Convent Toilet Slave Revisits

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: This is the follow up story which tells how the original victim voluntarily ungoes the humiliationof being pissed and shat on by a lot of abused women.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Water Sports   Scatology   .

I woke up when some fluid hit my face, then I smelt it. It was piss. Where the hell was I? Then two parts of darkness parted and I saw a face looking at me.

"Bonjour monsieur. Comment allez-vous? Ouvrez votre bouche si vous veuillez."

So I opened my mouth and the piss squirted in. I just had to gulp it down. It tasted salty, I had forgotten the taste. I could see that the woman above me was only crouching over the toilet seat. When the flow of piss stopped she sat down properly and looked down at my face once more and spoke (in French)

"Lick me now to orgasm, or I shall shit on you."

My face was tickled by her pubic hair. I pushed my tongue up and into her cunt and penetrated her vagina. It felt smooth and tight. The woman shifted her arse backwards and I could feel her clitoris – just a little nub of gristle, but an important one. I sucked at it and tried to bite it but it was too slippery. The woman above me squirmed and pressed herself down onto my mouth. I could feel my erection getting bigger with every lick. I was really enjoying the sensation.

How did I get into this position? Well it all came back to me. I was in the punishment toilet, yet again. I had been here twelve years ago as language student on a bicycling tour of the mountains of the Voges and I crashed into this Convent which is called Sainte Marguerite, not far from Strasbourg. The Mother Superior had let me in until I repaired my bike and had let my cuts and bruises got better. At that time it was operating as a Refuge for beaten and abused wives and it was run partially by the remaining nuns and partially by French professional care workers.

I had obtained my Honours degree in Modern Languages and I had immediately been employed by the European Union. By hard work over ten years, I had risen to the position of Assistant Commissioner. I had personally obtained a grant for converting the convent into a proper Refuge for abused wives. The old nuns had died off and no young girls had been attracted to devote themselves to being a nun. The Catholic Church agreed to a long term lease to the French Government. The small nun's cells were knocked two into one and an extensions was built onto the main building to house the Care workers. The chapel was converted into a Recreation area. The old central toilets were partially changed to showers and the toilets were changed for modern ones – except the punishment toilet which was were kept at my insistence. I was in that toilet now.

What happened to get me to undergo this ordeal again was a bet. I had returned after six months after it had opened and I stayed in the visitor's house which had been the Priest's place to stay when there for Mass. I had had an evening diner with the staff and the women in their refractory. I had been drinking some of the liquor that the distillery that was adjacent to the convent, produced (it gave employment to the abused women). I became drunk and in a rash moment I bet the women who surrounded me in the lounge after dinner that I could stand a day being pissed on for a hundred Euros bet. The word that a man was in their toilets and wanting to be peed on had obviously spread. With a cry, the unseen woman orgasmed. She sat quietly for a moment and then got up and moved away. I was left alone for a period and then another arse appeared above me. This one was rather big and cut out all my light. Then there was this huge fart, right in my nose; I felt as though I had been gassed. This was followed by a hot smelly stream of piss; I let it flow all over my face with my eyes tight shut; this was not want I wanted. I endured it though, but my erection went down.

I could feel my penis but I couldn't see it as the tunnel through which I had wriggled stopped me. I reached down with my two hands and undid my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down to around my ankles and then I started to masturbt hen felt a cunt slip down onto my prick and stop. The woman doing this was taunting me because she moved her body around so that her clitoris was rubbing against me; she continued this until I heard a gasp as she orgasmed. I felt frustrated which was obviously her intention.

There was a gap next before the next woman and she approached my toilet facing the wall. She opened her legs to put them either side of the toilet. Then bent her knees and pulled the lips of her cunt open and pissed straight at my face. Again I had to shut my eyes because piss stings. She spoke, I'll translate.

"You dirty bastard – drink my piss – this will repay you for your infidelity."

She then lowered herself down so her cunt was right on my mouth. She was still pissing but not as fast as it was. She positioned her hairy twat right down on my mouth; I not option but to drink the last lot. She rubbed her cunt, trying to get off on my tongue. It felt funny being upside down staring at her arsehole. My tongue dehooded her clit and I concentrated on it. Soon she came, my tongue was covered with her juices but the action had given me a raging hard on. I moved my hands down and wanked a bit but could not get satisfaction. She moved off without a word.

The next woman arrived a bit later and this time she deliberately placed her bum on my face. I heard her say "Lick my arsehole clean you swine." I pushed my tongue up and found that her wrinkled hole was shitty. I had never tasted woman's arsehole before, and this one tasted revolting. I had never thought I would do such a thing to anyone myself. To my surprise I even felt my prick respond and grow stiff. I speared her asshole with the tip of my tongue; she ground her bum into my mouth. I was unable to breathe; when I couldn't hold my breath any longer I struggled to turn my head; then I managed to get my hands up through the tunnel and I lifted her bum off my face so I could breathe. I let her arse down again and she sat back on my face. I went to lick her arse hole again but I felt a massive fart right in my face and I tried to turn my face away. I heard the woman laugh and she rose up off me.

"Did you enjoy licking my derriere?" she laughed and went away. It would seem that the abused women were getting there revenge on men through me. I decided I needed a piss myself so I reached down and pulled and pushed my trousers and pants off so I could piss down into the toilet bowl which was positioned under my arse. Let me explain the situation. Only my head showed in one toilet and my torso and legs where in another one, back to back. This 'Punishment ' lavatory, had been installed when the convent was built in about 1905 when the nun's Order was very strict. When I had the convent converted, I arranged that this bigger toilet was designed as a Disability one under the EU Health and Safety. The fact was it was not safe or hygienic, was a nice touch of irony.

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