Corrie at the Party

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2013 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Corrie Leary has time to breathe now that both her Mom and Dad, for whom she has cared, are gone. Now she faces the decision about how to 'get back into life'. Her sister Wendy invites her to the firm's New Year's party and the decision is taken out of her hands, when she meets John Winters, the big boss.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   Petting   .

The visit started with a phone call from Wendy, and, to tell the truth, Wendy was calling first of all because she was concerned about Corrie. She knew how much of a strain the past year and a half had been.

Corrie Leary, at 28 and just starting a career as a para-legal, a fact about which she was really excited at the time, had dropped out of the career mode in order to move back home, from the freedom of the apartment that she'd gotten for herself, and help her Momma take care of her Dad, when the alzheimer's disease that he had became more and more difficult to handle.

It needs to be said, right up front, that Corrie, though she was disappointed, was not crushed by the necessity. She did it willingly and with great love. She and Wendy had talked about it, and they had agreed that Wendy's career, better launched with a prime company, was the important one at that time. Corrie assured Wendy that her taking time away from a career path for herself was just fine.

The 'time' that she was talking about lasted a full year and a half, for once her Dad finally passed peacefully, the life went out of her Mom and she had almost a year of tending her Mom, who faded, with the constantly mentioned theme that she was ready to join her Joel at any time.

When they both died and were gone, Corrie and Wendy discovered that the will had been arranged to allow both Wendy and Corrie very nice bequests but with the house itself going to Corrie. Corrie was disturbed by the uneven distribution but Wendy assured her that it was only fair, since she'd been the care giver for such a long period of time.

And now Corrie Leary was free. She took some time and money to redo the house, setting up a new bedroom suite for herself. She settled down to a quiet life, giving herself time to let the tenion go out of her and reclaiming the love and joy of living where she'd grown up. It gave her the opportunity of restoring joy to the home place.

Corrie, at 28, was a year older than her lovely sister Wendy. They were, the two of them, about as different as possible. In fact, Wendy took more after her father physically at least.She was slender and willowy. She had lovely legs and small, pointed breasts and slender hips. In contrast, Corrie took after her Momma. She was shorter than Wendy and more 'zaftig', as the Germans say, than willowy. She had a fully rounded butt and was large in the breast, the very image of her Momma. She had a much quieter disposition that did Wendy, who was the outgoing one.

Whereas Wendy always had an array of boy friends and dates, Corrie, with her shyness, wasn't the kind of popular, out on the town girl that her sister so obviously was.

Despite all of that, Corrie Leary was, as she moved into her latter 20's, a very striking woman. Her combination of largish breasts, 38b, small waist and flaring hips and butt made her a treat to look at. She didn't, however, have the flair with dressing that Wendy had but was never one to complain about their differences. She was ever a pal and confidant for Wendy, as the younger sister made her way in life and looked for the successes that would surely come her way.

But it was the phone call that started the adventure:

"Hello," Corrie said softly.

"Hey, sweetie!" Wendy said in her effervescent manner.

"Wendy!" Corrie said with obvious pleasure.

"How's it going?" Wendy asked.

"Oh, great guns!" Corrie said. "The bedroom suite is done and most of the redecorating. You need to come over here soon for dinner and see it. It's grand."

There was a short silence when Corrie continued: "Honey, I appreciate the way that you've let me do this with the house!"

"It's your house," Wendy said. "You know that we talked about this. You're willingness to help them up to and into the end was a true treat, and I have to admit that I wasn't up to that myself."

"As usual," Corrie said, "You're a love. So, come to dinner!"

"I have a favor to ask," Wendy said.

"Yes, anything!" Corrie answered.

"Wonderful, as usual,"Wendy replied. "There's a company New Year's party; it's a standard treat for the members of our company and everyone will be going. I don't have a date but there will be some junior execs there that I know will be free also. I really want to go, and can bring a guest. Will you go with me?"

Corrie laughed: "Me your date?"

"Yep!" Wendy said, "And I'll try to keep my hands off your wonderful butt!"

They both went into giggles then, their talk being almost a kind of shorthand for the secrets and whispered delights of their growing up together.

"I guess you'd better!" Corrie said. But then she said, plaintively: "But I don't have anything to wear. I only have one dress, that red cocktail thing and I think that I'm too fat to wear it now!"

"Don't you say that, Correen Leary!" Wendy said with mock exasperation. "You will scorch the world with that dress on!"

"Okay," Corrie said, "I'll try it on, and if it works, looks okay, I'll go, and I promise not to be a drag on your opportunities!"

"Good," Wendy said joyfully, "Then maybe I won't keep my hands off your butt!"

They both went into giggles again: "Stop it!" Corrie said, "You'll give me a complex!"

"What I'll give you is hand prints on your ass!" Wendy said, laughing her way through the sentence.

"Stop, I said!" Corrie went on, joining the laughter.

"And on those big tits of yours!" Wendy said but the laughter overcame the two of them at that point.

"Okay, I'll behave," Wendy said.

"I doubt it!" Corrie replied and they giggled again.

"I have time, how about if I come over today and we can see how the red dress looks?" Wendy asked, and it was set between them.

Wendy arrived about an hour later. After hugs and kisses, they settled down to cups of coffee and then went upstairs to the bedroom for Corrie to try on the dress.

"Give me a minute here," Corrie said.

"No!" Wendy answered, the previous mood still on her. "I'm going to watch Corrie the body Leary undress and dress!"

"You're incorrigible!" Corrie complained but since Wendy sat herself on the bed with a wicked grin on her face, Corrie sighed and went on with the undressing.

The dress, once it was on, was a bit tight but fashionably so.

"Wow!" Wendy said, "Look at you!"

Corrie blushed and said: "No, really! What do you think? Will it do?"

"It will get the herd all riled up, is what I think!" Wendy said. She put her hands up in the air at that point and said: "I mean it, Cor!"

"Ohhh," Corrie said.

"Then you'll go with me?" Wendy asked.

"Yes," Corrie said, giggling, "I'll be your date!"

"Goodie!" Wendy said, "Then I get to have my hands on your butt!"

"Eeeeeek!" Corrie yelled then, as Wendy went through with her threat and squeezed Corrie's ass cheeks.

"Stop that!" Corrie said, joining the laughter.

"Just practicing!" Wendy said.

"Don't you dare!" Corrie said. "Here, unzip me!"

"Better and better," Wendy giggled.

"How about lunch, sex fiend?" Corrie asked.

"Thought you'd never ask!" Wendy replied, "My treat too!"

"Good," Corrie said, "You get to pay for pummeling my butt!"

"Know what that makes you!" Wendy said, laughing again.

They ended up hugging and exchanging cheek kisses. Then they went out to lunch.


Wendy drove that night to the company party. She thought that the two of them taking her newish red Mustang was a better idea than going in Corrie's older, more sensible, though partly dilapidated car.

They arrived at the hotel where the ball room for the party was located and discovered that there were valets.

One of the rather handsome latino youths went to Wendy's door immediately, and helped her out, grinning at the expanse of stockinged legs that she had on display. She noticed, of course.

"Wait until you see the siren emerge from her side of the car!" Wendy said.

"Wendy!" Corrie complained with a slight giggle.

"You stay there and give the lovely man a show, as you get out!" Wendy said to her.

He went around to Corrie's side of the car, and opened the door for her. She slid to the side and swung her legs out, but not before watching the hem of her red dress ride up and show both her thighs and the tops of her thigh highs. (Wendy had insisted on how Corrie was going to dress, declaring that she wanted her to be 'drop dead gorgeous'!)

Corrie blushed and Wendy just stood there with her arm around the valet's shoulders and said: "See, I told you!"

"Bellissima!" he said, giving Corrie a hand to help her out of the low car seat.

They got seats at a table that had some friends of Wendy's, two couples, and Wendy got drinks for them. They settled down to enjoy the music and watch the dancing.

It wasn't long before Wendy was asked to dance by one of the 'junior execs' that she was so interested in. Corrie just sat and enjoyed being out. The two other couples got up to dance also, and then an older man, about early 40's approached the table and held out his hand.

"John Winters," he said pleasantly. "I don't think that I know you."

Corrie stood and took his extended hand and said: "Corrie Leary! I'm Wendy's sister. Her 'date' I guess for the evening. She wanted to come and didn't want to come alone."

"I see that she's not alone anymore," John said, "But now you are."

"Oh, that's fine," Corrie said, "I'm just enjoying being out." She blushed then and said: "I'm sorry, won't you sit? It was rude of me not to ask you."

He did sit and said: "Just enjoy being out?"

Corrie sighed and, since John seemed to be so easy to talk to, went into her path of the past year and a half, taking care of the old folks and setting her career on hold.

"Oh, what a wonderful thing to do!" he said. "But now you're out and enjoying it!"

"Yes," she said, "Thank you for what you said!"

"Well how about if we try to make it more enjoyable by dancing? Will you?" John stood at that point and offered her his hand, which she took and followed him to the dance floor.

"It's been a long while," she said softly, as he took her in his arms to dance. "I'll try to not step on your feet!"

"Everything will be excused," he said, and chuckled.

He proved to be a good dancer. Corrie enjoyed herself in the dance. When the dance was finished, she backed off a bit from him but he obviously had no intention of letting her go so quickly.

"Care to go to the bar for a drink?" he asked.

"Oh, that would be fine," she said. "I already had one and don't want to get funny!"

He laughed with her soft giggle, and said: "Corrie Leary, you are so genuine! I like that!"

She blushed, and he apologized for making her blush but she waved off the apology and thanked him again.

They went together to the bar, where he ordered wine for himself and for her. As they approached the bar, she was completely aware of his hand that was lightly placed on the small of her back.

"I'm normally a beer man but I think that I should be more sophisticated tonight!" he said. She giggled.

They sat and talked for a bit, at a small bar table, finishing their drinks.

"Another dance?" he asked, and she assented and was lead, in pleasure out to the dance floor again. She noticed also that this time, their second dance, most eyes of the other couples were on the two of them.

"This is such a treat!" he said to her, holding her close to him.

"Yes, it is!" she said, feeling a thrill course through her at the body to body contact with him.

For his part, John Winters, adjusted his stance so that he didn't allow the tell tale bulge of his growing erection press against her. He also hoped that she didn't notice it. She did but said nothing.

After the dance, he kissed her cheek and said: "I have to circulate a bit but will be back for you later. May I?"

"Oh, that would be nice," she said. "I'd enjoy that."

He took her to the table, which soon after that filled up with the other people that had been sitting there.

"How'd you manage that?" Wendy asked in a low voice, after sitting down.

"Manage what?" Corrie asked.

"A dance and tete a tete with John Winters?" Wendy asked.

"He asked me!" Corrie said.

"But you don't know who he is?" Wendy said.

"No," Corrie said, turning to Wendy, with the other couples now looking on and listening. "Who?"

"He's the big boss! The owner!" Wendy said. "He always comes to these things, makes nice faces at people but never gets involved!"

"Ohhhhh!" Corrie said, flustered now. She had, however, little time to be flustered, when John appeared again and asked her to dance. He nodded to all at the table, shaking hands around and finally to Wendy said: "Wendy, thank you for bringing your lovely sister this evening!"

"You're welcome, sir!" Wendy said.

"John," he was quick to correct and she said "John!" also. Then he led Corrie back out to the dance floor and the table conversation took up the theme of how John Winters was acting and his dancing with Corrie.

As the evening wore on, John danced with Corrie a number of times. They both seemed to enjoy dancing with one another. Then his time was taken to make a short speech of thanks to all who came to the party. He talked briefly about their past year and how well the business had done. He ended by wishing them a Happy New Year and promising that the following Monday there'd be bonuses all around. It ended with applause from the appreciative group.

He went to Corrie at her table then again, and asked for another dance. Wendy had a broad smile on her face, as her sister was led away by the boss.

For this dance, it turned out to be the last of the evening, Corrie simply put her head against his shoulder. When the dance came to an end. She smiled at him and said: "Thank you, John, for the dance."

"I'm sorry that I have to leave," he said. "I have some things that I must do and that cannot wait. I feel like a heel just leaving you this way."

"But you've given me a lovely evening!" she said, giving him a hug.

He led her back to the table and then excused himself.

"Thought he was going to try to get into your panties!" Wendy said, since they were alone at the table. Then she saw how affected Corrie was by the evening that she put her hand on top of Corrie's and said: "I'm sorry to be that way. Are you okay, love?"

"Yes," Corrie said softly. "It's just that I haven't had so pleasant an evening for a long time. Thank you for inviting me!"

Wendy leaned forward and gave Corrie's cheek a kiss and said: "You're welcome, love. You deserve a lovely evening!"

Corrie brightened and said: "Making any progress with your junior execs?"

"Yes," Wendy said, the gleam back in her eye, "While you were romancing the big boss!"

"Is he really?" Corrie asked.

"Yep," Wendy said, "Owns the company and lots, lots more. Rich as the queen of England, from what I hear!"

"Out of my league!" Corrie said.

"Apparently not, from what I saw!" Wendy went on. "And not married!"

"Ohh," Corrie said, trying to keep the conversation low key.

"I guess he's just put all his efforts into the business and all," Wendy said. "Did a great job of it too! It's such a great place to work!"

Wendy giggled then and said: "I had two offers to spend the night with someone!"

"Scarlet woman!" Corrie said.

"Yes," Wendy said, giggling, "This from the babe that was trying to corral the boss!"

"Was not!" Corrie said.

"Well, I turned them down," Wendy went on. "So, maybe we should wander home now. Maybe the valets are still there and need some action."

Corrie giggled at that behind her hand. They walked out of the ball room arm in arm. Wendy dropped Corrie off, refusing a night cap. Corrie went into the house and, as was her habit, talked to her Momma's spirit about how nice the evening had been.


She took a late night shower and got herself ready for bed, put her nightgown on and had said her prayers. She was still aglow from the effect of the evening: going out with Wendy to begin with and the constant, yet on and off attentions of that lovely man.

Corrie sighed to herself and cautioned herself not to be teenaged about what had happened.

"It was a party! You danced! He was nice! Don't get anything into your head!"

Then the phone rang.

"Hello," she said.

"Uh, is this Corrie Leary?" the voice asked.

She was intrigued: "Yes, who's calling please!"

"It's, uh, John Winters!" he said, "I didn't know if I had the right number or not."

"Oh, yes, it is," she said and, getting courage from somewhere within, said with a giggle: "I thought it might be a late night breather calling me."

"Oh," he said. "I can do that."

And the phone went dead. She didn't know if she had offended him or not, and was sorry but then the phone rang again.

"Hello," she said, "This is Corrie Leary."

All she heard was loud and sustained breathing.

"You're terrible!" she said with a giggle.

"I thought it was both effective and what you wanted!" John said.

She giggled into the phone.

He became serious: "Sorry to call so late," he said. "But I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your company tonight at the party."

"Yes," she said, "So did I! My sister accused me of trying to corral the big boss."

"Aha!" he said.

"Is that what you are?" she asked. "The big boss?"

"Yep!" he said. "So, maybe you've succeeded!"

She giggled again.

"Corrie," he said then, "I'm not trying to make light of the evening; it was one of the nicest that I've had in a long, long time."

"Thank you, John!" She said.

"Maybe I should come over for a hug?" he said, his voice light.

"Terrible man!" she said again.

"You said that before!" he answered.

"And you haven't changed! A bit!" she said, giggling back to him. "Plus, I'm already in bed."

"Oh, we don't need to let that stop us!" he said and then: "Sorry, Corrie, I don't mean to be rude or inappropriate; I'm kind of rattled here!"

"You're not being either rude or inappropriate!" she said, then she giggled again and said: "But I'm not going to let you come and crawl into bed with me!"

He laughed and said: "Wish you would!"

She almost screeched with laughter then.

"I know," he said, "Terrible Man!"

"I'll get you a tee shirt with that written on it," she said.

"I'll wear it!" he said proudly.

He got serious then again: "Corrie," he said, "What I want is to simply get to know you better, all of this kidding aside."

"Oh," she said, "I was hoping that you weren't just kidding!"

"Keep that thought!" he said. "Can we get together? Dinner maybe? Any time that you say."

"Yes," she said, "I'd like that. I so enjoyed myself tonight. It's been so long since I've done anything even remotely social."

"I'd like to find out why that is, since you are so obviously gorgeous!" he said, serious this time.

"Oh, yes," she replied, "We can talk."

"I look forward to it!" he said, "Tomorrow night? Dinner?"

"Yes, that would be nice!" she said.

"I'll pick you up at say 6 PM?" he said then.

"Yes, thank you, John!" she said.

"No chance to come over and help you warm the bed?" he asked then, the twinkle in his voice again.

"Terrible man!" she said, "And 'no' not tonight. But as you said: "Hold that thought!"

"Won't let it out of my mind for a moment!" he said. "Good night, Corrie!"

"Good night, John!" she said, hanging up.

Then she called Wendy. Wendy answered the phone and realizing it was Corrie, was immediately worried:

"What is it?" Wendy asked.

"Oh, Wendy," Corrie said, "I just had a phone call."

"Yes, honey, a problem?" Wendy asked, still worried now.

"It was from John Winters!" Corrie said.

Wendy hooted with laughter. "You have him on the run!" she said, laughing.

"Oh, I don't know!" Corrie said. "I just don't know what to think about it all."

"Okay, love," Wendy said then, her voice calm, having a calming effect on her sister. "Tell me."

Corrie went over the phone conversation, which left both of them giggling and laughing.

"See, I told you!" Wendy said.

"Yes, but this kind of thing doesn't happen to me," Corrie said. "It really doesn't."

"You're just too shy!" Wendy said, "It's about time someone was paying attention to your loveliness!"

"Oh, thank you, honey," Corrie said. "So, what do I do? I mean, what do I wear and all?"

"You recently bought some new skirts," Wendy said, after thinking a moment, "Wear one of those."

"Aren't they too short?" Corrie asked.

"No," Wendy said, "You want to look good and tasty!" She giggled at the end of the phrase.

"Not sure that I can manage 'good and tasty'!" Corrie said with a groan.

"I'm sure that you can," Wendy said. "What time is he coming for you?"

"He'll be here at 6 PM," Corrie said.

"Good," Wendy said, "I'll be there at 4:3O to make sure that you're dazzling!"

"Oh, you're such a love!" Corrie said then.

"Got to be nice to you now," Wendy quipped, "You're dating the boss!"

Corrie giggled and thanked her sister again, before snuggling down to sleep. She whispered to herself once in the darkness: "That terrible man!"


The next day was a busy one for Corrie. She wanted to buy a new blouse for that night, to go with the black, pleated skirt that she chose to wear. The blouse was a silk one, beige in color. Corrie also treated herself to a gold circle belt that went around the blouse, with part of the blouse trailing down below it to about half way down the length of the skirt. She liked the way it looked. She also found a tee shirt store and actually bought a tee shirt with the words 'the Terrible Man' written on the front in red letters. It made her giggle to see it.

He was there on time. Corrie practiced for a while that afternoon wearing shoes with 4" heels. She walked around the house with them on, until she felt comfortable with them.

The doorbell rang at precisely 5:55 PM. Corrie hurried to the door and opened it.

"On time!" she said pleasantly.

"Punctuality is the politeness of princes!" he said, smiling at her, and taking in how she looked.

"You look exquisite!" he said and she grinned at him.

"Exactly the right thing to say!" she said. "For being so nice, you get a gift but first this!"

When she said that, she moved up to where he was standing on the doorstep and put her arms around him.

"My, my," he said, "Better and better! I have to remind myself to be polite and keep my hands to myself."

She grinned at him and said: "For now!"

"For now!" he agreed.

She led him inside and said: "Before we go, I have this for you." She handed him a gift bag and, when he looked at it, he hooted seeing that it was the 'terrible man' tee shirt.

"I will certainly wear it the next time that we're together," he said. "Tonight's outing is a little too fancy but thank you for the gift and for realizing what my true talents are!"

At that point she obeyed an instinct, which he met half way and, putting her arms around him, kissed him. It was a lovely 'first kiss'. It began soft and got a little steamy toward the end but he wanted to go slowly with her and broke it off, thanking her for the tee shirt and the kiss.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes, and really hungry!" was her reply.

"Thought we'd go to Dave's," he said. "Do you like steaks?"

"Yes, I've heard of it so many times but never had the occasion to go there," she said.

"Well, tonight's the occasion! Dave's it is!" he concluded and offered her his arm, once she got her purse and a light sweater.

They were greeted warmly by the co-owner of Dave's--it turned out that John was the partner in the business at Dave's--who met them at the door.

"John!" the gentleman who met them at the door said.

"Hey, Dave," John said.

"Dave Whittig, this is Corrie Leary!" John said pleasantly.

Dave stuck out is hand and took Corrie's in his: "Pleased to meet you, Corrie!" he said, smiling at her broadly.

They were seated at a table near the back of the restaurant and Dave went away to fetch a bottle of wine for them. When he came back, John had excused himself for a moment and Corrie was alone, when Dave approached.

She smiled at him and he said to her softly: "This is something of an occasion."

"Yes?" she said.

"Well, he never brings a lady friend here, ever; you must be special to him indeed!" he said and she smiled and blushed, as John appeared again.

"Dave, are you telling secrets about me?" John asked.

"That I'll never divulge," Dave said, "Partner's prerogative."

John turned to Corrie then and she smiled, not saying anything, while Dave, a grin on his face, poured the wine and left them.

"I imagine that he was saying that I never bring a woman here and was wondering about it," John said.

"He was also saying that I must be really special," Corrie said.

John raised his wine glass to her and said: "I'll drink to that!"

She clinked glasses with him and said: "Thank you; John, it's the way that you make me feel, special I mean!"

"Exactly my intent," John said, taking her hand and kissing the back of it.

They sat and talked softly with each other for a bit. They found that it was very easy to communicate with each other, and topics of information flowed between them.

Corrie explained, in more detail this time, to John why she had dropped out of her para-legal training, mentioning that someone needed to help her Momma deal with her father's alzheimer's progression.

"We struggled with it for a half year before the blessing of his death took him physically. We both knew that he'd been in fact gone for many months before that."

There were tears in her eyes at this point. He noticed them and held her hand, as she spoke.

"It took everything out of Momma," she said. "The next year was a struggle with her, as she just gave up, and, over that time period, wasted away."

"When did she die?" he asked.

"A month and a half ago," she said, "I've only now, thanks to you and Wendy gotten myself out a little bit. It's so strange to be living without that constant concern for them dominating my life."

They thought a bit, while he simply gave her the time: "And besides," she went on, "I was never the outgoing one, the sparkling one like Wendy." She made a small chuckling noise in her throat: "I was always the studious one, the brain, and Wendy was the beauty."

"Not from where I'm sitting," he said. "That's about as false, in terms of beauty, as it is possible to be."

She smiled at him and squeezed his hand. "I'll have to reclaim your tee shirt," she said.

"Don't you dare!" he said in good humor.

She sighed and said: "Oh, John, I'm sorry for telling my sad stories; it was not my intention to make our evening out a downer."

"Don't think it," he said, "It gives me an insight into who you are and what you've done and it makes me respect and admire you that much more."

"Now that will make me cry," she said, as he squeezed her hand.

"Okay," he said, "We'll change the topic. Let me tell you about me."

He went on then about his being driven by his inner engines to found and build up the business. He mentioned the name of a woman, who had been important in his life but became impatient for success and for the blessings of success.

"What did she do?" Corrie asked.

"She left," he said, "Picked up another guy, a competitor actually, whose business I bought out long ago, when it failed."

"Oh, I'm sorry!" she said.

"Yes, my sad story," he admitted, "After that it was business for me, and I got better and better at it, until that party last week!" He grinned at her and said: "And then things changed!"

"Ohh!" she said smiling. "John, I have to tell you that I'm a bit overwhelmed by all this."

"Well, from where I'm sitting right now," he said, "That sounds fairly positive."

They talked then about business and he was surprised at some of the questions that she asked about the business and how things were done.

"You've got a really good mind," he said smiling. "Maybe I need to hire you."

She blushed.

"Dessert?" he asked.

"I don't think so," she said, "Keep my girlish figure!"

"Oh, yes, I'm all for that," he said, "For you keeping your figure."

She giggled and said: "Terrible man!"

"Does that mean that I get to keep my tee shirt?" he wanted to know.

"Yes, you do," she said, giggling again, "You keep on earning it."

They left soon after that with Dave telling Corrie how much he'd enjoyed meeting her and that he really hoped that he'd see her again. She was pleased by what he said and left the place smiling.

"Dave's in there pitching," John said, once they were outside. "He has been after me to stop leading such a lonely life for a while now. I guess he figures that he has about reached his goal."

"Maybe!" she said.

They retrieved his car and he drove them away. He stopped and pulled into the driveway of a huge, and lovely home.

"Home," he said. "Would you like to come in?"

"Oh, I would," she said, "But I don't think so. John, I have to take a bit of time, especially tonight to think. I'm sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about," he said, "You're absolutely correct about that. The thinking will do me good also. I'll take you home."

She looked at him with a look of concern on her face. He turned to her and kissed her. "Don't think a thing about it," he said, "You're the one who is doing the level headed thinking tonight. I appreciate that."

When they got to her house, he walked her to the door and, at the door, they embraced and kissed. This kiss was not such an introductory one, as the previous had been. It was much more exploratory, and ended with Corrie's mouth open to the subtle movement of his tongue.

She sighed, when it was over.

"John, thank you for a wonderful dinner, wonderful evening! It's been such a long time!" she said, holding him and gazing up at his face.

"Well, let's not allow it to be such a long time in the future," he said. "I'll call you? Maybe breakfast or lunch tomorrow?"

"Yes," she said, "Either; we could have either at my house, if you wanted."

"Might be lovely," he said, and he left.


Corrie's phone call that evening was to Wendy. Wendy answered and spoke softly into the phone:


"Wendy?" Corrie said.

"Yes, love," Wendy said.

Corrie could tell from the sound of her voice that something was not usual.

"You okay?" Corrie asked.

"Yes, just not alone!" Wendy said.

"Oh, sorry," Corrie said.

"No problem," Wendy answered, "He's asleep; I'll just go into the next room." After a pause, Wendy was back on the phone: "What is it?"

"I had dinner with John Winter," Corrie said.

"Oh, tell me!" Wendy said eagerly.

Corrie told her about the dinner at 'Dave's' and how it had gone.

"I'm afraid that I told him all my stuff about Momma and Poppa," Corrie said.

"That's fine, sweetie," Wendy said. "It's stuff about you that he needs to know, to see what you're like, loving and all."

"Oh," Corrie said. "I just don't know these things, Wendy."

Then Corrie went on to tell about John inviting her over to his place and the kind of refusal that she gave.

"I don't know if I was right or wrong," Corrie said.

"Just play it the way that it feels, honey," Wendy said. "That's all that you can do."

"Oh, Wendy, you're the greatest sister ever! Ever!" Corrie said. "You help me so much all the time."

"Well, just call if you need," Wendy said. "Oh, he's waking up!"

"Oops!" Corrie said, "I'll leave you alone now. I love you!"

"I love you too," Wendy said, "Just take it the way it feels!"

Once she got off the phone, Corrie took a shower and put on fresh long, ankle length night gown. She sat then in the dark of the living room and talked out loud to her Momma about the situation and her thoughts. As usual it helped her to clarify and define what was important for her at that moment.

It also spurred her to action. She made her decision and put on a coat over her long, white nightgown. Then she went into the garage and got her car. (She had been promising herself a new car for a while but never got around to it, since the care of her mother took so much time. She made the promise to herself again, as she sat and let it grind a few times before starting.)

She drove to John's and parked her car in his driveway, moving then softly to his door. She rang the doorbell and his voice answered via the speaker next to the door.

"Delivery for John Winter," she said, "It says her that the package is for the terrible man."

"That's me!" he said happily from the speaker.

He came to the door and opened it and said: "What's the package?"

"Me!" she said. Then she launched into what she needed to say: "Oh, John, I made the wrong decision. I don't care if it's for tonight or for one week. It's feels like nothing that I've ever had before and I want it and I want it now, and I want it with you!"

"Exactly!" he said. "And it's not only for tonight or for one week; I can assure you of that! Besides, I still have my reputation to live up to!"

She grinned at him, as she went to him and clung to him, saying into his chest: "Terrible man!"

"That's who I am!" he said, "So just step into my parlor."

She entered and looked briefly around: "Lovely, lovely home!"

He took her coat and looked at her and said a wheezy: "Oohhhhhhhhh! I wasn't really prepared for this!"

"What about your reputation?" she asked.

"Come here and I'll try to live up to my billing!" he said.

She went into his arms and raised her face for a kiss. She sighed into his lips, as she felt his hands now first on the middle of her back, and then on the small of her back and finally possessing her butt cheeks.

"Wonderful, terrible man!" she said, licking his lips with her tongue, as he played with her butt cheeks, hefting them, squeezing them, pinching a little and pulling them apart, again and again, making her giggle.

"How very, very nice!" he said.

"Oh, yes!" she said. She looked at him, now a look with positive longing and said a whispered: "What do you want?"

"Normally," he said, in the same soft tone, "I'd think first and foremost of dancing with you but I'm too rattled by your wondrous physical presence to even keep time, and I know that I'd trip all over my feet. I think that for a time period I'd just like to look at you, watch you, kind of take in the beauty, the simple physical presence of you."

It made her smile a radiant smile.

"This has been worth all those years of waiting for!" she said.

"No one else?" he asked.

"Boy friend that I even lived with for a while, though Momma and Poppa assured me that he was a jerk, and he proved them right, but moved on. My big romance interlude. Not very much experience," she said to him.

She giggled then and he said: "Yes?" still holding her.

"Except for my fingers!" she said, explaining the giggle.

"Marvelous!" he said, "I'm going to let you go now and I want to watch."

"May I wander around your lovely, lovely house?" she asked.

"Be my guest!" he said, and she walked away from him with only her hand lingering out and running first down his arm and then across his wrist and then through his palm and then off his fingers. He stood there as though rooted and watched the beauty of her in the long white gown.

"You're wearing nothing under that gown!" he said.

"Observant!" she said, "I like that. But wait a minute here!"

Then she walked from the living room area, off of the front entrance way, toward the kitchen, where there was a light, making small comments as she went about the loveliness of the house. But all the while she was moving in that direction, the light in the kitchen was streaming toward her and totally framing her nakedness, as the light penetrated the gown and showed the outline of her naked body beneath the gown.

"I'm going to explode just watching you like this," he said fervently, and she giggled her appreciation.

She got into the glare of the kitchen, with him still following her slowly, and she turned around, letting him see her in the glare of the light for the first time.

"Oh what richness!" he said, almost to himself, almost to the spirits of the universe or whoever was listening to him. "What richness of form and beauty!"

She smiled broadly: "You like?"

"Like? Like is too small a word, too insignificant a word; I'm not even sure that there is a word for you: for the slope of your large breasts and the cunning pucker of your nipples, the sweep of the plane of your belly moving down to the veritable forest of your pubic hair!" he said, getting positively lyrical.

"I love the way you talk about me!" she said.

She had a small bag that she'd brought with her. Now she grinned at him and said: "Excuse me for a moment. Would you please not move? I'll be immediately back."

"Yes," he said, "I won't move. Maybe I'll calm down a little; I'm afraid that I'm close to erupting in my pjs here."

She giggled: "Hold on, I want to be involved in that eruption!" Then she tried to explain a little: "John, I've waited for this but always for this with the right person. Doug turned out to not be that right person. It's made me ever so careful but that never decreased my wish, desire to be like this, doing this, feeling this, having a chance for all of this. I explain it badly!"

"You explain it gorgeously!" he said to her.

"Now a minute?" she said, and he nodded, as she moved out of sight.

She did return in just about two minutes, only now she was wearing only her heeled mules--which he later discovered that she'd purchased that day, hoping for this kind of encounter with him--and a pair of white, nylon, bikini panties. The panties were french cut; they had a waist band at the hips with a long 'vee' of material running down the front and the back, barely covering her butt in the back and not encasing all of her pubic curls in the front.

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