Jane and the Internet

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Jane was living in an emotional cave, since the death of her older husband, Charlie. Everything was grim, until her pal from work, Shirley, introduced her to internet chatting. Then the old, feisty 'handful' girl Janie Wilson took over, until she crashed her sister's party from work and fate took a hand.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


Jane Wilson, Janie to her sister Angela and close friends, was always considered, at least by the girls, and maybe, even most likely, by some of the boys 'a handful'. She was definitely fun and a riot to be with, frequently the life of the party but willful and used to getting her own way.

In those days, Jane's 'own way' normally consisted of 'yes, I will make out with you; I will go parking'; 'no, you may not touch me there! But, yes, you may play with my breasts! No, you may not unbutton my blouse!'

Jane simply regulated the 'fun' that was to be had in the back seat of a car. She didn't like the idea, didn't entertain it at all, of losing her virginity in the dark with furtive movements, no ability to see what they were doing and to look at the other person's nakedness, especially since her own nakedness was so often the prize that the guy/boy was seeking.

So, Jane did things her way. She enjoyed that and never tempered her 'wildness'. Though, truth to be told, Jane Wilson's wildness was a social outlook and not any ingrained mean or reckless streak. As far as Janie was concerned, and maybe her sister Angela was the only person who really knew this, Jane was just really outgoing, able, even liable to come up with embarrassing statements, sometimes confessions but always delivered with a giggle and a smile.

Yes, Jane Wilson was a handful!

Then she married Charlie Angulera, and everyone was 'gob smacked', as the British say. Charlie was Jane's exact opposite. He was a banker. He was significantly older than our Janie. (She'd met him, as a matter of fact, when she went to work at the bank where Charlie was the president.) Theirs was a so-called 'May-December' type of marriage.

How Charlie Angulera captured the attentions of Janie Wilson was everyone's question, at the time of the marriage, and no one seemed to have the answer. No one but Angela, who realized, after long discussions with Janie, that Charlie was romantic with her and that's what Janie Wilson wanted, more than anything. She wanted to be done with the back seat wrestling thing and be romanced and taken care of and Charlie Angulera was the man to do that.

Of course, people said that it wouldn't last, because Janie Wilson, everyone knew was a 'handful' and Charlie Angulera would never satisfy her.

It was almost the logical extension of the reputation that Jane had acquired in high school, a reputation that was built upon and fueled by fumbling boys who never got past 'first base' but wanted to brag and let people know that they, at least, were the ones who knew what kind of panties that Janie Wilson wore on dates. All false but reputations like that stick. (Everyone knows at least one girl who in high school had a 'rep', though the truth of those 'reps' was usually, if not always suspicious. Everyone knew a Joy S or a Dorothy B, such as I did, who had the reputation of being easy lays but it was an area where the truth rarely resided!)

But with that reputation people predicted that the marriage was bound to fail. It faltered and came to an end, however, only when Janie 'knight in shining armor' Charlie died of a heart attack, 22 years after everyone said that the marriage wouldn't last.

It left Janie a widow, a well off widow, being taken care of by her sister Angela, during the period after the funeral, but with her outlook intact. It was, to a large extent, Angela's love that brought Janie back to herself.

Jane decided to go on living in her and Charlie's big house. They'd made it so comfortable for themselves. She was left then with the task of how to re-invent herself.

At work, at the bank, before she went back to work, after Charlie died, Jane worked with the bank computers, and accounts. In that capacity, she was aware of the constant use of internet chat rooms by the others, even at work. She was frequently curious but didn't really bother herself. That part of Janie's outlook, the 'she's a 'handful'' part, had been pretty much left behind her but maybe only dormant and not altogether done away with.

Janie Wilson was a bit on the tall side, 5'10"; she had short dark hair that had some reddish highlights, which she encouraged. She'd been a member of the girl's basketball team both in high school and the jr college that she'd attended, before her marriage to Charlie.

She made her way to her 41's birthday still in very good shape. Angela was overweight but Janie kept her shape. She exercised and genuinely watched her diet so that her weight wouldn't get ahead of her. She carried her 128 lbs very nicely, however, due to her height--she was a good 3" taller than Angela. Of course Angela was the one who married, settled down and had a passel of kids, actually three. But now, these days, Jane was, by her own description, after being quiet and reserved for a good two years after Charlie left her, 'fancy free and on the hunt'. She never really knew how serious she was about that kind of description for herself but it's the way that she gigglingly talked of herself to her friends, and especially her sister Angela. It was a revision, a new version of Janie Wilson 'the handful'!

She had decided, for example, to take on her old name, simply because she liked the sound of it better than Jane Angulera. So, she became just Janie Wilson again.

There is no mistake, she was a stunner at 40 years of age. Tall, dark haired with red highlights hinting, 36c breasts and 'broad in the beam', as she described herself. Though her sister Angela often quipped to her, when that subject was introduced that Janie was nowhere nearly as broad in the beam as she, Angela was. At which point Janie would laugh, pat Angie's butt and say: "And it doesn't keep you from a good roll in the hay with your Raymond." The giggling that ensued would then go on for a bit of time. No, the truth was that Janie Wilson had a really nice butt, despite her 'broad in the beam' statements.


But there was a new wrinkle these days in Janie Wilson's life, a new adventure, so to speak. It was, of course, the internet. Her interest had come from those years of listening to co-workers in the computer services of the bank, talk about their adventures on the internet, of going to chat rooms, of meeting people. Gradually, as they became better acquainted, Janie even heard about romances and other shenanigans that went on, while sitting in front of a computer. There were girls at work who giggled about meeting guys on the 'net' and talking dirty with them, of requests to tell what they were wearing, of requests to tell what their panties were like, there were even a few who admitted to cam to cam requests to take their clothes off from guys, and in one case, from other women!

It sent both Janie and the woman admitting into a round of giggles. When the giggling subsided, Janie asked:

"Did you, I mean, did you really take your clothes off?"

She, a girl named Shirley, giggled: "Yes, it's so much fun! You don't know them! You won't meet them maybe again! You're free to fool around and it's okay."

"Ohhhh," Janie said, "Don't know if I could do that!"

"Try it," Shirley said "It's a gas!"

Janie just looked doubtful but Shirley persisted in their whispering: "Here's the address. You just go and try it. Give yourself a name that will attract attention, though in many of these sites, just listing your name as a woman is enough to attract attention."

Shirley then wrote down for Janie the name of the website.

"What kind of men?" Janie wanted to know.

"That's the great thing," Shirley insisted. "There are mature guys, you know, older ones; there are really young guys, sometimes as young as 13 or so."

Janie looked properly shocked but Shirley, still giggling, went on: "It's so cool to take your clothes off, when a 14 or 15 year old tells you to!"

Jane put her hand over her mouth and both blushed and giggled at the outrageousness of the suggestion.

"Try it!" Shirley said, "That's the address."

"What about a name?" Janie asked, realizing that she was, by now, intrigued by what her co-worker was saying.

"Make it 'Janie the handful'!" Shirley said with a giggle, remembering the stories that Janie had told on herself about her younger days.

They both went off into laughter at that point, and then it was necessary to go back to work but Janie's interest was caught. The thought never left her mind for the rest of the day.

She purposefully went home and simply stayed at home that evening. There was, by now, a plan forming in her mind. She worked that evening on converting one of the bedrooms, near her and Charlie's master suite, into an office. She had had the computer, a small one for all her ability to work with them and experience at work, on a desk in a kitchen alcove. She took this computer upstairs into the new office area.


Since it was the weekend, Janie had time and the opportunity to put her plans into action. She did some shopping that day. She bought a new desk, a special computer style desk, all glass and aluminum. Then she bought herself a new Apple desktop computer, the kind that she used at work. The store sent the desk over and the guys from the store were nice enough to carry it inside for Janie so that she could get it all in working order.

The items were delivered that day and she worked on the task of getting it all set up and running. She really liked the results, and by Sunday afternoon, after all her work, she had a nice and functioning office. She'd been at the arranging for most of the day.

She took a break in the afternoon for a cup of tea and sat there pleased with herself. It was while she was sitting there that the thought, fairly unbidden, came to her mind: 'the internet! Yes, chat rooms! Taking off your clothes for anonymous guys!' Once Shirley's words invaded her mind again, Janie was restless.

Of course being computer savvy, she was aware of the sites and kind of sites that Shirley was talking about.

"It won't hurt to just look," Janie said to herself. "I won't really do anything!"

She finished her tea then and said: "Maybe a shower first and I'll think about it."

She sat at her new desk chair, wiggling around in it and enjoying the way it felt, and launched herself. After her shower, she put on a pair of running pants and a tee shirt, over her underwear.

She found the site and went to a chat room. She'd had some hints from Shirley about what chat rooms that she liked but looked over the bunch of them herself. She giggled as she went through the long list of possibilities and ended up logging herself in as 'janiethehandful' on 'older women, younger men'. It appealed to the 'handful' in Janie.

She had invitations to chat immediately. In the course of the next hour or so, she admitted that she was 41 years old; told guys how much she weighed, what her measurements were, and what she was wearing.

Janie was dazzled by it. It made her feel like she was in her teens again and adept at being a handful and teasing the boys.

She had a few invitations to have a camera to camera chat, and put them off by saying that she was new to this and wasn't ready. Some of those who'd invited her then simply closed down the chat window but there were always others.

There were those who wanted to know what color panties she was wearing, and asked her to take her clothes off. These made her giggle and she became coy with them, never giving in but enjoying the conversation.

She settled down for a bit with one guy, mark4older, who said that he was 18 years old. She chatted with him for a while. He told her that he liked older women. He flashed up on the screen, as soon as they were talking the letters a/s/l?

She didn't know what that meant, and asked him. He explained.

"But it's not polite to just ask things like that!" she countered.

Mark4older came back and said: "Sorry, didn't mean to offend."

"Not offended," she said, "Only surprised at the curtness of the request."

"I C," came back the reply.

She was sure that she was about to lose another chat partner but he spoke to her for a little bit and finally she told him:

"I'm a woman, 41 years old and in the usa," she wasn't about to tell him anything more about her location.

"Lovely, lovely!" he wrote back. "Especially the age!"

"Thank you!" was her response.

"So, janie, what are u wearing?" he asked next.

She was ready for this because Shirley said that they always got around to asking it.

"Nike running pants and a tee shirt," she said.

"Nothing more?" he asked.

She sent him the word: "Giggle!" Then: "Are you trying to be bad?"

"No," he said, "Inquisitive."

"Oh, I C," she said picking up some of the language of chat.

"So?" he said next.

Janie plunged right in at that point, remembering Shirley's words of instruction. "Panties are pink and bra matches."

"Lovely," he said. "A beautiful, older lady with pretty underwear!"

She sent him a 'giggle' and said: "How do you know that I'm beautiful?"

"Bet you are!" came his reply.

"Care to take off the running pants and the tee shirt for a bit?" he asked.

"Don't think so," she said, "First date and all!"

He sent her a 'LOL", which he then explained to her and made her giggle.

In the process, she learned a lot about this form of communication, and she also was able to see Shirley's point about how entrancing it was, and the way it made you feel. As they talked, Janie found herself being more and more open in her responses.

She discovered after only a little bit that this talking on the internet was appealing to the ornery side of her, the side that years ago made her famous for being 'a handful'.

"I have to go and have some dinner," she typed next.

"I have something that you can eat!" he said.

She immediately typed back: "LOL! And giggling!"

"I'll show you!" he said next.

"Yes," she responded, "If I show you mine, and I'm not going to; first date and all!"

"So you said!" he said.

"What are you going to eat?" he asked.

"Omelet," she said.

"What if I'm hungry?" he asked.

"SOL!" she said, and put in a happy face.

"Hard hearted!" he said.

"No," she said, "Heard headed!"

"Yes, I know," he answered,"First date and all. Does that mean that on the next date you'll take your clothes off!"

"LOL!" she wrote, "You are persistent!"

"But you're worth it!" he wrote.

"But you don't know that!" she said.

"But I just bet you are, that you're gorgeous, that your tits, pardon my language if that offends you, are wonderful, and your, hmmm what do I call that..."

"I know what you're referring to, so don't call it anything at all!" she wrote back.

"Spoil sport!" he said.

"Yep!" she typed back, "First date and all!"

"You've mentioned that before," he said, "Anyway, I bet it's tasty!"

"Hmmmmm," she typed then, and as an after thought: "And you can call them 'tits', it's what they are!"

"Good!" he typed, "A victory for my side!"

"Savor it, big boy, this 'older woman' is logging off now to get something to eat."

"Oh," he typed back right away, "Did I tell you that I have something that you could eat?" He included a smiley face.

Her response was: "Bye! First date over."

"I'll be here!" he said and she did indeed log off.

She was laughing and giggling a long time after she logged off, realizing that the chatting did indeed appeal to her sense of outrageousness. As she ate, the conversation crept back into her head. On a whim, she picked up the phone and called Shirley.

"Hello?" Shirley said.

"Shirley? It's Janie!" Jane said.

"Hey, girl!" Shirley said. "I needed to call and tell you that I just had my first chat in that chatroom that you recommended."

"Good for you!" Shirley said. "Was it hot?"

"Almost!" Jane said.

"Tell me!" Shirley said, and Jane went into details about the conversation, all that was said about it being the first date and their by-play about something to eat.

"Next time, if you get him again, and you don't always," Shirley said, "You need to up the ante and put some heat on him. Sometimes, though" Shirley said then, "They do hang around and you can find the same person later."

"Ohhhh," Jane said, interested, and giggling.

"You giggle, girl," Shirley said, "Sounds like you're enjoying this!"

"I guess that I am!' Janie said. "But what else?"

"Maybe take some clothes off," Shirley said, "Even if you don't show him anything, it'll make it really, really hot for you."

"Will it?" Jane said, interested.

(This was now, of course, the 'old Janie'; the one who'd married staid Charlie Angulera, and was wild and 'a handful' at that time. That kind of Janie was back again, it seemed and she was enjoying it.)


It certainly made Janie wonder, if mark4older would indeed be around. She cleaned up the dishes, thinking all the while and then went back to her newly done 'office' to the computer.

She decided to be 'comfortable' this time, and took off her tee shirt, running pants and bra. She put on a robe and went to the computer wearing just her robe and a pair of panties.

"Sure," she said to herself, "More comfortable but with less on so that you can be tempting and have less to take off, when he tells you to." She giggled to herself at this and didn't even try to gainsay it at all.

She checked her mail first, kind of putting off her main purpose, but eventually she logged back into the chatroom, and went to the same place: 'older women, younger men'. She logged in again as 'janiethehandful'. He was there.

"Second date!" came the message.

Janie sent him immediately a "LOL and Giggling" message.

"Hi!" she said then.

"Hi, yourself," he typed, "How was dinner?"

"Ham and cheese omelet!" she said, "Yummy!"

"Like you!" was his reply.

She sent him a smiley, happy face in response.

"Wearing the same?" he asked.

"No, comfortable now!" she said.

"Oh, second date and progress!' he said.

"Something like that!" she answered.

"Tell me?" he said.

"Quid pro quo!" she typed. "What are you wearing?

"BVD thigh length shorts," he said. "Pale blue with a darker blue band."

"Nice!" she said,"Sexy!"

"Yes," was his answer, "Just right for a second date!"

"LOL" was her response.

"Now you!" he typed.

"After dinner, took off my tee shirt, and bra and running pants," she typed, giggling to herself.

"Leaving?" he asked.

"Robe and panties!" she typed back, and began to feel the real heat of their conversation, letting her hand drop for a moment between her legs and feeling herself.

"Colors? Fabric?" he asked.

"Yes, sir!" she said quickly.

"Good, older lady is polite and knows who the master is!" he typed.

"Maybe no more information now!" she typed, also sending a smiley face.

"Spill it, woman!" he typed next, "I did!"

"Okay, don't be bossy," she said.

"Bet you like bossy!" he typed.

"Sometimes, maybe!" she admitted. She paused and said: "Yes, yes, yes, I'm going to tell you!"

"About time!" he typed.

"Yes, sir!" she typed again. "Robe is yellow silk, thigh length; panties are pink, nylon, bikinis, lace at the leg bands and waist."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he typed.

She sent him back an immediate smiley face.

"Are you playing with yourself?" she typed. Then, thinking about her request typed: "Is it impolite to ask such things?"

"Nothing is impolite!" he answered.

"Oh, goodie, then tell me!" she said.

"Yes, playing with myself, slowly stroking," he typed.

"Can I help?" she asked, the mood really on her now and she happily gave into it.

"Yes!" he said.

She thought and typed back immediately: "Taking robe off! Second date, after all!"

"Ohhhh!" he moaned to her.

"Panties only now!" she said. "You've become silent."

"Busy here!" he said.

"Good!" she said, understanding what he was doing, "Panties coming off now!"

"Ohhhh!" he typed again.

"Naked!" she typed, along with two winking, smiley faces. (She made a mental note to tell Shirley about this! How she felt about it and how it turned out.)

"Cumming," he typed to her, "Sorry you're not here with your mouth open!"

They chatted only for another minute or so; he told her he'd return the next day at the same time and then he was gone. She was surprised about that. She knew she'd have to ask Shirley about it, but first she let the situation overwhelm her. She had been playing with herself on and off for long moments and now she tilted her chair back and began to simply walk her finger through her pubic patch, reaching inward and shaking from the effect of reaching into herself and finding her goal. As she did it, she began to whisper: "I'd like to be there with my mouth open too! To catch it from you!" She shuddered then, as she brought herself to an orgasm and sank back into her chair, her eyes closed and panting.

When she'd recovered, she called Shirley. Shirley laughed about the disappearance of mark4older but said that it was fairly typical. If a guy were excited by the conversation and did indeed jerk off, frequently, when he was finished, he just faded fairly quickly.

"Ohhhh," said Janie, "So, I was a success!"

"Totally, love," Shirley said. "Did he ask to see you?"

"Yes," Janie said, "But I'm not ready for that yet."

"But it's cool," Shirley said, "You just stand in front of your computer and let the camera get your picture. Tilt the computer so that your face can't be seen and there's no problem."

Janie giggled at the information that Shirley was giving her. She found that she was dazzled by what had happened: the communication itself, the chance to be kind of onery with a stranger, the back and forth challenging talk, actually taking her clothes off, in what felt like a fairly safe way and place, because a stranger asked her.

As she thought of it the next day at work, Jane realized that this whole internet thing was having the effect of bringing her back out of her 'Charlie cave', as she called it. Since the death of her big bear Charlie, she'd been gray, had felt wounded and only half real. In an attempt to get a grip back on herself, she began to use her maiden name 'Wilson' again. She meant that not as anything against Charlie but as a attempt to find out who Janie Wilson was again. She had thoughts and memories about those early days, when she was Janie the free spirit but for a long while, that didn't seem to apply to her any longer.

Then she got swept up, by Shirley, into this internet thing and had tried it and it fairly blew her mind. It had certainly brought back some of the delights of those earlier days, having boys around, and teasing them, giggling behind your hand at outrageous things that were said. It felt, at this point at least, life giving, kind of putting Janie Wilson back on the map.

"What about tonight?" Shirley asked.

"Still some territory to explore!" Janie giggled. "Think that I will."

"You go get 'em, girl!" Shirley said.

Janie realized that this was gradually letting her get back into life, and get back into her own personality. She didn't feel like the settled down, content wife of banker Charlie Angulera any more. She was beginning to feel more and more like Janie Wilson, 'the handful'. It made her giggle. She knew that she wanted more experiences to get her feet back on the ground. It just felt like that was the process that she was in at that particular time.

She and Shirley had lunch together and talked about the internet again. It was, as usual, whispers and giggles.

"Do you then show stuff?" Janie asked softly.

Shirley giggled: "You're so polite! Yes, I show my 'stuff'," she said. "Talk until I find someone who turns me on, is interesting and I make their day and show them 'Shirly unveiled'."

"Love the sound of that," Janie said, "Shirley unveiled!" She had a thought then: "All ages? Do you really show yourself to young guys?"

"Well," Shirley said, "You need to watch. There are always 13 or 14 year olds hanging around. But would you give them the romantic time of day normally? Probably not. I don't display for them. It's simple, just let them turn on their camera first and, when you see who it is, decide if you're going to turn on yours or not. And, yes, sometimes, if you're in the mood, it's cool to flash some booty at young guys!"

"Gee, you have so much more experience at this than I do!" Janie complained.

"Well, tonight then get in there and go to work again!" was Shirley's advice.

Janie giggled, as she agreed.

"Well," she said, "Back to the bank computers, books and figures!"

"Ah, the technician and accountant at work," Shirley said.

As they were about to leave the table, Janie had a thought: "Hey, what about girls?"

Shirley giggled and said: "Oh, they're there and will hit on you too!"

Janie put her hand over her mouth and giggled.

"Call my name," Shirley said, "I'll show you my stuff! Won't even hide my face!"

They were both laughing at that point.

Jane took herself out to dinner, after work, on the way home. It was a pleasant place and she enjoyed herself. She found that she had a different point of view now than she'd had before, a point of view that she hadn't had in a long time. She looked around and wondered how many of the men, or women, she giggled, might hit her up on a chat room and ask her what she was wearing. She even looked around and let her imagination run wild.

At home, after dinner, she took a long, hot bath, one that she enjoyed and had a glass of wine. She thought about all that Shirley had said that day and decided to go to her computer, once the bath was done. She went to her bedroom, after the bath and put on a pair of white, stretch lace panties, and then went next door to the 'office'. She logged on and settled down in front of the computer. It was already approaching 9 PM, since she took a good long time for the dinner and the bath.

Jane went to the chat room and looked around. She logged in as 'janiethehandful'. She saw one name: 'slutshirley' and sent a message.

"Shirley? Is that you? It's Janie!" she typed.

"Hey, girl!" Shirley said. "Great to see you here. What are you wearing?"

"You sound like one of those 14 year olds!" Janie typed back and sent the word 'giggling'.

"You make me eager!" Shirley said, sending a smiley face.

"Panties only!" was Janie's reply, "White, stretch lace."

"Hmmm, gotta show me that!" Shirley typed back.

"Eeeeeep!" was Janie's reply.

"Practice with me," Shirley said then, "It's safe; I'm your bud and am not into women, if I were, I'd be into you for sure!"

Janie giggled in response to that. "Tell me how!" she typed to Shirley.

"Oh, what are you wearing?" she asked Shirley then.

"Nothing!" Shirley responded.

"Ohhhhhh!" Janie giggled in response.

"Let me send you a request; I'll click on the icon of the camera. You accept but in the picture window, where the icon of the camera is, click on it. That way it'll be turned off, until you click on it and turn it on. If you don't like what you see, then just close the chat. When you can see yourself, tilt the computer and you'll see how to cut off your head from the photo but I want to see you, face and all."

Janie took a deep breath, as she got the video chat request from Shirley. She was excited and a bit disturbed by the fact that she was about to show herself almost naked over the internet.

When she got the chat request from Shirley, she clicked on the camera, turning hers off, as Shirley's came on. Then there was Shirley. She was standing and she was naked, and, Janie had to admit, she looked gorgeous without her clothes.

Next she saw what Shirley had meant about adjusting the camera; she did that and could only see herself from the neck to the knees. "Ohhhhhhh!" Janie said and she heard Shirley's responsive 'ohhhhhh' over the computer's speakers.

"Janie, you're gorgeous!" Shirley said, and that set Janie giggling again. "I wish I were into women!"

"Stop!" Janie said.

"Will not!" Shirley said, "I'd be on you like a blanket, spending time under your desk with my face in your crotch!"

"Whoohoo!" Janie shouted. "You telling me how I am, when you are Miss T & A herself!:

They both hooted then.

"Now let's talk," Shirley said. "It's so cool to sit naked or almost and talk with someone!"

"Oh, yes, it is!" Janie said, totally convinced.

They talked for a bit and then gave each other air kisses. Shirley said to her: "Go hunting now, girl!"

"I'm on it!" Janie said with a giggle and they said 'good night' to each other. "And thank you!" she said, just before Shirley slipped away.

That night and for a number of nights to come, Janie got much more experience. She talked to all sorts of people, even eager women. She participated in spirited discussions with young guys who wanted to fantasize about what Jane would cooperate in doing to them, with them. There were women, who hit on her too.

It was a couple of days before Jane hooked up with mark4older again. Janie was pleased. It was like meeting an old friend.

"Hey," he typed, "Third date! Time to show yourself!"

"Not sure I'm ready yet!" Janie said, "Shy! Just getting back into life really!"

"What?" he asked.

She told him about Charlie and they talked about that for a bit. The conversation moved back to what she was wearing eventually and she took her clothes off for him, and they chatted, until her jerked off, with her promising to take it in her mouth. She giggled a lot.

A constant theme was present in all of these talks. They always wanted to know what Jane was wearing and, if the conversation went on at any length at all, they usually asked her if she had a camera and would she show herself. It was only with mark4older that she ever even considered giving in to that request to show herself.

Jane still continued to stave off those kinds of requests, although she certainly didn't mind talking passionately with them, participating in their fantasies and, at times, even engaging in their role play situations. She became the old Janie with gusto at times and found that she enjoyed that. This wasn't the real world, she knew that, but it was pushing her toward that real world, toward being a whole and outgoing person again. Janie was finding herself again in the strangest way possible, via the internet in chat room with people, mostly guys, of all ages, builds and descriptions.She tried to be a good chat partner without age or sex prejudices. She learned the language and shared her giggled confidences with Shirley at work. It all seemed to be working for her.

One of the things that she and Shirley talked about and was beginning to dominate her thinking was the possibility of turning on her camera and showing herself to someone.

"Give them a thrill!" Shirley said. "Pick a young guy or an old one and show yourself!"

It was not only in her mind and thinking these days, since it was the next step in her internet progression, as she thought of it, but it seemed almost like a final doorway that she would go through to present to the world good old onery Janie Wilson unveiled. She considered doing it the next time especially mark4older asked her. It was on her mind.

When she got to that kind of thinking, she had indeed decided that one night very soon, she obey a request and turn that camera on. The time was almost here.


That day Jane had a call from Angela.

"Hey, sweetie!" Angela said.

"Hi, love!" Jane replied. "It's our night!"

(Jane and Angela got together every other week on a regular basis for a drink and talk. That day was their day.)

"There's a kind of end of the quarter success party for my office mates," Angela explained.

"Make it another time?" Jane asked.

"No, why not just stop in; it's not that exclusive!" Angela said.

"You sure?" Jane asked.

"Sure!" Angela answered.

They made the plan. That evening Janie had an early chat with mark4older on the chat site. She told him that she was going out to meet her sister for a drink.

"It's about our 6th date!" he said.

"Yes?" she answered.

"Time for you to show me!" he said.

"Giggling!" was her next message.

Then she took a deep breath and said: "Tonight! I'll be here, sometime after 9 or 9:30!"

"It's a date!" mark4older said.

Janie was humming to herself, as she put on her nicest black cocktail dress. She liked the dress, it had a short hem and plunged enough to show some cleavage. She was mentally getting herself ready for her 'big show' that evening.

She was totally unaware that fate, who whoever that is, would put in an appearance.

As she went to the place to meet Angela, the show for that evening was constantly on her mind. It made her almost giddy; it certainly had her excited and put her in a very unusual but typical 'Jane the handful' frame of mind. 'Unusual' because she'd only been struggling to get back to the Janie that she'd been. But this whole internet thing was finally achieving that purpose for her, bringing her back, so to speak. In any event, she was excited about 'showing' for mark4older that evening. It was on her mind and she was, finally, the old Janie once again.

She found Angela at the party immediately. They hugged and kissed and Janie said that she would go and get herself a drink.

She went to the bar and waited her turn, getting her drink, when a rather handsome looking man, her own age or so she guessed, stopped and said:

"Hi! I'm Dick Grimes; I don't think that I know you!"

"Oh," she said, realizing that his was Angela's boss. "I'm Jane Wilson," she explained, "My sister is Angela," she nodded over in Angela's direction. "And I'm crashing your party!"

He gave her a smile and nodded: "Well I guess that an interloper as pretty as you are is certainly welcome."

"Thank you," she said, curtseying to him, and making him laugh.

The conversation that they'd begun had every sign of being a challenge. Jane even felt like she was back in her chair talking and waiting for this handsome Dick Grimes, to ask her what she was wearing.

She giggled.

"What?" he asked.

"Oh," she said, "It's just that I'll only be here a little while."

"Oh, too bad!" he said.

"Don't look so sad," she quipped, "I'm here with you now!"

"Goodie for me!" he said. "But later?"

"Oh, I have an internet date!" she said.

"A what?" he asked, and she was giggling again.

Someone called his name just then and he said: "I know it's rude, Jane Wilson, but I have to talk to that person but I want to hear more about your internet date. May I talk with you again?"

"Okay!" she said, grinning, "I'll give you a play by play forecast!"

He laughed and said: "You do that!"

He left and she watched him walk away, realizing that she liked him, his good humor, his good looks and the way that he was paying attention to her completely, as they talked.

She walked back over to Angela then.

"Hmmm, time with the big boss!" Angela said.

"Yes, giving him the once over!" Jane admitted.

"Don't get me fired!" Angela said, a mock plea in her voice.

"Trust me, honey," Jane replied, "After I'm done, you'll be in like Flynn!"

They both laughed then.

"Sharing a joke?" a voice asked, and they saw Dick Grimes standing and talking to them.

"She was asking me to not get her fired, when I talked to you!" Jane said and Angela hid her face in her hands.

"I'm walking away from this conversation!" Angela said and took a step away.

Jane gave her a kiss on the cheek and said: "I"ll behave, honey!"

"I doubt it!" Angela said. Then to Dick Grimes she said: "Mr Grimes, watch out for her, my sister is a handful!"

They all laughed.

"That's what I was called in high school," Jane explained. "Janie the handful!"

"Well, what a challenge that is," he replied, "But tell me about this internet date; I'm intrigued by the very idea.

"It's in a chat room," Janie said, "It's been my method of coming out, so to speak lately."

He had an inquisitive look on his face and she went on, telling him about Charlie's death and her gray period after that.

"So, you are Jane Angulera!" he said. "Of course I knew Charlie. I'm so sorry!"

She sobered up a bit in her attitude and said: "Thank you! It's been so hard, and it's only this internet thing that has been bringing me back to my old self again at all, making me feel human again and not always at a loss."

"Tell me about that!" he said.

She explained to him the process and when she said that she was always asked what she was wearing, they both laughed.

"Typical male!" she said grinning.

"I guess so!" he agreed. "But the date?"

"I don't want to get my sister fired by talking to you this way!" she said, "After all I did crash your party!" Her eyes were twinkling, as she said it and he laughed.

"No, Angela is much too valuable to us!" he said.

"I'll hold you to that, buster!" she quipped.

"Actually, it's Dick and not buster!" he said and they both laughed. "Okay, stop stalling, the date!"

"Yes, the date," she said. She mentioned to him that she'd been talking for about ten days on and off to a mark4older, who is 18."

"Hmm," he said, "Good age!"

"Yes, well," she went on,"He keeps on asking to see me, um, you know!"

He chuckled: "He's trying to get you to appear on the computer without your clothes!"

"Well, yes," she said, and she giggled.

"Why is it that I suspect that you're up to the challenge now?" he asked.

"Think so?" she inquired.

"'Friad so!" he said. He got a bigger smile then and said: "But don't you need someone there to make sure that nothing goes wrong?"

He laughed and she giggled and said: "You're trying to horn in on my internet date!"

"Yep!" he said.

"Will you behave?" she asked.

"I will, scouts honor!" he said, holding his hand up in the air.

"Were you a scout?" she asked suspiciously.

"Nope!" he said and they laughed again.

"What about your party here?" she said.

"They're waiting for me to leave so that they can get on with their evenings," he said. "So how about it?"

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