Pregnant Pause

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: This is a love story between a young man and a young pregnant woamn with big breasts. There is some pissing in it but it all done in the best possible taate! There is a lot of love in the story and tells how people fall in love.Something not often mentioned in eroctic stories.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

I was walking back to my flat; it was the summer of 1976 and I was 24 and it was hot and dry, so I was wearing short shelved shirt with a tie of course, but no jacket. I was training to be an accountant and lived in a small flat not far from where I worked in Kingston-upon-Thames. I came round a corner and there was this woman struggling to carry to plastic bags of groceries and her handbag. I ran up and said "let me help you."

I grabbed the bags off her and she thanked me. "Oh how nice of you; I was really struggling there." I looked at her face for the first time, she was really beautiful, hot and sweaty but very beautiful. My face broke into a big smile, she smiled back. I was smitten. In that second, when our eyes met I fell in love. I couldn't speak as my senses were completely overwhelmed. I turned my head and started to walk forwards, still smiling like an idiot.

We walked for some time happy at just being together. After a hundred or so yards she spoke. "Here is my house, can you bring them in?"

"Yes, of course." She found her keys in her handbag and let me in.

"You must excuse me, I am busting for a pee."

She dropped her hand bag on the floor and opened the door of the lavatory that was in the hall. I carried the bags into the kitchen which was straight ahead of me. It was quite a big house, a detached one with a small garden in the front and a bigger one in the back. I dropped the bags down and then returned to the hall. She had left the door open of the loo and I could see her there sitting down with her big knickers down around her feet. Her thighs were apart and she was sitting back. I thought she looked sexy. I could see that she had a big pair of breasts under her loose fitting dress. My prick gave a twitch under my Y-fronts.

I couldn't help myself; I walked quickly forward and in one movement I bent down to kiss her and put my left hand onto her left breast in her dress – she wasn't wearing a bra. Her mouth opened as my lips met hers and our tongues met half way. I fondled her soft big breast and ran my hands over her nipple. I felt it become stiff against my palm. I then moved my hand down and pushed it between her thighs, as she was pissed. I rubbed her slit and felt her clitoris come out from under its hood; I gently moved my finger tip around and around on it.

We had stopped kissing and she spoke. "Oh that feels sooooo good. Don't ever stop." I didn't but carried on until she gasped as she came in a big orgasm, her head right back her mouth open.

I took my hand away and stood up. I tore down my trousers and pants in one movement. My cock leapt out and stood straight out in her face. She grabbed it with her hand and pulled it into her mouth.

"Oh that's soo good." I said looking at her head bobbing back and fore.

I saw her as she licked the purple head with her pink tongue. Then she took it all into her mouth right up to my balls, and then pulled it right out. I was nearly coming and said so. She then wanked me quickly, with a big smile.

"Come on then, do it now."

She let go, and my cock jerked upwards and sperm shot out over her lovely face and dress.

"Wow, that's some load. Have you been saving it up for me?"

"I don't get out much and I haven't had a girl friend for some time. I've been studying for my exams."

We sorted ourselves out and went into the kitchen and she made us a pot of tea. While we drank it she told me her story. She had been seduced by a Film Director when she had gone to get a part in a film. She got the part and a baby at the same time. The film was in the 'Adventures of a Window Cleaner' type of film where the size of your boobs was more important than your acting ability. She admitted that her bosom was so large because she had gone on the Pill at sixteen and they had bloomed out so she gave up the Pill. When she was being seduced she forgot that she wasn't on it and became pregnant as a result. The Film producer was married but he made her sign a confidentially agreement and paid her a big enough sum of money to enable her to buy the house.

"I had beautiful long hair up till a month ago but it was such a hassle to wash and brush it when I was being sick every morning so I had it cut."

"I think you are still very beautiful and sexy."

"Well, yes, that is why I became an actress, for my looks, but I was only cast to show my boobs and I was never given the chance to act. I'm 23 now and I shall decide what my career will be, after I have given birth. I'm six months gone now."

We talked a lot and drank our tea. The time seemed to slip by. Eventually I stood up and said that I had to go home and study as my final exam was soon.

"Would you like to come round on Saturday for lunch? It's so nice and hot we could eat out in my garden?"

"Yes I would love to."

So the next Saturday, I walked round to her house. She opened the door with a big smile and let me in. She was wearing a very lovely dress which was low cut front showing a magnificent cleavage. Her bump was prominent and the dress hung straight down from it but it didn't detract from her beautiful face, in fact I think it gave her an extra glow that comes from within a person. She was a good height, in her shoes she was the same height as myself, that is five foot nine. I was wearing a pair of buff coloured shorts that I had rolled up to keep cool, and a 'Stones' T shirt.

She took me out to her patio at the back of the house and showed me the garden.

"I've had a gardener work on it over the last few months; the previous owner had let it get overgrown. It is pretty good now; I've planted a number of roses in place of the bushes that were there before. It needs watering frequently now in this drought but they've banned use of hoses so I have had to lug watering cans as often as I can."

We walked around as she pointed out the beds of flowers. Then I saw a dead cherry tree, and I asked why it was still there.

"The gardener was not strength enough to deal with it, would you like to try?"

I pushed against it and it moved slightly, so then I rocked it forward and backwards until it fell over with a crash. I found a bow saw in the shed and sawed it into smaller pieces. It was hot work in the sunshine and I took my T-shirt off thus revealing my handsome hairy chest to her! By the time I finished I was all sweaty. I joined Sheila on the patio where she gave me cold lemonade.

She must have caught a whiff of me as she then asked if I would like a shower.

"I've only recently had it had it installed in the bathroom. I had actually had the whole room made bigger."

Sheila walked with me upstairs to the bathroom and sat on the nursing chair that was in there and looked me as I undressed.

"My father made this chair for me. His hobby is wood work. It's nice physical work for him, after his work as a Bank Manager."

I showered in lukewarm water and soaped myself all over and then I was surprised to see Sheila come in with me. She had had undressed without me seeing and now ran her hands over my body.

"I can't resist you any longer. You have lovely body and you are young."

She put her face close to mine and we kissed with the water running down our faces. Then she moved her hand down to cock and grasped it tightly.

"I couldn't resist you any longer. I must have your body; I must have your cock inside me."

I became stiff under her ministrations. I tried to put it between her legs but the bump stopped me.

"Get down onto your hands and knees; I'll do you from behind." I told her.

Shelia turned off the water and turned around and got down onto the floor. I too got down onto my knees and moved up until I was in between her thighs. I pushed my prick forwards but couldn't put it in her cunt, so she reached down between her legs and grabbed me and placed it at her cunt's entrance. It was then easy to thrust into her wet slippery vagina. I thrust in and out holding her bum with both hands. She responded and moved back on to me. The whole of my penis went in and out. It felt wonderful, and she was squealing with delight. I was looking down and I had an idea. I moved my right hand off her bum and poked my middle finger into her arse hole. She immediately gave a loud cream and had a tremendous orgasm. I could feel her vagina tighten around my prick and I pulled in and out once more, until I was overcome with a big overall emotion and I thrust hard and unloaded all my spunk right inside her cunt.

We were both out of breath and still dripping wet from the shower. We got up slowly, in fact I had to help her up.

"That was some love making, Dickie."

"Yes quite an experience. I've never done anything like that before."

We quietly dried ourselves, smiling to each other all the time. We slowly dressed and went downstairs and had our salad lunch. We talked and lay quietly on sun beds all afternoon. At about six o'clock, I asked her if she would come out to the local Indian restaurant for a curry. She accepted, so I went home and changed etc. and I picked her up at seven thirty. She also had changed into something smarter and wore a bra. In the car coming home, she asked me if I would like to spend the night and I accepted. She had a new double bed and there was just a sheet on the bed as it was a hot night. I slept in the nude but she wore a short nightie.

I woke up slowly the next morning as I became conscious of a hand on my cock; it was gently wanking me. I enjoyed it for a few minutes until I felt it stiff, then I moved my left arm behind me and moved my hand over Sheila's bump to her pubes, then sought out her slit. I pushed my fingers in to it and felt it all wet. I slid passed her clitoris nub and slid my finger up into her vagina. I moved in and out and then slid it back up to her clitty.

"Oh turn over Dickie, I want to fuck you!"

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