It Didn't Work Out

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2013 by DG Hear

Sex Story: We got married and I hoped for the best.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Swinging   Interracial   .

Thank you to Mr. Wolf for editing this story and making it a much better read. Now and then I like to get away from the romance stories and write a Loving wife story. I hope you enjoy it. I do understand not every story is for everyone.

We'd only been married two years and Jessica thought we ought to celebrate Valentine's Day this year by going out for dinner. I was never big on celebrating every occasion except for Christmas and maybe New Years. I figured it was nothing but a money maker for the card and candy companies. Just to keep her happy, I told her I would take her out for dinner. She smiled at me and told me she would make the plans.

I was surprised when she came home from work and told me she invited another couple out for dinner with us. After we all went out for dinner at the Olive Garden she invited Carl and Christine over to our apartment. I wasn't sure why she was doing this. They were a middle age married couple in their forties. I was thirty and Jessica was twenty three. After talking to them for a couple of hours at dinner, I didn't think we had a lot in common.

Jess had met Chris at work; they both worked in a large insurance office. Lately Jess said we didn't go out enough and she felt bored all the time. That's when she told me she asked Chris if she and her husband would like to go out for dinner with us on Valentine's Day.

When we arrived at the dinner table the Henry's were already seated. They stood up when we arrived. I was a bit surprised that they were black. They both smiled as they greeted us. Chris was a good looking woman, dressed in a low cut red dress and had large breasts. The dress was also quite short, to be honest, she looked hot!

Carl was dressed in a pin striped suit. It was easy to tell he was a proud and educated man. He just exuded that type of confidence. He shook my hand; there was power in his grip. He then hugged Jess and even kissed her lightly on the cheek. It took me a bit by surprise that he was so bold. I in turn gave Chris a light hug, not wanting to be the odd guy at the table.

Both Chris and Carl complimented Jess on her evening dress. It was black, somewhat low cut and made of a silky material. I have to admit she looked great. She said she bought it for me to show her off in. I in turn did wear a sports jacket because of the way Jess was dressed. I didn't even own a suit and never wore a tie.

During dinner I found out that Carl owned an accounting firm. He had over twenty employees and did quite well. When I asked why Chris didn't work for him he told me he didn't mix business and pleasure. It made both Jess and Chris laugh. He did mention that they each needed their space. They had their evening to be together.

I was surprised they didn't have any kids together. They said they had only been married five years. Carl did have two grown kids from a previous marriage, a boy and a girl. They lived with their mother but now were in college.

Chris said she never wanted kids. She came from a large family and could see her nieces and nephews, enjoy time with them and then send them home to their parents. We all smiled.

I work in a factory and was recently promoted to supervisor over an entire department. It might have been a salary position but I still felt I was a blue collar worker. I was still one of the guys and enjoyed my work.

I went to college for two years and received a degree in Business Administration. After college my Dad got me a job at the factory. He told me the degree would help me with advancement later; he was right.

I dated a lot in high school and college but I didn't really have any steady girlfriends, I just played the field. I can't say I was ever really in love, but I was in lust a lot! I would party, get drunk or high on weed and then have sex. I probably wasn't what you would call a good lover. I just wanted to get my rocks off; the women didn't seem to complain.

After college I straightened up some. I started my job and it was hard work. I found out I couldn't drink half the night and be at my best at work. As I wasn't about to screw up my job I started to only drink on weekends.

I met Jess at a friend's party. We seemed to hit it off and began dating. She was a little on the more wild side but I didn't mind. By wild, I mean she did get high on weed and liked mixed drinks to the point of getting rather intoxicated. I guess we had that in common.

While she was still a senior in college she called me one evening and told me she was pregnant. She was really shook up and I went over to see her. We talked and even though I wasn't in love with her, I really did care for her a lot. I wanted to do right by her and asked her to marry me; she said, "yes."

Our families were both happy about our upcoming marriage but not so happy that she had gotten pregnant. We got married the following month and she graduated a month later.

We lived in my apartment which was nice and had two bedrooms. We were going to fix up one of the rooms for the baby when it arrived. Jess and I talked it over and she wasn't going to look for a job till after the baby was born. Most employers weren't looking to hire a pregnant woman.

She ran into some kind of complications in her fifth month. I rushed her to the hospital and she had a miscarriage. Although we both felt bad about it I think I felt even worse than Jess. I was getting used to the idea of becoming a father.

Jess's doctor put her on birth control. He said she shouldn't take a chance on getting pregnant so soon after the miscarriage. We went along with our lives and everything seemed fine. Jess went looking for a job and got one the first place she interviewed at an insurance agency. She was young, had the education and the looks so it wasn't a big surprise.

Things were looking pretty good for us as we both had good jobs and were able to buy most things that we wanted. About a year after our wedding was when I received the promotion. It meant even more money. The only problem was I had to work the afternoon shift and Jess worked in the office during the day.

I would see her first thing in the morning and the nights that she waited up for me. I can't tell you how many times that I came home after work and slid in behind her while she was sleeping and had sex. Needless to say she always woke up and never complained. We seemed pretty compatible when it came to sex.

On the weekends she always wanted to go out. I could understand it because she worked all week long and was alone a lot. She visited her family and friends in the evenings. We would go out with a few friends to a lounge and dance or take in a movie on the weekend. The problem was I didn't get every Saturday off. I had to work at least one or two weekends a month. On those days Jess would go out with her sister or friends. She was always home before I got home and we usually had sex. Life was pretty good.

I need to tell you a little about my past sexual experiences. To be honest, I wasn't some great lover that brought all his partners to gigantic orgasms. I was just a guy that dated women but never got serious about any. Most of my sexual encounters happened at or after parties.

I didn't do a lot of the things you read about on a regular basis. I wasn't in love with eating pussy. If I was really drunk, I might do it but not very often. I was never really in touch with the sexual side of a woman. I didn't do a lot of foreplay. It was usually about getting into my partner's pants.

I did try to help them reach an orgasm; I wasn't a complete asshole. It's just that sex to me was getting in a pussy and coming. Most of my partners seemed satisfied and I did have a lot of sexual partners. I had oral sex with a few women but unlike you read in most stories, most didn't like sucking a cock. I will admit to a few exceptions.

After finding out Jess was pregnant I sobered up a lot. I wanted to be a responsible husband and father. I really can't say that I was in love with Jess but I did care for her a lot. I felt that I would grow to love her since I was no longer the partying guy. Once we got married I had every intention of settling down and doing what was right for my family.

I asked Jess how come she wanted to go out all the time. She told me that she knew that I had sowed my oats but that she still liked to party. She said she would never cheat on me and always be honest with me. She just enjoyed going out with her friends once in awhile.

I knew where she was coming from. The few years difference in our age at this time in our lives would make us think a bit differently. I wanted to trust her although at times I had doubts but when I asked my sister about Jess when they went out together, she said she danced with other men and flirted a little but never more than that.

I gave her a little space and the benefit of the doubt. Every now and then when she went out I would show up unannounced if I got out of work early. She was always happy to see me but did ask how come I never called her so she knew I would be coming. I just replied that I never know when I'll be getting off early or if I was in the mood to go out. We never talked more about it.

I had a problem that I was trying to work through. I cared for Jess a lot but I didn't know if I loved her, or she me for that matter. Sure, we said it to each other but did we mean it? I married her mainly to do what I felt was doing the right thing as she was pregnant with our child.

Then, the miscarriage happened and we were both hurting from that. That might have even brought us closer for awhile. I've never cheated on her or had any intention of doing so, but I wanted my feeling for her to grow. I really wanted to love her and her me. When we went out for Valentine's Day things changed.

As I have mentioned, Jess invited Chris and Carl back to our apartment. We had quite a few drinks at the restaurant so I was glad we lived close. The last thing I needed was to get stopped for driving under the influence.

We arrived at the apartment and I offered everyone a drink. As I was making them Jess put on some music. After giving everyone a drink Jess asked me to dance with her which I did. Chris and Carl got up and were dancing also. The CD that Jess put on was all love songs, slow and easy to dance too.

In our living room we don't have a couch but we do have a loveseat and matching recliner. After dancing a couple of dances Jess went into the kitchen and grabbed a chair. Carl sat in my recliner so I sat on the loveseat. Chris had used the restroom and when she came back into the room she sat next to me on the loveseat.

Carl asked if we ever smoked any weed. I looked over at Jess and she smiled. "Yes, we have in the past, but I haven't smoked any since we got married," I replied.

"If you don't mind I have a few joints with me and it's an excellent grade. After drinking I like to smoke a joint or so. I have more than enough for all of us." replied Carl.

Before I could answer Jess said she didn't seen any problem with it so Carl lit up two joints and passed one over for Chris and I to share and said he would share his with Jess since she was sitting on the chair near him.

I took a hit and he was right. It was probably the best weed I have ever had. I took another puff and passed it to Chris. Damn, weed makes me mellow. I watched Carl pass his joint over to Jess and she took a few hits, looked at me and smiled. I was happy she was having a good time.

After we finished our joint Carl lit up a second one for us. We started smoking it and listened to the soft music playing in the background. Carl asked Jess if she would like to dance. She said yes and the two of them got up and were dancing. I mentioned to Chris that I didn't think I would be a good dance partner and she said it was okay. We could just sit, smoke the joint and relax, which we did.

I watched Jess and Carl dance; they were really close. She had her arms around his neck and his were around her waist, resting on her ass. I'm sure when he turned her away from us he put his hands on her ass. I didn't know if I should say anything or not.

After a couple of songs Carl sat back down on the recliner. He pulled Jess by the arm and she sat on his lap. I was going to say something when Chris said, "Let it go, they're just having fun." About that time she leaned over and kissed me. I wasn't sure what to do. It felt good, her sweet warm lips touching mine.

I looked over at Jess for her reaction and she smiled at me. I was a couple of sheets to the wind by now and when Chris kissed me again, I let it happen. She also put her hand on my thigh and was pushing it up toward my cock. To say I wasn't getting hard would be a lie.

I looked back over at Jess and she was kissing Carl. He had his hand on her thigh and was pushing it up under her dress. It was a turn-on but I knew it was wrong. I was letting this man feel up my wife but his wife now had my pants unzipped and was pulling my cock out.

I was in the moment when she got off the couch onto her knees and started giving me head. God, it felt good! Jess didn't do it very often since I didn't go down on her, but it felt great.

Jess looked over at me as she was being finger fucked by Carl. She smiled at me and she and Carl got up and went into our bedroom. I knew what was happening but didn't even try to stop it. Chris was doing a number on my cock.

She quickly took off her dress and was in her matching bra and panties. How she stopped me from coming I'll never know but she knew what she was doing as she slid my trousers and briefs down and took off her panties.

I was staring at her pussy with the dark black curly hair neatly trimmed. She was facing me as she held onto my cock and slid it into her pussy as she lowered herself down. Her pussy was so wet and hot. The weed must have gotten to her also.

I don't know how long we fucked but I know I came hard. I held tight onto her ass and filled her with my cum. By the sounds she was making I'm sure she came a couple of times.

I must have passed out for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes my trousers were still down around my ankles and Chris wasn't there. I heard sounds coming from the bedroom and figured it was Jess and Carl. I got up and pulled up my pants and walked toward the bedroom.

I was somewhat in a daze as I walked over to the bedroom door and saw Carl pumping his cock into my wife who lay there asking for more cock. I looked over and saw Chris on the bed sucking on my wife's tits. She looked up and smiled at me. I didn't know what to think or feel. Carl and Jess didn't even know I was watching.

There on the bed was my wife being fucked by a black man while his wife was sucking on her tits. Jess was loving it and I could see her having mini orgasms as Chris talked to her.

"Do you want to suck Carl's cock when he gets done fucking you? You know you love sucking his cock," said Chris.

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