The Island of Patmos

by Marduk

Copyright© 2012 by Marduk

True Sex Story: A holiday to seek out history finds a very co-operative mature aged German tourist.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

It is said a story has a beginning and an end. This story started with an interest in history and ended on a secure and isolated patch of beach on the Island of Patmos with a mature aged German tourist.

I was studying at university for a degree and because it was done for an interest, or to prove a point, the courses I chose were of interest only to myself; those subjects were based on ancient history. During the holiday break I decided to investigate those areas that had been discussed in the tutors. The first area of interest was Egypt, with its pyramids starting off at Sakkarah and finishing off in the King's chamber of the great pyramid. Next was the great temple complex at Karnak and the sacred lake. Followed by one of the most visited sights in the Valley of the Kings, the tomb of Tutankhamon, also in the same area was the tomb of Ramesses V1; a great gallery that lead down to the very bedrock where the burial had taken place. Then the great tombs at Abu Simbel followed with a visit to the Cairo Museum.

The next chapter was Turkey and the two most visited areas. Petra, the Rose City with its tombs and remarkable constructions like the Treasury and the Monastery and of course not forgetting the place of human sacrifice, the 'High Places'. Ephesus with its surviving ruins was a place I wandered around for ages. However, a holiday doesn't last forever and I still had one area of interest. The temple to Aphrodite on a small island just metres off the beach on the island of Patmos.

Patmos also had another historical site and that was the cave where John wrote that part of the bible called 'Revelations'. It was the one area where I got a bit of a lecturer from a rather plump individual who didn't like my unemotional attitude. It was just a cave where a bloke was supposed to have written a text, whether true or false and it certainly didn't bring on any flood of tears which was evident, especially with many of the women. 'Silly old cunt', I remember saying to myself. It was a pity for she was the sort of woman I fancied, plump, heavy breasted and a nice large bum, the sort that in my fancies I always wanted to ram by cock up to my balls in. However, it was one point of interest that could now be ticked off.

The beach where I was told the island the temple was on was a reasonable bus trip. It was a local bus that not only had a number of tourists like myself on but locals as well. We were dropped off and I wandered down to the beach. The island could be reached by a paddle like boat or one could swim and being a reasonable swimmer that was what I considered and in a way it was the only choice for many of the women who graced the beach were topless.

Tits, especially large and sagging ones, plus large bottoms have always been a turn on. Now they were bouncing and shaking as those women so blessed passed. It was a difficult agenda to observe without becoming an embarrassment to ones self and also not becoming an object of criticism. However, as each woman paraded past and as each tit seemed to become more erotic the harder my cock became. There was only one cure, cold water.

The water to the island was as smooth as glass, whether that area got waves, like exists on the North and South coast of New South Wales I had not idea, however, this day there were none. I reached steps that led onto a platform before again climbing to the top of the rock, which was what the island was, a giant rock. Just opposite the landing had at one time been an entrance, but was now sealed up. There were no columns on top of the rock, but just a walkway, carved into the rock heading down into the centre. Perhaps it had been used to enter the heart of the temple, but now that also was sealed. It was disappointing but sitting on the side of the rock I saw in the distance what looked like the silhouette of a war time U-Boat. It was of course a rock formation but from where I was its outline with the Conning Tower, Cigar shaped body and a splinter like a periscope rising about the tower, was from this distance a definite U-Boat, something that had to be investigated, however, not today.

I only had three days on the island before catching the ferry to the mainland. I was now into day three. Armed with a pack, water-bottle and sandwiches supplied by the hotel I reached the beach a little before eleven. At first the beach was heavily occupied and like the day before many of the women were topless, however, the further I advanced towards the end of the beach, the less crowded it became. Only once did I pause and that was where a heavy breasted woman was bending over and as those melons swayed and wobbled I thought of the time when I had been 'tit fucked'. It had been a fantastic feeling as the tits had been wrapped around my cock and just massaged up and down till I blew, covering them in the essence of my balls.

By the time I reached the end of the beach I was alone. There was a bit of a climb up till the rock formation was visible. It was amazing for even now so close one didn't have to use their imagination to picture it blowing its horn 'dive, dive'. There was a small beach before it ended up against a solid wall of rock. It was hot and I was in a sweat, a swim was definitely on the agenda, but I didn't have swimmers and the idea of a nude swim sounded very pleasant. Although the beach looked secure I ventured right to the end and it was then that I found the gap in what looked like a solid wall and through that was a very isolated and enclosed patch of beach and even the water was enclosed by two cliffs of rock, a perfect place.

It was the last place I suspected anybody to be. Coming across the woman sunbaking was quite a shock and it didn't occur to me that she may not understand English; after all I was in a foreign country. "Oh! Excuse me madam, I didn't expect anybody to be here. I was seeking a place to swim for I don't have swimmers". She rolled over and sat up. Her hair was dark and fell over her shoulders. She was wearing a two piece swimsuit but she was the sort of woman that hovered always in my dreams, plump and heavy breasted.

She smiled and in a heavy voice which was definite German replied. "I don't mind. We are the only ones here; if you wish to swim naked I won't object".

"You sure" I said. "I'm hot and sweaty and I don't want to offend you". Again she gave the go ahead. It was as I got to my underpants that I felt a little awkward, so I asked. "It may sound stupid but being total nude in front of you makes me feel uncomfortable, would you take off your top". Without the slightest hesitation she undid the ties and dropped two of the loveliest tits that one could wish for. They were beautifully moulded and the nipples were the sort you could suck on for ages.

Even before hitting the water I was sporting a hard-on and this time the cold water didn't dampen that erection for she just sat and watched me splashing around like a demented porpoise, not for a moment covering those items of my desire. I was jutting out like a lance when I came out. "Have you a towel?" she asked.

"No! I was just going to let the sun dry me", I replied.

"Use my towel", she said as I came up, she then proceeded to rub me down. Whether she would have sucked my erection as it came level with her face without me saying 'Suck' is the sixty-four dollar question, but her mouth opened and my cock slid in and while she continued to rub my legs and finally take hold of my balls, her mouth and tongue did things to my cock that almost lifted me off the planet.

The word just came naturally 'fuck'. She stopping sucking and stood up and removed the remaining piece of her swimsuit. I mentioned two items of a woman's anatomy that interests me, their tits and bum and the other item of interest is the growth of hair between their legs. I hate women who shave themselves, however, at that time women didn't shave themselves like they now do and this woman had a growth that was almost a forest. "Fuck you are magnificent", I said as I indicated that I liked 'doggie style'. She obliged and with her tits almost rubbing in the sand I pushed my throbbing cock up against the heavily haired cunt and thrust. It slid in like a hot knife into butter. She responded, working herself in rhyme to my every thrust that resulted in gasps of pleasure from me and gentle moans from her as we fucked for some time. I gave the thrust that emptied my balls and she responded with a loud gasp and erupted so that those melons of tits swung back and forth, dragging the nipples into the sand.

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