Two Co-operative Women

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Sex Story: A entertainment manager for a large corporation has to find two women replacement for a party to accommodate visiting directors. His quest is made easier following a car accident in which he is a witness

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Trevor was not in the best of mood as he drove out from his unit. He had just received a phone call telling him that a dozen overseas directors of the company he worked for were coming to Melbourne over the weekend. Meaning that they would be seeking entertainment and the type of entertainment that these blokes wanted, was not the sore you invited your grandmother to.

'Why?' He asked himself. 'Did they decide to visit the city in the middle of the holidays? Don't they realise that some people may be away, like two of the women I employ to satisfy their urges?" As his vehicle joined in the flow of traffic he continued his private conversation. 'I shouldn't have shown my interest in organizating entertainment. I really never thought that it would become a standard part of my employment. True! I can't really complain for it has pushed me up the ladder of the corporation and the perks have been spectacular – a couple of overseas holidays, an office overlooking the city development and a secretary, who on more than one occasion has given me a fantastic 'suck job'.

He paused in his private thoughts as he remembered the afternoon he was on the phone. There with his trousers down, legs apart and chatting to a client while the secretary's head was bobbing up and down. His cock was taken inch by inch into her mouth and down her throat and there she did things to his manhood that were almost unbelievable. It was when his balls exploded that he dropped the phone; gave off a cry of pleasure and release as he pumped the contents of his balls into her mouth and down her throat. It was several minutes before he pulled his trousers up and renewed his phone conversation. She got up, wiped her mouth and before returning to her duties said. "Fuck that was a real mouthful".

A sudden toot on a vehicles horn bought him back to his previous thoughts. How to fill the gap, how to obtain the services of two more women? "I don't know', he muttered to himself. 'This weekend of all weekends two of the women that I have employed are on holidays. There is only two available and to be fair, especially on the women I need four and the women I use know what is involved, that they have to accommodate at least a dozen men'.

Each of his women was paid a thousand dollars for the night's entertainment, generally between four and five hours. These selected women had been used every time he was required to 'arrange entertainment'. They knew it was no holds barred and so far nothing really kinky had eventuated. He did fear that eventually at such an event some high official, especially either from the Middle East or Asia would want something totally off the planet, like 'bondage' or the 'use of animals'. Two items that he had never considered in working out the programme for an evening, so far his programmes had all been natural, even though some might argue that getting 'fucked up the bum' was unnatural. So far all the men had been satisfied and his reward or payment was either an invite overseas, a sail in a luxury yacht where there was no shortage of accommodating women or some other perk.

The traffic began to thin; he stopped for a red light and was still thinking how he could replace the missing women when a car flashed past him, took the corner at a bat and collided head on with a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. There wasn't even a scream of brakes just a nerve rattling 'crunch'. 'Fuck!' was his first reaction. 'What was that driver doing; didn't he see the light?' It seemed ages before there was any activity, car skidding and swerving to avoid the tangle wrecks for both vehicle looked at though they were 'right offs'. Remarkable both drivers, shaken but physically unhurt were helped from their vehicles; that was when the accusations began. "It was your fault". The one making the accusations which were totally wrong was a reasonable attractive woman, maybe late thirties, early forties but certainly well built in the tit area.

The police and the fire brigade arrived because of the leaking fuel. As both occupants were physically unhurt there was no ambulance. As a direct witness he gave a full account of how the woman had ran the red light and hit the oncoming driver and that her accusations about it being the other drivers fault was incorrect. After the paper work was complete he continued on his way and hoped that he would no longer be involved. The issue was now in the hands of the insurance companies.

Two days later he hadn't come up with two replacements. There were amble brothels but he wasn't interested in them for once and only once had he used a brothel woman and once told what was involved, she had flipped and fled; a total disaster. His secretary bought in a cup of coffee and the thought went through his mind, that maybe she could be used. Just as he was going to call her, the phone rang.

"Trevor Graham", he said.

"Are you the man who was a witness to the accident at the intersection of Burke and Howard's Roads last Monday"? The female voice asked. "Yes!" He replied. There was a pause and he could hear that somebody else was with the person on the phone. "I ... I really need you to change your mind", the woman said. "I can't afford to loose my licence and my insurance office has told me I'm not covered. Please ... I would do anything to get you to change your mine", she concluded. Trevor was just about to tell her that what he had told the police stood, when he remembered the size of her tits and that he was short of female entertainers. "There could be something that would benefit us both", he said. "I would have to talk directly to you. If you give me your address we may be able to come to some solution", he concluded. There was a flurry of conversation between the caller and the other person. Then a "Thank you, this is my address".

Although the house was old it had been maintained and the garden, although small was attractive. He rang the bell. The woman from the accident answered and he was invited it. He stood in the lounge room for several seconds till he was joined by the original woman and another older but still quite attractive woman. "My name is Helen and this is my mother", the accident woman said. He smiled and introduced himself and then on the invite to sit, did so. He listened to the argument put by both women that he could have been mistaken and that the light was amber when Helen turned. Following the speech he took up the glass of juice that had been provided and then said. "I have already signed my statement, to alter it could be classified as perjury and that would be highly illegal", he paused and both women knew that the situation was desperate; they were racking their brains when he again spoke. "You said that you would do anything to get me to alter my statement".

There was a brief silence and then Helen got up and excused herself; she was gone for five or so minutes. In the meantime the older woman made an attempt to speak, but changed her mind. She was definitely uneasy and he smiled for as she wriggled her tits and like her daughter's were the kind he loved, massive melons of hanging flesh, wobbled in a very erotic way. Finally the daughter returned. She had changed and was wearing a house coat or bathroom robe. She gave a glance towards her mother and then turned and faced him and as she undid the belt, said "I'll let you fuck me". She let the robe drop, she was stark naked and his first reaction was 'Wow! You are a very attractive woman. I love heavy breasted women, especially if they have a heavy triangle of hair at their groin and you my dear pass both with flying colours. I will take you up on the offer", he said as he stood up and undid his belt. "However, I do have a condition but one that is very financially rewarding and could accommodate your mother as well, but for the moment start by sucking my cock".

She could have just been nervous, or maybe she had never had a cock in her mouth. She fumbled in getting into a 'cock sucking' position and when that was achieved she was still hesitant to such an extent that he snapped. "Open your mouth and suck my cock. Tell her Mom that if she doesn't sucking what you want will not happen. So come on you silly cunt, suck my fucking cock". With a nod of encouragement from her mother the woman opened her mouth. He gripped her head, pulled her forward and gave off a groan of appreciation as his cock disappeared into her mouth. He held her as she sucked, not even bothering to feel her hanging melons; he just pushed his groin forward and let her mouth give him the pleasure that only a woman's mouth can do. Finally he stopped her. "I would gladly let you suck me dry", he said as he lifted her up. "But you said a fuck, now we fuck". He turned her around, bent her over the chair and drove in one thrust his entire length up that very hairy cunt.

He rode her for well over ten minutes. Every thrust was met with a gasp and for his part he added to that limited vocabulary with a few grunts and groans himself. However, when he gave the thrust that emptied his balls and sent cum gushing to the limits of her crack, her entire being vibrated and shook like a jelly. Her cry of 'Ahhhhh!' echoed off the walls and in the mirror her tits swung and bounced till they were but a blur. Slowly he pulled out, wiped his prick over her bum. She nearly collapsed, he supported her and for the first time gave her tits a very good feel and was surprised at the size of her nipples. "That was a fantastic fuck", he said as he sat her down next to her mother. "Now I mentioned I had another condition that would be an advantage to you both", he said. He made no attempt to pull up his trousers and just let his cock bounce around.

"My employer is a major corporation with offices in all Western Cities. I am the 'entertainment manager' for the corporation in Victoria", he said. He removed his trousers for he nearly tripped over them. He then continued. "This weekend a dozen heads of the corporation are coming to Melbourne and it is my duty to arrange entertainment. The entertainment that these men want is not something you present to a kindergarten. They want sex and plenty of it and a 'no holds barred' entertainment. I have four women who know the ropes and perform, unfortunately two of those women are away and I'm seeking two replacements. The corporation will pay one thousand dollars to each woman, all in cash so there is no tax man around the corner. You Helen have given a good service, the question I now ask is 'would you be willing to be an entertainer for Saturday night and the same offer is extended to your mother. She hasn't sucked me or let me fuck her, but she has fantastic tits and a very nice bum, for that is one other thing my women must do and that is be 'fucked up the bum'.

The silence was so acute that one could hear a pin drop. The mother was the first to react. "You said that each of the women involved gets a thousand dollars for the hours you mentioned?"

"That is correct", he replied. "It is in cash and the other perk is that if you performed well and the directors appreciated you, you could also become a permanent 'entertainer' and all of the women I have employed have had private arrangements with individual directors. I have nothing to do with that side of any agreement but have been told that they are very worthwhile". Again there was silence, both women just glanced at each other and there was an unmistaken nod from each. The mother than said "Helen will you go and make a pot of tea".

She got up. She didn't dress and just walked out of the room. The swing of her bum and the wobble of her tits were enough to make his cock again interested. As it hardened he pushed it close to the mother's face and said. "Give it a suck".

Her next statement made him tingle with anticipation. "I'll suck your cock as long as I can yank your balls". Unbeknown to all of his colleagues or to the women he arranged for these do's, he had a desire and that was to have his balls abused while his cock was being sucked. It had been there ever since a woman who boarded with his Aunt had given him his first suck and of course gave his balls there first yank and that was over three decades ago. It was a desire that few women would undertake, so now here was a woman who expressed an urge and urge that he was going to embrace. He couldn't get his cock into her mouth quick enough and as she sucked and yanked he didn't know which was the greatest pleasure, her mouth or the pressure on his balls.

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