants of a different colour to show that they were sixth form girls, but they still wore the black stockings which came to just above their knees. The contrast was fabulous. I liked the white pair with small cherries on them.

I tore my eyes away from their crotches as I saw that they were holding wine glasses obviously being filled from the bottle of vodka on the table. It had a black label with skull and cross bones on it and there was also a half empty bottle of lemonade.

"Have a drink! This is vodka which we made last year. It was made out of blackberries so we call it 'Black Death'"

"Aren't you a bit young to be drinking and smoking?"

"No, we're all over sixteen and Sonia is seventeen." They gave me a glass with this dark liquid in it. Being an idiot I knocked it straight back and got the full effect.

"Ahhhhhhh" I spluttered and then found I couldn't speak. My voice had been burned off.

I quickly poured myself some lemonade and drank it down.

"Wow that has some kick. What proof is it?"

"Well we've added thirty percent distilled water to the hundred percent stuff but perhaps we should add some more?"

A warm glow came over me. I felt enlivened. I looked round and really looked hard at the three girls sitting together on a large old sofa with their legs up high showing their underpants.

"What a sight! I saw two of you having a piss round the corner and now I can all see all of your knickers!"

"Aren't you the lucky one! But we understand that you have been initiated into what women have under their pants already?"

"Well yes, but somehow seeing yours is still exciting. I can feel an erection coming on."

"Oh let's see. We haven't seen many stiff pricks. We have been practising amongst ourselves with dildos but never actually handled a live cock! Drop your trousers now!"

"I will if you will."

"You first".

I shyly sat down and took my heavy boots off then my denim trousers, followed by my underpants. I then stood up exposing my prick which was only half way to an erection. The three girls all stood up and came over to me and each of them reached down and fondled me in turn.

"It's nice and look, its growing. I wonder how big it is. Pass that tape measure over and we'll measure it. Will it get even bigger if I suck it?"

One of the girls found the tape while the big blond girl went down on her knees and grabbed my cock and pushed her mouth onto the purple head. It felt wonderful. She pulled her mouth off and grabbed the tape. She pulled it out and measured me.

"Its seven inches long and ... five inches in circumference."

"Wow ... it looks even bigger. Do think we could fuck it? Have you got a condom, Dickie?"

"Yes I have one." I took it out of my pocket and rolled the rubber down my stiff prick.

"How can we all use it?" said Jean.

Sonia replied, "I heard from Miss Jones that if you tie a silk scarf around the base of a penis, the blood couldn't escape and the sperm couldn't come up!"

"Right, then let's work it out. Pamela, pull that low bench over here, and Dickie you lie on it."

So I did as I was told, and laid down on the hard wooden bench. The girls were busy undoing their skirts and then, to my delight pull down their knickers. For the first time I could see all their pubes! Jean had a neat dark triangle of hair, Pamela had light red coloured hair and Sonia was completely bare.

I asked her, "Why haven't you any hair there?"

"I had it all waxed off as I had a job in my hols, modelling swim suits."

"Wow. I've never seen a bare pussy before."

Jean produced this pastel coloured silk scarf and wound it round my cock and knotted it quite firmly.

"Right, girls" said Pamela, "Who is the wettest, has the first fuck?"

The three girls all pushed their fingers into their twats and gave them a rub. Sonia answered first and said she was wet. She threw her right leg over me and the bench and grabbed my prick and then positioned it underneath herself and slowly slid down. Oh what a feeling. Her cunt was hot, wet and it was like, well like nothing else on earth, wonderful. She moved up and down with gay abandon. I held her hips and helped her. I watched her large breasts flop up and down as she wasn't wearing a bra.

Then suddenly there was a hairy cunt moving onto my face. It must have been Jean. I could hear her say "I want an orgasm NOW."

She rubbed herself along my face until she felt my tongue on her clitoris. I licked it, rubbed my nose on it, sucked it and finally bit it. She cried out as she came, hard. Slowly she got back off, leaving my prick waving in the breeze.

"My turn now" said Pamela, and she swung her leg over me with her bum facing me. Slowly and carefully she lowered her cunt downwards. After having one cunt fuck me facing forwards, it felt strange to have one facing backwards. The angle seemed all wrong! Still it was warm and wet and I soon appreciated it. Pamela moved fast then and then stopped and seemed to rub her clit on my pubic bone. She must have cum because she then leant forward on to my knees not moving. I desperately wanted to come now but was frustrated.

"Please take the rubber off and let me cum now."

Pamela got off me, turned around and reached down and took it off. Then she wanked me gently with her small hand, smiling at me as she did so.

"Put your mouth on it, Pammy" said Sonia. So she did so. It was exquisite. I could feel a rush of spunk coming, so I put my hands on her head and held it down and I came in her mouth.

"Ahhhhhh ... at last..." I cried. Pamela raised her head and wiped her mouth.

"Wow ... that's a first for me. Why do they call it a 'Blow Job' when I didn't blow at all?"

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