Bandstand Pickup

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2013 by Paris Waterman

Sex Story: Musician is picked up by two women who take him to their place.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Reluctant   True Story   Swinging   .

It was seven-thirty and another Saturday night wedding reception.

I play the sax. I'm probably good enough to almost have made the big time, but just NOT that well connected.

This was a lively crowd and we had plenty of people dancing to our musical noise. I call it noise because we can't play our music; we have to play stuff that's been gathering dust in their musical libraries for at least ten years or so. It's automatic for us, and B O R I N G as hell. I tend to watch the women, find an attractive one or two and feign as if I'm playing to them alone. It's easy enough, more eye contact than anything else.

And that's how I met them.

Embeth and Audrey. One blonde, one brunette. Both were about thirty or so and well preserved; probably gym rats from their hard, but well curved bodies.

They approached me when the next to last set ended. Introductions were performed, and Audrey handed me a strong scotch on the rocks.

"Thanks," I said. "How did you know I drank scotch?"

"I overheard you telling the bartender earlier," she said with a cute smile.

"That was a long time ago," I said, returning the smile and noting that the blonde's breast was nudging my other arm. The blonde was Embeth. They stayed close to me, it almost seemed we were all dancing, but of course the band was on a break.

Audrey told me she loved my playing. Embeth added that she loved my hair as well. I wanted to tell her I loved her chest; that I would guess her lungs could hold a positively impressive breath from a musician's perspective, but knew it would come out dirty, so I didn't.

My break ended and I returned to the bandstand. I didn't see much of them throughout the last few numbers and almost forgot about them. We finished up, and packed up our gear. I helped load the speakers into Albie's van, and then hopped into my Camaro and drove over to Nelson's Hide-a-way for a couple late night scotches. I had nowhere special to go since I'd been divorced for seven months at the time.

I was about to order a second scotch when Embeth and Audrey managed to place themselves in my line of vision as they entered the bar.

"Oh, hi," said Embeth with a smile. I thanked my lucky stars; this was promising, very promising. Was I looking at a possible double?

"Hi Embeth. I nodded at her companion and said, "Audrey," acknowledging her blonde companion. Then I looked inquiringly at both of them.

"Oh, we followed you," Audrey said. "I told you he'd notice that," she said to Embeth.

"I didn't think you'd come to this place without an ulterior motive, ' I said with a grin.

"So where's your sax?" Embeth inquired.

"In the trunk of my car," I replied evenly. "I tend not to carry it everywhere. It cuts into my drinking."

They both found that amusing.

"Listen," said Audrey, "you here with anyone?" She looked around the bar as if she'd recognize whoever it would be that I might've come with. Inside, I jumped and clicked my heels: I figured these two were unattached, or even better, looking to get even with their hubby's for getting drunk on them when they'd had other, more sensual plans for the evening.

"No, just hanging around."

"Why don't you join us?" Embeth offered.


"Here for a drink, and then who knows?"

"Bartender, see what the ladies will have, will you?'

We retired from the bar to a table in the rear.

"So, how long have you been playing in the band?" Embeth asked.

"I've been with these guys for two and a half years now." They seemed interested in my so-called career and so I regaled them with stories about my musical exploits from high school on.

"You actually played with _______?"

"Sure did," I said trying to play it down. I had in fact played with him and several other famous rock band members, but only because I happened to spend a summer working with two musicians who were known more for their ability to repair guitars than their musical abilities, which were really quite good.

I looked at Embeth as I prattled on, taking in her long dark hair, trying not to stare at her chest, while noticing her eyes showed genuine interest in my ramblings. This seemed like a dream come true.

Trying to keep from boring them to death, I suggested we dance. I couldn't help but take in Embeth's body again when we stood; she had an amazing pair of tits on her.

Audrey got up to dance with some other guy who'd come in after they did, and I deliberately, though nonchalantly avoided them. The next dance was slow, and Embeth and I kind of lost ourselves as we moved to the slow rhythm of the music. I briefly noticed Audrey doing the same with her partner, but I did see them whispering something to each other.

"This is real nice," said Embeth, pretty much voicing my own opinion, and then I felt her breath as she leaned in close and whispered naughty nothings in my ear. It worked; I had a massive boner and was wondering how to disguise it from embarrassing myself.

Then Audrey joined us, sitting down and making me a sandwich between them.

"Um, where's your dance partner, Audrey?" I managed to say.

"Oh, he left. He said he'd see me again, and then he was gone."

She placed a hand on my thigh and gave it a light reassuring squeeze, "So how are you two getting along?"

Before I could answer her, Embeth's hand found my other thigh, only a lot higher, and when she gave me the same kind of squeeze, she was also squeezing my cock.

"You like this?" she asked.

I wasn't sure I heard her correctly, and asked, "What was that you just said?"

"Do you like ... having sex for the fun of it?"

"I'd like sex even if it were hard work, Embeth."

She giggled just a little. Audrey giggled some too, but added, "Oh, he's so fun, Embeth!"

Embeth nodded and smiled."You aren't one of those guys that holds back, are you?"

"I ... um, don't think so," I said, not clear as to where the conversation was headed.

"Well, I want you," she whispered directly in my ear. "And I think Audrey does too. Can you handle the two of us?"

"Yes!" I almost shouted, without considering the ramifications of her question thoroughly.

I followed them to their apartment. It took us fifteen minutes and it was raining hard when I parked my car and hopped out and ran after them.

Shortly after entering the fairly spacious apartment, Embeth tossed me a towel that I used to dry off as well as I could.

"You really should get out of those wet clothes," Audrey said.

I nodded and began to undress, leaving my clothing in a pile on the living room floor. While I was busy stripping, the girls moved into the bedroom. My erection preceded me into the bedroom where both Audrey and Embeth had assumed provocative poses on the king-sized bed.

The blonde, Embeth wore a Teddy that was so sheer she might as well have been naked. Audrey hadn't bothered with anything. Her pussy hair was trimmed into a downward pointing arrow, as if I might attempt to go in the opposite direction.

Both fixed on my throbbing erection, Embeth actually licked her lips.

I reached Embeth first and leaned in to kiss her. Her hands went directly for my hair, gripping it in a vise-like hold that made the kiss last longer than it should have.

While our tongues were getting acquainted, Audrey's hands were busy on me. One gripped my erection and slowly stroked it. The other cupped my balls, teasing and tickling them.

I couldn't believe my luck.

Ending the kiss, I found my way to Embeth's breast's and studied them. The brown circles around her nipples were slightly raised kind of like they'd been added on like icing on a cake. I traced one of the circles with my tongue.

"Oh yeah, that's good," Embeth moaned.

I pressed the whole circle of brown flesh into my mouth and sucked.

It was as if I'd said, "Open Sesame!" for a second later her legs parted like the Red Sea. I, playing the part of Moses, dove right in.

She was bucking into my face the moment my tongue touched her outer lips. It took me a minute to realize that Audrey was lapping at my balls, juggling them with her tongue while keeping a firm grip on the base of my cock. I sensed that this wild woman would take both of them into her mouth and do magical things to them. I also knew that I would enjoy it.

I lifted my head briefly, located Embeth's clit and worked it over until I thought she climaxed. In retrospect, I can say that her labia were thicker and longer than Audrey's, whose pussy was smaller and definitely tighter than Embeth's.

Satisfied that Embeth had cum, I wriggled around until Audrey's twat was inches from my mouth before attacking her cunt. With my tongue working overtime, Audrey's scent began filling my nostrils; it was a powerful aphrodisiac, and with Embeth jerking me off, I came quickly.

"Bad boy!" Embeth chided me as she licked my sperm from her fingers,

"I'm sorry about that," I said apologetically.

"No problemo, Embeth said with a smile. Look you keep eating Audrey; I'll get some massage oil and give you a prostrate massage. That'll get you hard again in no time at all. After all, we have plenty of time."

My response was muffled because my face was already buried in Audrey's twat.

A minute or so later I felt her hands on my ass, rubbing the oil into my cheeks and then tickling my asshole with an oily finger, and then two.

It certainly felt good and I paid special attention to Audrey's pussy, licking and sucking her clit while using to fingers to bring the juices oozing from her tight snatch to a frothy boil.

"Close!" Audrey gasped.

I intensified my fingering.

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