Page Boy

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: I am writing this to show what it is like to be sexually abused at an early age, to be cowed into submission by one's elders and betters.I was sent to an all boy’s boarding school at the age of seven,where I was sexually abused by the older boys; they would sit on my chest and try to masturbate me.At 14,I went to a major English Public School.Nobody interfered with me or loved me.Most of the teachers were aggressive and frightening.We had no sex education at all.

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I was born in 1920, conceived when my father came back from the Great War. I was the runt of the litter; my two brothers and my sister were all at least five years older than me. He was a tenant farmer to his commanding officer. When I became 14, I left school because we were only just making a living in those hard times. My mother took me to the Manor and asked the lady of the house if she would take me into service. She was a young, beautiful woman with red hair and porcelain white skin. She wore clothes in the latest fashion, with a flat bosom and a long string of beads around her neck.

"He's a lovely boy but we can't afford to feed and clothe him, and he is too small to work on the farm," my mother said to her.

The lady looked me over and smiled.

"Yes, my cook and the gardener could do with a bit of help, I'll take him on at five shillings a week". And that was that.

I was taken in that day and shown my place in the kitchen. There was a cook who lived above the old stables, whose husband did the garden and acted as a chauffeur. Then there was two maids, one about forty something and Lizzy who was sixteen. The house had eight bedrooms, four on each floor, a dining room, a library with a billiard table, a lounge and a conservatory full of flowers.

The first week went quickly as I got used to my duties. I worked in the house and kitchen in the morning and with the gardener in the afternoon. Lizzy and I worked six days a week with the Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday off, when we normally went back to our homes in the village.

George, my Master had met my Mistress, Mary, during the Great War. She had volunteered to nurse in the Female Auxiliary Nursing Yeomanry – FANYS, and she tended to him when he was wounded during the German Spring Offensive in 1918. He had joined up straight from Eton Public School in 1914 and risen to become a Major. He had survived unscathed, until a shell had hit the HQ in a Chateau, killing a lot of his fellow officers but he had only been wounded by shrapnel. They had got married in 1919 and he had moved into their mansion when his parents died and modernised it.

It was on a Saturday morning, when Lizzy was busy and I had to carry up the breakfast tray that my life was changed. As I put the coffee down the Master said, "What's that smell?" I replied "It must be me sir, I was helping the gardener to shovel horse shit from the drive way early this morning."

He looked hard at me and turned to address his wife, "This boy needs a good bath and proper clothes, and will you see to it please?"

I was sent up to see the Mistress after the Master had been driven to the station for work. She had run a bath in the bathroom on their floor and was waiting for me.

"Right, take off those smelly dirty clothes and get in the bath."

I complied. I was not shy or retiring, as my mother had often washed me in front of the fire before. She washed my hair, back and chest and then dunked my head under the water. I came up spluttering.

"We must have your hair cut before we buy you any new clothes my lad, and how often did you bath at home?"

"When I was dirty, ma'am."

"How often was that?"

"About once a week ma'am, in a tin tub in front of the fire, as we didn't have no proper bath nor indoor toilet".

"Well, now you are in a modern house, you must bath at least twice a week, whether you think you need it or not!"

Then she told me to stand up, and she soaped her hands and covered my lower body with foam. As I looked down at her I could see her breasts inside her nightie. My cock started to stiffen; I couldn't help it. She noticed me looking at her and smiled. Her hand went to my prick and stroked it up and down with her soapy hands.

"I thought you might be too young for this, but you have quite a nice little penis."

I smiled and said nothing; my feelings were unexpected and I didn't know what to say. Very soon I felt this overwhelming feeling of happiness and my knees buckled; I had had my first orgasm.

"Was that nice? I noticed you didn't spend at all."

"Yes ma'am, that was my first time I've been excited like that."

I shared a room with Lizzy, so she could get me up in the morning at six to help clean the grates and light the kitchen stove ready for the day. She was a very skinny girl with unkempt blonde hair. My bed was against one wall and hers along the other side, in the end room. There were four rooms and a bathroom on the top floor, the other maid was much older and had her own bedroom and a sitting room, and the fourth room was used for storage. There used to be a butler but he had died and they hadn't replaced him.

I told Lizzy what had happened in the bath, that night when we were lying in our beds.

"Did you not spend, then?"

"No, I'm too young; I haven't started to shave yet."

"Oh, then if you did me, I couldn't get pregnant."

"That's right, I know all about getting pregnant 'cos I live on a farm and I've seen our animals doing it."

"Well, then, let's just have a little play."

She came over to my bed and slid in alongside me. She was wearing a thin cotton nightie and I wasn't wearing anything. She grabbed hold of my cock and started to manipulate my foreskin up and down, I pushed my hand between her legs and found her quim covered in light hair.

"Rub me gently to get me slippery, so you can enter me"

I rubbed her narrow slit with my middle finger, it was the first girl's quim I had ever felt and it was a wonderful moment. My prick became stiff and my breathing speeded up. Her cunt was soon slippery and I pushed my finger upwards into her little cavern. She climbed on top of me and still holding onto my prick slid down onto it. We quickly came to a climax, leaving us gasping for breath.

"You're right," she said. "You haven't spunked".

"I told you I was too young, my brothers tried to get me to spunk for ages but nothing came out."

We slept in each other's arms until the alarm clock rang loudly.

The next day, the chauffeur drove my mistress and myself in the car, an American Essex, to Dickens and Jones' departmental store in Town. She took me up to the Gent's Outfitters section and left me in the hands of a handsome young assistant while she went off to the Ladies fashion floor. The young man turned his nose up at my old clothes, which my brothers had worn before me, and wouldn't even touch them.

"Go into the Fitting Room and take off your clothes and throw them outside, and I shall parcel them up for you."

I took them off and stood in there without anything on. I had only worn trousers and a shirt, as it was summer. The assistant came in and drew the curtain behind him.

"You have a nice body", and he ran my hands over me, and squeezed my bottom cheeks. "I like little boys, here, rub my crotch."

I did so and I felt his member grow under my hand. He smiled and undid his flies. I put my hand on his prick and moved it up and down.

"Now bend over this chair" and he pushed my head down.

I felt him spit on my bottom and rub the spittle into my hole. I looked round and saw him shuffle towards my bum with his cock in his hand. I put my head down and prepared myself. I knew what he was going to do because I had been done by my brothers when I was younger. One of my brothers used to hold me down while the other one buggered me. I had got used to it and after the first few times I had accepted it, but never really liked it

The Shop assistant pushed it into my arsehole with a grunt, then moved quickly in and out, making noises of pleasure, I merely endured it. I felt him spend inside my bum as he gave out a cry of relief. He wiped his cock with his handkerchief and my poor sore arse hole. Then we tried on different clothes.

In the end I had three lots of clothing, one for page duties - a pair of tight blue satin breeches and white frilly fronted shirt, clothes for kitchen work and some stronger ones for the garden, and for the first time, winter under clothes, and a night shirt. These were all parcelled up after my Mistress had returned from her shopping; she paid for them with a cheque. They were carried to the car by the assistant. I wore my new pageboy outfit, I felt very proud.

My next encounter with my Master, was in a couple weeks. Lizzy was staying in bed with a cold so I had to take up the tea and coffee again for him and Mistress. I wore my blue satin breeches as I thought this was pageboy duties. I carried the tray upstairs, knocked on their bedroom door and went in. I placed the tray on a table and opened the two pair of curtains. Then I put the cups of tea and coffee on each side of the big double bed.

My Master was sitting up. Before I had entered, I had heard some swearing and loud words. However he seemed pleased to see me and called me to come closer.

"So, this is your new outfit, Page Boy. They fit your bottom quite nicely", and with that he stroked my bum.

"Mary tells me that you can climax without shooting out any spunk. Well, I have forgotten to buy a French letter this week, so you can perform for us. Take off your clothes and come into bed."

I did as I was told and climbed in, and positioned myself to face his wife.

"Pass me the Vaseline, please Mary."

She did so with her left hand and with her right hand put it down to my cock and started to stroke it. I put my hand between her legs and rubbed her slit, which was dry at first. I pushed my middle finger into her hole and then rubbed the slime up and down her quim. Then I felt my Master put the Vaseline on my bum hole and push his finger in. I knew what was coming now, and relaxed myself. My cock became erect and my Mistress pulled me on top of herself. She guided my cock into her cunt and held me tight. The Master climbed up behind me and slowly pushed his cock into me. We then slowly started to move in and out, each, timing his movements with the other. He started to speed up and so did I. Then I felt him ejaculate inside my rectum. He pulled out, moved off me and stood by the side of the bed.

I stayed inside madam as I was still stiff. She grasped hold of my body and turned me over. She was on top now and moved up and down. Her face was close to me and she had an ecstatic expression as she moved faster and faster. Then her mouth opened and she gave out a loud cry in my face and came. I also came, it was a wonderful feeling; I felt so happy for the first time in my life.

After that, I was treated with friendship by madam. I walked into the village with her, each day to carry the shopping. In the afternoon, she would make me read out loud from good books to improve my reading and elocution. When she had an 'At Home', I would pass around the teacups and the cakes to her lady friends in my satin breeches.

The next sexual interlude happened after she had slipped on a piece of mud in the garden, and had sprained her wrist.

She discovered that, because she had her wrist in a sling, she could not pull her cami-knickers down in the lavatory, so either Lizzy or I had to assist her, whoever was available. In spite of my fondling and fucking adventures I had never seen a cunt close up, so when it was my turn to assist, I knelt on the floor in front of her and looked hard.

Madam could see me watching and she opened her legs and said, "Can you see better now?" and laughed. When she had finished pissing, she wiped her fanny with the cloth, which hung, by the pan. I noticed that her pubic hairs were all wet.

"Would you like me to trim your hairs? We used to cut the hairs around the backend of the sheep before we took them to market so the dung wouldn't be seen hanging on there".

"Well, you can if you like. Come into the bedroom and we'll use my small embroidery scissors."

She stepped out of her kickers, picked them up and walked ahead of me into her bedroom. There she sat at her makeup table and turned round to face me with her skirt held up with her one useable hand. I had the scissors in my right hand and with the fingers of my left, I moved the hairs off her slit and cut them very gently. Then I trimmed the hair on either side. To finish, I gave her slit a kiss.

"Oh, that's nice do it, again."

So I did and this time I pushed my tongue into it between her nether lips. I licked all the way down to her arsehole and up to her small nub of a clitoris. Madam pressed her open slit, onto my mouth and gasped with joy at my licking. I was excited too, so I stood up, tore down my trousers and pushed my stiff cock into her. We moved frantically together, her breath gasping in my ear. It was the finest fuck I had ever had; her cunt gripped my prick as I thrust hard inside her, it felt beautiful. One hard, final push and I spent inside of her. I fell backwards onto the floor and lay like a fish out of water. Madam laughed and cried with joy, as she had climaxed for only the second time in her life.

The next time she had to go to the lavatory, she took me with her and sat down with her legs apart. I knelt in front of her and watched. She moved her bottom forward on the seat until it was right at the edge.

"Is this close enough for you?"

I nodded and then she started to piss straight out at me. It hit my face and because my jaw had dropped, the piss went into my mouth. I hurriedly shut it but then it meant that I swallowed the stuff. It tasted salty. Madam moved back a bit then, and the rest went down the pan. She gave me the cloth to wipe my face laughing as she did so.

"Serves you right, for being a dirty little boy!!"

The climax she had enjoyed earlier, seemed to open up her passionate nature, for over the next week, we engaged in frequent sex at her insistence. She usual initiated it by stroking my penis through my trousers. As it was still summer and I never wore underpants, she could feel my cock getting stiff. I responded by hugging her and feeling her bottom through her dress and then I would lift it and fondle her silk cami-knickers, but at no time did we kiss, as she did not love me.

I would then pull them down and push my head up her skirt to lick her fanny. This would loosen her up and she would drop to the floor and I would fuck her until she cried to stop. We did it on chairs, on the floor, on an old chaise lounge in the Summerhouse - anywhere we could, without being seen.

Then she started her monthly period. For her this was always a difficult time as she suffered from backache and a heavy flow of menstrual blood. It left her weak and tired.

She recovered slowly and then seven days after finishing, she made passionate love to her husband on the Saturday morning without a condom, not once but three times! We know because the couple didn't come downstairs till lunchtime! It was no surprise then, when next month, she told us all, that she was pregnant. She glowed with health and happiness.

In the first weeks after Madam had realised that she was pregnant, everything was joyful in the house. The Master was loving towards her and Madam was happy. But then she started to have morning sickness, which debilitated her. On the second Saturday, I brought in the breakfast but Madam rushed out as soon as the smell of the coffee reached her. The Master was left sitting up in bed with a big erection showing above sheets. It was obvious that they had been about to make love when I had entered - I should have knocked louder.

"Well, if I can't have you," he shouted, "Then I'll take your Page Boy. Come here Boy, and drop your trousers."

I did as I was told and bent over the edge of the bed. The master dipped his finger in the pot of Vaseline and wiped his finger on my arsehole. I then felt him push his prick into my bum hole. I tried not to clench my cheeks as I was unconsciously fighting him, so he thrust harder until it went in. I cried out with the pain of the intrusion, but he carried on pushing until I felt his balls hitting my bum. He pulled back and then pushed in again, and again, until he cried out loud as he ejaculated.

At that moment my Mistress returned.

"Stop that George, you're hurting my little Page Boy.

"I've finished now anyway," and he pulled out.

I could feel the spunk flowing down my bum. Madam came round to me and looked down at me.

"Come with me and I'll clean you up."

I pulled up my trousers and followed her to the bathroom. She wet a flannel and wiped the mess of spunk and shit off my backside. Then she washed my prick, which was still stiff after the sex. She gently wanked the foreskin up and down and I spurted sperm out onto the floor.

"Oh, you can produce sperm now then. You will have to be careful not to impregnate young Lizzy".

As a result Madam ordered Lizzy to move out of our bedroom and move in with Joan. Lizzy's single bed would not fit the room, so Madam bought a second hand double bed for them. Joan was happy about this arrangement. She was not what we call a Lesbian these days, but a plain woman who had not the opportunity to meet men. The possibility of two women having sex together was not considered likely at that time, so Joan was able to cuddle and fondle Lizzy as much as she liked!

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