Horn Player

by Darkfire

Copyright© 2013 by Darkfire

Erotica Sex Story: A hot night for a musician and an unexpected encounter.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

The night was so hot that if you struck a match you would almost expect the air itself to catch on fire. The ceiling fan did nothing to relieve any of the heat, but seemed to whisper apologetically as it spun above his head. He sat there quietly, hands on his knees, sweat running down his face. He was not sure if it was the heat or if he was sweating looking at the sexiest pair of legs he had ever laid eyes on. What those legs were connected to was still hidden in the shadows.

The place was closed, and there was no one there or so he thought. The boss told him to clean up and lock up before he left. The place still smelled of cheap whiskey, stale smoke, and sweat from the people dancing and swaying to the band that played just a few moments ago. He had planned on cleaning up and then practicing for a while in the quiet night. As he picked up empty bottles, glasses, and full ashtrays he did not notice he was not alone until he walked toward the back and saw those amazing legs and heard a smooth as silk voice simply say "sit."

So he sat, and kept staring at those legs. A plume of smoke rose from the shadows. A hand reached out and picked up a drink, the ice cubes that once swam in the liquid had long given up the fight to now only water down the lukewarm beverage. She took a sip, and took another hit off the cigarette lighting her face just the slightest bit. His eyes were drawn instantly from her legs to her face, and he concentrated hard to make her out. She snubbed out the butt and leaned forward in the leather booth. At last he saw her and was instantly lost in the gaze of the most incredible azure eyes he had ever seen. She smiled slyly and glanced down at the brass instrument sitting next to him on the floor.

"I wanna dance horn player. Play me something slow and sexy".

He picked up the slide trombone, put his lips to the mouth piece and sent out a sexy little melody into the air. The silence was broken with each note and seemed to make the night burn even hotter. She again smiled and rose off the seat and he finally caught a full view of the mysterious woman wanting to dance. She had long red hair that travelled past her shoulders and down her back. Her body was voluptuous, and full of ample curves. Large full breasts barely being contained by the flimsy material of the white cotton dress she wore. She had large sexy hips and a very round backside. The heat and sweat had made the dress nearly see through. He could tell she was not wearing a bra underneath it. As she walked just to the side of him and turned her back to him he could tell there were no panties either. He watched her intently as he kept playing.

She raised her arms above her head and started swaying to the music. Her hips swinging side to side like a hypnotic pendulum. She drew her arms back down to her chest and embraced herself as she hummed silently along with the tune. She turned to face him as she continued to sway and start to run her hands over her body. Bending over just a bit she spread her legs and lifted the dress a little as she ran her hands along her bare legs. He kept playing as he enjoyed the show he was being privileged to.

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