The Professor and the Schoolgirl

by Joe Buckworth

Copyright© 2013 by Joe Buckworth

Erotica Sex Story: Professor Tim Jones gets a big surprise when his girlfriend Paige Cornet shows up at his office wearing her old Catholic school uniform. When she tells him that she has been a bad girl because she didn't do her homework, Tim knows there is only one way to solve the problem.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Joe Buckworth

Professor Tim Jones watched the snow fall through the halos created by the spotlights shining into the Quad. With Christmas only a week away the Quad was filled with students hurrying to their next study group to prepare for the semester's final exams. Tim was thankful for the softness that today's snowfall brought to the Big Apple. With the semester almost finished, Tim was waiting in his office for Paige Cornet to arrive. She wanted to meet him in his office rather than at the restaurant, as originally planned. She said she had a surprise for him.

He had been dating Paige, a former student, since the summer. Although fifteen years her senior, neither one had any complaints. Intellectually, emotionally, socially and particularly sexually, they were a perfect match. What it really came down to was that they had fun together. The fact that Tim was black and Paige white was a non-issue in New York City. That was one of the great things about living there.

Tim remembered Paige's last surprise. On a winter night preview in November, Tim went to Paige's apartment to pick her up for dinner. She answered the door dressed in a set of strings that pretended to be a thong bathing suit. Paige must have spent hours shaving her pussy, because when Tim glanced down he didn't find a hair anywhere. Later, after a second inspection with his fingers and a third inspection with his tongue he still came up empty. The temperature in the apartment was 80 degrees. She had a beach blanket in the middle of the living room floor and had posters and accessories that made it feel like a Caribbean Island. With reggae music in the background they ate from a picnic basket and made torrid love on the blanket for three hours. Tim was getting hard just from the memory.

The knock on his door jolted him from his daydreaming.

"Come in."

Paige stepped into the office, closed the door and locked it. "Hi Professor," came out in a little girl voice. She was wearing a long coat, the shoulders wet from the snow, with boots visible below the hem. Her hair was tucked under a Tibetan hat. She shook her head as she pulled off the hat, her braided pigtails falling behind her. She turned her back to Tim as she put the hat on top of the antique coat rack. She unbuttoned the coat, slowly slid it off her shoulders and hung it up. Tim's gave her a broad smile as she turned around. Paige was wearing her old Catholic high school uniform; a blue and green plaid pleated skirt, white blouse and a matching blue floppy bow tie. Her aroused nipples were visible through the blouse. While she changed from her boots to penny loafers Tim got a glimpse of her milky white thighs.

Paige walked over to Tim and put her arms around his neck. His arms encircled her waist. "I've been a bad girl," she whispered as she methodically covered his face and neck with kisses.

"Why, what have you done?" relied Tim.

"Its not what I've done, it's what I haven't done."

Paige felt Tim respond to her kisses as she rubbed her crotch against his.

"What haven't you done?"

"I haven't done any homework. I know how you hate it when your students don't do their homework."

"I do hate it, and now you're going to have to be punished."

"I know." The phrase came out of her mouth with breathless anticipation.

Tim removed her arms from his neck and stepped back. "Bend over my desk," he said with authority.

Paige leaned on her forearms, her back facing Tim. He slowly raised her skirt and tucked the hem into the waistband. Plain full white panties, the kind a grammar school girl would wear covered her spectacular ass. Tim had to adjust his fully erect cock before he could continue.

"This is a serious offense! Whack!"

His hand landed solidly on her left cheek. Paige made no response. "Whack!" The right cheek had its turn. Still nothing. It took three more spanks before the wiggling began and another three before Paige began whimpering. That was Tim's clue to move on.

Moving directly behind her Tim hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. Slowly he squatted as he pulled them down to her ankles and then off completely. He stayed in that position admiring his work so far. Each magnificent globe was turning pink. Moisture was already visible between her exposed pussy lips. He kissed the spot where her thighs and ass met, his nose only an inch away from her dripping cunt. He needed all his control not to stick his tongue in as far as it could go.

Tim stood up and composed himself. "Whack! Whack!" He noticed the change in the sound of his hand smacking her bare flesh. "Whack! Whack!" The whimpering returned. Four more blows and tears appeared on Paige's face. Her ass cheeks were now a glowing hot pink. Tim felt their heat as her caressed one, then the other. He slipped his hand in between and stroked her sopping pussy. As soon as her moans of pleasure began Tim removed his hand.

"We're not done yet!" he barked as he stood her up, turned her around and then forced her to her knees.

"Take it out!"

With shaky hands, the wet-eyed Paige fumbled with Tim's belt and zipper. She grabbed his briefs and pulled them down, unleashing his nine-inch monster. Tim took it in his hand and repeatedly smacked Paige across the face with it.

"Suck it!"

She wrapped both her hands around the ebony pole and jammed the head in her mouth. It was so thick she could only get half of it in before her gag reflex started. As she started to pull off Tim forced her head back down.

"This is what happens when you don't follow the rules."

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