Velma and the Spirit of the Silver Miners

by Dick the Prophet

Copyright© 2013 by Dick the Prophet

Erotica Sex Story: This is a story about Velma and the rest of the Scooby-Do gang who though normally are asexual, but when they are influenced by frustrated ghosts they get turned on to dirty sex amongst themselves. It is a patische of the cartoon figures who are so appealing for the twinkling legs of Daphne and the hints of fulsomeness of Velma boobs.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Water Sports   Big Breasts   .

The Scooby-Doo gang were on their way back to their base near Denver, where they lived in Fred's grandfather's old house which had been willed to him. They stopped to refuel the Mystery Machine at a gas station and ate in the attached cafe. On the wall was an advert inviting people to visit a local silver mine. The advert said that it was unique in that it had been worked by women during WW2. So after eating, they drove up there. Near the entrance to the workings, was a group of old buildings. They stopped at the biggest one as it had the sign 'Silver Mine Hotel' and went in. They were greeted by an old man with beard who told them that the mine wasn't open for visitors yet.

"But we're the Scooby-Doo Gang and we wanted to check it out for ghosts!"

"Ah, well then, we might have one or two about the mine. This mine was used during WW2 and was staffed solely by women and only a few old male supervisors, as the fit men had joined up. My wife has sensed some ghost activity. Let's go and talk to her."

His wife confirmed that there seemed to be a weird influence present in the mine and in the hotel building where the visitors now stayed, but it was used then as a dormitory for the women miners.

"I have felt hands on my body in both places and a feeling of hot breath on my neck. Come on in and experience it yourselves."

The man's name was Joe and he and his wife, were employed to run the mine in the winter months and in the Summer take tourists round the mine and show them how silver was mined and smelted.

As they walked up to the mine entrance, he told them about the mine.

"This has been operated since 1905. Silver and lead was mined until the price of silver crashed in 1929 and the mine was closed. It was reopened in WW2 mainly for the lead which occurs with silver, for bullets and closed in 1946. It reopened in 1962 for the Vietnam War and closed in 1976. It was sold off then but a few years ago it was opened up again for tourists but also for its silver as the price has shot up recently. We mine enough now to mine just to cast small silver bars and medallions for sale in the shop here and on Internet."

They went into the engine shed and he issued them with a helmet with a light attached and a battery. Joe then cranked up the diesel engine which was use to tow the ore cars and a train with seats for tourists. The gang all climbed on and Joe drove them off into the mine. After a few hundred yards, he stopped and pointed to a large opening.

"This was where there was a big rock fall and the forewoman was crushed to death. They said it was an accident but there was a suspicion of foul play. She had been seen feeling up a young girl and her mother had resented her attention. The space now is a rest area. Would one of you get off and make the coffee for us?"

"I'll do it" said Velma and she got off the train and went in the open space. It was about twenty feet high and thirty feet deep with an electric stove, tables and chairs and three old leather couches.

The train went on into the mine. Velma was feeling a bit tired so she sat down onto an old couch and shut her eyes. It had been a long journey that morning after a particularly harrowing adventure. After a moment, she felt hot as if someone was breathing on her and took off her sweater, something she normally never did as she was embarrassed at the size of her breasts. Normally they were fully covered by a bra and bulky sweaters, particularly a red one, which had become her trade mark. Then she had this sexy feeling and felt hands fondling her large 38D breasts. Her own hands moved up and gently stroked the soft white skin of each breast. Her nipples became stiff and she enjoyed the sensations her palm moved over each one in turn.

"Oh this is good." She said out loud. Her movements became faster, her hips moved sideways like a hula dancer; then her right hand moved down and she slid her finger through her nest of pubic hair into her vagina. She found her cunt wet with desire, and her clitoris became quickly unhooded as she moved her finger in and out.

"Oh. Oh. Yes Yes I love this..."

Her hands moved faster and faster until she came in a big way.

"Wow ... how did that start?" she wondered

What she didn't know, was that the spirit of a female lesbian silver miner had entered her body. This orgasm left her exhausted and smelling sexily. She sat up suddenly when she heard Scooby-Doo coming. The big Dane came bounding in and pushed its head right up her skirt into her crotch. "Oh you naughty boy ... I think you want to lick my twat, well just let me take my pants off." She quickly pulled them down and opened her legs and let Scooby-do move his head up to her crotch. "Now lick me nicely with your lovely long red tongue ... oh that's just the right place ... do it again ... now push your tongue up my hole ... oh good ... move faster ... yes oh yess ... I'm coming I'm coming ... ohhhhhhh." Velma fell backwards onto the couch, exhausted and sated. Just then she heard Shaggy coming back the tunnel towards the Rest Room, Velma hastily picked up her pants, put them back on and pulled her skirt down. "Shaggy, come and take Scooby away from me; He has been sniffing at my crotch again."

Shaggy came up to her and apologised.

"I'm sorry he ran away from me. We were on our way back when Scooby jumped off and ran ahead for some reason."

Velma guessed at the reason – he had smelt her cunt but said nothing. She quickly turned around and tugged her sweater back on before Shaggy noticed her breasts were showing. The train stopped outside and the others came in to the Rest place. Velma quietly made them coffee.

They all went back to the Silver Mine Hotel and were shown their rooms. Velma and Daphne had a double and Fred and Shaggy had twin beds. They all shared the one bathroom. Dinner was served by the old couple – rump steaks and fries with a green salad, and an apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. The old man also gave them a bottle of red Napa Valley wine to drink with the meal so when they went up to their rooms they were feeling very happy. Scooby-Do stayed in the kitchen with a juicy bone.

They had changed into their night ware and gathered in Daphne's bedroom to discuss the next day's plans, but first they all wanted to use the one bathroom. Daphne went first and Freddie followed but stood outside the door and listened to the tinkle of her urine. He felt his cock start to get stiff as he thought what Daphne's cunt would look like, as the piss streamed out. Quietly he opened the door and looked around. Velma looked up in surprise. "Freddie – what do you want? Can't I have any privacy in here?" "Oh Daphne, you peeing sounded so exciting that I had to come in and have a look." "If it's only a look you want then ok, take a look then." She opened her fabulous legs. Freddie dropped down to his knees and watched, open mouthed, as she finished her peeing. "Can I lick you clean?" "Oh alright then, - do it now then." Freddie moved his head forward until he could lick her cunt. He noticed that she had had all her pubic hair waxed off her twat,, leaving only a thin strip above the slit. He pushed his tongue right into her cunt and licked up – it tasted salty but he felt a tremendous sexual thrill and so did she, as his wet hot tongue awoke her clitoris from its hood. She reached down and pressed his face into her crotch. "Oh that feels so good ... don't stop ... lick my clit again ... again ... oh that's it." She came, squirting hot juice into his open mouth. He pulled back and wiped his face with the back of his hand. "Wow Daphne – It didn't know you had it in you to be so sexy. I just thought of you as a Barbie doll – you know, all show and no go!" "It's this place, it has a strange effect on us." They pulled their clothes on and went back into the double bedroom and Velma and Scraggy went out and into the bathroom. Freddie sat down on the double bed and Daphne stood in front of him. Suddenly the room felt different and they sensed the presence and influence of the ghost miners from sixty years ago. Freddie's penis felt invisible hands fondle his cock and it became stiff. He lay back onto the bed, allowing it to stick out of his pants. Daphne fell to her knees between his legs and grabbed his prick and started to wank it. Then she put her head down and took it in her mouth, it felt hot and strong in her mouth – she moved her tongue round the purple head. She pushed her head down on to it so it hit the back of her throat, and she raised it again. It felt good. Her left hand moved down between her legs onto her crotch. She moved her finger into her slit and rubbed it gently until it was wet. She pushed her finger up her vagina one two three times. It was good, but it could be better. She pulled her finger out and scrambled up onto the bed and straddled Freddie's hips.

She tore off her nightie, reached down grabbed his prick to position it properly, then she slid down onto it until their pubic bones hit. Freddie looked up and saw her naked breasts.

"Wow what a perfect pair! They are beautiful. Look at your areolas they're so round and pink. I want suck them."

He moved his head up to her nipples and sucked them until they were standing out proud. His hands fondled the whole boob and enjoyed the feel of the soft skin and their weight. Daphne began to speed up her fucking and Freddie moved his hands onto her ass to control her a bit. He thought 'I'd liked to fuck her in her ass hole' and immediately pushed his right hand finger into her ass.

"Ahhhh ... you bastard I'm coming now!" "I haven't."

He grabbed her hips, turned her over and fucked her hard until he shot his load deep inside her cunt. He cried out with pain and pleasure as his testicles squeezed themselves dry. He collapsed onto Daphne who hugged him tightly.

"That was fantastic – the best sex I have had ever." Freddie said.

"I have always fancied you Freddie and now I have fucked you as I wanted. Let's do it again!"

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