Twist of Fate: the Life of a Slave

by Shabby Blue

Copyright© 2012 by Shabby Blue

Fan Fiction Sex Story: This story is related to my "Twist of Fate" serial and set before events in Part 1 of that story. This tale also references some of the events in my main universe story "The Slave Princess". Please read "Twist of Fate" before reading this supplemental story.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Gang Bang   Harem   .

(A tale set before the events of "Twist of Fate")

Jabba the Hutt's grand sail barge, the Khetanna, slowly sailed across the western Dune Sea of Tatooine on its way to Mos Espa where the hutt and his entourage were to attend the annual "Tatooine Classic" pod racing event. It was the biggest race of the season and would attract denizens from all over the planet as well as many visiting offworlders eager to witness the exciting sport and wager on its outcome.

Along for the trip, Leia Organa, the former Princess of Alderaan and leader in the Rebel Alliance, stood on the deck of the barge at one of its iron railings, staring out across the vast desert to observe the setting of Tatooine's twin suns on the orange-hued horizon. As Jabba's newest slave, her freedom was generally limited, but on this voyage she had been allowed to venture away from her master's side while he visited with other passengers accompanying him on his trip. It was her first time outside of the hutt's palace fortress since her capture and enslavement, and Leia cherished the small taste of freedom despite being kept on a virtual leash by her master or his guards.

Watching the binary sunset finally disappear behind the distant dunes, Leia once again thought of Luke Skywalker. She recalled the tales of his youth he had shared with her during their earlier years together in the rebellion – how he had often gazed upon the twin suns of his homeworld as a young man, yearning to leave Tatooine in search of adventure up in the stars. For Leia, she merely longed to be free of her bondage and the humiliation it had brought upon her.

It had been nearly three months since Leia's enslavement to the Bloated One, and the transition to her new role as a sexual concubine had been a difficult one for the strong, proud leader of the Rebellion. Every day was a challenge for the haughty princess. When not openly resisting her role as a hutt's plaything, she would try to resist the unwanted physical pleasure she sometimes received when submitting to the will of her captors.

Sex on a regular basis had become her life now, forced to please Jabba or his many disgusting underlings day and night like any other girl kept in the hutt's private harem. For this, Leia constantly felt dirty and full of shame, no longer deserving of her once royal status – which Jabba often mocked with twisted amusement.

Leia's body and soul were gradually becoming corrupted by her experiences as a slave. She feared – as Jabba and his harem keeper Melina Carniss often suggested – that she was slowly developing an addiction to the carnal pleasures inflicted upon her as they conditioned her to a life of frequent sex. Some days were easier than others in summoning the will to resist in order to maintain her dignity, but little by little this new life was beginning to wear Leia down to the point where she was almost ready to just surrender completely and become the loyal, willing servant Jabba and his minions expected her to be.

In the first few days of her capture, Leia had been brutally raped by Jabba's brutish gamorrean guards in one of his dark dungeon cells while Melina Carniss observed with sadistic pleasure. It was part of Leia's initial "breaking" to teach the new slave the punishment for disobedience.

Still haunted by that horrific night, Leia recalled how Melina had taunted her afterward, calling the princess a worthless slut whose purpose was only to serve others. In her traumatic state, Leia had been forced to repeat such words to the harem keeper until she almost started to believe them herself. They had nearly succeeded in breaking her that night, if not for the hope and knowledge that Luke Skywalker would soon arrive to rescue her from the temporary servitude.

Only those plans had gone horribly awry, and Leia remained lost in her captivity. After three grueling months, she was now unsure how much longer she could keep up like this before they would succeed in breaking her spirit completely. With her friends dead and all hope lost, it seemed futile to continue resisting. It would only jeopardize her survival and whatever slim chance remained of one day escaping from Jabba's clutches.

At the rail of the deck, Leia stood still, sensing the slight rumble of the Ubrikkian pleasure craft's repulsorlifts a few levels below. She donned a soft maroon robe over her half-naked body – an unusually generous gift offered to her by Porcellus the chef when she had passed by his kitchen galley on the way up to the deck earlier. It was the most clothing she had worn since her capture in Jabba's trophy alcove following the release of Han from his carbonite prison.

Despite this, Leia shivered slightly, goosebumps forming on her skin beneath her robe as she felt the first cool evening breeze brush through her ornately-braided hair and across her beautiful face. Soon night would fall, and the blistering heat of the desert planet would subside and give way to a cold, moonlit eve under the cloudless, star-filled sky.

She turned away from the railing, no longer wishing to gaze across the endless sands of this awful world as her thoughts lingered on the eventful day at the Pit of Carkoon where her friends had been fed to the sarlacc creature. Luke's daring plan had almost worked if not for the unexpected interference of Arica, the mysterious dancer within Jabba's palace at the time. Her true identity still perplexed Leia, though it mattered little now that the redheaded woman was dead.

That day was the last time Leia had stood aboard Jabba's barge, and she had hoped such painful memories would not resurface when they had brought her aboard again for this trip. Looking over at the nearby pair of klatooinian guards that kept a close eye on her, Leia wondered how easy it would be to evade them if she attempted to jump over the rail of the transport. She quickly dismissed such a suicidal notion, realizing that if the fall didn't kill her, the barren wasteland of the desert surely would. The sail barge was still too far from any civilized settlement. Trekking through the desert alone and half-naked without water or supplies, she would perish within hours after the suns rose again.

Leia knew little of this world beyond the stories Luke had shared with her or the warnings given to slave girls in the harem to discourage escape. Aside from the desert's heat, all that was waiting for her out there were savage bands of tusken raiders who would rape and kill any helpless woman they'd find, or the disgusting jawa scavengers who'd ignore her pleas for help once they realized she was not a droid or any other machine they could pawn off to the local farmers. Knowing her luck, Leia would probably cross paths with one of the roaming swoop gangs and end up sold right back into captivity at Jabba's palace. That was how Camie and another slave girl had ended up locked away in the hutt's harem.

No ... escape was impossible. Especially aboard the Khetanna.

The idea became a meaningless afterthought as soon as Leia was summoned below. The buzzing pulse of her slave collar signaled Jabba's desire for her presence. Leia gave a weary sigh as she took the first few steps down the stairway that led from the top deck to the observation lounge where her master waited for his Alderaani slave.

"Ahh, Leia-sul," Jabba rumbled deeply in his native tongue, addressing his slave by her 'formal' title. "Ama wata," he beckoned as she entered the dimly lit observation lounge, gesturing with his pudgy hand for her to come closer. Leia slowly stepped toward the massive hutt as he lay on his mobile dais, leisurely puffing his hookah pipe.

One gamorrean guard stood like a statue by the entrance to the lounge, snorting and grunting softly. Across a cushioned divan Bib Fortuna sat beside the Chandrillan slave girl Jess, idly stroking her long flowing silvery-white hair as she lowered her head to his lap and prepared to offer his twi'lek manhood her oral skills in exchange for another sniff from the vial of spice Fortuna held in his hand. Jabba's majordomo leered at Leia as she entered the room, baring his pointy yellow teeth in a sinister smile. She stifled a scowl in response to him as she approached her master.

"Romo ta rooba, shag," Jabba spoke to Leia as she faced him, ordering her to remove her robe. The princess was gradually learning the Huttese language, picking up a few words here and there from Jabba or his henchmen, but sometimes found it difficult to recognize a new word spoken to her for the first time. When Jabba repeated his order more insistently, however, the young woman caught on to its meaning. Slipping the robe off her bare shoulders and dropping it to the floor, Leia stood before her master in her familiar golden slave garb, her head lowered in resignation and awaiting his next command.

Jabba's bulbous face widened with an approving smile. "Romo ta booba."

Understanding more clearly his second command, Leia removed her gold metallic brassiere, dropping it onto the rumpled robe at her feet and baring her perky breasts to the drooling hutt. She knew what he expected of her next, and without instruction she moved closer to Jabba, pressing her half-naked body against his protruding belly as he reached one flabby arm around to her bare backside.

His breath was hot and foul as his mouth opened to reveal its giant, slimy tongue, and Leia turned her head away from him for the moment to wince in disgust. She closed her eyes as she felt that massive wet appendage begin to lap across her exposed tits, coating them in slimy hutt drool. The sensation of his textured tongue grazing across her erect nipples caused Leia to suddenly gasp, as she so often had before. She opened her eyes again and rolled them back as her whole body shivered and shuddered in response. No matter how hard she tried to resist, each and every time Jabba did this, Leia could not deny how good that blasted tongue felt against her sensitive naked skin.

Momentarily her gaze fixed upon the large sculpted bas relief on the opposite wall of the observation lounge which depicted Jabba surrounded by other slave girls from his past. Leia wondered what eventually became of them, and how easily their own spirits had been broken in bondage to their hutt master. Would she fair any better?

At his command, Leia turned to face Jabba again as he presented one of his pudgy digits to her lips. Staring at it closely, she grimaced and then took it into her mouth, sucking the tip of his fat finger slowly and trailing her tongue all around it as if it were a humanoid's penis. Her eyes glared at him with fire and hatred as she slurped on his spongy digit. Jabba's large copper-red orbs narrowed, returning an intimidating stare that caused Leia to eventually look downward in disgrace as she continued to suck obediently.

Eventually Jabba withdrew his finger from Leia's mouth after she had sufficiently coated it with her own saliva, and then his enormous hand slid down between her smooth legs, pushing aside the lashaa-silk skirt that barely concealed her sex. Within seconds, his finger wormed its way inside her, parting the princess' tender vaginal lips as it forced a few inches into her tight cuntal canal.

The leathery flesh of his finger rubbed against Leia's sensitive, engorged clitoris and the pierced ring that now adorned it – one of the obscene ornamentations Jabba's droid EV-9D9 had recently added to princess' body to decorate the hutt's new slave.

Another throaty gasp escaped Leia's lips as she bore Jabba's violation, her body beginning to respond in ways she wished it wouldn't, as it had so many nights before this. Before long, the enslaved princess was grinding slowly on her master's hand as he fingered her slick wet pussy, its juices adding to the saliva with which Leia had lubricated his stubby finger.

"See, my lovely?" Jabba softly rumbled in Basic. "You are learning to appreciate me after all."

Leia rocked back and forth against his dimpled belly, her legs trembling as she slowly built toward climax. "Damn you," she responded, barely in a whisper, just before her back arched and her whole body tensed, her pussy tightly clenching Jabba's finger as an orgasm overtook her.

Jabba beamed in satisfaction, his enormous ego always entertained by the sight of the royal princess giving in to the throes of the carnal pleasure he provided her as her resistance quickly faded. His small kowakian monkey-lizard, Salacious Crumb, cackled loudly from where he was perched above them in the lounge, watching the whole obscene coupling as he masturbated his own tiny protruding prick.

Breathing deeply and wiping a trickle of sweat from her forehead, Leia took an unsteady step backward from the hutt after he pulled his finger from her glistening wet orifice. Some of her orgasmic juices dribbled down her inner thigh across the tiny Desilijic Tiure clan tattoo which branded her as one of Jabba's slaves.

"May I dress?" she asked, her voice timid. He nodded in approval and she quickly bent down to retrieve her brassiere, fitting it across her breasts to regain the small amount of dignity her enslaver allowed.

"And now that I have ... warmed you up," Jabba began with a deep chortle, "I have an important job for you before we reach our destination..."

At the aft of the sail barge, just above Jabba's observation lounge, Leia entered the private suite usually reserved for the hutt's most favored guests. Reclining on a bed of pillows, a small being from the planet Toong'l sat while popping a handful of rootaberries into his mouth. He lay there with a big dumb grin stretched across his oblong face, reveling in the opulence Jabba had provided him during this voyage to Mos Espa.

His name was Quadrinaros. Yorgi Quadrinaros, a pale yellow-skinned toong who had risen in fame these last few years on the pod racing circuit throughout the Outer Rim worlds. Following in the footsteps of his father Ben Quadrinaros, the young toong had managed to become a much more successful racer, winning the Corellian Cup the last two seasons in a row. People from numerous planets would be attending the race due to Yorgi's popularity, and he was favored by many to win the Tatooine Classic tomorrow. For this, he had earned a privileged place aboard Jabba the Hutt's pleasure craft.

Jabba, however, held little interest in the entertainment value of the race. His focus was primarily on the outcome of its gambling ventures. Since Quadrinaros was expected to win, the odds of him losing offered lucrative rewards to those who would bet against him. Therefore, Jabba made sure this racer was going to lose tomorrow. Through private negotiations prior to the voyage, Jabba had convinced the young toong to throw the race, promising a share of the winnings from betting against him. The offer was one Quadrinaros couldn't resist, and he eventually agreed to go along with Jabba's secret plan.

In addition to being wined and dined on his way to the race, Yorgi was now presented with additional incentive for his cooperation.

"Lord Jabba sent me," Leia reluctantly spoke as she presented herself to the small being. "I am yours for the evening."

Yorgi looked up at her, his beady little eyes growing wide as he stared at the radiant beauty before him. She was a petite thing, not much taller than Yorgi himself, with a slim, sexy body barely hidden by the golden dancing costume she wore.

"For me?" he spoke in an eager, high-pitched voice reflective of his almost boyish appearance. Leia wasn't familiar with this particular species, and it was difficult to surmise because of his small size, but she suspected Yorgi may be a few years younger than her – perhaps just a teenage toong.

In response to the little podracer, Leia began undressing, once again removing her golden brassiere, followed by the lattice hip piece that held up her silken skirt. This was not the first time she had been assigned to sexually service one of Jabba's guests during the past couple months. The task above all others made her feel like a whore, pimped out to the scum of the galaxy by her master as a mere tool for conducting his shady business dealings. Knowing all too well the punishment for disobedience, Leia resigned herself to serving the role she had been given, playing the dutiful concubine whose only purpose was to please men with her body.

She knelt before Yorgi on the bed of pillows and reached her delicate hands to his leather pants, unfastening them and reaching inside to pull free his sex organ. Its size was relative to the rest of his short, round body, much smaller than the male appendages she had become used to during her enslavement.

The enthusiastic toong watched with horny anticipation as the human female began to diligently stroke his diminutive organ to life. Despite his young age, Yorgi had already coupled with more than one female since his quick rise to fame as a podracer. Sometimes a racing fan would practically throw themselves at him soon after a big win, and he was more than willing to take advantage of their star-struck adoration later on in the racing tent or his private quarters. However, he had never had the pleasure of cavorting with a female as beautiful and alluring as one of Jabba's prized slave girls.

Quadrinaros had been reluctant to compromise his future as a racer by helping Jabba rig the outcome of the Tatooine Classic, but now he was beginning to realize how rewarding it could truly be. With the huge payoff he'd be receiving from his share of Jabba's winnings, he could retire young and invest in a business of his own. Perhaps even buy a slave such as this to enjoy whenever he so desired.

By now Leia's head was bobbing up and down on the toong's tiny cock, helping it swell to full erection in her wonderfully wet mouth as her tongue twirled across every inch of the yellow mottled flesh. "Are all of Jabba's females as skilled as you?" Yorgi boldly asked, triggering a brief glance from Leia as her dark brown eyes flashed up at him. She offered no verbal response and continued sucking his slender shaft between her lips, determined to finish her job as quickly as possible.

"Enough of that, pretty girl," Yorgi giggled as he leaned further back against the pillows. "Climb on top of me now."

Leia had hoped to finish him off with just her mouth, but clearly the young toong had enough stamina to hold out a bit longer and, as she suspected, wanted the full treatment from Jabba's slave. Straddling him with her naked body, Leia reached one hand between her thighs to take hold of the racer's penis, positioning it at the opening of her pussy just before sinking down onto him with ease. Yorgi's penis felt no thicker than three of her fingers, and just slightly longer.

Her vaginal walls were still slick with wetness from Jabba's earlier attention, and this lead Yorgi to believe Leia was becoming just as aroused as he. "You're enjoying this, yes?" he asked, beaming with confidence. "I'm the top racer on the circuit for two years in a row. It must excite you to be with someone of such importance in the galaxy."

Leia suppressed the urge to roll her eyes in response to his inflated ego and reminded herself of Jabba's instruction to give Yorgi a night to remember. Though completely unsatisfied by what this runt had to offer, she knew she must put on a good show for him. "Ohhh, yes," she cooed, looking down at his goofy round face while inwardly cringing. "You are soooo magnificent. Jabba's told me all about you. I am ... honored to serve you tonight."

She faked a moan of pleasure as she grinded her pussy onto his nubby little cock, working it as best as she could. His long, skinny arms reached around to grab her ass, squeezing her smooth buttocks as Leia slowly bucked up and down on Quadrinaros' lap. "Mmmm, that's good," she responded in a soft, sexy voice. "I like feeling your hands all over me," she lied.

He didn't deserve her. None of these vermin did. But what choice did she have? She was Jabba's property now, to be shared among any of his cronies and used for whatever perverse desires they could imagine. If playing along would spare her more brutal treatment at the hands of Jabba's guards, Leia would be the submissive slave while forever searching for new possibilities of escape.

Yorgi opened his mouth, smiling wide as he reached his nimble hands up to Leia's tits and fondled them, pinching her rosy nipples between his bony fingers. For the first time she genuinely felt a twinge of pleasure as he tweaked her sensitive nipples, but it was not nearly enough to satisfy her own sexual hunger.

Leia rolled her head back, letting out another series of exaggerated moans. She closed her eyes to avoid looking down at the silly grin on Yorgi's face, allowing her mind to drift to thoughts of other better equipped beings she had fucked these last couple months. It was all she could do to continue the charade in hopes of finishing her job as soon as possible.

Vigorously she rode the racer's pathetic manhood, moving her body almost in a rhythmic dance as her backside curved and her hips bounced, eager to bring him to climax. "Ohhh, you're so big inside me," she teased. "Fuck me, you little stud!"

From a dark alcove hidden between the outer wall of the privacy lounge and the short corridor outside, one of Jabba's minions secretly observed the pair from a narrow rectangular viewport concealed in the wall. It was Melina Carniss, the dark-haired Mistress of the Harem, keeping a sharp eye on Jabba's newest slave to ensure she was doing her job well. She smiled as she watched Leia from behind, her eyes fixed on the slave's perfect round ass bouncing on the podracer's lap while the princess' braided ponytail swung back and forth against her bare backside.

After many years of serving as one of Jabba's most skilled dancers, and then promoted to overseeing the rest of the women in his harem, Melina's preferential tastes had gradually leaned toward the female persuasion. She couldn't help taking personal pleasure in watching how the slave girl's petite body moved atop the podracer, admiring Leia's slim physique. In the last three months since her captivity, Leia's resistance to Jabba's advances seemed to diminish from Melina's point of view, and this meant that soon the slave might no longer resist the harem keeper's own lascivious advances as well. Melina licked her lips, hoping to test her theory during this excursion away from the palace.

"Stars, I'm about to explode!" Yorgi exclaimed with a high-pitched hum, desperately thrusting his own hips upward into the hot, silky tunnel of the human female's perfect pussy.

"Yes, yes, ohhh yes!" Leia gasped, eager to be done with him. "Fill me with your hot cum!"

As the teenage toong's spasming penis erupted inside her juicy cunt, Leia faked her own orgasm, moaning and screaming as she arched back, pressing her pussy against his shuddering cock and milking every drop of his squirting seed.

Breathlessly she lingered until she sensed Quadrinaros had come down from his climax. Climbing off of his spent dick, she rolled off to the side onto the bed of pillows next to Yorgi. Reaching one hand down between her thighs, Leia felt some of his creamy sperm oozing from her freshly fucked hole. Bringing her cum-coated fingers to her face, she noted that the toong's sperm was a sickly yellow color, much like the color of his skin. She almost scowled in disgust as she imagined how much of the nasty goo was now inside her, but then looked over to see the large round face of the toong staring up at her, grinning in blissful satisfaction. She feigned a smile of her own in return and reluctantly slipped her two fingers into her mouth, licking up the small dollop of his semen. It tasted just as bad as it looked, but she didn't openly register such a thought.

"Why don't you clean the rest off?" Yorgi suggested with a lecherous smile, referring to the remaining jizz that seeped from his cock after Leia had dismounted him.

"As ... you wish," she responded in dismay, lowering her head to his lap to clean every meager inch of his young manhood with her mouth.

Licking her lips minutes later, Leia crawled across the pillows to where her discarded slave costume lay, preparing to leave now that her job was thankfully complete.

"Hey, where are you going?" Yorgi spoke up with slight irritation. "Jabba gave you to me for the full night, and I'm not finished with you yet."

Still on her hands and knees, Leia looked over her shoulder at him in disbelief, her eyes widening as she noticed the racer stroking his still-erect penis. Indeed the boy's stamina was impressive, despite his lackluster size, for his dick maintained its hardness as he stared intently at Leia's smooth, upturned ass.

Rising from the pillows where he lay, Yorgi crawled over to take position behind the luscious human slave. "Don't move," he insisted. "You're perfect right where you are."

Leia softly sighed, lowering her head as she cradled a fluffy pillow in front of her and submissively lifted her ass to meet the tiny prick that now pressed at the opening of her puckered anus.

From her hidden vantage point, Melina snickered and then closed the rectangular viewport in the wall, turning to head back down to Jabba and report that his slave was serving her master well.

Jabba and his entourage arrived at the Mos Espa Arena early that next morning, on the edge of the western Dune Sea. After the lengthy process of departing the sail barge, the large party entered the massive arena complex through a series of secure tunnels until they reached the luxurious private box specifically reserved for Jabba the Hutt whenever he attended such events.

As his set of guards took their places, the hutt began to mingle with the rest of his lackeys in the large banquet hall behind his viewing balcony while hundreds of spectators filed into the rest of the arena. Leia stood at his side, her slave collar leashed with a chain as it often was so that she could not stray too far from his presence.

Some of Jabba's invited guests who had come from other parts of Tatooine or offworld to meet with the Bloated One noticed the lovely new slave standing at Jabba's side as they greeted him. For Jabba, she was a trophy, a mere bauble to show off to others as a symbol of his power and perverse tastes.

Kitster Banai, a wealthy merchant native to this part of Tatooine, was one of the first to compliment Jabba on the beauty of his latest concubine. The well-groomed, dark-skinned man's eyes gazed upon her slim figure appreciatively and he offered a warm smile when their eyes briefly met. The suave way in which he presented himself as he stared at her reminded Leia of when she had first met Lando Calrissian on Bespin. She quickly looked away, all too familiar with the lustful stares of nearly every man on this planet, and not wanting to tempt yet another with her beauty.

As Leia surveyed her new surroundings, she halfway listened to the merchant inquire about the availability of her company. Jabba's belly shook with laughter in response to his long-time business associate, and then suggested to Banai that Leia would be welcome to him – for the right price.

Leia gritted her teeth as she stood there listening to the hutt once again offer her to some stranger for a night's pleasure. This merchant was a bold one, for that matter. He must have already enjoyed the company of some of Jabba's women if he thought he could so easily negotiate a night with Leia too. And when that night came, she'd make sure she spurned him just enough to discourage further evenings with the Mos Espan.

An hour passed as spectators continued to gather and over a dozen racers met at the starting line. Loud trumpeting horns signaled that the race was about to begin, and Jabba's bloated mass slinked its way from the banquet hall out onto the open arena balcony, leading Leia and some of his guests. The princess stood there under the shady awnings, gazing across the vast rows of seats below in awe of the thousands of beings cheering in anticipation of the championship pod race.

As soon as Jabba commenced the start of the forty-third annual Tatooine Classic, the racers were off, their loud engines roaring and stirring up a colossal cloud of dust as they sped off into the canyon-walled raceway. Leia remained next to Jabba for the first two laps, noting how Yorgi Quadrinaros was starting to lag behind four other racers. Jabba grinned, mentally counting the profits to be gained from his latest gambling coup. He looked over at the scantily-clad slave girl beside him and sneered, one of his copper-red eyes winking at her as he shook with deep laughter.

"Fetch me some mubasa hok, Leia-sul," he spoke in half-Basic and half-Huttese, unclipping the chain from Leia's collar so that she could go bring him some food from the banquet hall like a common servant. "But don't linger too long, little slave. You'll miss the end of the race."

As if she cared about the outcome of a rigged race, Leia thought to herself, leaving Jabba's side and pushing past the gathering of guests crowding his arena box. Unchained from her master, Leia contemplated the possibility of escape, but quickly dismissed the idea as she observed guards standing at each entrance and exit. There were also far too many of his lackeys around to catch her if she tried to make a run for it. She'd be shot dead within seconds.

Inside the banquet hall, a curved table presented an assortment of exotic delicacies for Jabba and his guests. Leia turned her nose up at most of the unusual food while searching for the particular treat the famished hutt had requested.

"It's that one, second from the end," a female voice spoke from behind her, and Leia turned to see Melina Carniss standing there in her dark red bodysuit, gesturing to the disgusting looking platter near the end of the table.

"I know which one it is," Leia snapped, rejecting Melina's assistance.

The older woman, in her mid-thirties, smirked at the ever-present feistiness of Jabba's Alderaani nymph. "Come with me," she said sternly, grabbing hold of Leia's right arm and pulling her away from the table until they stood behind a nearby stone pillar, hidden from view of most of Jabba's henchmen.

"You better stow that attitude fast before Jabba hears it," Melina whispered in a hiss, and then paused, her expression becoming softer as she stared intently into Leia's eyes. "You know, I could make your life much easier ... or much harder, depending on your willingness to cooperate," she suggested, reaching up to caress the slave girl's cheek. "I could be a friend to you ... if you'd only play along."

Leia knew exactly what Melina meant, having heard stories from other girls in Jabba's harem about the Mistress taking full advantage of her dominance over them. For the most part, Leia had avoided such encounters with the lascivious ex-dancer, but she knew the price of such scorn, again recalling the brutal punishment she received from Jabba's guards at the command of Melina during her first week as a slave. That night in the dungeon had been the only time Leia had willingly submitted to the harem keeper after the guards had finished with the princess. It was a choice Leia later cursed herself for making, for it had shown her first signs of weakness in response to their power over her.

Now, cornered by the harem keeper in the arena's banquet hall, Leia nervously shied away from the intimidating female. Melina leaned forward, placing her hands on each side of Leia's face and startled the younger woman as she suddenly forced a kiss upon Leia's lips. The princess squirmed, her back pressed against the pillar, until she finally managed to push Melina away.

"I'm Jabba's slave, not yours," she declared to Melina, hating herself for even admitting such a thing. "I'm not interested in 'playing' with you."

"You mouthy little bitch!" Melina hissed, slapping her hand across Leia's face. The princess stared up at the harem keeper, rubbing her cheek softly, shocked by the swift outburst. Melina's expression turned cold again as she glared down at Leia, standing a few inches taller than the petite slave girl. "I run Jabba's harem, and every one of his girls will do as I say. That includes you. One word from me, and you'll be sent to his dungeon as soon as we return to the palace ... and you know what happens down there, don't you?"

"Yes..." Leia responded timidly.

"If you continue to misbehave, even to me, then I may convince Jabba you're not worth the trouble of keeping and he'll have you put to death like his last slave," Melina threatened, and then began to snicker as she added, "Or maybe we'll just hand you over to the B'Omarr monks who inhabit the deep ancient catacombs of the palace. They might help you reach 'enlightenment' by removing your brain from your pretty little body and putting it in a glass jar for all eternity."

Momentarily stunned by the idle threat, a new fire soon began to burn within Leia, eager to defy the harem mistress in any way she could. "Jabba won't kill me," she retorted with semi-confidence. "You know I'm worth a lot of money to him if he ever decides to sell me to the Empire."

Bib Fortuna had frequently reminded Jabba of this fact, often in Leia's presence. The twi'lek majordomo was apparently more focused on the rebel leader's potential monetary value than her sexual appeal.

Melina scoffed and replied, "You just keep telling yourself that, slave. Jabba's got a quick temper, and he's executed girls more precious than you for showing less resistance to him. Whatever you think you're worth to the Empire is just a trifle compared to Lord Jabba's great wealth. So you best behave, slut. If you know what's good for you."

Leia fumed with rage, but remained silent, holding back the urge to lash out at this arrogant, domineering woman.

"Now go serve Jabba his snack," Melina commanded, sending the enslaved princess back to her hutt master with a pair of slimy mubasa hoks in her hands. Returning to Jabba's side like a fearful pet, Leia looked back at Melina one final time, gritting her teeth as the harem keeper wickedly smiled at her.

The race concluded by mid-afternoon, followed by an extravagant award ceremony for the unexpected winner, Gundo Snart, a stout ugnaught who had designed and built his own racer and managed to bring it to the finish line just before two other amazingly fast pods. Yorgi Quadrinaros came in seventh place, much to the surprise of his adoring fans, many of whom were baffled by the toong's failure to even finish second or third.

Yorgi cared not for their disappointment, for he was now a rich little toong, celebrating the end of the race with his hutt benefactor in the grand banquet hall behind Jabba's arena box. A festive party began that afternoon following the award ceremony as Jabba and his guests feasted for hours and enjoyed some lively entertainment from a local two-headed troig musician named Tubo Tongoria.

Sy Snootles belted a series of songs to the tune of Tubo's loud doozophone as more invited spectators from throughout the arena arrived to join the ongoing party. Most of Jabba's guests were gathered around the massive food table or lounging on large sofas lining the walls next to the hutt's mobile dais. Some of the newcomers would approach Yorgi and offer condolences for his poor performance at the race, and the toong would feign his own bitter frustration at "losing" the race while inwardly beaming at the thought of his share of Jabba's winnings, which he was all too eager to receive.

As the party continued into the evening and most people, save for Jabba, had stuffed themselves with plenty of food, the festivities began to slow down. Some of the guests departed for the night, while others remained to watch the exotic spectacle of Jabba's dancing girls.

Sy Snootles took a break from singing to go over and flirt with Tubo while Droopy, another of Jabba's hired musicians, began to play a slow, sensual tune on his horn. Across the center of the banquet hall, Jabba's newest slave performed for his admiring guests, showing off her lithe body per her master's command. Leia's skills as a dancer had vastly improved these last three months, under the tutelage of a fellow dancer in Jabba's palace by the name of Rystall Sant who had been tasked with teaching the princess the art of the seductive dance as part of Leia's training to serve Jabba.

The princess had proven herself quite adept at this artform, her slim, petite body perfectly built for such a performance. Melina Carniss had once told her that she was born for this, as if the life of a dancing girl were Leia's true destiny. Others in the palace had offered similar praise upon seeing her perform, and the princess bitterly loathed such comments, knowing she was meant for a far greater purpose in life than flaunting her naked body to the plethora of scum on Tatooine.

She still found it humiliating at times to bare herself so obscenely to a collection of deviants unworthy of setting eyes upon her nudity, and yet lately she had become more aroused when dancing, ignoring those around her as she let her mind escape into the pure sensuality of the performance.

She moved with the gracefulness of a Coruscant ballet dancer and the exotic sexuality of a Nal Huttan stripper, teasingly shedding her golden slave garb until she wore nothing but her jerba skin boots. Leia's body glistened with a sheen of sweat as she twirled around the hall, shaking her ass and jiggling her perky breasts for all to see. One of her hands cupped her left tit and kneaded it as her other hand glided down her taut belly to teasingly rub two fingers across her hairless sex. Grazing her vaginal lips with her fingertips sent a slight shiver through Leia's body and she bit her lower lip to restrain the obvious sign of arousal.

The sparkling gleam of her clit ring caught the eye of many as they focused on her shaven pussy each time she bent over or drew her fingers there. Leia resented being forced to wear this piercing, knowing it was meant not only to make her clitoris more sensitive to the touch during sex, but also to decorate Jabba's 'property' in a gaudy manner, reminding everyone of who now owned her pussy.

Among the raucous crowd enjoying Leia's performance sat a cloaked figure on one of the banquet hall's sofas. He was a bearded human, his face partly concealed by his hood as he watched the dancer glide across the floor. He had been among the thousands of spectators in the arena earlier that day, and when Jabba had commenced the start of the Tatooine Classic, the slave girl at the hutt's side had caught this man's eye through the scope of his macrobinoculars.

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