Dinner With the NCIS Director - Jenny

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Sex Story: This is a tribute to a beautiful character in NCIS the red headed Jenny with big tits, who was woefully killed off to make way for an ugly man with a moustache.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I'm so sorry that Jenny was killed. If only I had not stopped to fill up with petrol, I could have been there to save her, maybe even to have taken a bullet for her. I loved her that much.

Jenny was an intelligent, beautiful and understanding Director. Whoever they appoint in her place will have a lot to live up to. I had always fancied her, but I fell in love with her when she joined in the orgy we had, at the celebrations after we had caught 'The Terrorist'. The second time I made love to her was after she had asked me to partner her at a formal dinner. She phoned me after work on the Tuesday, and asked if I would be the host with her when she entertained three French couples at her father's old mansion on the next Saturday. They were three Officers from the Deuxieme Bureau – the French Military Intellegence equivalent to our NCIS. I, of course, agreed. She gave me authority to spend out on expenses for a new Armani suit with a new striped shirt and matching silk tie, which I did.

On Saturday, I arrived early and Jenny and I discussed the procedure – I would look after the ladies and Jenny talk to the men. She suggested that we went easy on the drinking to keep in control. While Jenny went to dress, I brought up the bottles from the basement, put the white wine and champagne on ice and opened two of the three bottles of red wine to let them warm up and breathe.

The three couples arrived in three Citroens at about 7 o'clock. The maid, (hired for the evening) greeted them and took their coats. Jenny met them in the Drawing room. I offered them a glass of French Champagne or a glass of Royal Cassis (champagne with Kir Cassis).

We chatted politely and then went into dinner. NCIS were paying for the hire of a chef, with an assistant cook. The maid would serve the meal, but I was going to pour the wine for the guests.

First course was Pate de Fois Gras, served with a chilled bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio. The main course was Fillet Mignon with fries, and a Parisenne salad. I went round and filled their glasses from the first of the bottles of Chateau Margaux vintage 1990. Our guests were impressed, as they should be because each bottle was worth $1,000.

For dessert, we had Pavola Meringue with American ice cream. To go with this I offered them a small glass of Hungarian Tokai Dessert wine, vintage 1988. Jenny's father had won this, in a poker game, with a French arms dealer, and it is worth even more than a bottle of Margaux.

This all took a time to eat and drink and it was 10.30 before we rose, sated, from the table. I showed the officers where the downstairs toilet was, and Jenny took the ladies to the upstairs bathroom. When they came downstairs, Jenny took the men to one end of the room and talked in a huddle. I flirted with the wives down the other end. Jenny would not allow any of them to smoke in her house, but offered the French officers Martell VSOP Brandy, and I offered the ladies either Cointreau or Benedictine liquors.

At about midnight, everyone left in the Embassy cars. Jenny stood at the door to wave the off, then turned to me and said

"Stay with me tonight, Tony, I need company. The officers have told me that they have detected a move being made against Jethro and myself. I might have to take personal action"

Little did I know that this would to lead to her death.

We closed up the mansion, with Jenny setting the alarm and phoning the Service Monitoring station, as she did every night. I went upstairs to the bathroom and then got undressed. I normally sleep in the nude so that was no different. Jenny went to the bathroom and then came into the bedroom. I watched from her double bed, as she slowly undressed before me. She hung up her beautiful green dress, leaving her just in her bra and panties; my cock began to stiffen. Then she sat down and peeled off her stockings, facing away from me. When she stood up and turned towards the light switch I had to exclaim –

"Wow!! What a fabulous pair of tits!!"

"Thank you Tony, now could you switch on the bed side lamp please?"

I fumbled at the switch, trying to look at her as I did so. She asked me to move over and slide into the bed.

"Now make love to me Tony, real slow."

She kissed me gently and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I responded and our tongues danced together. My hands came up between us and I fondled her breasts. I loved the feel of the soft skin and the hard nipples. I licked them and sucked hard. Jenny groaned with pleasure.

My left hand moved of its on accord down the bed and sought out her cunt. It was slippery wet. I gently stroked my index finger up and down the slit, pushing it gently into her vagina and then I rubbed her clit – it was a like a hard pea.

"Oh Tony go down on me; I want you to kiss me there."

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