It Begins

by Seymour Butz

Copyright© 2013 by Seymour Butz

Erotica Sex Story: An unexpected but welcome guest in a hotel shower

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .

We were both a little drunk.

"Goodnight," you said, hugging me for perhaps a beat too long.

"Goodnight," I replied, and I watched you walk away before turning to go to my own room.

I got to my room, closed the door, and stood there inside for a moment or two that seemed like an eternity. Was there... ? Could I... ? Maybe... ?

Leaving my room, I walked down the hallway. More than once, I stopped, staring into space as if hypnotized. Thankfully the hallways were empty at that hour, for surely I would have been questioned. Finally, I arrived at your door. I knocked, and realized the door was unlatched when it drifted open. I could hear the shower running and I furtively went to close the door. Somehow I ended up inside the room in the process. The bathroom door was cracked open and I could hear the patterns changing in the shower as you moved under the water. Steam wafted from the doorway.

If I'm wrong, I thought, I'm going to be in a whole world of trouble.

Quickly I moved to the bathroom door. The waterfall continued in the shower. I peeked in, and in one glorious instant saw you. Your head was tilted back, your lips were parted in pleasure. Your eyes were closed as the water ran down your face and body. Your hands cupped your breasts, your cleavage creating a valley for the water to pour down your belly to the space between your legs. All this I saw in an instant before I pulled my head back outside the shower without you noticing.

The sound of the falling water changed again, and I froze, at once terrified and excited that you would emerge and find me. But it resumed, and I peeked inside again. You had turned around, and now faced the shower with the water cascading down your back to the delicious cleft of your ass before running down your legs. You leaned back and forth, allowing the water to pummel your face and your breasts as you did so. Your hands still cupped your breasts, but now one hand seemed so slide down your belly towards your clit, and I could hear a small sigh of contentment escape your lips.

Now or never, I thought, I disrobed, quickly and silently, and stepped deftly inside the shower without disturbing you. For a moment, I beheld the site before me and then, stepping forward, my lips found your neck as my hands caressed your breasts and my penis wedged into the crack of your backside. You startled just slightly before pressing back against me, pressing my hands tighter with your own. You pulled me back down for our first real kiss. We pressed together, the shower raining down upon us. I trailed my lips and tongue down your neck to your breasts as I knelt before you. My mouth took in your nipple as you murmured with pleasure. I sucked gently, rolling it around with my tongue before reciprocating on the other side. My hands slid down your back, tracing your cheeks and down your thighs before sliding up the front of your legs. As I reached your center, you gasped with the shock of my touch, your hips flexing forward to welcome my fingers as they explored you.

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