Rob's Revenge
Chapter 2

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Sex Story: Chapter 2 - He had a burning rage to get back at the one he thought had wronged him.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang  

The next two years flew by. I was doing well in my classes and I made a lot of friends. I didn't join a fraternity, but I knew lots of guys who did belong and occasionally I would get invited to a party at a frat house. I was at one of those parties at the Phi Delta house when fate smiled upon me.

I was at the beer keg getting my cup refilled when Sammy Bealer said:

"Don't look now, but I think you have an admirer."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about that little honey at your three o'clock. She hasn't taken her eyes off of you."

I moved to fill my cup and took a look. I didn't know her name, but I recognized her. She was in two of my classes. She was looking our way, but that didn't mean that she was looking at me.

"Maybe it's you she is looking at Sammy."

"Nah! It is definitely you. Who is she?"

"No idea. I've seen her around. She's in two of my classes, but I don't know her. Besides, she has to be here with a date. Girls don't come to these parties alone. At least good girls don't."

"She might have come with someone else, but from the way she is looking at you I'd be willing to bet that she would leave with you if you wanted."

"Well I don't want. I'm staying clear of the opposite sex until I get school out of the way. Broads are too much of a distraction."

"What's wrong with you man? I can't go two weeks without wanting to get laid so how are you going to go another year?"

"In the first place I've only got six more months to go to have the hundred and thirty-five credit hours I need for my degree and secondly will power. Will power Sammy; supreme will power" I said as I was thinking "and a financial relationship with Mona from the Elite Escort Agency."

I didn't think the girl was looking at me, but as the party progressed and I moved around socializing I did notice that she always seemed to be close to where I was and she did seem to be always looking in my direction. She was a fine looking lady and in truth if I wasn't of the mind set that I wasn't going to have a woman in my life until I had my degree I probably would have gone after her.

However, where the female of the species is concerned nothing is ever set in concrete. I was at the keg refilling my cup again when Johnny DuBois walked up to get a refill and casually said to me:

"What's your secret Rob? You have a ten inch dick or a twelve inch tongue?"

"What? Are you drunk?"

"Not yet, but I'm working on it. Just wondering what the attraction is. CB hasn't taken her eyes off of you since you got here."

"Who? Who is CB?"

"Connie Barrington. Actually it is Connie Smythe-Barrington, but she doesn't use the Smythe part."

All of a sudden I was interested in the girl who was supposedly eyeing me.

"Why would she be watching me? Surely her date would have something to say about it."

"Her date was Barry Cross and Barry can't handle liquor. He's been passed out for the last two hours. Guys have been hitting on her ever since a couple of them carried him up to a bedroom, but you are the guy she seems to be interested in. You could do worse dude. Her family is loaded."

Smythe-Barrington? There couldn't be another family with that name. She had to be related to Robert Conner Ellsworth Smythe- Barrington and an idea began forming in the back of my mind. I had no idea of whether or not it would work, but I made the instant decision to try.

I set my beer down and walked over to the girl and said, "I've been fighting it all night, but I've decided that the British SAS have it right. "Who Dares Wins" is their motto and I've decided to adopt it where you are concerned."

I offered my hand as I introduced myself. She took my hand and said, "I was just getting ready to do the same thing only in my mind it was "Carpe Diem" – seize the day."

"Who do I have to fight to get you to leave with me?"

"No one. He is already down for the count."

I offered her my arm and said, "Shall we?"

She took my arm and said "Yes" and seven months later Connie was pregnant and I was walking away. I won't pretend that it was easy because it wasn't. I had grown quite attached to Connie and I could see a future with her under different circumstances, but my hatred where her father was concerned was a great deal stronger than my feelings for his daughter. I admit that it was despicable of me to get at him through his daughter, but I couldn't see any other way to take my revenge without putting me in jail for assault with intent to kill or maim.

A week went by and it was reminiscent of my breakup with Samantha. A dozen calls a day on my cell from Connie that I deleted. I had finished school so I didn't have to worry about running into her on campus and I'd never talked about the gas company with her so she didn't know where I worked. But she did know where I lived so I had to keep an eye out for her in case she tried to catch me at home.

Twice I saw her car in the parking lot at the apartments and when I saw it I kept on driving. I knew that sooner or later, probably sooner rather than later, she would knock on the door while I was home, but I didn't plan to open the door to her.

The next week the number of calls increased and I kept deleting them until the day came that I had been waiting for. There were the usual dozen voice mails and I started deleting them until I came to the fifth one.

"Mr. Walton? My name is Rob Barrington and I need to talk with you. Would you please call me at" and he gave me a number to call and ended the voice mail telling me that it was very important to call him as soon as possible.

I smiled as I thought "Gotcha!"

I waited until the next morning and then I called the number.

"Good morning. Thank you for calling Barrington Industries. How may I direct your call?"

"Mr. Barrington please."

Two rings and then, "Mr. Barrington's office. This is Stella. How may I help you?"

"Mr. Barrington please."

"Whom shall I say is calling?"

"Bob Walton."

Two rings and then, "This is Marge. How can I help you?"

"I'm trying to reach Mr. Barrington."

"I'm Mr. Barrington's executive assistant."

"I don't care if you are Mother Teresa. I'm trying to reach Mr. Barrington."

"Mr. Barrington is a very busy man and it is my job to see that he isn't interrupted every time some one calls."

"God knows that I would never want to interrupt a very busy man, but Mr. Barrington called me, left his number and said that it was very important that I call him as soon as possible. Apparently it can't be all that important or he would have arranged to have me put right through. Good day" and I hung up. I was not surprised when my phone rang three minutes later and the screen showed that the call was from the number I'd just hung up on. I smiled and let it go to voice mail and then deleted it without listening to it.

I had three calls from that number over the next two days and I ignored them. I started parking on the other side of my apartment complex and then walking to my apartment thinking that if Connie didn't see my car she would think I wasn't home. Of course I did have to be careful and make sure she wasn't already parked where she could see me enter my unit. Twice I saw her sitting in her car and I had to go back to mine and go somewhere for dinner and a drink or two to wait her out.

The calls from Barrington stopped and I wondered what he would do next. He wasn't the type to just shrug his shoulders and give up. He was a Smythe-Barrington for God's sake. No lowly peon was going to be allowed to ignore him.

When it came I was surprised. I was at a job site going over the plans with the crew chief when what was obviously an unmarked police car drove onto the site. A man in a suit got out and asked one of the workers something and I saw Mike turn and point to me. The man in the suit came over to me and introduced himself as Detective Sergeant O'Conner.

"I'd like you to come with me please."

"What's this about? Am I under arrest?"

"No you aren't under arrest and I don't know what it is about. I was just asked to fetch you."

"Do I need an attorney?"

"No. I don't know what it is about, but I do know you do not need a lawyer."

"Do I follow you in my car?"

"No. I'll bring you back when it is over."

"At least that sounds like I'm not going to be locked up. Let's go."

During the ride my mind was busy trying to think of why the police wanted to talk to me. My only contact with the authorities had been when Samantha was killed. I'd never even had a parking ticket much less anything worse. I was confused when we didn't go to a police station or the City County Building, but instead pulled into a visitors parking place at Barrington Industries,

"Impressive" I said. "I knew Barrington was wealthy and influential, but to own the police department? I'm impressed."

O'Conner didn't respond to that. He got out of the car and I followed him. He led the way through the lobby to the elevators and walked up to the one on the left. He took a key card out of his pocket and swiped it through the reader next to the elevator door and the door opened and we stepped inside. There were only three buttons on the panel which I though odd since it was a six story building. One said up and that's the one O'Conner pushed. The other two said "Down 1" and "Down 2."

On the ride up I asked "Down 1 and 2?"

"Down one is the lobby where we got on. Down 2 is the basement parking garage."

The door opened onto a reception area and O' Conner said to the woman behind the desk:

"Mr. Walton to see Mr. Barrington."

The woman picked up the phone, pushed a button and a second later said, "He's here."

A minute later a smartly dressed and very good looking woman came into the reception area and walked up to me.

"Good morning Mr. Walton. I'm Marge and I'm sorry for the mix up the day you called. If you would please follow me?"

She turned and started walking and as I followed along behind her I couldn't help but notice her ass and think that I'd follow that ass any day of the week. She led me to a door, opened and ushered me in as she announced "Mr. Walton is here" and then she closed the door and left me facing Robert Conner Ellsworth Smythe-Barrington. He stood, offered his hand and said:

"Good morning Mr. Walton. May I call you Bob?"

I didn't take his hand and I didn't respond to the question. I just stood there looking at him. He pulled his hand back, shrugged and said:

"Please have a seat."

I sat down on a chair opposite him and he said, "I'm sure that you know why you are here."

"I guess that for some reason you wanted me to see that you own a police department."

He chuckled and said, "Hardly. Terry is one of my cousins. Family you know. I believe that you know my daughter Constance?"

"I do."

"She tells me that she has a problem and that you are the cause. I wanted to talk to you and see if we could come to some sort of an agreement to solve the problem."

"If it is the problem she mentioned the last time I talked to her I doubt that we will be able to reach any agreement at all."

"What kind of man are you that you can't step up and be responsible for your actions?"

"You are mistaken. I have no problem taking ownership of my actions, but I am not responsible for your daughter's condition. I am sterile. I can not get a woman pregnant."

"Constance swears to me that you are the only one she had sexual relations with and she has never in her life lied to me."

"Your daughter was not a virgin when we first had sex. I have no idea of how many that there were before me, but it is plainly obvious that there was some one else getting her while we were keeping company. You need to find out who that someone is and try to work out an agreement with him."

"Lets cut out the bullshit and get right to it shall we? Constance said it was you so as far as I'm concerned it was you. How much do you want?"

"For what?"

"To marry Constance and give the child a father."

"How much you got?"

He smiled. As far as he was concerned he was now on familiar ground. Money would take care of the problem. Now all he had to do was figure out how cheaply I could be bought.

"Constance says you know about her trust fund and that she will come into it when she marries. I won't insist on a pre-nup. Do we have a deal?"

"Are you seriously asking me to take on some one else's kid for that? I'm no legal genius, but even I know that in a divorce any judge worth his salt is going to look at that trust and say that it is hers and hers alone."


"Of course divorce. She was going with me and still managed to get pregnant with some other guy's kid and tried to pass it off on me. She would be cheating on me before our first anniversary. Sooner or later I would catch her and then divorce her."

"Constance says that the baby is yours and I believe her. She would not lie to me about something like that."

"Bullshit! If she would lie to me about it she would damned sure lie about it to you to get you on her side. I don't know who the father of her baby is other than it is not me. For all I know it could be yours."

"HOW DARE YOU!" he yelled as he leaned forward and banged his fist on his desk like a judge's gavel.

"How dare I? You are a low life asshole who fucks other men's wives so it isn't any great leap to think you might be creep enough to do you own daughter."

"That is an absolute outright lie!"

"Get off your high horse Bobby. I have pictures of you fucking my wife. You, Steadman and two others."

"You are out of your fucking mind!"

"Give it up Bobby. You can huff and puff and bluster all you want, but I have pictures of you fucking Samantha and I'm not the least bit afraid to paper this entire state with copies of them. Before she died she confessed to me that you offered her twenty-five thousand to take care of you, Steadman and certain select clients and customers."

He sat back in his chair, sudden understanding on his face.

"Walton. You are Sammi Walton's husband. I never made the connection."

Then his eyes got big as the realization hit him. "YOU BASTARD!!! It was on purpose! You got my daughter pregnant to get back at me."

"You are free to think that I seduced your daughter to get back at you for seducing my wife if you want, but the fact still remains that I am sterile."

"Seduce your wife? That's what you think? I've got news for you boy. Your wife was a grade A slut. She was a hot, sexy looking woman and men naturally hit on her. The problem was that when they hit on her she dropped her drawers and spread fore them. She wasn't here an hour and she was sucking Stedman's dick. He took her to lunch at the Marriott and spent the afternoon fucking her. She was that easy."

"Yeah! Right! Like I'm going to believe that."

He stood up and went to a credenza against the wall, dug around in it until he came out with a couple of CDs in his hand. He opened a desk drawer and took out a file folder and then said:

"Follow me boy. I've got a few things to show you."

Curious, I got up and followed him out of the room and down the hall to a conference room. It had a large screen TV against one wall and a VCR/CD player hooked up to it.

"I am a very careful man. I'm well aware that there are people always willing to try and separate me from my money and I make sure my ass is covered at all times. Pay attention to the dates that you see on these recordings."

He set things up and pushed the button that started things. On the screen I saw the same room that I was sitting in. There were four men sitting at the table I was sitting at and Stedman walked into the room followed by Samantha. The date on the tape was her first day on the job. Steadman said:

"Gentlemen, let me introduce our newest employee Samantha Walton. She prefers to be called Sammi. When I interviewed her for the open secretary's position I asked her what her qualifications were and after telling me about her typing and computer skills she got up and came around my desk, told me she had one more skill I might appreciate and then proceeded to give me the best blow job I've ever gotten. I told her that we were a very close knit group here and then I informed here that if I hired her I would be honor bound to share my good fortune and she said it would not be a problem. Please welcome her to our department."

What followed was a gangbang that Barrington said lasted until well after quitting time. "And that was in addition to the three hours she spent with Stedman at the Marriott."

He put another CD in the player and on the screen was Barrington sitting behind his desk. The door opened and Marge ushered Samantha into the office and then left. Barrington asked her to have a seat and then said:

"Marty (Stedman) tells me that you have a certain skill that could be useful to the company. To be blunt about it certain customers, clients and suppliers need an extra incentive to give us the best prices, priority on deliveries and to sign contracts that are beneficial to us. You are a beautiful and sexy looking young woman and I can see where most men who see you are going to want you. The time you spent in the conference room yesterday makes me believe that you might be willing to take on the job of – shall we say – accounts facilitator? How would you feel about that?"

Samantha looked him right in the eye and said, "I'm not about to fuck whoever you want for secretaries wages."

"Of course not and I wouldn't expect you too. Which would you prefer? A straight salary or a base salary plus commissions?"

I think a secretary's salary and commissions. I would want the salary to go as direct deposit into the joint account I have with my husband and the commissions to go into a separate account that I'll set up at a different bank."

"We can do that. I'll set you up with an apartment where you can entertain and an expense account for buying the clothes and whatever else is necessary for you to take care of business. Things like drinks and such. Are you willing to start today?"

"I am."

"Jason Willard will arrive at nine this morning on his flight from Dallas. You and Marty will have lunch with him to discuss the details of the contract we want him to sign. After lunch you will see to it that Jason enjoys his trip. Okay?"

"Don't you at least want to see what you are sending Mr. Willard?" she said as she stood up and went behind his desk. She knelt in front of him and proceeded to give him a blow job that included swallowing.

"As you can see there was precious little seducing going on where Sammi was concerned. So yes, I did fuck your wife, but I did not have to seduce her to do it. There is more. Even though I'm not above giving the people I do business with incentives I am very careful when it comes to what I do give them. I don't want things backfiring and coming back on me. I have an extremely good private investigator on retainer and I put him on Samantha to find out what he could about her. He went all the way back to her high school days and talked with anybody who would talk to him. What he found was that she pretty much liked to fuck."

He slid the file he had taken out of his desk and slid it across the table to me.

"Read that and then tell me again about how I seduced your innocent wife. I'll give you some time with that and then I'll be back. I've got some calls to make."

He left the room and I opened the file and saw that he did indeed have an extremely good investigator working for him. He had gone all the way back to high school. Samantha had been a round heeled slut. I had been so hung up over her that I had never noticed. I knew that she had dated several other guys before settling on me, but I hadn't known that she had fucked most of them. Even after starting to go steady with me she was fucking other guys. She fucked other guys after we were married and she fucked other guys all through her pregnancy.

It was all a shock to me, but the biggest shock to me was finding out something that never in my wildest imagination would I have thought. The baby that Samantha had been carrying was not mine. The baby had been black. Suddenly I remembered the looks of pity that I had gotten from the workers at the hospital. It wasn't because Samantha couldn't have any more children. It was because they pitied the poor clueless husband.

I was sitting there staring at the report when Barrington came back into the room. He sat down opposite me and then sat there watching me. After a bit he said:

"I'm sorry that I had to be the one to ruin your memories of your wife, but unfortunately I not the kind of person who when accused of something just shrugs and walks away. All I did where Sammi was concerned is take what was offered."

I sat there staring at the report and finally he said, "Are you all right?"

I looked up at him and said, "If it was your wife and you read this would you be all right?"

"Probably not."

"This comes as a total shock. I knew about what she was doing here and I'd all ready left her over it, but the rest of it? I had no idea. The part about the baby? She was playing me for a sucker even back then. We had to get married because she told me I had gotten her pregnant and all the time it was some other asshole."

"Maybe, but then again maybe not. Maybe she did think it was yours."

I stood up and he asked, "Where are you going?"

"I have some serious thinking to do."

"What about Constance?"

"I just said it; I have some serious thinking to do. Would you please have your secretary call me a cab?"

"No need. Terry is downstairs waiting for you."

I sensed he wanted to say more, but he kept silent.

Terry stood up when I got to the lobby and headed for the door. The ride back to the job site was silent and I stared out the passenger's side window and thought. The mornings events had blunted the hatred I'd felt toward Barrington. Finding out that he hadn't done what Samantha had said had changed things. Connie was pregnant because of my hatred of her father because of what I had believed that he had done.

By the time we got back to the job site I knew what I had to do. It wasn't going to be pleasant, but it would have to be done. After making sure that the crew chief was up to speed on the plans I got in my car and told out my cell and called Barrington. This time I was put right through. Once I got him on the phone I asked:

"How is your relationship with your daughter? Specifically, how would she take knowing that you were fucking my wife?"


"Just humor me."

"It would probably upset her, but it would come as no surprise. She knows that I haven't had sexual relations with her mother in over ten years and no, the why of it isn't any of your business."

"I don't need to know anyway. I need the CDs and the detectives report. Can I pick them up this afternoon?"

"Why do you want them?"

"If your daughter wants to marry me after I go over them with her you will have gained a son in law."

"Is that really necessary? That you go over them with her?"

"It is to me. I won't go forward with her until I have done it."

"I'll have the package waiting for you at the front desk. All I ask is that you ... never mind. The stuff will be there."

I took a deep breath and called Connie. I got her voice mail. I left the message that we needed to talk face to face and that I'd be home after six. I swung by Barrington Industries and picked up the package and went home.

At six I expected my doorbell to ring, but it didn't. Seven came and went without Connie showing up or calling so I decided that she didn't want to talk and I decided to go out and get a bite to eat. I was just opening the door when Connie walked up to it.

"Sorry I'm late, but I forgot and left my phone at home on the charger and I didn't get your message until twenty minutes ago. Why the rush now when you have been avoiding me for weeks?"

"It isn't a rush. If you hadn't shown up tonight I would have called you again tomorrow."

I stepped aside and said, "Please come in."

She came in and I led her to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair for her and then I got a glass and poured some white wine which was her usual alcoholic drink of choice. I popped the top on a long neck and sat down opposite her.

"I'm going to tell you a story. You are not going to like certain parts of it, but it has to be done."

I proceeded to tell her about Samantha and how she had cheated on me and how she had blamed it on Robert Barrington and what he did to her. I only covered the period that Samantha had worked for Barrington Industries and then I said:

"I promised myself that I would get even with the man who caused my wife to cheat on me. I believed that man to be your father and I set out to hurt him the only way I knew how given my limited resources. I knew how socially conscious he was and I figured he would be shamed in his social circles if he ended up with a pregnant unmarried daughter so I deliberately set out to woo you, impregnate you and then send you home to daddy.

"I probably never would have been able to do it without the help of the guy who fed you that date rape drug because I really believed you meant it when you said you wouldn't have sex until you were married. But he did prime you for me and I did get you pregnant on either that night or later ones."

"You bastard!! You did it to me on purpose."

"Yes I did. Today your father had me visit him at his office and while I didn't admit anything to him I accused he of doing something very bad and when he challenged my accusation I told him I had no trouble believing what I'd said because a man capable of seducing and then screwing another man's wife was capable of doing anything.

"He asked me what I meant by that and I told him what my wife had confessed to. He told me that I was wrong and then he showed me the proof. I want you to play these CDs and read this report. I'm going to go sit in the spare bedroom and when you are done and you still want to talk to me come and knock on the door."

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door and I opened it and we went back into the kitchen. I refilled her wine glass and she took a sip and then said:

"Why did you want me to see that?"

"It wasn't so you could see your dad doing things; it was so you could see what my wife was doing. When I found out what she was doing I confronted her and she told me that she was fed date rape drugs, given to friends of your father's and that he filmed it and threatened to send me the film if she didn't do what he wanted. I firmly believed that she was cheating on me because of your father and I set out to get revenge on him. I didn't have the money and power that your father had so I went after him the only way I could think of that wouldn't have me ending up in a jail cell. I went at him through you.

"As you saw from the report and how she behaved on the CDs she lied to me. She lied to me and I went after your father to take my revenge. It is important to me that you see why I did what I did. I do not expect you to accept my reasoning and what I did, but I do hope that you at least have some understanding of the why.

"That said and given what you now know it is time for you to think about making some decisions. I will step up and take on my responsibilities as the father of your child, but you will need to decide the form that responsibility takes. I will of course marry you, but you have to decide if you want to married to a man who could do what I have done. If you do decide to marry and give the child legitimacy you have to decide what kind of marriage it will be."

"What does that mean? What kind of marriage?"

"I honestly can't see where you would want anything to do with me under the circumstances so you might decide you only want to appear to be happily married in public and you might prefer separate quarters when we are at home. You may decide that you would rather be an unmarried mother than have to marry me. If we do marry you will have to decide how long you want it to last. Six months after the baby comes? A year? You might decide to marry me and then divorce me after two or three months. That way you won't be saddled with me and you will have avoided the tag of un-wed mother and the satin that goes with it. These are all decisions that you have to make."

"So you never cared for me at all. I was just the vehicle you used to get at my father."

"That isn't true. I did have feelings for you. Strong feelings. Unfortunately my feelings for you were overpowered by my hatred of your father."

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