A Doctor Makes a House Call

by Old Freak

Copyright© 2013 by Old Freak

Humor Sex Story: Patience is unable to make it to her doctor's appointment. Luckily for her, her new Ob/Gyn, Dr. Seymour Kuntz, makes house calls. He has also developed several new devices to replace the traditional stirrups and speculum that most gynecologists use, and wants to test them on his new patient. How will Patience's exam turn out? Will Dr. Kuntz's new devices work as he had hoped?

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Humor   Oral Sex   Squirting   Doctor/Nurse   .

The tall, slender, dark haired man, dressed in scrubs and carrying a laptop and a small bag over his shoulders, walked up to the door of the large well maintained house and rang the door bell. A moment or two later, the door was opened by a very attractive woman wearing a silky blue robe whose auburn hair was still wet, as if she had just emerged from a shower.

"Ms. Patience?" he asked the blond haired, blue eyed woman in front of him. Upon seeing her nod, he continued. "I'm Dr. Seymour Kuntz, and I'm here for your appointment."

She giggled at his name as she opened the door to let him in. "Come in, doctor." After he had entered her home, she closed the door and said, "I'm Patience.

"It's a good thing for you, especially since you mentioned that you are not crazy about driving to strange places, that you have a doctor who enjoys making house calls. I even have some special equipment that I developed myself for assisting me in making my
examinations. I am hopeful that this new equipment will make your examination much more enjoyable for you."

Patience led the doctor through the living room and toward the stairs leading to the second floor. The doctor looked around the spacious room, noting the comfortable furniture, the photos and paintings on the walls, and how neat and orderly everything was. They walked up the stairs, with the doctor watching his patient's well rounded derriere and firm calves and thighs as he followed her to the second floor and into the master bedroom.

Dr. Kuntz and Patience stood together in the bedroom as Patience removed her robe, revealing the slinky, almost see through nightie whose deep blue color matched her eyes and the robe she had just removed. Patience explained, "I'm wearing this particular nightie so that I won't get too overheated."

The flush that was rapidly becoming evident on her face and over much of her body, combined with the heat that was exuded from her expressive blue eyes made it apparent to the doctor that despite her efforts, she was in fact becoming overheated. Dr. Kuntz asked. "Have you been having any problems with being overheated?"

Patience blushed as she replied, "Lately, it's been happening a lot. I'm only 34, so I'm too young for menopause, so I thought I should be examined to make sure it's nothing serious causing this."

"I see," replied the doctor. "I'll try to determine the cause during my examination to see whether it is caused by some illness or from something else."

Very gently and softly, the doctor began to caress her face, checking her temperature with his sensitive fingers, noting that her forehead felt normal and was not feverish. He then asked Patience to open her mouth and he looked inside, finding that everything seemed to be normal there as well. After asking her to close her mouth, the doctor moved his lips to hers, wanting to make sure that they were in good shape as well.

After a few minutes of examining her lips with his, the doctor had Patience sit on the side of the bed. He then sat beside her and moved his lips along her neck, making sure that she didn't have any swollen glands there, pressing his lips and tongue from time to time to be sure, and then lightly nuzzling her with his nice soft beard to test her reactions.
Eventually, his lips reached her ear, and after covering his teeth with his lips, the doctor gently nibbled on her earlobes noting the shiver that traveled all over her body as he slid the tip of his tongue into her ear to probe and make sure it was ok.

After thoroughly examining her ear with his tongue, he then begin to kiss, lick, nibble and nuzzle his way from that ear, all along her throat and around to the other side, where he repeat his thorough examination on this ear. After finishing the examination of this ear, he again kissed her lips and stood up. He told her, "You don't seem to be feverish, but I need to use my special temperature probe to determine that for sure."

Dr. Kuntz then slid the pants of his scrubs down and Patience licked her lips as she gazed upon his special temperature probe. He asked her to open her mouth and then slid the temperature probe between her lips and into her mouth. Feeling her soft lips and her energetic tongue as they caress his probe inside of her wet warm mouth, he said, "We will have to leave the probe inside of your mouth for a little while in order to ensure that it gets an accurate reading."

Patience gave him a warm smile, letting him know that that was ok with her. Knowing that they needed to get accurate readings from all parts of her mouth, Patience slid the probe in and out of her mouth, gently sucking on it with her lips and licking all over it with her tongue. The doctor moved his hands to the back of her head, gently holding her head and running his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp as her temperature was being taken by his probe.

In and out of her mouth moved his probe, gathering data from all over the inside of her mouth. Faster and faster her mouth moved on his probe, as she heard low moans escaping from his mouth, letting her know that the results of his probe would be coming very soon. Feeling her sucking on his probe, licking it as it moved faster and faster into her mouth. his moans were getting louder, his breath coming only in gasps now as the results got closer and closer. Faster and harder she sucked on his probe. Licking the head of the probe, she gave the doctor yet another rush as he got closer and closer to providing her with the results of his probing. Finally, he let Patience know that the results were about to be released. She moved so that just the tip of the probe was inside of her mouth as his probe released the results of her oral exam into her mouth and he collapse beside her on the bed.

After regaining control of himself, Dr. Kuntz wrapped his arms around Patience and gave her a deep passionate kiss, letting her know how much he appreciated her patience in having her temperature taken. Holding her oh so close to him in his arms, kissing her with ever increasing passion, he began caressing Patience through her silky slinky nightie as he prepared to continue his examination of her.

They began by removing the remainder of her nightie. Once that had been removed, the doctor gazed upon her sexy nude body for a moment before he removed the shirt part of his scrubs. Now that they were both nude together on the bed, he leaned over her and gave her a nice gentle kiss. When their lips had parted, he moved his lips down her throat and explored where her collarbone meets her neck with light kisses, nibbles and nuzzles of his nice soft beard.

Slowly, slowly his lips moved down from her collarbone, thoroughly examining the upper part of her chest before approaching her breasts. He begin by examining her breasts with his fingertips, making sure that there were no lumps about which they need to be concerned. After completing the digital portion of his examination of her breasts, he moved his lips to the base of her one breast and gently kissed and licked it as he began the oral part of her breast exam. Lightly kissing, licking and nibbling on her breast, he moved his lips in a slow spiral around her breast, taking his time to make sure that his lips had thoroughly examined every part of it before he finally arrived at her erect nipple. Noting that the temperature in the bedroom was quite warm and far from being chilly, he wondered what could possibly be causing her nipples to be so erect. Ah, another mystery to be resolved.

Before bringing his lips to her hard nipple, he first moved his beard over her breast and very softly and gently caressed her nipple with it, turning his head back and forth over the tip of her erect nipple to see how she would react. Seeing yet another round of goose bumps appearing on her body, he then moved his lips towards her nipple, sticking his tongue out and flicking the tip of his tongue around the tip before sucking it between his lips and gently nursing on her. After nursing and nibbling on her nipple for a little while, he then turned his attention to her other breast and repeated his examination of it.

After the completion of her breast exam, he began to move lower, examining her abdomen, gently pressing it with his fingers, caressing it with his soft beard, and then finally kissing, licking and lightly nibbling her there. He then moved down to her hip and then down along her thigh to her knee, kissing, licking, and lightly nibbling as he went, occasionally nuzzling her with his soft beard.

Lying between her legs, he lifted her leg and began to stimulate that sensitive spot behind her knee, feeling the goosebumps that appeared on her thighs with his fingers which were still lightly caressing her thighs, slowly moving up and down them as he licked and nibbled the back of her knee. He then began to move back up along the sensitive inside of her thigh, kissing, licking, nibbling and nuzzling his way up, moving very, very slowly, up two inches and then back down an inch. Slowly, slowly, he worked his way up along the inside of her thigh, hearing slight gasps and low moans escaping from her lips as he did so.

He reached the top of her thigh and slipped his tongue into the joint where the top of her thigh connects with her trunk. After licking there for a moment or two, he then proceeded to examine her other thigh, lightly caressing it with feathery light touches of his fingertips, soft gentle kisses, light nibbles, and the occasional flicks of his tongue or nuzzles of his beard. He arrived at her knee, and he stimulated the back of this one, knowing how she was enjoying what he was doing to her from her words, her gasps, her moans and from the other reactions of her sweet sexy body.

Finally satisfied that the back of her knee has been adequately stimulated, he then resumed his very, very slow journey back up along the inside of her thigh, moving up two inches, then down an inch, stimulating her and teasing her as he went. As he moved up along the inside of her sensitive thigh, he also begin to demonstrate to Patience his own version of stirrups, utilizing his shoulders to spread her legs wide open so that he would be able to continue her examination.

Lying there with his head between her wide spread legs, Dr. Kuntz gazed upon the gates of heaven that were now in front of him. He took a deep breath, and detected the enticing, extremely arousing aroma that was escaping from her gates. He noticed how they appeared to be swollen and for some reason appeared to be slightly damp. This phenomenon of course had to be more fully investigated, which is what he proceeded to do.

Slipping his new and improved version of the speculum from between his lips, Dr. Kuntz began by brushing just the tip of the speculum into the bottom of her heavenly gates. Taking his time to ensure a thorough examination and test of the new speculum, he slipped its tip inside of Nirvana and tasted her heavenly nectar, slowly moving it from the base of her labia all the way up until he discovered a small bump at the top of her labia. The doctor noticed that for some reason, Patience became all excited as his lips and his speculum explored and stimulated this small bump. He continued to stimulate it with his speculum for a little bit, noting her reactions, and how she seemed to be getting close to the edge of something or other. When Dr. Kuntz felt that Patience might be getting a little too close to whatever edge that was, he lifted his face and removed his lips and his speculum from her small bump. He told her that it was so that she would be able to calm down a little bit and not get so excited from his examination of her.

After giving Patience a couple of minutes to calm down a little bit, Dr. Kuntz resumed his examination, this time concentrating on the area a little below that sensitive bump that he had discovered earlier. He then proceeded to bring his lips and speculum to her heavenly gates, sliding his speculum between them so that it could partake of her nectar that is stored there. After sliding his speculum in and out of her sweet tasting honey pot for a bit, he licked her with his speculum from the bottom to the top, after which he rubbed his beard along the same path. The doctor wanted to make sure that his beard was completely coated with her nectar, taking advantage of the special conditioning qualities of her nectar to keep his beard nice and soft. Once again, he noticed that she seemed to be getting entirely too excited by this, so he again move his face away from her to give her a chance to calm down again.

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