Breaking Matt and Dolly In

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Matt and Dolly have an affectionate but sexually loveless marriage. As they enter their 50's, Matt realizes that he is indeed gay and Dolly is simply unfulfilled. Then there are the yard guys, who have designs on the lovely, but overlooked Dolly but realize that they need to 'compromise' Matt first. They set about that and it works, with Dolly as one of the main prizes.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Romantic   Reluctant   Gay   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Interracial   White Couple   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


The plan, which by the way worked like a charm, was actually Luis'. He was good at listening to people, watching them and deciding whet they were truly like, what they were hiding, kind of. In this case, he was sure that Matt was more than half way gay, at least 'gay curious'.Dolly, he thought, was more difficult, 'more tightly wound', was the way that he put it to Jorge and Manni. It made them laugh.He still thought that she could be reached, and reaching Dolly was Luis' main aim. He found her, older, ripe, and lovely and wanted to pursue the plan to get to her.

The plan was fairly simple.

"We turn them out," Luis explained,

"How, man?" Jorge wanted to know.

Luis laughed and said: "Very carefully! But it'll work, trust me on this."

"But that Dolly is an old bag!" Jorge said, the youngest.

"Are you shittin' me, man?" Luis answered. "Ever look at her, really look at her? Those tight jeans, not too tight but certainly not loose, kind of advertising that Momma has an ass worth lookin' at and she still wants to show it. Nice sized tits and that curly dark hair with some gray in it. Take her clothes off and get her revved up and she'll be all the Momma that you can handle."

Jorge laughed at Luis' enthusiasm and said: "Okay, man, I'll be lookin' and tryin' to see what you're talking about."

"Do that!" Manni said, "Luis is right about this one, about both of them."

Matt and 'Dolly'/Dorothy Winters were into their early 50's. They'd been married for 24 years and were comfortable with each other. The sexual 'fire' had certainly gone out of their marriage but there were at least some reasons. Matt was inflicted with a small dick. Standing up at attention it measured only about 4", and Dolly had for years privately referred to herself as 'Dolly the Unsatisfied', a fact that she kept strictly to herself.

She tended, Dolly did, to be a little strict with Matt, who could be kind of scatter brained. She suspected, at times, that Matt had a gay streak in him, 'maybe bi', she thought to herself but never wanted to test those waters. It had gotten to the point that leaving sex alone, except for a couple times a month, was fine.

Over the years their preferences had hardened. Dolly longed for Matt to 'fuck her well', as she put it to herself. That usually didn't happen. Matt loved to have his dick sucked and this was the one place that Dolly was willing to accommodate him.

She even thought it fun, kind of silly, that his little thing fit into her mouth so snugly, without causing any kind of discomfort. But Matt knew better than ever unload in Dolly's mouth. She sure as hell didn't like that and wasn't going to take it.

They lived a normal life, both of them working, church members, as a matter of fact, choir members at their church, and popular, for Matt was always funny and Dolly was a worker sublimating her sexual frustrations in business and the ability to organize and get things done.

Dolly was pretty much as Luis' had described. Still, at 53, a very nice, trim package of a woman. Boobs didn't really sag. She had large nipples and was vain about wearing fairly tight pants.

She had a secret love of watching men's butts. She never shared this pleasure with Matt, although if she had, she'd have discovered that it was a pleasure that he also enjoyed!

Currently, the hit in Dolly's life was the three guys, Luis, Jorge and Manni, who did their grounds work, trimming, mowing, raking in season and all.

Dolly was secretly pleased by how Manni wore his pants as 'low riders', with the belt around his upper thighs. She covertly watched, usually able to get a view of Manni's 'crack' and enjoying the sight.

Of course, when Dolly wasn't ogling Manni's crack, Matt was, thinking about what kind of 'meat' Manni might have, and just drooling over the sight of any or all of the three of them in their shorts, sometimes running shorts, as they worked, shirts off and sweaty. It made Matt breath hard.

Of course, Dolly noticed it and that kind of response in Matt tended to make her angry, set aside the fact that she was reacting to the same kind of views. At times, she simply decided to go shopping, when the three of them were due, unless a heavy spirit, a sensual one was on her and then she wanted to stay and watch, always keeping an eye out for Matt, so that he wouldn't notice her having this kind of visual pleasure.

Matt and Dolly Winters were both tightly wound in their own separate ways, and Luis could see through that. It was what his plan was based on, and today, a Saturday, was the day that the plan was supposed to be put into operation.

They went over it, the three of them and thought it would work. They had observed often enough to know that Dolly would be away for a good while, giving them the chances with each one, Matt and Dolly, that they wanted.

In talking about it, Luis even laughed and told Manni and Jorge about how he had seen Dolly staring at them any number of times.

"Shit, man," he said laughing, and talking to Manni, "When you hunker down and your pants ride low on your hips, I can hear the two of them sighing at the sight of your ass cheeks that you give."

The others laughed at that thought, image.

"This is gonna be so much fun!" Luis said.


They were all pleased, when they got to Winters' home to do the work, to see that Dolly was indeed leaving. They smiled and waved at her, giving her a breezy 'Mornin' Mrs Winters' greeting. She was, as usual, wearing a pair of those snug jeans.

"See, dimwit!" Luis said. "Look at her wiggly butt!"

"Yeah!" Jorge said, realizing that Luis had a point.

"I guess!" Manni said. "This is all gonna be fun!"

"The fag first," Luis said, "And then we go on a hunt for Dolly. She usually ends her shopping at the 7-11 down on Wayne. We'll try to get her there. Good spot. Room around it and isolated enough."

"Cool!" Manni said.

They went to work, after greeting Matt, who was, as usual, flamboyantly glad to see them and effusive in his greetings. They did their work quickly, shirts off and sweaty. They could see Matt peering at them through the curtains of the family room. It made them chuckle.

"He's ready alright," Jorge said, and both Luis and Manni nodded.

They got the work done and the clean up done and then went into the shed to clean up the machines that they used. They always used the Winters' machines. In the normal course of days, Matt would always join them in the shed sooner or later. The timing was usually a matter of the amount of time that Matt could wait to get his major thrill of seeing they 'boys', shirts off, still sweaty and maybe hunkered down and showing some butt cleavage.

The three of them were working at the clean up, when Manni, looking out the window said: "Here he comes!"

"Remember the plan!" Luis said.

They turned their backs to the door, with Luis standing near the door and working on the blower machine, Jorge working on the rakes, and Manni hunkered down and working to clean the mower, showing the 'cleavage' that Matt was interested in.

In preparation, Manni had pulled his cargo pocket shorts down a few more inches, so that, when he hunkered down, he was showing an expanse of pristine white boxer tops and a good 2-3 inches of butt crack.

When Matt entered the shed, saying a breezy 'hi', he sighed involuntarily, and stared at Manni's crack. The plan had begun.

It was Luis who moved, getting over to Matt and pushing the door closed.

Matt was still entranced by the sight of Manni's ass hanging out, when he was surprised by a vice like hand gripping his neck.

"Like that, Mr Fag?" Luis said barely above a whisper.

"Hey," Matt said. "Let me go!"

"No way, man," Luis said, "Until you tell me that you like the sight of Manni's ass!"

Matt struggled a bit but soon enough realized that there was no way that he could get out of Luis' grip, which was tightening and becoming painful.

Matt was not a fighter, he wasn't particularly brave, didn't mind being ordered around by his feisty wife, and in this case, as the pressure on his neck increased, simply gave into what he was indeed thinking.

"Yes," he said, sullenly, "I like the sight of Manni's ass."

"Say it again!" Luis said.

Matt repeated the phrase. Luis squeezed, and Matt winced.

"Say it nice, Mr Fag!" Luis said, and Matt complied, saying in a very nice, pleasant voice that he liked the sight of Manni's ass.

"Say it to Manni," Luis said next, enjoying this immensely. "Say it nice to Manni!"

Matt did: "Manni," he said, with Manni turning around and grinning at him, "I like the sight of your lovely ass!"

"More like it, bitch!" Luis said.

With the language and the pressure on Matt's neck, showing him that they might indeed hurt him, if he didn't comply with what they were saying, asking him, ordering him to do, Matt was losing control totally, if he ever had any control of the situation or over these three.

Luis walked him forward then to right behind where Manni was still hunkered down.

"Get down on your knees!" Luis said, putting pressure on Matt's neck.

Matt went to his knees, now kneeling right behind Manni, staring down at Mannis' ass crack, now close to his face. Luis pushed on Matt's head and said in a whisper:

"Get your mouth down there, Mr Fag! Get your mouth down there and lick Manni's crack. Don't even think of not doing what you're told or the ass kicking begins now! That what you want? Us to kick your fag ass? Kick it good? Break you up a little? Cut you up?"

"No!" Matt rasped, "Please don't. Let me just, uh, just..." Matt's voice trailed off because he was lowering his head now and actually complying but for him it was the greatest victory imaginable! Here he was about to lick the ass of one of those prize boys that he always stared and jerked off thinking of, at night when Dolly was softly snoring.

Luis released his neck, smiling at Jorge and Manni, who both realized that it was going to work.

Matt lowered his head and licked his tongue along the top of Manni's white boxers and then up and down his ass crack. Matt was in love with what he was being told, forced to do.

He raised his head then and looked at Luis for more instructions.

"Okay, Manni, Jorge," Luis said, "Pants down, give our pet here better targets."

Matt was wide eyed then, as both Manni and Jorge took their shorts down and off. They both were wearing white boxers and he was transfixed. He didn't have to be told to continue, for both Manni and Jorge, once their shorts were off, turned to face the wall with their asses pointing in Matt's direction. They each pulled their boxers down half way, giving Matt two lovely, brown and tasty looking asses as his targets.

"Ohhhh!" Matt said, and the three of them laughed.

"Go ahead, Mr Fag," Luis said, "Enjoy yourself."

Matt moved forward on his knees putting a hand on Manni's almost exposed ass and Jorge's. He began to get the enjoyment that they were talking about. He leaned in and licked Manni's ass crack, planting kisses on it, as he worked.

"Mmmmmm," he crooned, "Sweaty! Lovely!"

The three of them laughed. The humiliation of it felt sweet to Matt and made him work extra hard at his task. He licked Jorge next. Then he went back to Manni and pulled the boxers down and off. Now he had complete access to the naked ass in front of him and licked away with abandon. He did the same next to Jorge.

The plan was working like a charm.

"Now!" Luis said, and Matt went back on his heels.

Luis had turned and the other two turned also. Now Matt was faced with three very nice sized, stiff dicks, pointing at his face.

"Ohhhh!" he moaned again.

"Do your job, Mr Fag!" Luis said.

"Make him beg!" Jorge put in.

They laughed.

"Yes, Mr Fag, get your face on the floor and your ass in the air and beg to be allowed to suck our cocks!"

Matt did it immediately. He put his face to the floor and began to earnestly beg them to be allowed to suck them off. He was earnest about it.

"Strip first," Manni said, "When you're naked, you get to suck."

Matt looked up at them almost in a panic.

"Oh dear!" Luis said, "Here it comes! Strip or get the fuck out of here, Mr Fag!" he barked at Matt, who stood and took off his tee shirt and then his sandals and finally, with a sigh, pushed his nike running pants down and off, showing that he was wearing a pair of delicate, pink panties.

They laughed, all three of them.

"Mrs Winter's?" Luis said.

"Yes, please don't tell!" Matt said.

"Do your job and we won't!" Luis answered. "Now beg!"

"Wait look," Jorge said, "What the hell is that!" He was pointing at Matt's dick sticking out straight and hard against the panties. Jorge reached out and pulled the panties down, showing Matt's tiny cock!

They laughed again, and Matt got red in the face.

"Mr Fag, you have a tiny dick!" Luis said. "How do you ever please your wife?"

"Don't!" Matt sighed.

"But you can please us!" Manni said, "So beg!"

Matt bent down to the floor, as they had demanded and began to beg them to be allowed to suck them off.

"Use me!' I'm a fag! Use my mouth!" he said.

"Your ass?" Luis said softly, and Matt's head snapped up and he stared at them for a second.

"You want the beating instead?" Luis asked.

Matt struggled to say "No, no beating!"

"Okay, then we'll put you in our van and drive you two blocks away and dump you out with your wife's panties on. How about that!"

"My ass too!" Matt said in desperation, knowing that they were making no idle threat.

"Please, please, please!" Matt said in a wheedling voice. "Please let me suck your cocks! I really want to! I get you to let me! Please don't let this opportunity pass me by. It might be my only such chance and I want it so badly!"

Luis's answer, as the other two laughed, was to run his dick across Matt's mouth.

Matt sighed and opened his mouth, saying a brief "May I please?" before Luis nodded and shoved his dick in Matt's very willing mouth.

Matt sucked on the head and the underside of the head, he was giving the blow job with abandon, when he felt someone pick him up at the hips. It was Manni. He'd gotten some lube oil that they used on the mower, and, pulling Matt's panties down and off, was rubbing it into Matt's ass crack and hole.

Matt responded by wiggling around a bit but Luis grabbed a hunk of Matt's hair and kept him from moving.

Matt squealed onto Luis's prick, as Manni pushed his own cock into Matt's ass.

"Love that sound, Mr Fag!" Luis said.

Jorge was busy with his phone taking photos of Matt, kneeling and sucking, wearing Dolly's panties and then being screwed too. When he'd taken the photos, he bent and was pinching Matt's nipples, getting more squeals from the compliant man.

Luis and Manni were both very active now in fucking Matt, who simply let himself go with it.

After a few minutes, Luis said: "Switch!" and to Matt's consternation, they moved and now he had the oily, dirty, slimy cock from his ass in his mouth and Luis' monster reaming his hole.

Manni came and Jorge immediately took his place at Matt's face. Jorge was as big as Luis and Manni was only slightly smaller. Matt realized that they put his own cock to shame.

Luis once again said 'switch' and he and Jorge switched, giving Matt another dirty cock in his mouth, as Luis finished off and came in Matt's mouth. Jorge opted to finish in Matt's mouth also.

When they were all three finished, Matt huddled on the floor and simply kept sighing. They made him straighten up and they noticed that his cock was leaking into the panties that he was wearing.

"Stand up and jerk off!" Luis ordered, and Matt immediately did what he was told, the new humiliation sweeping over him. He worked swiftly at his small cock, putting his hand in front of it, as Luis told him and came into his hand. Then, again being told, he licked it all from his hand.

He simply stood there looking around with a smile on his face, and apparently was really pleased.

"One more little order of business!" Luis said. "Kneel."

Matt knelt, not sure of what was coming next.

"Open," Luis said and Matt opened his mouth getting ready to give another blow job, but willingly.

Luis barked a laugh and began to piss in Matt's mouth. Matt made a surprised noise and clamped his lips around the pissing cock, as the three of them laughed at what a 'bitch' Mr Fag was. Luis was then followed by Manni and Jorge, using Matt's mouth to piss, with Jorge again taking photos all the time.

They got dressed then, as Matt simply knelt there. He was still naked with the stained panties on, when they were ready to leave.

"Thanks, Mr Fag!" Luis said, and Matt looked up and softly said: "No, thank you!"

It made the three of them laugh and Matt blushed.

"We'll do this again," Luis said, "Right, Mr Fag?"

"Yes, right!" Matt said, "Mr Fag will be available any time!"

They laughed and Luis said: "No charge for the yard work today, Mr Fag."

"No," Matt said, "I insist. I'll make sure that I give it to you next time!"

"We'll hold you to that!" Luis answered and they left.

Matt stayed there and began to rub his already hard small dick again, jerking off.

"Told you!" Luis said.

"Like a charm!" Jorge said.

"Next one will be harder!" Manni put in.

"But more interesting, more fun!" Luis said. "Fuckin' man was fun but mainly so that we can set him up to do his wife. We get her and we're in, in this situation. She's a babe flat out!"

"Got that right!" Jorge said.

"Yeah," Manni chimed in, as they got to their van, "She wears the pants. He only wears the panties!"

They were all laughing, as they tumbled into the van.


"This will be harder!" Luis said, and the other two nodded. "Remember that we need to get her into the van with no one seeing, scare her good and get her stripped and then we can work with her. I think that she'll eventually come around like her husband did but it might take a bit more. Just make it sound good."

The all agreed and went to the 7-11, waiting for Dolly to show up. When they got there, they noticed that Dolly had parked along the side of the building, leaving only one parking spot toward the back of the side lot. The back of the building went into a small wooded area. The setup for them was perfect. They waited.

Finally, they saw Dolly coming around the side of the building. They tumbled out of their van, all acknowledging what they had to do.

Dolly brightened visibly, when she saw the three of them coming toward her.

"Hi, guys!" she said brightly and they greeted her.

Manni and Jorge passed her a bit first and then turned. As soon as they did, it was the signal for them to put their plan into action.

Luis moved first. He produced a huge, ugly knife from his pocket and pushed the switch blade button opening it, and pressing it against Dolly's throat.

Jorge and Manni followed in the same manner. Manni had his knife just below her eye and Jorge had his pressed against her cheek.

Dolly was too startled at first to make a sound and after that, she was only able to kind of make a squeak.

"Now, Mrs Winters," Luis said. "You come with us now immediately or we finish this off right here and leave you."

She nodded her head 'yes'; she had no voice yet, the fear had hold of her totally. They hustled her to the van and, opened the side door. Manni and Jorge got in first and then Luis grabbed Dolly by waist and pushed her up and in. She wasn't able yet to have enough sense to even move on her own.

They were in then and the door closed. They all three knew that getting her into the van was the hardest part and that part was done. Manni and Jorge watched over Dolly, who was now lying on the floor, but with the knives still pressing against her.

"Not a sound!" Manni said to her and she shook her head to show that she understood.

Luis went around the 7-11, bought a soda and, having scouted and seen no one noticing them or nothing amiss, went back to the van.

"We're clear!" he said, grinning at the other two and the frightened looking woman lying on the floor of the van.

"Mrs Winters!" he said affably. "We've got you."

"Why?" she said, her voice coming back.

"Don't ask stupid questions!" Luis shot back at her. "You know why! You're the party and we've got you."

Dolly began to sniffle! "But I'm old!"

"Old, hell," Manni answered, "You are a first class babe!"

She just looked at him, shocked.

"Don't believe it?" Luis said.

She shook her head 'no', and he went on: "Lovely tight jeans; nice, nice ass! Nice tits, no sagging; you're the package!"

She was struck by what they said and struggled to not like what they were saying about her, giving herself a message about keeping your head and not going teenaged about the compliments.

"Thank you," she said, almost sullenly but she at least meant it.

"Don't get the attitude that you use with that husband of yours," Luis said, waving the knife in front of her eyes.

"Sorry," she said lightly, not wanting to make them angry at all.

She gulped kind of and then asked: "Going to hurt me?"

"Afraid that, when we're done, we'll have to do that!" Luis said, nodding kind of sadly. "You know us!"

Dolly began to cry, realizing what the ultimate outcome of all this might be. "Please!" she said, almost begging.

"Stop!" Luis said, "We'll do what we have to do! You just cooperate and we'll put that decision off as long as possible."

"Cooperate?" she asked faintly.

"Yes," Luis said, "Right now, take your clothes off, all of them or else we'll just finish this now and put you in your trunk. We don't want this to turn into a great struggle."

"Please!" she said again, not even knowing what she meant.

"Strip!" Jorge ordered.

"Strip!" she whispered, tears coursing down her cheeks and nodded.

They gave her room and Dolly Winters began to take her clothes off: tee shirt off first, then sandals, then her bra and finally, unbuttoning the waist band, and unzipping it, took her jeans down and off, leaving her with a pair of violet panties.

"Everything!" Luis said and she took her panties off.

She lay there with them staring at her. She wanted to make a move to protect her nipples, breasts and pussy but knew that she didn't dare.

"You were right!" Jorge said, "She's a babe!"

Luis barked a laugh, as Manni agreed and Dolly only looked on.

"You know me," she said softly, trying to talk her way through the situation at last. "Please don't do this! Please don't hurt me!"

"Got it started, Mrs W," Luis said, "Gonna see it through! Got to!"

Dolly began to cry. Luis nodded at Jorge, who produced some duct tape and put it across her mouth. Then he taped her wrists behind her back. It all unsettled her, with her beginning to acknowledge to herself, what they were ultimately going to do 'to' her.

They settled her back then on the floor of the van and Luis got in and drove them away. They all acknowledged to each other that this was going to be the hard part of this, allowing her to think that they had designs to do her in but they also thought that it was necessary for their plan.

Their drive took them about a half hour into the country and then up a side road to a fairly remote area. Luis parked in front of a fair sized cabin and he and Jorge tumbled out, while Manni was still in the back watching over Mrs W, and also grinning at her lovely nakedness.

They hauled Dolly out then, and Luis produced a long rope. He tied one end of the rope around Dolly's neck and led her up a small hill toward the cabin. The tears were flowing now constantly.

Half way up the path, Luis said: "Okay, Mrs W, walk ahead! We want to see how you walk with no clothes on."

Dolly was resigned to this now and simply did what they demanded. She didn't try to make the walk sexy or sensuous, she just walked. The spirit had pretty much gone out of her. She knew that this was going to end very badly for herself and still couldn't put her finger on what to do.

"Look at her ass!" Jorge said.

Luis pulled on the rope and Dolly stopped. "Bend over, Mrs W!" he said.

She did as she was told, bending over at the waist in front of them.

"Oh, shit!" Jorge said and Manni too just sighed.

"What an ass!" Jorge repeated and Luis, having gotten up to where Dolly was bent over, gave her a light slap on the ass. She made a surprised noise, and then another one, as Manni reached under her and captured one of her breasts in his hand, playing with the nipple.

"Okay,"Luis said, "Let's get to the cabin!"

They moved ahead and Dolly found herself fighting off vague feelings of pleasure from the light slap to her ass and the massage of her breast and nipple.

"Stop it, Dolly Winters!" she demanded of herself silently and bitterly.

They unlocked the door and took her into the cabin. The room was spacious, with an eating area on one end near the kitchen and a living room set up on the other end.

Dolly just looked around. Luis guided her to a chair and, before she sat, he took the tape off of her wrists, and off of her mouth and also the rope off of her neck.

Dolly sat and looked at them. She crossed her legs and draped an arm across her breasts. Luis moved to her immediately and uncrossed her legs and then took her arm and put it down at her side.

"Don't start, Mrs W!" he said, "We've taken pains to get you here this way, naked, and we want to look at you."

She sighed and nodded her head.

"Good girl!" he said.

"And you're still ultimately going to..." she said, her voice shaking at the end.

"Let me talk to you, Mrs W!" Luis said, "Now you listen carefully!"

Dolly nodded, knowing that what was coming could well seal her fate. Her nerves were all a-jumble.

"Mrs W," he began, "We had to do it this way; knowing how you are, we were sure that you'd never simply agree to take your clothes off and come with us."

She nodded 'yes' that he was right.

"So we hatched this plan, and here you are!" he said.

"You mean..." she began with wide eyes, and no little amount of relief in her voice.

He held up a hand and said: "Let me finish."

She shook her head 'yes' again, and he went on, speaking for the three of them.

"We know what your husband is like!" Luis said.

Dolly shook her head 'no' then and spoke up: "No, you don't!"

Luis held up a hand again and said: "Wait, I want you to listen!"

She nodded 'yes' again and he spoke: "Jorge show her."

Jorge got out his phone and went to his photos. He went to Dolly's chair, and sat on the arm of the plush chair and went through the photos of Matt giving blow jobs, being screwed by each of them and letting them piss in his mouth.

Dolly's immediate reaction surprised them. They knew that this was the crucial moment and thought that it was when they would have to come up with a form of persuasion. But they never figured on Dolly's reaction. She laughed!

They looked at her with some amazement at first and then joined in the laugh.

"That little pussy!" she said, laughing again. "This is great! You do know what he's like! Only until now he always hid it, kept it under wraps."

"He was the first part of our plan!" Luis said.

"But why?" she asked.

"Because he was our route to you! We know you well enough to know that you would never have consented or cooperated, unless you knew that he had first!"

"Then what would you have done?" she asked softly.

"Taken you back," Luis said. "We had to make it look like we were serious about hurting you, in order to get you here and get you naked."

Dolly laughed again! "Had me scared shitless!" she said. They grinned.

"It worked too," she said next, and they nodded. "After all," she said then, "It worked, look at what I'm wearing!"

They laughed. She mused a moment, and said: "I might even like that little walk through the woods again, rope around my neck, hands taped and all, with the circumstances different."

Luis spoke: "We can probably do that, Mrs W."

"Dolly, please," she said, "After all, look at what I'm wearing!" She said again and giggled and they all laughed.

"So, what are you going to do with this plan of yours?" she asked softly.

"Make you our babe!" Luis said.

"Ohhhhh!" she said, not totally displeased by that idea. "What about Matt?" she asked.

"Look at the photos again," he said, "Do you think that Matt will be a problem for us?"

She smiled, "No, I guess not! But the plan?"

"First of all we treat you basically like we did him!" Luis said.

"Ohhhh," she said. "And then?"

"Do it whenever we want!" Manni chimed in with.

"Ohhhh," she said, and then laughed: "I keep saying that, don't I?"

"Yep!" Luis said.

"Only I have a request, my part of the negotiation," Dolly said then.

"Yes?" he asked, not committing himself or them to anything.

"I want to watch you do Matt some time, all of you!" she said decisively.

"Done!" he said, and she laughed. "And then I want to have him watch you do me, all of you!"

"Yes," he said.

"You do know his size!?" she asked.

"Yes, small dick!" Jorge said with a grin.

"And I bet yours are not!" she said.

"Well," Luis said, "That the next part of the plan, Dolly!" When he said it, he got up and began to take his clothes off and the others followed suit.

"Goodie!" she said. "I get to watch now!"

They stripped and took their time with it, letting her gawk. They stripped one at a time and, when they were finally naked, and she saw their enormous dicks, she put her hand over her mouth and said: "Look at that! Look at you! The size! All of you!"

They were grinning at her. She had a thought:

"When you come for me at home, I want him watching; I want him to see me done by those large cocks! That's what I want!"

"We'll use him as the clean up man!" Luis said with a laugh.

"Exactly!" Dolly agreed, really enjoying herself now.

"You do know that this is my fantasy about you three!" she said.

"Thought so!" Luis answered.

"Always watched and wondered!" she said.

"So did he!" Luis said, "Only he was more obvious about it but we thought that you were there too."

"Oh, I was!" she said. "But the plan!"

"Yes," Luis said. Then turning he said: "Manni, you're first!"

"Yeah, man!" Manni said, smiling and rubbing his hands together.

He went then to where Dolly was sitting. When he go there, he took a hand and gripping her knee, moved the knee to the side, spreading her legs in the process.

"What... ?" she said but made a kind of shrill sound, when Manni knelt between her legs, what he was about to do becoming obvious.

"He, Matt, doesn't like pussy!" she said softly, between other noises that were caused by Manni slowly kissing his way up the inside of each of her thighs.

"We do!" Luis said.

"Likes me to suck him, won't do this!" she said, becoming a bit breathless with Manni's ministrations.

"We will!" Manni said, grinning at her.

"Ohhhh," she groaned, as Manni's mouth finally moved from the inside of her thighs to her pussy mound, working through her pubic hair with his lips and tongue. She simply leaned her head back and let him do it, groaning all the time.

She opened her eyes, as Manni continued to eat her and saw both Jorge and Luis smiling at her.

"You magnificent fuckers!" she said. "Any time at all! Any time! With him watching, and playing with that little dick of his!"

"Not like this!" Luis said, moving to stand next to her and moving her face in his direction by putting his hand on her cheek. When she moved her head, she was staring at Luis' erection.

"My god, yes!" she said. "No four incher here! May I?" she asked, looking up at him grinning down at her.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she rasped as Manni inserted his tongue deeper into the cave of her vagina.

"I'll beg, if you want!" she said, grinning up at Luis. "Please! Please! Please!" she begged, "I want to taste it! I want it in my mouth! I promise to be a good girl all the time, every time! I promise, promise!"

Luis laughed and rubbed his erection against her lips. Her mouth flew open and she took him inside, and held out her hand waving it and then found Jorge's erection waiting for her. She played with Jorge, while Luis slipped his erection in and out of her mouth and Manni continued to eat her.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she moaned, getting overwhelmed by it.

She began then to kind of make huffing sounds, feeling her orgasm building. Manni sensed it and renewed his efforts and with a shout against Luis's prick, she began to cum. Luis grabbed her head and pulled it into his crotch. Her gag reflex didn't seem to bother her, as Luis began to spurt into her mouth and she did the same to Manni.

When she cleaned Luis with her mouth, she whipped her head around and captured Jorge in her mouth quickly beginning to work on him. She never missed a beat with her sucking, even when Luis raised her up and moved her so that she was now bent over. With her in this position, he inserted his large cock into her pussy from behind.

She fairly screamed against Jorge's stomach, as Luis filled her totally.

One thing that she knew right away was that it had never been like this. Yes, a good friendly relationship with Matt but no one had ever fucked her like this, with this big a dick and here were three of them. Dolly was closer to heaven just then than she ever had been. There were none of Matt's dislikes for various parts of the body and various sexual acts. It fairly made Dolly's mind raced and a whole procession of things she wanted to do, or have done to her paraded across her mind in an instant.

Jorge was now gripping her head by the hair, as he began to empty into her mouth too. She cleaned him then and made moaning sounds barely able to mention Manni's name but spreading her hands out to him and wiggling her fingers, invited his cock into her mouth. Manni joined her and plugged her mouth with his erection and Dolly began to suck on yet another large dick. She was being swept away by it.

Behind her Luis had cum and then was replaced by Jorge, also quite big. Dolly just accepted it, sucked on Manni and pushed back against the cock that was filling her. She could feel another orgasm beginning to build.

They eventually came to a halt and rested. Dolly was grinning at the three of them. Luis went out to the bathroom and brought her a cloth and towel to clean herself, which she proceeded to do. Then she stood and wiggled her hands for them again. One after another she smothered them with the kind of kisses that she no longer even bothered to give to Matt.

"You've taken care of me so well," she said.

Luis smiled at her and then at the other two.

"Plan worked!" he said.

"Better than you thought," she said. "I want more!"

"Damn woman," Manni said, "You're insatiable!"

She giggled. "Have never been screwed like this, handled like this, fed like this, treated like this and I like it!"

"More?" Luis asked.

"Yes, when this finally gets to Matt in any way, I want him to know that you three used every one of my holes!"

"You mean?" Luis asked slowly.

"Yes," she said, "My ass!"

"Okay," Luis answered, "The lady gets what she wants!"

He directed her then to grab the back of one of the kitchen chairs and bend over. She did, looking around at them, standing there slowly jerking their erections.

"Pull your cheeks apart, Dolly," Luis said.

"I don't have to beg for it this time?" she asked with a giggle.

"You've been such a good girl!" Luis answered. Then Jorge was there with a bottle of olive oil and Luis began to rub it into the crack of Dolly's ass. She responded by wiggling her ass cheeks at him and got a smack form him, producing a screech from her and Luis moved in, pressing the head of his erection against the pucker of her hole.

"Ready?" Luis asked.

"Yes, do it!" she said, apprehensive but determined. "Fuck me there!"

He did, pushing himself into her slowly. She squealed as it entered and he stopped to let her get used to it.

"Fine she almost only grunted," when it began to feel better and he moved again, inching his way in. He did it very slowly, with her giving him guidance about how it felt.

"Oh, shit is she tight!" he said to the other two, watching.

Jorge went over to Dolly at that point and put his arms around her neck.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes, but please stay there, you feel good there!" she said, her teeth clenched. Jorge stayed and held onto her as Luis continued and she got used to the sensation, the fullness feeling and the pain subsided. Eventually what seemed to be happening with her was a change: the pain was giving way to a sensation of heat within and she began to moan and ask for more and more movement. Luis obliged and they both became more active.

"Oh, oh," she wailed, "Nothing like this! Nothing ever like this! One thing after another is being that way! Nothing like this!"

Dolly came again, while Luis was working on her, with Jorge still holding her tight around the shoulders and neck.

When Luis came, he eased out of her with a kind of loud pop, and Manni had some tissues to help him clean himself. Then it was Jorge's turn. Dolly asked him to be next:

"Thank you, honey, for helping me! Now it's your turn."

At that point, Manni took Jorge's place at Dolly's head, holding her. It was easier to take Jorge, after Luis' initial venture. It was also true that Jorge wasn't quite as big as Luis, but almost.

When Jorge was finished, Manni had his turn. By then Dolly was almost totally done in. When Manni popped his softening erection out of her, Luis brought her a chair to sit on. She sat down and sighed.

"I'm so weary!" she said. "You can do anything else that you want but I might not be able to help."

Just then Jorge came back into the room from somewhere and said: "Luis, it's ready now."

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