The Professor

by Joe Buckworth

Copyright© 2013 by Joe Buckworth

Erotica Sex Story: Black college Professor Tim Jones has had his eye on his white student Paige Cornet the whole semester. He will not violate the rule not to fuck a student, but no matter; Paige will be graduating in a month. A chance encounter in a restaurant the summer after her graduation lead Tim and Page to begin a relationship that explores all areas of their fantasies and sexuality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

At 6'3", 205 pounds, with a gleaming shaved head, Tim Jones looked more like an ancient Nubian king than a college professor. Only 34 years old, Tim had just gotten tenure at the prestigious Ivy League university where he worked. His book, The Civil War; A Slave's Perspective spent ten weeks as number one on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list. His publisher was hounding him for a follow-up, dangling a $2 million advance as the carrot. Tim would write when he was ready.

The last year had been a blur. Book signings, speaking engagements and photo opportunities with prestigious black leaders (they wanted to be photographed with him!) came one after the other. Tim was doing two of things that he liked the most, teaching college and making money. As the spring semester wound its way toward summer it was obvious to Tim that the female students looked better this year than ever, particularly Paige Cornet. She was a 5' 9", blonde with a great set of tits and an ass to die for, who resided twice a week in the front row of his The Post Civil War South class.

One rule that Tim never violated was DO NOT FUCK A STUDENT. During his short time teaching he had already heard too many stories of careers and lives ruined. Paige was graduating next month and then would be fair game. Paige was also a tease. Whenever she wore a skirt to class she made sure to give Tim an eyeful of panty. Whenever she caught him looking she made sure to make eye contact, smile and then slowly close her legs. Paige often thought about Tim when she masturbated. She fantasized about the size of his dick, the mahogany shaft sliding in and out of her pink dripping pussy.

Tim was standing at the bar in a Greenwich Village restaurant waiting for his best friends Bubba and Charlayne. They were fixing him up tonight with a woman who taught Black Women's Issues at one of the local colleges. Tim didn't hold out much hope that he and the radical black feminist were going to hit it off. His blind date history was awful. He reminded himself that although he was horny, he wasn't desperate. He had tried to say no to the blind date, but both Bubba and Charlayne had insisted. What could he do?

"Hello Professor," came a sultry voice over his left shoulder.

When he turned and saw Paige there was an immediate stirring in his pants.

"Paige! What are you doing here?"

"I'm having dinner with some friends. I happened to see you at the bar and I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. I've been meaning to stop by your office, but my new job has kept me busy."

She looked extremely hot. Her tight short sleeve pink V-neck top let everyone know that her breasts were big, and the bounce when she walked revealed that they were natural. Her white low-rider pants looked as if they had been painted on. Try as he might, Tim couldn't see any signs of panties.

After a few minutes of small talk, seemingly from nowhere Paige produced a slip of paper containing her cell number.

"I live here in the city. Maybe we could meet for a drink?"

"You can count on it."

Paige put her arms around his neck and pressed her crotch against Tim's semi-erect manhood. "I can't wait," she whispered, then kissed his cheek as she ended the embrace.

Tim felt his cock surge to attention as her ass wiggled away.


Tim took a deep breath outside of Paige's apartment door. He had waited a week before calling her. Between vacations and book signings, it took them six weeks to find a mutually acceptable date. Tim wanted to take her out to dinner and the theater but Paige insisted that she wanted to cook dinner for him. "I love to cook and I'm good at it. And I love to do what I'm good at." So here he was, outside her door with flowers in one hand and a bottle of Chianti in the other.

"Hi professor," she said as she opened the door.

Tim stepped into the apartment and put his right arm around Paige's waist before she even had a chance to close the door. Drawing her lips to his he kissed her, sensually sliding his tongue into her mouth. "Please, it's Tim," he said softly when their lips parted.

"Ok" she hesitated, "Tim."

Paige grabbed Tim's hand and led him into the living room. Sheepishly she looked at him and apologized.

"I got a late start on dinner and the lasagna needs to set for at least 45 minutes. Sit on the couch and I'll get you some wine and put on some music."

Tim watched her as she moved around the small apartment. It was a one bedroom with an adequate living room and kitchen. Adequate, if you didn't have to cook for or entertain more than two people.

She moved fluidly, her low cut soft orange satin blouse the perfect match for her loose floral skirt. She was quite demure tonight, with the skirt coming below her knee. It had a gypsy feel to it. When she bent over he got a good look at her naked breasts. "No bra" sailed through his head and straight to his dick.

They had been filling in the missing pieces of their lives for about twenty minutes when Paige announced, "I have something to show you." With that, she slowly she picked up her left leg and put it on the couch. At the same time she lifted her skirt to the top of her thighs.

"You loved looking up my skirt in class. Is this what you wanted to see?"

Tim focused on her exposed pussy. Trimmed short but not shaved, the hair was lightest color blonde he had ever seen. Her protruding labia reminded him of a Georgia O'Keefe painting.

"Go on, take a closer look." It came out as a whisper.

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