Rob's Revenge
Chapter 3

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Sex Story: Chapter 3 - He had a burning rage to get back at the one he thought had wronged him.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang  

Over the next two days I revisited the houses I was interested in and finally decided on a three bedroom ranch with an attached three car garage, an in-ground swimming pool and a hot tub. I put a hundred-fifty thousand down on it which just about knocked the socks off of the real estate agent. I had already arranged for the bank where I had my accounts to finance the house I picked and I figured that we would close in thirty days or so.

Samantha's mother told me that she didn't want any of Samantha's stuff so I went to the storage unit and dug through everything there to sort it out for Goodwill and a couple of other charitable organizations and in the course of digging I found out another lie that Samantha had told me. She said Barrington was going to give her twenty-five thousand for what she had been doing. I found two bank books with over eighty grand between them. Samantha told me she was trying to get the twenty five thousand so we could put a down payment on a house. If she was looking down or up from wherever she was she couldn't miss the smile on my face. She had just paid off my new house. I'd move into it free and clear.

I decided to get my meeting with Connie's mother out of the way. I called and we made a lunch date for one the next day. We met at the Hilton and Maggie was all ready there when I got there and she stood up, smiled and offered me her hand. I took it and then surprised her by kissing it in the continental fashion and then we sat down.

It is said that if you want to know what you wife is going to look like twenty years down the road look at her mother. Maggie was a fox! She was a forty-four year old woman who looked all of thirty and a quick glance around the restaurant showed that almost all of the males there were looking at her. A waitress appeared, took my drink order and then left.

"I'll just bet that curiosity is driving you nuts right? What on earth could Connie's mother want to talk to me about and in private, right again?"

"That's pretty much it."

"Well it is the last thing in the world that you would expect. Are you sure that you want to marry my daughter?"

That caught me flat footed and I said, "What?"

"A simple question that only requires a simple answer. Are you sure that you want to marry Connie?"

"It isn't a question of want. It is something that I have to do to make things right. Why would you ask such a question?"

"Because you are a very nice guy and I don't think that you know what you are getting yourself into. And don't pooh pooh the nice guy thing. I know why you did what you did and yes, it wasn't a nice thing to do, but once you found out the circumstances you manned up. That makes you special in my book. Robert of course put you down as another fortune hunter try to sieze the opportunity to get your hands on Connie's trust fund, but you very effectively shot him down on that subject. One more reason to see you as a good man."

The waitress showed up with our drinks and took our luncheon order and when she was gone Maggie said:

"I had to ask myself if I wanted to see a man with your good qualities saddle himself with Connie and the answer I came up with was that it wasn't any of my business, but I talked myself into at least giving you fair warning."

"I don't understand? What is wrong with Connie?"

"To put it frankly she is a slut."

"She told me about that. She said she did it to get back at me for dumping her. I was supposed to see it and. get pissed. The only problem with that is when I walked away I didn't look back so I never knew what she was doing."

"And you believed that?"

"Why not? She wasn't like that when I met her and she wasn't like that while we were together."

"That was then. It is now that counts."


"Are you aware that at your first public appearance with her after putting a ring on her finger and her telling all the people that she talked to at the event that she was engaged to you that she snuck off with Mike Bolla, Billy Sheppard and Jamie Ogden and screwed them in the coat room?"

I was of course aware that she had screwed someone, but she told me that it was only one.

"No, I wasn't aware of that" I said.

"And I'll bet that you aren't aware that even as we sit here and talk she is upstairs in room 407 with Mike Bolla and Jamie Ogden."

"I had no idea."

"I picked this restaurant and one o'clock for a reason. I also got here early enough to get this specific table. You will notice that you can see the elevators from here. If they stick to their normal schedule – they take long lunches from work – they will be coming down within the next ten to fifteen minutes. I figured that the best way to handle things would be to let you see for yourself."

Our meal came and as we ate and made small talk I kept one eye on the elevators and at one-twenty the doors opened and Connie and two guys came out. I recognized both of them from the charity event I had attended with Connie. I looked over at Maggie.

"It changes nothing. I still need to make my child legitimate and then a reasonable time after the child's birth a quiet divorce can be arranged."

"That is not the reaction that I expected."

"No? What did you expect?"

"Anger, rage or something like that. In fact that is what I was hoping for and not the calm acceptance that I'm seeing."

"Why were you hoping for anger and rage?"

"Because those emotions might have led you to go along with what I wanted to do."

"And that would be?"

"Go upstairs and do the same thing that your intended was doing."

"Why on earth would you want to do that?"


"I don't understand."

"It is simple really. I am a healthy woman and I enjoy sex. I will not allow my husband to have sex with me so I take care of my sexual appetites by entering into affairs with the husbands, fiancées and boyfriends of the women my husband has sex with. That is my revenge."

"And he doesn't care?"

"He doesn't know. He thinks I lost all interest in sex after the last time he gave me gonorrhea."

"Connie told me that you and Robert hadn't had sex in over ten years. I didn't believe her."

"It is true. Robert gave me sexually transmitted diseases four times over a six year period and after the last time I refused to let him touch me any more. I told him that the last disease he gave me made me lose all interest in sex."

Why then do you stay married to him?"

"Money for the most part. Barrington Industries used to be Barrington Manufacturing. My family owned Stowe Industrial and my parents and Robert's parents wanted to see us married and the two businesses merged. It didn't hurt that I loved Robert and I thought he loved me. It was a convoluted deal that saw that when the two companies merged the new company was named Barrington Industries in exchange for my family receiving fifty-one percent of the stock.

"I'm an only child and when my parents died I inherited their stock. With the prenuptial agreements that are in place if Robert and I divorce for any reason whatsoever the company would end up being broken up, Financially I wouldn't be hurt, but a lot of good people would be put out of work. I couldn't let that happen just because Robert couldn't keep his dick in his pants. Besides, having affairs with different men is exciting and I get to experience a lot. Kind of a sexual smorgasbord."

"Why not just one full time lover? God knows you are beautiful and sexy enough to land any man you want."

"Yes, but where would be the revenge in that?"

"So this lunch was all about landing me to satisfy your need for revenge?"

"That and I really did think you needed to know what you are getting yourself into. As I said earlier; I liked the way you stepped up when you could have walked away."

"So it is about you getting revenge on your husband and not because you have something against your daughter."

"I am upset that my baby has turned into what she is, but no, I have nothing against her. She was just my way to try and hook you."

"Why have you been keeping an eye on her to begin with?"

"When she told me she was pregnant I put a private detective on her. I wanted to know what kind of man she was going to end up dragging home. I was afraid it would be another loser like both of my other daughters ended up with. Someone I'd have to find someway to break her away from. I was surprised that it was you. I've had private investigators on Robert since I cut him off so I would know who the men were that I needed to seduce for my revenge. I knew about your wife and Robert and the investigators found out quite a bit about you. I was already planning your seduction when your wife was killed and I dropped my plans."


"Two reasons. One, it would have been crass to try to move in on a recent widower and two; the fun part of the revenge is doing the man while my husband was doing the woman. When I found out that you were the one who got Connie pregnant and then found out what she was doing I decided to take a shot at you and so here we are."

"Indeed we are and I guess I need to see about finding us a bed unless of course you want to do it right here on the table."

"That easy? I thought for sure I would have to work harder."

"I see no reason to remain true to Connie if she isn't going to be true to me and then of course there is fact that I also owe your husband a little revenge. What better revenge than to do to his wife what he did to mine."

I got up and said, "I'll get us a room."

Once in the room we undressed and I told her to leave her high heels on. "Nothing sexier than a naked woman in high heels."

"My kind of guy. We are going to have so much fun together."

I went down on her and then fucked her. She sucked me hard and I fucked her a second time. When I finished she asked:

"Are you kinky enough to eat me with your cum in me?"

I smiled at her and said, "Spread 'em sweetie."

"Oh no lover; I'm thinking of one of my favorite numbers, sixty-nine."

When she had me tall again she asked me how many times I was good for and I said:

"With you for inspiration? Only God knows."

"I didn't realize you were a silver tongued devil. I may just have to keep you."

"I like the sound of that."

"How do you feel about anal?"

"I like everything when it comes to sex, but I don't often do anal because a lot of the ladies I've known didn't like it and wouldn't do it."

"I used to be that way. I would never let Robert do it, but once I hit the revenge trail I decided to do it. I needed to give my lovers something that Robert never got. After a bit I learned to like it."

"This your way of telling me what you want to do next?"

"Clever boy" she said as she got on her hands and knees and presented her heart shaped ass to me.

As we were dressing she said, "I do hope that this is not a one time thing."

"That will depend on how often you can get free to do it and on when you can do it. I can't always get free from work like I did this afternoon and I'm assuming that Connie is going to be keeping my evenings full."

"Long lunch hours? Working late a time or two each week? Get her in the mind set that it is part of the job? Plus I can always give her a task or two to take care of as far as the wedding is concerned that will get her out of the way for a while."

"How long do you usually hang on to your revenge lovers?"

"Until they get tired of me."

"I can't see any one ever getting tired of you."

"They usually want more than I can give so they fade away."

"What you are saying is that it is pretty much up to me."

"Pretty much."

"And if I never get tired of it? How will you handle your need to get revenge with the men of the women that Robert scores with if I never get tired of you?"

"As long as I'm with you I'll still be playing with a man whose wife Robert had sex with."

We exchanged a passionate kiss and then left the room.

The next two weeks were busy ones. Connie was tied up getting everything done that needed to be done to make the wedding come off the way she wanted. I was able to get together with Maggie two or three times a week and she kept me up to date on what her investigators were reporting about Connie's activities.

Connie met with Bolla twice, once each with Sheppard and Ogden and twice with all three. The second time she met with all three was four days before the wedding and according to Connie what she had going that night was a bachelorette party given by the girls she worked with. A day later she thought that I was at a bachelor party thrown by the guys I worked with. She was half right. It was my bachelor party, but there were only two people there – Maggie and me.

The wedding went off without a hitch and Connie and I left the reception, drove to the airport and headed off on our honeymoon. We got to our hotel in Aruba, checked in and unpacked. Connie put on something filmy and see through, struck a pose and said:

"Ready to consummate our union sailor?"

She was shocked and stunned when I said:

"Not tonight. We won't be able to consummate the marriage until I see something in writing from a doctor or laboratory stating that you are disease free. I have no idea who Sheppard, Ogden and Bolla have been fucking besides you and I'm not going to take a chance on catching anything they, or who ever else you have been fucking, might have given you. See the hotel doctor. Maybe he can clear you quick enough that we might be able to consummate before we have to head home. I'm going down to the bar and have a drink or two. You can join me if you wish."

I left the room and left her standing there opened mouthed in shock. She surprised me. I didn't think she would come down, but twenty minutes after I got there she slid onto the barstool next to me. The bar maid took her order and when she left us to go mix it Connie said:

"Why are we even here? Why did you waste the money on this trip if you never intended to do anything?"

"We are here for the same reason we got married. For appearances sake."

"You aren't making sense. You have been making love to me all along. What is different now that we are here?"

"I didn't know about your three bed buddies until the night of your so called bachelorette party. You have noticed that we haven't had sex since that night haven't you?"

"I thought that you were saving it up for a memorable wedding night."

"Well I guess, depending on your take, tonight will be memorable in a way."

"I don't understand what is going on here. You made it plain to me that you are only marrying me to give the baby legitimacy. What do you care what I do if you planned on leaving me after the baby was born anyway?"

"I never said that. What I said was that the decision on how the marriage was going to go and how long it would last would be up to you. I had no intention of ever going for a divorce. I told you up front that any decision to divorce would be on you. I also told you that if you were going to play around on me that you needed to be discrete. I told you I would not stand for people smirking at me and laughing at the poor, dumb cuckold. I also told you I would take vengeance on any one who exposed me to public or private ridicule.

"You were seen going into a hotel room with a man who wasn't me by some one who knows me so I put a private investigator on you and that's how I found out about your three lovers. I took care of Sheppard the day before the wedding and I'll take care of the other two when we get back home."

"What did you do to Billy?"

"I beat him so bad he had to go to the hospital emergency room."

"That wasn't fair! I told him you were okay with it. I told all three of them you were okay with it. You told me that it was my body and I got to make the choices as to what to do with it."

"I did, but I also told you to be discrete and not cause me any public humiliation. You could have gone into that hotel room and the guy could have followed you in ten minutes later or he could have gone in first and you could have joined him later, but that isn't what you did. You walked into that room hand in hand and you were seen doing it so now there are at least two people out there who know my wife is a cheating slut and that she has cuckolded me. I told you I wouldn't stand for it and I won't."

"So I'm in for a sexless honeymoon."

"Unless you show me that the guys you have been fucking haven't given you a disease."

"Why does that matter to you now? We have been making love for three months now and I have been seeing those guys for the entire time you and I have been together so if they did give me something I've already shared it with you."

"Maybe, but then again maybe not. Anyone of those three could have fucked some girl a week ago and picked up something that they gave you at your party. I had myself tested on Saturday and I'll call them Tuesday for the results. If I'm infected I had to have gotten it from you so if I'm already infected you are too and we can have sex after the phone call. If I'm not infected we don't have sex until you are cleared. If you aren't cleared we won't have sex until you can bring me proof that whatever you have is cured.

"We can still have a honeymoon. We can enjoy the beach, the nightlife, the sightseeing and whatever else the place has to offer."

"That's not good enough for me. I'll call home tomorrow and call the family lawyer. The moment I said "I do" I came into my trust fund. I'll have money transferred into my checking account so I can buy a ticket and fly home."

"No need for that. Just use the return portion of the ticket that got you here."

"I forgot about that."

She got up and walked away without touching her drink. I nursed my drink and watched one of the several TVs that were in the bar while I made plans on what to do the next day. I thought scuba diving would be a good way to start what was obviously going to be a two week vacation for me instead of a two week honeymoon for us.

Connie was back in thirty minutes or so. "I'm listed on the first flight out in the morning. It leaves at ten-ten. That gives you plenty of time to change your mind about consummation."

"No problem. If you can get tested and cleared by then we will be good to go."

"Okay then. I'll use the time until you get back to look for a suitable house."

"Don't waste your time. I've already found the one I want and I've put up the down payment. Should close in thirty days or so."

"What if I don't like it?"

"You probably won't. It is one of the ones that we looked at and that you decided against."

"How could you do that without talking to me?"

"Easy. Once I found out about your three playmates it was obvious to me that we are going to end up in a divorce so if I'm going to get stuck with a house it ought to be one that I want. What you can do when you get back is warn Bolla and Ogden I'll be coming after them when I get home. It will give them time to run and hide and I'll have to hunt them down. I like to hunt. You didn't know that about me did you? The thrill of the chase as I track them down one by one."

"No way I can talk you out of it?"

"You care that much about them?"

"Not really, but I feel responsible. I led them on and when they were reluctant I told them that you and I had an arrangement and that you were okay with me playing."

"I'll think about it. No promises, but I will think about it."

She got up and left and she wasn't in the room when I got there. I took a shower and went to bed. I slept soundly and didn't wake up when Connie came in, but she was in bed next to me when I woke up. She didn't wake up when I got up or while I was dressing. I left her ticket on the bedside stand and went down to have breakfast.

After breakfast I headed for the beach and the dive shop that the girl behind the reception desk told me about. It was close to two o'clock when I got back to the room and surprise, surprise, Connie was in the room.

"I thought you were gone."

"Changed my mind. I saw a doctor this morning and for a thousand dollars he promised me an expedited test. He said I should hear late Wednesday or early Thursday."

"Why did you change your mind?"

"I don't want a divorce. I only messed around with those guys because I was pissed at you for what you did to me. It wasn't even me you were pissed at. All I ever did to you was fall in love with you and then you deliberately knock me up and then take off on me. I owed you! It wasn't fucking those three that was important to me it was fucking you after fucking them. Fucking you while I still had a little of them still inside me. I felt that I owed you that. I had no intention of keeping on with them after the wedding. I fully intend to honor the vows I made."

I looked at her for a few moments and then asked, "What do you want to do this afternoon?"

Tuesday I called home and found out I had tested clean. Thursday morning Connie found out that she was clean and we spent Thursday afternoon and evening consummating our union. The rest of our time there was as good of a honeymoon as you could have hoped for.

The day we flew home I called Maggie and told her that I couldn't see her again, at least not intimately, and then I told her why.

"If Connie really means what she said and stays faithful I will too, but if she doesn't and you haven't already taken up with some other guy for revenge I will definitely give you a call."

"I always knew you were a good guy. I'll tell you this. If my daughter does back slide and you call and I am with some one I'll drop him in a heartbeat and we can get back to having fun again."

"Thanks love; I needed that."

"Needed what?"

"To know that some one really cares for me."

"You don't think Constance does?"

"I don't know love. I can only hope and then wait and see."

Three weeks after we got home Connie told me over dinner that she'd had lunch that day with Sheppard.

"He wanted to know when we were going to get together again. I told him never. I told him I was a married woman now and that I was going to honor my vows. He didn't take it well. He said I owed him for the beating you gave him."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because some one might have seen us and told you about it and I do not want it to look like I'm hiding anything from you. I will be occasionally seen with Billy, Mike and Jamie because I do work with them and I do end up having working lunches with them and others from time to time. Also I will sometimes stop after work for drinks with the people from the office and they will probably be there. I know how fragile our relationship is because of what I did before the wedding so I have to be completely open with you if I don't want things to go to hell."

"I can't ask for anything more than that."

The next day around noon I got a call from Maggie on my cell. After exchanging greetings she said:

"Constance had lunch with one of her old lovers yesterday."

"You still having her watched?"

"I paid for six months surveillance and it still has two months to go. When they aren't watching Robert they watch Constance and since Robert is out of town this week they are on my daughter. Anyway, the guy watching got the booth next to them and overheard most of the conversation. Constance shut him down and told him no way ever again. I thought you might like to know."

"Thanks. It is good to hear."

"Not to me sweetie. I was hoping that she would take up with him again."

"Whatever for?"

"So we would have a reason to make sweet music again."

"I can't believe that you would want to waste your time on me."

"I've got news for you lover. If I could have found some way to bump off Robert and get away with it you would not have become Constance's husband. You would have been her new step-father."

"Oh wow!"

"Yeah lover; and don't you ever forget it. Take care of my baby. Bye."

As I hung up the phone I began to think that Connie and I just might make it.

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