Property Auction Piss-up

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: This story is based on my experiences as a Property Manager in Fulham, plus a bit of artistic exageration.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

I started quite low.

"Who will start me at ten million?"

A dozen hands went up.

"Fifteen million," most hands staid up.

"Twenty million," a few came down.

"Twenty five million," there were five left.

"Thirty million," only three left.

"Thirty one million, ... thirty two million, ... thirty three million, thirty four million," two left.

"Thirty five million, ... Thirty six million ... Any more bids?"

A long wait while the dozen of people on their mobiles talked to their contacts.

"Thirty seven million ... thirty eight million ... thirty nine ... FORTY."

"Any more bids ... anyone?"

Silence. I slammed the hammer down.


I pointed my hammer to a well known property agent on my right with a phone held to her head.

That was the last property sale. It had been a significant success. I walked around the crowd as they stood having a drink at our expense. I saw the agent, Lee, who had successful bought the property. She was an old friend, and was standing quietly, smiling at me. I walked over to chat. I knew her to be a partner in a development company and I had known her in the past when she was just starting. After a time, I asked her if she would like to have dinner with me to celebrate, and she accepted.

We had a good, expensive meal, with wine and then shared a taxi to her house. In the back we kissed enthusiastically, I slid my hand up her tight black skirt and rubbed her crotch.

"Wow," she said, "you had better come in."

I carried my briefcase in with me for safety. Hers was a nice house in a good area, all newly decorated inside with a distinct Japanese influence.

"Very nice," I commented.

"Thank you, I had my partner, Ohura, to advise me."

She introduced us. Ohura was a small Japanese girl dressed like an American schoolgirl with a white blouse, a blue and purple tartan skirt and long blue socks on. She bowed nicely to us and then led us into the dinning room.

"Get three glasses, slave, we have a bottle of champagne to finish." Lee said.

"I didn't realise you were bisexual?"

"Yes, I find girls easier to dominate, and Ohura likes to be dominated. She's a translator at the American embassy." and she laughed.

Ohura came back into the room and together we finished the remains of a bottle I had saved from the reception. Lee told the story of the auction and how we were both rich as a result -- she was the bidding agent and I was the selling auctioneer.

"Would you like to stay the night?"

"Yes, I have no one to go home to."

"Go upstairs to my bedroom with Ohura. I think she would amuse you."

Her bedroom was very nicely decorated and had a big double bed and black and red leather headboard behind it. I dropped my jacket and tie on a chair and went off to the bathroom. Ohura disappeared into her Japanese bedroom -- presumably it had a futon.

I undressed but left my new expensive cream shirt on, for decency sake. I returned and sat on the bed to await developments. Ohura came in. She had obviously taken her bra off and left her blouse undone. She plonked herself on my lap. I put one hand around her back and the other I slide into her blouse and gently fondled her lovely round firm breasts. Ohura put on a shamed face and looked me in the eyes.

"I've been a naughty school girl -- I wet my panties when I was flirted with, today. Here, feel them, they're all wet and dirty."

She took my hand from her boob and pushed it up her skirt. I rubbed her crotch and I could feel dampness.

"I think you ought to give her some spanks for being naughty."

"Oh, yes you have been naughty. Take your white panties off now."

Ohuara slid off my lap and standing straight-legged bent over and pulled down her white panties. I caught sight of her black hairy pussy. She picked them up and passed them to me; I pressed them to my nose. "Oh yes quite definitely dirty and smelly!"

My prick gave a big jolt.

"Now you must be punished. Bend over on the bed."

She did so, holding herself up with her hands on the duvet, pushing her white skinned bum up. I gave her right cheek a hard slap, too hard really and she yelped.

Lee came in and undressed. She looked at the sight and said, "Oh good, she deserves a good spanking. I bet she's been playing with herself all day!"

Lee walked over and gave Ohura another smack on her bum. I spanked her few more times, but gently until her bum cheeks glowed red. I stopped and fell to my knees and smothered her arse with kisses. I was really aroused -- my prick standing out stiffly. I pulled her cheeks apart and licked all around her brown hole, and then thrust my tongue into it, with my nose up close to her cheeks.

There was a faint smell of shit. I moved my tongue around the rim and then downwards until I could slip it into her cunt. I reached down and moved her legs apart a bit more so I could move my head right in close -- I wanted to see it, taste it, lick it; it was juicy! I wiggled my tongue in her vagina and then moved down again until I felt her clitoris on my tongue. I licked it hard, rubbed the surface over it and then I tried to nibble it, but it slipped away. I pulled back for a breath of air.

I could see that Lee had joined the action and had moved herself in front of Ohura. She had pulled her face down onto her shaven cunt and was now enjoying being frenched. My prick was as hard as steel. I stood up and moved behind Ohura and aimed it with my hand at her cunt. It slipped in easily. I held onto her hips for support and moved in and out rapidly.

Lee's head came up and she saw the ecstasy on my face.

"Don't come inside of her -- I can't deal with a pregnancy."

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